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Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 14, 2013 07:47AM

“Its not a thing, Selene. Its a baby. She’s harmless, dear.”
Galtem replayed, whenever Selene said she didn’t wanted Halle closer to her, he was making sure, Halle was actually away from Selene, since she would be on his other arm, and her hands would only be able to touch Galtem and not Selene. She really had some problem with harpies, a huge hate towards them. So right now, he was more worried on what she could do to Halle than what she could do to Eric. She was way too excited and happy by holding a baby. For Eric’s sake, he should be glad he’s a werewolf and a male, not a harpy that Selene can hate.
“Oh really? When was that, centuries ago?”
He told her with a silly smirk upon his face. She was indeed old, more older than him, but she still had that young look. One of the things that Galtem enjoys about being supernatural creature, he would never prefer to be a human, they grow old and useless. Now he stays this forever young good-looking man. Yes, Galtem has a huge ego, and sometimes he fears that he will wake up and he wont look young anymore.
“Don’t eat the baby with your eyes.”
Galtem commented since she was showing too much excitement with Eric. It was actually surprising seeing her smiling like this, and with pure meaning. She didn’t looked like that evil heartless vampire that she is, or was.
“Also don’t smile so much, Selene. People are freaking out on seeing a vampire being good.”
Right now he was joking, even tho it was truth, he had never seen a vampire so happy before. They were basically dead creatures, unlike werewolves who had a body very closer to the humans.

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August 14, 2013 02:38PM
Lizzy gave him a worried look when he mentioned anti-depressants. She rarely worried about anyone but herself, but today she allowed Lysander into her “worry circle.” But she supposed he would need it to keep a clear head with the kids. His life just got a whole lot more difficult. She nodded when he said he was more concerned about Halle. Halle was a mama’s girl and it almost made her want to cry again to think that she wouldn’t grow up knowing River. She only got that one short year. “Yeah, we should…” she replied, still somewhat deep in thought and followed him. It was hard to look at River’s lifeless body, knowing she’d never see her again. Even spiritual people had the hope that they’d see their loved ones in heaven one day. Lizzy couldn’t even hope for that. Because even if she believed in that kind of stuff, she would be totally damned. It hurt to look at her, so she simply threw in the flowers like everyone else and whispered an almost silent “goodbye” before walking away. To her relief, no tears fell still, but she couldn’t take much more of it. It was time to go home.

Jennifer continued to hold tightly onto William’s hand throughout the service. When they got up she saw Galtem and Selene over with the children. Selene seemed to genuinely like the newborn and it worried her a little. “Let’s go,” she muttered, hand still clutching his, as Lysander led the way out of the church when it was time to bury the body. She noticed Anya and became suddenly relieved. “Anya,” she said somewhat quietly after groups began to leave. It was nice seeing a familiar face. Of course she was there. Anya was still with River’s father. It couldn’t be easier for her to be here and see Henry and Melinda share the same pain either. Anya and she had that in common. “It’s so good to see you. How are you doing?” she asked as she hugged her in a comforting manner. Henry was not far away and she could tell he wasn’t doing so well. But who would be after what he was going through? “How’s Henry doing?” she asked sadly. Jennifer had never really wanted children or at least had never thought of it. Probably because she had been with Galtem and as good of a man as he had been while they were dating, she could never picture them married let alone having children. But she still understood that there could be no greater pain than losing your child.

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August 14, 2013 03:07PM
Selene looked at the baby and leaned in and kissed the newborn’s head, she wanted a baby so bad. When Galtem talked about her age she hissed at him, baring her vampire fangs.
Your uncle is such a asshole……yesh he is yesh he is” she baby talked the infant as she looked at Galtem.
Selene bounced the baby lightly in her arms as she looked at Galtem then Lysander who was off talking to people. She didn’t want to let the baby go, he was too peaceful. Galtem began to talk shit like always when he spoke, when he moved the harpy away from her she gave him a “don’t fuck with me, I’m holding a baby here” look. Her hair was grabbed by the infant, she looked towards Galtem with a huge smile.
He just grabbed my hair!” she shrieked.
The little things Selene got excited about, now she hoped he didn’t piss or shit on her, that would turn her whole wanting to a mother into a different direction. Her hair moved down her back as she sighed, she looked down at the baby who was making whining noises, she looked at Lysander who was coming near, she knew she had to return the baby to his father. Selene walked towards Lysander and slowly gave the baby to him. Selene frowned when Lysander walked away with the baby and headed towards the crowd.
Damn….” she said, holding back the tears she turned to Galtem who was still holding the harpy.
Will you put that thing down, they about to lower the casket..” she said.
Selene knew she was going to need to check in with the coven pretty soon, she was about to head their when she saw Lizzy heading towards the funeral. What was she doing here?

