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Roleplay Live : Group : A Pirate’s Life

Fishy Women, Indeed




LadyBelz: Moony mentioning her stepfather brought back very unpleasant memories. It was an unproven fact the man had killed her father in order to get to her mother. She hadn’t seen the man in nearly 15 years, having run away from home shortly after the man had barged his way into her mother’s life and turned the former aristocratic beauty into a common street whore. He swindled her mother’s inheritance and managed to steal a large part of Rachael’s own, drinking, gambling and whoring her mother out to any dandy with a spare bit of coin. When Rachael was but a gal of ten and four, he tried to set her up to marry a man to whom he owed a very large gambling debt. Rachael had run away from home, but not before she gave the bastard a scar across his face he would never forget.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Captain Moon was well aware, that his words may well have upset his beloved Rachael, but he was not about to lead her astray, and tell her tales of falsehood. There were dangers in Port Royale, as well as the fact there was a princely bounty on his head. But, the Captain did love to live dangerously. Hell, he shared quarters with Rachael and that parrot, Harold. So the choice made, the Captain strode up the stairs to the top deck and addressed the First mate, to set course for Port Royale. The First mate obeyed his orders, and immediately started to turn the wheel, as the ship’s crew attended to the sails. All on deck as the ship changed direction. It would be a quite a voyage, but what awaited them at the Port, remained to be seen. <3>

LadyBelz: Rachael relinquished control of the helm to the first mate and leaned against the rail, staring out at the sea. She could feel Moon’s presence behind her. “Do you remember the day we met? I stowed away in the hold as you were the first ship I saw leaving port. I hid in a barrel of fish and Cook screamed like a girl when he went to reach for a fish to cook for dinner. I thought for sure you would toss me overboard for not only being a girl, but because I was a runaway. But you must have seen something in me; something no one’s seen before. Even with the stringy hair, knobby knees and stick arms.” Rachael laughed.

TundraInferno: -She awoke from the small spot she was sleeping in, only a wench that would give the crew beverages. She dreamed of sailing to her home where she belonged, but there was a price on her Fathers head so she had to repay it somehow. She knew the crew wasn’t all that tidy for their personal records from being pirates and all but the money she made would help her return back home. She smiled as she got up and drank some mead. Lifting her small frame from the make shift bed and rising, she began to walk towards the crew wondering where the Captain was. Climbing up to the top deck she yelled for the First Mate-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Captain did recall the incident very well indeed. “Ah yes. And what rule of is it about women being on board such vessels? Bad luck, that is what they said. Course, you had to show up that confounded barrel of good fish.” – Tapping his hands together behind his back, as he watched his lady fair with marked interest, he continued, in a non chalant fashion, but inwardly was laughing his ass off. “Mother always warned me about women who smelt a bit…fishy.” Leaving the top deck to the first mate and Rachael, he headed down the stairs. “Glad I kept you, all the same. Not had any bad luck ….yet.” –The Captain did hold himself in high regard. Well, if he didn’t believe in himself, who would? Course, the deep manly voices of the crew would be interrupted by the shrill yelling of ….another female? The Captain reached up and adjusted his hat, rather angrily and sought the one that made the racket. “What is it with screaming banshees this day? Gah! ” Seizing Cabin boy Tim by the scruff of the neck, he growled. “Find out who is ruining the Evening air with their screeching!” And with that, he marched off to his quarters. <3>

TundraInferno: -She looked around as she walked into the main area and grabbed a plate and placed mead and fruits with some cheese on it. She smiled as she saw the cabin boy come over and stopped yelling as she handed him the plate- Take this to the Captain as a thank you for letting me aboard the ship. -She smiled as she went into the kitchen area and turned back around.- Tell him that I’m making some more for being kind to me. -She shooed the boy off as she began to hum a sweet tune and started to prepare dinner for those in the Captains chambers-

LadyBelz: Turning, a smirk on her face, she called after him, “I’ll do me best, love, to not bring you any bad luck at all!” He disappeared belowdecks, presumably to his cabin. She could hear another female screaming for the first mate and frowned fiercely. Many of the male crew were well aquainted with her moods and could tell at this moment the She-Devil herself was awake and pissed off. She stormed down toward the galley and sought out the wench. “Ye need not shout, lass. The Captain has a keen ear and a short temper. Unlike me own. And lass, no one brings the Captain his feed unless it’s meself. Are we understood?” Rachael’s one good eye was sparking with anger. A lesser man quailed under her gaze, less they wished a taste of her fist.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Cabin boy, Tim knocked on the door to the Captain’s quarters, and he heard the growl from within, then a sharp nasally “Enter”- The boy turned the handle and entered, carrying the tray given to him by the shrill woman on deck. He set it down gently upon the Captain’s large ornate oak drawing desk, and took off his cap. “Captain…a strange smelling lady is on board, and she has….those things.” The Captain stopped charting the course, and glanced up, his monocle falling down and swinging back and forth. “What things? Speak up lad.”- The boy shifted uneasily in his place, and you could see his cheeks getting redder by the second. “Errr..”- he then held his hands out as if to pretend they were holding large breasts. The Captain snorted and then picked up the piece of cheese, knawing on it. “They’re called TITS…mah lad. And a right distraction to the crew. Bah…might have to get her..covered up, or the first mate might turn the wheel in the wrong direction. Last thing I need is Rachael bawling over ending up in Jamaica, cause some wench is showing off her flesh jugs. Go down to the sail room, and find a large…piece of cloth. SEE THIS IS WHY WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE ONBOARD!…IT’S A PROVEN SCIENTIFIC FACT..TAH!” The cabin boy put his hat on lopsided and dashed out the cabin, while the Captain picked up the pint of mead and took a sip. “Oh..I like this.” <3>

