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{RP} Library
August 07, 2013 09:02AM
A place full of books and plump chairs. Those that seek to further their imagination and knowledge shall do so here.

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August 07, 2013 09:43AM
Phoebe walked along the bookshelves silently, her green eyes flicking from title to title. Her petite hand reached up to caress the bindings, a small smile curling up her lips. She loved being surrounded by books. Her pastimes over than praying and drinking coffee was reading. It was hard to pull herself away from all the adventures that waited for her within the pages on the shelves. Picking up fictional book by one of the Bronte Sisters, she walked to an unoccupied plump chair and sat down gracefully. Her blonde hair fell around in loose waves in an oh so familiar way. Her plain yet elegant pale blue gown rustled against the fabric of the chair as she crossed her legs.

Opening the book, she was immediately lost in the story. A smile remained on her lips as she turned the pages, and a few men who were wandering the bookshelves kept giving the beauty a stare. She hardly noticed, she never really did. The book was so enticing it was as though she were lost in her own little world. A fire crackled close by, lighting up her face and the pages more clearly. It was a charming and inviting atmosphere, and Phoebe felt as though she could stay for hours.

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August 08, 2013 08:54AM

“But, I feel like I know you. I want to see you.”

The young man said desperately to the Shifter woman, who only smiled as innocently as she could and shook her head.

“I have no desire for male company at the moment, good sir.”

She said, being as apologetic as she could but not really feeling that sorry for the boy. He was youthfully handsome, not the best man out there but fairly decent with dreamy blue eyes and dark, curly hair. He tried to hide it, but when desperate, at this moment in time, his thick Scottish accent came out. Amelia’s attention was now on the row of books before her, fiction romance novels and poetry. Her favorite genre, she gently ran her finger over the spine of a book as she read the title. Grimm’s Fairy Tales. She smiled to herself, ignoring the on going pleading from the boy, and gently took the book from its place at the shelf.

“I think we could work, miss.”

The boy said to her with a broken expression. She felt bad now, she honestly did, but the boy was young, younger than her perhaps in his early teens. Also, Amelia had no interest in settling with one man, not that she’d ever had a man in her life before. Maybe that was why she didn’t desire one now. With a blank expression she held up her hand, palm facing towards herself to show off her mother’s flashy wedding ring. The boy stepped back, a look of shock on his face as if he’d never seen it before.

“My apologies.”

He said sheepishly and within a moment had his attention on an innocent looking blonde girl sitting and reading a book. The boy stepped towards the blonde girl and began to speak.


He started but was suddenly pulled back by Amelia, who gave him a cold glare.

“Do you honestly think that if I turned you down, she wouldn’t?”

Amelia said, acknowledging the girl’s beauty and eying all the men who stopped to admire her. The boy slumped his shoulder and left the book store. Amelia smiled, pleased with herself.

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August 08, 2013 11:31AM
Phoebe was busy reading her Gothic Romance Novel when a man had interrupted her. Pulling her gaze from her book slowly, she offered a dazzling smile but the man was pulled away. Blinking and shaking her head, she tilted her head to look around for him. That was a bit odd… Shrugging slightly, she returned back to her book. After a few moments had passed, Phoebe looked up to see a woman speaking to the man. Closing her book shut, she tried not to appear as she was listening. It appeared he was getting scolded. After he took his leave, Phoebe watched the girl smile.

Standing up slowly, she smoothed her dress out and walked over to Amelia. Pressing the book to her chest with both hands, she looked at her with a small smile and murmured “Thank you for that…I don’t particularly enjoy being disturbed when reading.” Looking at the book in the stranger’s hand, her smile grew bigger. “Grimm’s Fairy Tales! One of my absolute favorites.” Her smile was charming and engaging as she locked her green eyes with the woman. Holding out with one hand while pressing the book to her chest still with the other, she bowed her head in greeting and introduced herself. “Phoebe Lynch. Please, just call me Phoebe.”

As she waited for the woman to introduce herself, the History Section caught her eye over Amelia’s shoulder. Smiling at her apologetically, she stepped away and walked up to the shelf. There was a gold book that stuck out from among the others. There was a strange aura around her as she stepped up to it, an invisible breeze whipping her hair about. Looking back at Amelia nervously, she turned back around and pulled the book off the shelf. As it lay in her hand, it opened up on its own and whipped through pages. Gasping, Phoebe watched in wonder as it finally lay open. Saint Selene stared back at her, and it was as if she were looking in a mirror. Stepping away from the shelves, she began to frown and walked to a plump chair. Collapsing in it, she could only stare at the book with a mix of wonder and horror.

