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Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 12, 2013 02:45PM

Lysander finally arrived the Cemetery with his children and Melinda. Eric was always on the passenger seat, and time to time he would make sure the baby was ok. Melinda was on the backseats taking care of Halle, so he didn’t had to worry too much about Halle.
Reaching the Cemetery, he parked his car in the parking lot, and got out from the car. He was thinking on using the baby carriage for transport Eric around, however, if they went to the gardens from the cemetery the wheels from the carriage would get stuck or dirty, and that wouldn’t make easier transport the baby around, it would only make it worse. He walked to the passenger seat door, and open it, removing Eric from his little chair. He was now holding the little baby on his right arm, while his left arm picked up the blue baby blanket he brought from home. He covered Eric’s body and face with it, before close the door behind him.
Melinda would as well leave the car, and now was holding the 11months Halle on her arms. The little girl was still sleepy since she spent the whole ride sleeping. Melinda picked up the thin white blanket, placed it over her shoulder, and allowed Halle to lay her head over the blanket that was on Melinda’s shoulder. The girl remained awake but with sleepy eyes whole nomming on her pacifier. Melinda was wearing some black pants that would stay tight on her body, with a black jacket and a shirt underneath. She was never a fan of dresses, so this clothing was the best for her. She was wearing black high-heel shoes as well, but she wasn’t wearing any kind of make-up. Lysander was just wearing a simple black suit, with a white shirt underneath it, and a tie around his neck.
First the both of them went to the church because of the all ceremony, however, Lysander couldn’t stay for long in there, due having Halle crying, if it wasn’t her it was her brother, Eric. So he just decided to leave the church with the children, sit down in some bench and try make them calm down, while the ceremony played its part. He could tell Melinda to go out with the kids as well, but he had to admit he didn’t wanted to be in that ceremony for long either.
Melinda stayed there, but she was always having her view down, trying her best to hold back the tears that was already falling.
After the ceremony, it was time to bury the body, and Lysander just waited for people leave the church so everyone could go. He was actually glad there were very familiar faces around, even if River had few enemies, there was still people paying some respect.


William after leaving Jennifer’s house, he went to his house, so he could get himself ready. He was wearing a black suit, underneath his jacket, he had a dark purple shirt, and a black tie around his neck. He was also wearing some black belt as well. His brown hair was spiky like always. Whenever they reached the cemetery, William could see few people, but nobody was actually somebody familiar he could remember, unless they were from the pack, but there was nobody that closer to them. What he was glad was that for now Galtem still didn’t showed up, and that left him relieved, but at the same time, wouldn’t it be disrespectful if Galtem didn’t showed up? His brother just lost his wife, he would need familiar support.
William walked around having Jennifer’s arm around his, as he noticed it was time for the ceremony to start, so he got inside the church with Jennifer. He remained quiet the whole time, and waited for it to end, so then he could get up and follow the coffin. He had already been in a funeral before, in his own parents funeral. It wasn’t easy at the moment, and it took him months to get over it, hell it took him two years to stop holding himself from doing stuff just because he felt depressed about his loss. But that happen twenty years ago, so right now, he was fine. Of course he still missed his parents, but not as much as before.

Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 12, 2013 03:10PM
When Jennifer and William arrived at the cemetery, she clung tightly to William’s arm. She was extremely nervous about being here since she hadn’t been a friend of River’s. She didn’t know if River had liked her or not, but if she had actually liked Galtem, then Jennifer couldn’t imagine that River was her biggest fan. She realized that she was grasping William’s arm extremely tight now which couldn’t be very comfortable for him considering her strength. “Sorry,” she muttered to him, loosening her grip as they went into the church to sit down. She couldn’t help it. She looked around for Galtem and Selene, but they were nowhere in sight. Maybe he was running late. Just wanting to make an entrance. Galtem wouldn’t miss River’s funeral, would he? Not only did he need to be here for Lysander, but he needed to be there for River, didn’t he? He and River had had a relationship of some sorts. Of course he’d be there. She should be grateful he wasn’t at the moment so she didn’t have to face him right now. Jennifer’s eyes found Melinda and Lysander and she felt horrible for them both. Lysander was a part of her pack and pack meant family. She wished there was something she could do. Instead she just sat down with William and grabbed onto his hand, interlocking her fingers with his and continued to stare straight forward during the service.