LadyBelz: Having put the wench in her place (hopefully), Rachael turned, grabbing up a plate of food for herself before going off to join Moon in his quarters. She had to press herself against the wall as Tim ran past her once more on another mission of some sort. “Poor lad’s going to be healthy as an ox runnin about as he does.” she grinned to herself. She knocked on Moon’s door, respecting the man’s privacy as much as she was able. Hearing a grunt, she entered the room, seeing him bent over a map and gnawing on a piece of bread. “Who be the banshee screaming below?” she asked, sitting down on the far side of the table.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hearing Rachael, and also inhaling that delicious scent that she bathes herself in, he was distracted from his work, and glanced up, with something of a grimace. “I don’t bleedin’ know. Maybe one of the crew brought her on board hidden in a crocodile bag. They try and stowaway anything on board, to make the trip more entertaining at night. “ He picked up his chalice and swirled its contents, thinking for a moment. “She didn’t smell fishy did she?” <3>

LadyBelz: “She didn’t smell fishy did she?” was the question that stayed her hand halfway to her mouth with a piece of chicken. “Nay, love. She smelled more like…a donkey’s ass after a good shite.” she joked. Rachael threw an olive at his head with a smirk. “I don’t make a habit of smelling serving wenches, love.” She took a bite of her chicken. “I know ye dinna want to go to Port Royale…neither do I ter be honest with ye…but me mam is there and I been worryin about her all these years. I jes wish ta know she’s all right.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Taking a swig from the chalice he set it down again, and then stared at the charts that were unfurled before him. Rachael was talking about the serving wench, and Captain Moon made a few choice grunts and noises, that were either from his mouth, or his ass. Hard to tell. Truth was, he wasn’t keen on going to Port Royale at all, but…he knew she would never let him hear the end of it. And to be honest, he rather face the hangman’s noose than her nagging for the next fifteen years. Captain Moon glanced up from the charts, now worked out in his head the way to go. “Fine…fine, but if we run into Royal Frigates….You..And I mean this, lass. YOU ARE GOING TO BE PULLING YA WEIGHT!”- Though he had a hardy crew, that had faced the guns of the Royal ships before, Rachael was yet tested against the War galleons. What would she say about that?<3>

LadyBelz: Scowling, Rachael carefully set down her dinner and got to her feet, leaning close to him. “Are ye calling me baggage?” Her voice had gone as soft as cotton but was as hard a steel…a dangerous combination. “Am I not the fiercest lass to ever sail a pirate ship?” she stated. “Need I remind you, *Captain* Moon, that I be the one ta take a bullet to me eye for ye, saving yer smelly arse. Ye ungrateful wretch!” she shouted, grabbing his drink and throwing it in his face before turning on her heel to make good her escape. “Ye can find some other ‘baggage’ to warm yer silks this night, ye right buzzard!”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Here it came. Rachael’s temper was well known on board, most of all by the Captain himself, especially on that certain time of the month, when she was so bad, he was ready to walk the plank himself. Every phrase, he tried to raise his finger and make a point, but she shot him down at every turn. Course, she HAD to guilt trip him about taking a bullet for him, and losing an eye. “EYE PATCHES GIVE YOU CHARACTER!”- He yelled after her as she stormed out. Course, she mentioned that she would not be warming his silks anymore. That was a right blow to the pride of the Captain. Trying to think of a retort, all he could come up with was. “My ass doesn’t smell!” Course, Harold, had other ideas. “Smelly Arse..Smelly Arse…SQWARK ~Whistle~” The Captain stomped over to the bright blue parrot and shook his fist. “One more word out of you, and you make a nice feather duster!” <3>

LadyBelz: Men moved out of her way when they saw her storming up into the main deck. No place was private on a pirate ship and they clearly heard the argument between Rachael and Moon. And with Rachael waving her pistol about, no one dared try to get in her way. She monkeyed up the ropes into the crow’s nest with an agility that stunned the more newer members of the crew and began taking pot shots at the seagulls that flew above. “Daft bugger.” she muttered to herself as she took down another gull. A few landed on deck and Cook scooped them up to use in a possible stew for a future dinner. She never could stay mad at the man for very long, folly to her, but she wasn’t going to give him an inch either. Sighing, she put away her gun and turned to look toward the horizon, letting the evening breeze sooth her soul. She hoped her mother was all right, no matter what shape she was in.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hearing the discharging of the firearm, from the deck, the Captain sighed. Least she was taking out her aggressive nature on the seabirds, and not one of the crew. Placing his hand on the window ledge, he stared out the back of the ship, watching as those gorgeous islands, were getting smaller and smaller. Thoughts came to mind of docking in Port Royale. For starters, the very ship, the Devil’s Mystery, he had won in a card game. The Captain was daft enough to bet everything he had, including his ship, and to an incredibly lucky and fortunate first mate, Moon, he would come to find himself taking over the ship. If he was going to sail that ship in, there was going to have to be some changes, so the ship would not be recognised. But how? He needed Rachael’s smarts, but with her taking pot-shots outside his cabin, he didn’t feel safe enough to wander out and be then next to be served in Chef’s stew. <3>