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FC : Cate Blanchett

Name: Miss Winifred “Winnie” Childs
Age: 29
Sex: Female
Race: Angel
Birthday: Aug 10

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 173cm
Weight: 64kgs
Fashion Style: Flowing gowns, loves silks and satins. White or blue are a favourite. Loves to wear her hair down when she can.

Personality: Kind, gentle, sweet, loving, caring, patient, charming.
Pet : Cat “Mr Snookims”


Magical Abilities: invisibility, super-human strength, telekinesis, teleportation
Strengths: Good character, listens to others, devout in her convictions, and able to radiate her aura in the glory of her Lord, God.
Weaknesses: Chocolate
Likes: Young Ladies, good manners, parties, dancing, music, reading, needle point, conversation, cats.
Dislikes: Tardiness, laziness, dirty clothes, rude people, dogs.
History: An angel who truly stands out as one. She has opened her family’s former home and turned it into a boarding house or Bed & Breakfast, so that wayward girls, young ladies, or angels, might have a place to stay in London, far from their own families. She provides her guests with clean and presentable rooms, as well as good meals, and always someone to come chat to, if they are in strife. Sometimes regarded as a matchmaker, for helping others find love, she herself has not met up with the right man or Angel, but keeps herself busy with her charity work, and always has a cuddle with Mr Snookims her cat, when she is lonely.