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August 12, 2013 03:46PM

Galtem was screwing up with things again. He was late, mostly because the dumb tie wouldn’t get on its place, and Selene just spent the whole time making fun of him, till she finally decided to help him out, but her help wasn’t a big help either. At least after few minutes, they could finally make the tie, and Galtem was ready. On a black suit, white shirt underneath and a black tie around his neck, tight, and he was hating it. He could be a lawyer but he rarely wear ties, this one was like suffocating him, he just felt like ripping it off.
He finally reached the cemetery, and was about to get inside the church till his eyes meet up with his brother who was outside, sitting down on a bench with two kids. He never thought he would end up having a nephew and a niece so early, but here they are. So much stuff changes while he’s in the army. His hand was holding Selene’s but he soon let go off her hand.
“I will go have a word with my brother.”
Galtem told Selene, as he stepped closer to his brother. Appearing behind him, Galtem placed his palm upon his brother’s back, and patted it gently.
“Hey big bro.”
Galtem said with a smile, he was being nice, and he hoped his brother wouldn’t start throwing a fist around. He was here for support him, not here for get in trouble, he was far from that, even tho he knows Jennifer is here, he won’t even bother himself to look at her. He could tell by her scent, but it was better just ignore her presence, before any other fight appeared.
((I’ll assume you’re with both kids, and that the older is sitting down on the bench besides you)). Galtem’s eyes went to the little girl who was sitting down besides Lysander, having her back against him, so she wouldn’t fall. She was so young, she probably was a one year old, or something. The new born was on Lysander’s arms, and he could tell it was struggle to be taking care of this two babies alone, so he decided to help. He picked up the baby girl, and held her on his arms, rocking her back and forth gently, so she wouldn’t start crying.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t arrive more early, but you already know I hate those ceremonies in the church.”
Galtem said, with a slight frown, since he was still worried if his brother was angry, so he decided to clear that out.
“I’m not here for cause trouble, Lysander. I’m here to do my paper as a brother..and as a uncle.”
Yes, uncle, because now he had a nephew and a niece, even tho he still didn’t knew anything about them, nor their names. Even tho he didn’t fancy kids that much, it was more easy being an uncle than being a father, so of course, eh would “drool” more over this kids since he wasn’t the father.

Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 12, 2013 05:05PM

Henry would finally arrive the cemetery, and he parked his car in the parking lot, closer to a car who seemed like it belonged to Lysander, due having two baby chairs inside the car. Getting out from the car, he waited for Anya do the same, and once she was done, he locked his car. Henry would be wearing a simple black suit, and having his dark curly hair on the right place, since he always has a dilemma on fixing his hair.
Walking up to Anya, he took her hand in his, and began to walk around. He knew in here he would find Melinda, which wasn’t something he wanted to, because of Anya. Since he had that affair with Melinda, Anya has been having some trust issues with Henry, and this would be troublesome on having the two women facing each other again. But this was a funeral, and everyone would behave, right? Well, he hoped so. This people were so unpredictable. Soon they got inside the church since everything was about to start. He sat down closer to Anya, and far from Melinda. He remained quiet the whole time, and he heard Lysander’s kids crying time to time, which made him leave the church and stay outside. Poor him. He was going to take care of those children alone, another reason why Henry didn’t wanted Anya pregnant, because if he loses her, he will have to take care of a child alone, and that wont be an easy task for him, while having her gone.

Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 12, 2013 05:11PM
Amelia’s black hatchback finally pulled up in the parking lot, though she kinda parked it on an angle that would take up two car spaces. Getting out of the car, she appeared frazzled, with a small pill box hat and spider webbing like veil obscuring part of her face, and with her hair tied up in a bun at the back. Fine curls framed the contours of her cheeks, and she was even trying to put her shoes on, like she had just thrown her bag and shoes in and left her condo in a hurry. A bundle of nerves, she hopped about on one foot, getting on the other shoe, then bent back in the small car to snatch up her matching clutch.