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August 14, 2013 03:44PM

Galtem rolled his eyes when Selene began to talk to the baby and calling Galtem an asshole. What? The poor guy was just saying the truth, and she knew that. Sometimes you cant be honest, damn. Who will understand this women. While they walked Galtem noticed the glares Selene was giving him to time, he should definitely stop messing around with her, or else she will drop the baby. He noticed how afraid she was if she would end up “breaking” the baby, due him look so innocent and fragile. She was probably enjoying feeling the warmth of the baby’s skin against her pale and cold hands.
“You look like a little kid with a new toy.”
Galtem said with a small grin, as he leaned his head closer, and gave a soft kiss on the side of her head. She wouldn’t be so happy forever, since Lysander was already back to take the baby and walk away. He noticed that left Selene disappointed since she didn’t wanted to let go the baby. When she noticed he was still holding the harpy, he just rolled his words to her words.
“Yes, madam.”
He only said that so she could calm down, and stop freaking about Galtem holding the harpy. His eyes tried to find Melinda, he only seen her for like two times in his whole life, but that would be enough to know that she was River’ mother, it got obvious when he noticed a woman shaking and crying while staring at the casket. So that was definitely Melinda, but she didn’t seemed like she would be able to hold a child, so he noticed Amelia. Oh god, he haven’t seen that woman in years. Galtem showed up behind Amelia, and poked her shoulder.
“It seems like somebody decided to break up with her work.”
Galtem said, knowing very well she was attached to her work like it was a person. He remembered being very closer to her, like they were siblings since she dated Lysander before, Galtem got kind of disappointed when they broke up since that made Amelia start to distant herself from everything and focus on work. He enjoyed her company, she was basically the only female he could be with, without thinking about dating, or flirt with her.

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August 14, 2013 04:15PM

Lysander was walking with Lizzy for awhile, before he headed to Selene, so he could pick up Eric. He was glad nothing bad happen to the baby, and that Selene showed some excitement on being holding the baby, it just showed that she had no intentions on harming the baby, and she was kind of sad of letting him go, since she was enjoying being with him. He never thought a vampire could have such heart. Maybe Galtem didn’t done a bad choice on picking this vampire, she seems slightly different from the others, maybe different wishes and goals.
“Thank you.”
Lysander said to Selene and showed her a smile, while taking Eric back on his arms. Then he just turned around and began to walk away, knowing Galtem would still be holding Halle, Lysander couldn’t hold the two of them, if he could, he would. He noticed that Melinda wasn’t on the best state to hold a baby either, so it was better if Halle remained on Galtem’s arms.
Eric was making some whining noises, which would mean that he was hungry, since last time Lysander feed him was three hours ago or something. Luckily for him, he had already prepared some milk before he got here. Even if they was already starting to bury the casket, Lysander didn’t wanted to see that, and Lizzy was already leaving, he felt bad for her, but sometimes all they needed was just being alone. Lysander left as well, but only for go to his car, so he could get the baby bag, and get the bottle with slightly warm milk. Lysander shook it a bit just making sure it was all well mixed. He grabbed the blanket that was over Eric, and just wrapped it around the baby’s waist and legs. The baby already had some baby big around his neck, so all Lysander needed to do was just feed the baby with the milk, and that’s what he did. While he done that, he locked his car, and walked back to the other people. He had a blue baby bag hanging on his shoulder, while he was making sure Eric was drinking all the milk, and at the same time, knowing where he was going.


William was quiet the whole time, and holding Jennifer’s hand, since before she was gripping on his arm so hard, that made him gasp for a second. She was nervous or angry, he couldn’t know, but didn’t bother himself to ask her, since her words could tell him everything.
When they got in the church, he sat down besides her, and waited for everything to end so they could get out of there. William was never a person who enjoyed funerals, so of course he couldn’t wait to get out of there, but he still wanted to be here due Galtem’s presence, he could know that he was already here due the scent. And when they left the place to follow the casket, William could see Galtem holding a baby girl and Selene holding another baby that was probably a new born, that could only be Lysander’s children, since he wasn’t holding none of them right now. But Selene seemed so happy on holding the baby, that it actually made William freak out, a vampire being nice? Something wasn’t right in here.
He heard Jennifer’s voice telling him to go, and he nodded and just followed her. She really didn’t wanted to be so closer to Galtem. That was good, because William didn’t wanted that either. Then they finally meet up with Anya, a familiar face, William knew her because of the work and also because Jennifer and her was great friends. Even if William knew her, he didn’t wanted to step in the both conversation. He would respect Jennifer, and stay slightly away, yet he waved at Anya just for let her know that he wasn’t ignoring her. He then placed his hands inside the pocket of his pants, and began to walk around slowly, seeing everybody whimpering around. Such awful moment, then he noticed Galtem talking with another person, Selene wasn’t anymore by his side, and Galtem was talking with another girl. Something bad was going to happen, that was for sure. 