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August 08, 2013 01:26PM
Gerard was sitting in the corner, as he often was, in the Library reading. This was the few times he went somewhere that People frequented. He hated gatherings of People, but somehow all of the magnificent books helped him cope. He kept silently looking up at the two Girls speaking noisily. He set down his copy of Homer’s Odyssey, expertly hiding his smaller copy of The Lady & The Lord, that he was ACTUALLY reading. He exhaled and closed his eyes.Ah. The Brothers Grimm…..lovely works….but if you kindly……shut your mouths, as it STILL reads Library outside on the sign….. He closed with a genuinely pleasant smile, then returned to his reading, not bothering to see their reactions. He was never good with People. If only they were like books. He could read them when it pleased him, then put them away and recall them fondly. People just never had anything good to say. It was always about Money or Politics or some other frivolous topic of the day. Adjusting his glasses he went back to reading; wiping a bit of sweat from the bridge of his nose. The story was getting a bit steamy. He mouthed the words along with The Lord. ” My Lady, I can no longer hide my desires for you behind the veil of propriety.” He then mouthed along with Lady Emily, ” Oh Dearest Lord, I can neither deny my desires for you my Lord.” He pushed his glasses back with a finger as they were falling from his nose. Closing his eyes he could almost feel the kiss of the Lady Emily upon his cheek.


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August 08, 2013 05:40PM
Phoebe looked up from the book, a stupefied expression on her face as a man close by requested that she shut up. she gave him a weak apologetic smile and closed the book. Tilting her head, she watched him wipe sweat off of his face and glanced at the book he was reading. Covering her mouth, she stifled a giggle and stood up slowly. With an impish smile still on her face, Phoebe turned to walk back towards the help desk. Leaning over, she whispered politely “Can you point me in the direction to Theology?” The man behind the desk gave her an appraising look before giving a satisfied nod and pointed out the section. Glancing at the book in her hand, he added quietly“That book you have in your hand is a collection of artwork and historical documents on Saint Selene. You would be wise to treat that book well.”

She gave him a peculiar look before nodding and walking over to the appropriate section. Grabbing a stack of books containing far too many books, she struggled back to the corner of the library. Grabbing a plump chair near the professor, she sat in the seat with a loud sigh and looked at him. Raising an eyebrow, she gave him another smile and began to read the closest book that described the nature of angels. She remained silent as she studied, excepting the sound of the pages turning and her foot tapping the chair. Phoebe was used to men being annoyed with her, but she wouldn’t let it get in the way of reading. It was her favorite past-time, after all. Glancing up after a few moments, she watched the man mouth the words to his text and push his glasses up. He was quite handsome but seemed a bit stuffy. He looked educated though and she kept that thought in the back of her mind as she turned back to her book.

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August 08, 2013 08:11PM

Amelia watched as the boy left, making sure he actually left the store and didn’t just hide behind some bookshelves. Knowing that he was gone, Amelia turned to the girl with the triumphant smile still on her face.

“I know how you feel. I’m sorry he disturbed you. Handsome lad, really, just very forward.”

She said matter of factually and looked down at the book she held in her own hands as the girl did. A bright smile came to her face as the girl recognized it.

“I must have read this book a thousand times, I absolutely love it.”

Amelia locked her own forest eyes on Phoebe’s. She took the girl’s offered hand and shook it as if they were long time friends.

“Amelia Grey. Or Mia if you prefer.”

The Grey heir said and followed the girl’s gaze to the golden book. Hmm, that’s a new one. Amelia thought then she nodded to Phoebe’s apologetic smile, understanding how intriguing books always seem to pull someone towards them. Amelia then turned her attention to the man in the corner who spoke to Phoebe and herself. Amelia cocked her head to the side and put on a confused expression.

“Library, I thought this was the pub.”

She said with a sweet smile and turned to scan the area. She picked out an excluded couch near the entrance and took her seat. She did not cross her legs, she did not cross her ankles like any normal high class woman. Instead, she pulled both her legs up, bending her knees and letting her shoes barely stretch over to the second cushion. She gently pulled her ruby red dress over so her legs couldn’t be seen and only the tips of her shoes black shoes peeked out. She leaned one elbow on the arm of the chair, resting her cheek in her palm and turned the pages until she arrived at a story titled: Rumpelstiltskin.

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August 09, 2013 06:40AM
As the noisy Girl sat close to him, Gerard huffed to himself and closed the actual book he was reading; slipping it into his leather satchel. If you’re going to make bloody spectacle of it, at the very least grab the right materials…..three of those volumes are on out of date research and the rest of those are written by Men I know to be Hacks.He sighed reaching into his satchel to pull out a leather bound book with the title engraved on the cover. It was rather thick and even GErard seemed to struggle with its weight as he held it out to her.