She couldn’t help but notice Lysander and his brother Galtem sitting outside on a bench with Lysander’s young children. They looked to be sharing a word, probably Galtem giving his condolences, but with those two it was always hard to tell if the were even on speaking terms. Amelia placed her hand on the side of her car, contemplating going over, but then shook her head and realized that it simply wasn’t her place. She knew Melinda would be inside, probably crying in the front row, and so with lily in hand, Amelia started her walk into the funeral home, where she saw there was quite a turn out from Lysander and River’s friends and loved ones.


Amelia headed down the aisle, looking on at those that were already seated. She noticed her new neighbor, Jennifer and William, and gave them a small wave, still holding her clutch. It was the polite thing to do, since they were kind enough to welcome her to the complex. Seeing where her sister was sitting, Amelia approached, and then took a seat close to her, staring ahead at the floral tributes that lay over the coffin. The music playing was just…so sad, and Amelia pursed her lips, taking out a black handkerchief and dabbing under her eyes. She knew it would probably be awkward when Lysander came in with the kids, but she was there to show support to Melinda, who she knew needed it. Taking up Melinda’s hand, she gave it a light squeeze, then waited for the service to start.


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August 12, 2013 05:35PM

Lysander remained on the bench, holding Eric with his right arm, against his chest, and making sure his head and body would stay covered, but he still could have enough room to breath. Halle would be sitting down on the bench, having her back against Lysander’s side, so she wouldn’t fall, but it wasn’t easy hold a kid then make sure the other wouldn’t fall, and Lysander was in a struggle on how he was going to hold the two at the same time, but he still didn’t felt like going inside the church either. It was painful, even tho he took pills that would leave him dumb, he felt extremely uncomfortable in there.
Soon he felt somebody pat his back, he moved his head up and noticed it was his brother, Galtem. Despite the all argues they had, Lysander felt extremely glad that his brother showed up, that’s all he needed, some family support. Of course he had Melinda’s help, but he always wanted some support from his own family. His father wasn’t around them anymore, so all he had was Galtem, and now his children. Lsyander didn’t said a thing, mostly because he was still finding some words to tell to Galtem, his brain was acting slow, right now. Halle soon would be on Galtem’s arms, and Lysander felt himself more comfortable, on holding Eric. Hearing Galtem’s words, Lysander end up shaking his head, finally finding words to speak.
“Don’t worry about it. Its past now, and we are fine. Thanks for showing up and the support as well.”
Lysander said with some small smile, while holding Eric on his arms.
“Also, that’s your niece, she’s one year old, her name is Halle. This is Eric.”
When he introduced Eric, he uncovered his face, and showed the sleeping baby boy face, before cover it once more. So glad that he was being quiet, for now.

Metia’s view could always be down, till she noticed more people was joining in, and she was forced to raise her head up, her eyes meet up with someone she wished to not see it was Henry, and by him there was Anya. This quickly made her stomach turn, having two people she hated, in her daughter’s funeral, great. But she doesn’t blame Henry, its his daughter too. She forced herself to look back down, and it didn’t took that long till she noticed somebody sat besides her, and luckily for her it was her sister, Amelia. She wrapped her fingers around her sister’s hand, and held her hand tightly, before tilt her head down and place her head upon her shoulder, letting herself to cry quietly.

Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 12, 2013 05:43PM
Once Henry and Anya finally arrived at the cemetery, Henry would try to find a parking space to park the car. Once he found a space, the both of them exited out the car and started walking towards the church. As they walked, Anya could feel Henry hand take a hold of hers. Anya couldn’t help but smile. She liked the fact that Henry was doing this. It was basically showing that they were together. It made Anya even more happy when they walked into the church holding hands. She was pretty sure that Melinda saw, but she didn’t care. She wanted Melinda to see that Henry was her territory.
When Henry and Anya finally found a place to sit, Anya would look around at the others that were inside the church. Anya really didn’t know everyone, but Jennifer and of course Melinda. The whole time Anya scanned the room she would give Melinda a few looks here and there just for the fun of it.
Still holding on to Henry’s hand, she would look back forward to listen to the service. 

Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 13, 2013 05:25AM
Morgan smirked, like she was secretly enjoying the little game he played. When in truth, she was thinking of 19 different ways to seperate his head from his shoulders. He was cocky and smug and Morgan hated him even more because he was a man. When he inched closer, Morgan tensed, expecting a blow to follow. She half bared her fangs in warning but he only brought his lips to her ear. His breath was hot and it made her cringe.
His words however, made her freeze.
She had heard tales like this before, of ways to walk in the sun without her ring. Morgan was entranced by the thought as he spoke, she would be queen….forever and no one could dispute it…not even Selene. Speaking of which…with her ability to walk in the light would mean that Morgan could mount her attack on the former Queen and she could do nothing about it.
Morgan was drawn from her day dream by the sight of him changing before her, Morgan arched an eyebrow, her smirk playing out into a grin. “How very…interesting” she said finally, after it was all done and ignoring his japes. Morgan tilted her head up, her gaze both arrogant and interested. “Peter” she snapped. He scuttled up and dipped his head into a bow. Morgan bent down and whispered into his ear. He then glanced at the male and nodded “Of course your grace”. Morgan turned back to John “Walk with me” she said.
Morgan strode on out past him and waited for him to catch up. Once they were in the hall, she laughed gently, the candle light dancing in those horrid grey eyes when she turned to look at him. “I never thought it possible…I had heard stories but you…” she cast an eye over him and grinned “How very interesting…” she said. Morgan took a sharp left and headed down a set of stone steps. A guard at the bottom opened up the large, ornate door and Morgan stepped inside. A room draped in red Velvet and lit with large black candles on golden stilts greeted them. “Sit” she commanded. An older human stood up quickly in the corner. She was grey haired and grey eyed. Her back was stooped but she was alert enough. “Pour us something to drink” Morgan said before she herself sat across from his seat on one of plush red silk. Morgan crossed her legs under the purple of her gown and tilted her head down.
“Now tell me, how do you intend to transfer your power to me” Morgan asked bluntly, glancing up at him, her face as stoic as her words had been.

Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 13, 2013 07:26AM
Selene hair was in a ponytail, she wore a black sparkling dress, she held on Galtem’s left arm. Was Selene nervous? A little bit, she was mostly nervous about visiting her coven. Her hair bounced as she played a fake smile, but of course her deadly fangs showed. Her eyes shifted towards the entire guest, they were all mingling and talking about shit Selene didn’t care about. On the ride to the cemetery Galtem and Selene were arguing about her packing weapons up her dress. Galtem thought it was a bad idea and didn’t understand why she would use them. Selene knew very much about why she would need her guns, she didn’t trust Morgan. Though honestly she wouldn’t need a gun to hurt her but it was always good to be packing.
Galtem..I may have to..” she was cut off by Galtem and Lysander.
She perked an eyebrow up at Lysander and stared up and down at the handsome man. They were related? How? They looked nothing alike. Selene smiled at Lysander and tried and played good vampire.
Sorry about your wife..” she said.
Selene’s eyes shifted towards the children that Galtem turned too. Selene’s eyes warmed up, she never seen cute children then these. Were these full vampire or werewolf? Selene moved towards Galtem as she looked at little girl she smiled. Selene could smell harpy all over her, her smile soon turned into a frown. Great another harpy..Selene was mostly interested in the boy, she heard about only females were harpies, it was no doubt that the baby boy was a werewolf. Selene wanted him. He was perfect.

Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 13, 2013 07:50AM

Galtem held Halle against him, and placed his palm on her head, so she could lay her head over his shoulder. Lysander was taking awhile to answer him, which left him kind of anxious, wondering what in hell would come out from his mouth. But whenever he spoke, he felt himself way more relieved.
“Lovely names.”
Galtem commented, while wiggling his eyebrows for a second, and smiling whenever Lysander showed him Eric. Then his attention went back to Halle, as he poked her cheek slightly. Soon he felt Selene getting closer. Not really thinking that would be a good idea, due her being a vampire, but if she played the role of a good vampire, everything would be fine. Plus her brother would have to know Galtem right now was with a vampire. Let’s just Galtem is basically that member of the family, that born to disappoint everybody in the family. Its a gift. Galtem perked up an eyebrow when Selene showed more interest on the baby boy than on the girl, probably because of the girl being an harpy, while the boy was certainly a werewolf.
“Yeah..This is Selene, Lysander. Lysander, Selene. We are dating.”
For Lysander’s sake, those pills he took for leave him numb, they better be strong, because Galtem doesn’t want to start to argue about him dating a vampire. He already argued with Jennifer because of that. He was a free man, and he would do what he wanted. Well, not that free anymore, and not everything he wanted, because with Selene, she has him on the “leash”. With her he knows he needs to be more careful..She is just, different, we may say.

Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 13, 2013 09:10AM

Lysander smiled a bit when Galtem said it was lovely names, well, it was the names River picked. If she wanted to name their child like that, he would let it be. Soon somebody else showed up, a vampire. Which made Lysander perk up an eyebrow, he knew she was a vampire by the scent. But why was a vampire even in here? River had no friends as vampire, did she?
“Thank you.”
Yet he remained polite, and thanked her. She didn’t seemed like she fancy Halle that much, well, not everybody likes Harpies, but when she took a look at Eric, it was different, it was like he was a perfect person, and she was admiring it. Whenever Galtem decided to answer the questions that ran through Lysander’s mind, everything started to make sense. So now Galtem was dating a vampire? This guy really never stopped surprising him.
“You’re with a vampire?”
Believe it or not, this made Lysander chuckle just for a bit, because for some odd reason this wasn’t so surprising as he thought it should be, he knew Galtem would always do the opposite the family wanted, he would always do something that could disappoint them, or leave them angry. But to be honest, Lysander isn’t caring if he prefers a vampire over a werewolf. He really doesn’t need to date one of the pack, Lysander was with a Harpy not with a werewolf, so he wasn’t really somebody that could blame Galtem for fancy other races.
“Each day it passes, your surprise me. But maybe she will be the one who will put you on the right place.”
If Galtem was smart enough, he would never upset a vampire, even if she was playing the role of a good vampire, women in general, were dangerous if they got cheated on, or jealous. So he better behave or Selene might have his head sooner or later.
People was already leaving the church, and now it was time to bury the body. Lysander had to go behind the coffin, and he couldn’t hold the flowers. He was looking around, trying to find Melinda so she could hold Eric. Galtem wouldn’t mind on carrying Halle with him.


Even if Melinda was having her head over her sister’s shoulder, time to time, she would look around, just for make sure Lysander was back or not, sadly, her eyes would always meet up with Anya’s face, and she was giving out some daring stare as well, which was pissing her off, and a lot. Why was this girl even here anyway? Henry was the father, yes, but River was far from being related to Anya, so she really didn’t needed to be here. She felt like Anya was only here for piss her off, and show off that she had Henry and not her. Even if they had that affair, it was Melinda who stopped, because she didn’t wanted to be like Henry, she didn’t wanted to have him cheat on Anya, and make her go through the same pain Melinda went, so she finished with their “relationship”. But she was still hating Anya, there was something on her, she couldn’t like. Maybe because she was way more younger than Henry? Sometimes she questioned herself if that was even love.
“She’s pissing me off..”
Melinda mumbled to Amelia. Even if Amelia wasn’t totally aware of the changes in Melinda’s life, she still knew Melinda was no more with Henry and Henry was now dating some other girl.
Whenever this ended. She stood up from her seat, and looked down at her sister, waiting for her to come with her, since she didn’t felt like walking out from here alone.