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August 14, 2013 04:37PM
A smile would appear on Anya’s face when Henry said it was okay for her to go talk to Jennifer. Anya assumed that Henry would want her to stay by his side the whole time cause he knew something would happen if Melinda and her got close to each other. Before leaving Anya left a kiss on Henry’s cheek and headed off to where Jennifer stood. Anya noticed that Jennifer some guy standing next to her that she noticed before at the hospital. It was William. She gave him a wave back as he waved at her. Anya was surprised that he even came to the funeral. She knew it was awkward for him to see Jennifer’s ex Galtem here, but Anya also noticed Galtem with a new women. Anya was slightly confused about the whole situation, but the soon that all left her mind when Jennifer finally noticed her once she had gotten close to them. Anya was happy to see someone that she was actually friends with. She quickly flashed a smile when Jennifer came half way to meet her and give her a hug.
“It’s good to see you too! I’ve been great.”
She said softly still smiling. Once they both broke away from the hug, Anya would then frown a bit when Jennifer asked how Henry was doing. Looking back at where he stood, she would bring her attention back to Jennifer.
“He hasn’t been doing that good. I feel so bad for him Jennifer. I don’t know what to do.”
Anya then looked back at Henry for a few seconds. She noticed him starting to cry, cause here and there he kept wiping at his face.
“I’m just trying to give him a little bit of space right now. I know he needs it. But I’ve been meaning to tell you something..”
She said once she turned back to look at Jennifer. Anya then looked down at her stomach and placed one of her hands there gently. Bring her attention back on Jennifer, a soft grin would appear.
“I’m pregnant.”
When Anya told Jennifer, she said it quietly for only her to hear. Other than Henry, Jennifer was one of the first people she had told. Anya hoped that Jennifer had a good thought about it. As much as Anya always talked Jennifer’s head off at wok about having a kid, she should have. 

Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 14, 2013 04:53PM
Amelia kept in close with Melinda, not really feeling like this was the time or place to start asking questions of who was with Lysander, though she recognized Galtem, just not the woman who had been holding the baby boy. The woman that had been seated with Henry earlier was now talking to her new neighbor Jennifer, and the more that Amelia started to notice others, she was getting a vibe that everyone here was in one way or another connected. But what got her the most, is how people weren’t even really speaking about River at all. There was no eulogy, no words of reflection, just people tossing flowers on her coffin. Even by her standards, that was pretty morbid. What was this? A social function? It was supposed to be a funeral.


Lysander truly had his hands full, now seen to be carrying a blue baby bag, and carrying his young son, to give him a feed. The look on his face, was like a mask. Must have been on some sort of medication to keep him from falling apart. Amelia stared forward, now really ready to go home. She didn’t feel like going up to Lysander and keep him from caring for his children. Instead, she patted her sister’s arm and then bent over to kiss her cheek.

“I’m going to head home. I don’t feel comfortable here anymore. Just…keep close to Lysander and the kids.”

Just as she was about to head to the carpark, she felt a poking sensation on her shoulder, and turned around to hear Galtem’s voice:

“It seems like somebody decided to break up with her work.”

Slightly shocked, she turned around and then showed something of a cheery smile towards Galtem. Odd thing about him, he was always one she considered to be kinda like a buddy, since he didn’t tease, or try to flirt with her. He knew her quirky ways, and gave her respect, but in a good way.

Rubbing the back of her neck, she twisted the toe of her right shoe into the grass, and said; “Yeah, family first and all that. Though, being here is really kinda awkward.” It wasn’t hard to see that she felt totally out of place. Everything in her office, was either dead, or in pieces, and didn’t talk back to her. In a social setting, she had to make the effort. Amelia looked over at Lysander, then asked Galtem; “How is he holding up? I’d go talk to him, but….you know.” Amelia shrugged her shoulders and offered a weak smile.