(nvm the texts)

That book was published by the only Man who truly knows anything about realms outside of basic understanding. You won’t find it here on the shelves……not if the Fat Cats who run the World from behind the scenes have any say in it……and they do….rather too much I’d reckon. He waited for her to take the book, then nodded curtly, returning his attention to Homer’s Odyssey. If she opened it she would see the Author to be none other than Professor Gerard Reynault, Professor of Theology & Occult Studies.

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August 09, 2013 06:50AM
Phoebe looked over to Amelia and began to laugh. The girl was charming and had a good sense of humor. She seemed to be poking at the professor, but he paid her no mind. He seemed much too absorbed with his book to be bothered by the women. Giving Amelia a smile, she nodded her head appreciatively at her sarcastic manners. There weren’t many women like that around. She watched in wonder as the girl sat unlady-like before she turned to look at the professor.

She frowned at him. How could her books be outdated? Such an idea seemed foreign to her as she was far too trustworthy of the librarians around her. Looking towards the help desk, her eyebrows furrowed speculatively before she faced the professor. Looking at the book he offered but not yet taking it, she asked “Who are you?” Her manners had been set aside as he seemed to find her presence annoying. There was no point in winning him over with pretty words. Brushing a lock of blonde-white hair out of her face, she sighed and added more politely “I’m Phoebe Lynch. Just Phoebe, please.” Grabbing the book with both hands, she winced and dragged it onto her lap. Looking at the cover, she ran her fingertips over it again as she listened to him speak about the author. He seemed to have a thorough knowledge on the subject and as he seemed to be brushing her off, she took his word for it. With only a quiet “Thank you.” She said no more to him and began to read. Her eyebrows furrowed again in concentration as she tried to understand the material.

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August 09, 2013 07:16AM
That photo was rather ill fitted to a Man of my intellect, but the damned Photographer refused to retake it a forty-seventh time….the audacity of some People. Gerard spoke without looking up from his book, as she n doubt would see the picture of the Author, being him, by then. In the flash photo was a rather surprised looking Professor Reynault with slightly askew eyes as the bright flash startled him. He wasn’t showing her his book for vanity sake so he didn’t really care that it was embarrassing. He just figured if she wasn’t going away, she might as well learn something. He had known most of the other Professors and Authors of those books, and most of them had their respective heads up their asses in his opinion. He flashed a glance away from his book for a moment; his eyes fell upon the golden bound book she had. Without bothering to ask, he grabbed it and studied it with a thoughtful look upon his face.


He stood up almost as if leaving, but instead paced back and forth reading. Looking from the book to the Girl he seemed to be satisfied with something he deduced in his own head and wasn’t going to share. You’ve read this have you?………… He could tell by the look on her face that she hadn’t. Odd thing that. Books often choose their Readers….more so than we they. His thoughts were confirmed as far as he was concerned in his head. He placed the book next to Phoebe and sat back down. His interest in her presence, slightly less of one tolerating her existence, and more engaged. Do you at least know the story of Saint Selene and her Demon Prince? Lovely tale….in a darker sense…..but absolutely true. A good deal of my work was in it. He seemed annoyed at something abstract, rather than her. Of course my Peers laugh at me about it…..and Others……well they’d rather not have someone like myself digging further into the matter. But they can all Jog On far as I’m concerned! This time when he spoke a bit high, the Librarian looked as if he was going to say something. You can jog on too! Gerard exclaimed, suddenly uncaring about silence in the Library.


Finally calm, Gerard looked slightly more sorry for his outburst. Nothing worked him up like discussing his work. Well anyway…..the Author of that book was never discovered. Some believe it was written by someone who lived in the time of Selene….that would make them centuries old….but not as far fetched a concept as you might think…. He became lost in his thoughts again, not bothering to further explain the things he had said. With an exhausted sigh he returned his attention to his book. It seemed almost as if none of the past ten minutes, had occurred. He was an unpredictable and erratic Man at times. Genius often went hand in hand with Psychosis after all.



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August 09, 2013 01:34PM
Phoebe’s eyes lit up as he spoke of being the author. Turning the book over carefully, she stifled her laughter. He looked quite unprepared for the picture. Shaking her head a bit, she smiled and looked up at him. “It’s an honor to meet you…-“ Her voice trailed off as she looked down at the book to learn his name. “Gerard Reynault…Professor?” Her interest was piqued as she realized she was sitting across from a learned professional. Leaning forward, so many questions swam in her mind. Unsure of which one to pick, she rested her chin in her hand and watched him take the golden book from her. As he paced back and forth, she found his behavior was indeed erratic. He didn’t seem to be a people person, but he was still fascinating in his anti-social tendencies.

Phoebe shook his head when he asked if she had read it. It just jumped out at her from the bookshelf and all she saw was the picture of Selene that was strikingly similar to herself. He confirmed the book jumping out by explaining how books chose their readers. The idea seemed foreign to her, but yet it made sense. Most of the books she read fed her imagination and that was how she liked it. The professor sat down and asked if she knew of Selene and Joffrey. Shaking her head, Phoebe smiled weakly. “I’m afraid I have not. She seems lovely, though.” His sudden interest in her had her floored, and she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Why did she look so similar to her, and why did he suddenly care? He had completely disregarded his book and had all attentions on her.

As he shouted at the librarian, she stood up suddenly and nervously played with her hair. Smiling weakly, she held a hand up and looked around. “Gee, it was a pleasure meeting you Professor Reynault, but I really ought to be going…” Unsure of whether or not to tell him how she could be reached, she folded her hands in front of her. “I, uh…” But it did not matter. His attention had returned to the previous book and it seemed as though he had not spoken to her at all. Shaking her head slowly, she turned around and rested one hand on the chair. This day was turning out to be so peculiar.

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August 09, 2013 05:17PM

Amelia shrugged and smirked at Phoebe’s laugh towards her actions. She liked to jest and be sarcastic at times, of course it got on many people’s nerves but that was their problem not hers. She smiled back at Phoebe before returning her attention to the fairy tale.

Amelia shook her head while reading through the story. Who in their right mind would give away their first child? Although,it was a life or death situation, but still, that was your child. Amelia felt a sharp pang in her heart and thought back to her childhood abandonment by her own parents. She wasn’t even a mother yet and still Amelia is becoming a better parent than that of her own. She sighed quietly and returned to her book.

She looked up after a few moments towards Phoebe and the eccentric man. She watched them calmly, eyes moving from one person to the other. She found the conversation and the man’s actions almost intriguing. The legend of Saint Selene and the Demon Prince Joffrey was her favorite. The best tragic love story in her opinion, not that tragic, the tale has been modified throughout the ages for sure but the whole idea of a forbidden love forming made the tale remarkable. Amelia laughed lightly at the librarian’s shocked expression and the professor’s exclamation. She leaned forward almost in shock at Phoebe’s answer to not knowing the tale. She stood up abruptly as she heard Phoebe was about to leave and walked over to her.

“You do not know the tale of Selene and Joffrey?”

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August 10, 2013 05:56PM

Gerard looked back up at the Girl as she sat back down. He sighed. Jesus Uncircumcised Christ, you’re still here….. He slammed the book closed and sat back up. Look…I’m sorry if I’m not precisely sociable…I just find People rather….useless. Books, books are the thing….knowledge. If you’ve interest in knowledge, then perhaps we will have something amiable to discuss. He eyed the other redhead suspiciously, feeling as if she were watching them. Which she was and it made him uncomfortable to be watched. He shot a look at her. If you’re going to eve’s drop Girl, don’t you think it would be better to sit closer and perhaps engage a bit? Otherwise kindly stop boring holes into our respective heads…..you have excellent taste in Fairy Tales by the by….on another note…not all of what the Grimm’s wrote was a total work of Fiction…. He jumped from insult to compliment like it was a routine. But then returned his attention to Phoebe without going into details about his wild statement about the Grimm Tales. He rarely felt like he needed to justify anything he said, as it was absolutely correct in his mind.

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August 11, 2013 06:29PM
Phoebe smiled weakly as Amelia asked her whether or not she had heard of Selene and Joffrey. Shaking her head feebly, she uncrossed and then re-crossed her legs. It was certainly getting uncomfortable around here. She had a feeling she was about to be enlightened, but then the professor spoke again. The way he spoke to her made her extremely agitated. Phoebe had always tried her best to get along with people, but men who looked down on women and who were completely stuck in their own head really got under her skin. She had just discovered a book that held an image that was so remarkably similar to her that it sent shivers up her spine. And now this man seemed to not want her presence around unless it seemed to allow him to talk more nonsense. Standing up, her smile was forced but she remained calm. Dipping into a slight curtsy, she nodded her head and spoke quietly “Well, I see you wish to be alone. Please, don’t allow my ignorance to impede upon you any longer…”Turning to look at Amelia, her smile turned genuine. “It was a pleasure to meet you. I do hope we may see each other again. If you wish to call upon me, I will be at The Luxembourg Hotel.” Nodding to them both once more, she gathered up her skirts and slipped away to the front doors of the library. Once she was outside, she leaned against the window and stared at the sky. What on earth was going on?