Re: [RP] Pine Grove Cemetery
August 14, 2013 05:58PM
“Good,” Jennifer responded when she said she’d been great. Her facial expression was still dark as Anya told her about how Henry was doing. She distractedly continued to look over at Selene and Galtem as she spoke, though she caught every word that Anya was saying. “That’s exactly what he needs, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy to give it to him,” she told her, looking back to her now and then opening her mouth a little when she told her the news. It took her a moment to be able to turn her lips upward into a smile for her friend. It seemed to be such a dark day that she was having trouble grasping something so good.
“Oh my god, Anya! That’s great!” she said, matching her quiet voice, unsure if Anya wanted other people to know, but filled the statement with enthusiasm, able to be genuinely happy for her. “I’m so happy for you!” Jennifer hugged her friend, but as she did so she got a clear shot and didn’t seem to be able to take her eyes off of Galtem and Selene interacting. Her smile left her face and her eyebrows furrowed into a look that was rarely seen on her face. For some reason it pissed her off more than seeing him with any other woman. His marriage with Amber had not been easy on her, but she survived it. When he flirted with other girls, it hurt, but she didn’t put much thought into it. Him talking to Selene that flirtatiously and with a baby in her arms nonetheless, downright pissed her off. And when she got this pissed off, her werewolf side came out. Feeling enraged for an unknown reason she went up to confront Selene. She had given back the child and Galtem was off to flirt with some other woman, no doubt. There was nothing she could say to Selene, though, that would make sense. She was a vampire. She was a bitch. And as awful as a person as Galtem was, he deserved better. All of her anger was channeled into the punch that she threw right at Selene’s face. If it hadn’t come out of nowhere, Selene would have easily been able to deflect it and if she’d been human it might have broken her hand. But since she was a werewolf and it had been out of nowhere, it went exactly as Jennifer had planned. With a smug look she said “Well, I feel better now, don’t you?” in the most un-Jennifer-like tone and turned around to walk away, even her wolf side not wanting to start a scene.

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August 15, 2013 05:32AM

Galtem waited for some replay from Amelia, while he turned his head and looked back at Halle, placing a kiss upon her cheek, and tickle her a bit. He was just trying to keep her busy so she wouldn’t start cry, because he noticed his brother had his hands already full with the other baby and right now was feeding him.
“I understand. Its awkward for me as well to be here. But family first.”
It was indeed awkward for him to be here with Selene, and going to River’s funeral, he just felt a bit out of place. But he was glad that his brother had finally forgive him and that they was cool now, so everything Galtem needed to do was just his job as a brother and an uncle, those kids will need lot of support. But it was also awkward for Amelia, due being in her niece’s funeral, and that her husband already dated her. Galtem wasn’t sure if Amelia had already moved on, but by words it didn’t seemed so simple, or maybe she just didn’t felt so comfortable to be talking with him again. Who knew.
“Yes, I understand. And I’m not sure, he probably took some pills before coming here. He actually has no time to be crying around now.”
Galtem said, as he turned his head and took a look over his older brother, seeing him holding the baby and feeding him. Galtem doesn’t know how much work a baby can give, he’s aware of it, but he never went through a full experience. Selene is desiring to have a child, but sometimes he wonders if she knows how much work it gives her, and what she needs to do. Talking about her, Galtem couldn’t find her, she probably went to the coven, so he just drove his attention to Amelia again.
“And how are you doing? Long time no see.”
He said with a small smile. 

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August 15, 2013 05:52AM
Amelia had forgotten how much of a good friend Galtem had been to her, in the days when she was in a relationship with his brother. Though it didn’t work out, after he fell for River, Amelia regretted not keeping in touch with Galtem. Admittedly, her saving grace was her work. Funny, how our passions can often led us so far from the very people we care about. In one way it helped Amelia deal with the pain of losing someone she loved, but another, it became a prison of sorts. This occasion was a rare chance for Amelia to mingle with people from her past, and those that she really should be close too, like Melinda.

With Galtem holding Halle, he looked so…paternal. A natural with the child, which Amelia for one never thought she would see. She never really pictured Galtem as father material, but then again stranger things have happened. It was funny really. Both Galtem and Amelia were both like square pegs in round holes, attending the funeral in the first place, but as he himself said “Family first.”

Lysander still appeared to be dazed, though he was taking care of his son, which showed he knew where his priorities lay. Amelia hated to admit it, but she never truly got over him. This is partly why she didn’t date, and was rarely seen out and about. A lot of self doubt, and low self esteem didn’t do her any good. She was polite, to those that came around, like Jennifer and William, and showed her true nature, but she just wasn’t very good on a whole crowd of people. Amelia snapped out of her haze, from staring too long at Lysander, to then listen to Galtem’s questions. She gave a small shrug of the shoulders, and a half smile in response to his.


“Too long I think. As for me, well…I have a new apartment, and its really beautiful. Black..everywhere. I keep my pet snake Rattles there. He is the “man” in my life I guess you can say. Heh. Nice thing about him is..he doesn’t talk back.” Amelia tried to crack a joke, but it probably wasn’t all that funny. “I see you got a pretty lady. Then again, girls did like to buzz around you all the time.” she gave him a playful nudge. “She must be pretty special, huh?” Course she meant Selene, someone she had no real idea about. If only she knew.