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August 11, 2013 06:59PM

Amelia put on her best fake smile as the Professor spoke up again. She took in a calm breath before letting it out slowly. She rolled her eyes at what he said to her, taking her taste in Fairy Tales as a small compliment, but the other parts as a slight insult.

“You were supposed to notice my eavesdropping. If I didn’t want you to know that I was listening, I wouldn’t be right in front of you.”

She said sweetly and nodded her head at his statement about Fairy Tales not always being truly fiction. How stupid does this man think I am? She thought to herself before answering him.

“Obviously. The tales were also written to be morals and lessons for children. And, shocking information, the Grimm brothers didn’t write all the stories. Is the name, Charles Perrault, recognizable? You may be tall, dark, and handsome but charming isn’t one of your strongholds, sir.”

Amelia gave him a sharp look after her little rant, able to throw in compliment and insult just as he was able to. She composed herself for a moment before returning her attention to Phoebe. She listened quietly as she herself had words for the man. A look of shock and disappointment crossed over her face at Phoebe’s announcement. She was quite intrigued by the girl and now she was leaving. Amelia found it odd that a girl of her looks and age would be alone at a hotel. Especially, that hotel. Of course she was being hypocritical as Amelia herself was young and staying by herself, if one didn’t count the maids and butlers in her home.

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August 13, 2013 03:33AM
Gerard watched her fumble around a bit, looking as if she might even cry. He was thinking Oh God please not emotions. But, he was thankful that she was at least strong enough to hold it back. As she finally walked off, he simply shrugged as if the past 30 minutes or so were something he imagined, and slid his book back into his face, taking her address as a mental note..


He saw the other Girl still watching. Why was it that People never disappeared? He gave her a polite smile, as if it were the first time seeing her, and waved a bit. Um…lovely day yes….. Or whatever it was that Normal People said to one another in greetings he thought to himself as he then looked back to his book awkwardly uncomfortable.


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August 13, 2013 06:30AM
Phoebe leaned against the wall of the library and looked around at the people passing by thoughtfully. What was the professor getting so riled up about? He clearly knew something and wasn’t apt to explaining it unless directly asked. Realizing she pitched a bit of a fit that was rather unlady-like, she pulled herself straight up from the wall and sighed. She would have to apologize and be more receptive to his oddities if she was going to learn anything. Besides, Amelia seemed to have some knowledge on the subject of her confusion as well. Turning around, she lifted her head up to keep from falling back into moping. The professor wasn’t cruel, he was just scatter-brained.
Stepping back into the library, she walked over to the corner where they sat. Giving Amelia a warm smile, she shrugged sheepishly “Just needed to catch my breath.” Turning her head slowly, she met Gerard’s eyes. “Forgive me for leaving so abruptly. It seems I was a bit over-whelmed and acted on foolish impulse.” Not waiting for him to invite her, she took a seat next to him on a plump chair and looked at the book he had given that she had left on top of the pile she had created.
Reaching over to caress it, she glanced back at him “Would you like to tell me what is so significant about Selene and Joffrey, and if it is merely a coincidence we bear a striking resemblance?” There was a tentative smile on her face as she knew she was interrupting his reading yet again.

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August 13, 2013 09:14AM
Gerard’s eyes slowly shifted from his book over to Phoebe who was again back. He was near bursting at this point at how People always seemed to be there. I don’t think I should like to tell you much of anything, but as you seem to have the particular habit of not, not being here, I suppose I shall do it as I don’t seem to have the option of reading my book instead. He didn’t even lose breath with that statement. He shut the book, marking the page with a card. Sitting up in his seat. What is so…significant…Dearie, is that when an Angel falls in love with a Demon….and that particular Angel, is then with Child……I’m not sure if you’ve had this talk with your Mother yet….where was I….ah yes…..it is very significant. He sat back almost ready to go back to ignoring her, then he sat back up. And absolutely true furthermore! He thought about her question of resemblance and then shifted the subject. You seem interested in the Occult and Theology….if you simply must be, then I must insist that you not read the works of those Daft “Professors” He used air quotations. As it stands, I’m a bit……in between employments at the moment. I could be persuaded to tutor you on the subjects…for a modest fee…….hopefully a bit more than modest……they actually expect a brilliant Man like me to pay rent, can you fathom?He trailed off a bit as he spoke, then returned. Yes, yes well…..as I was saying……um…all of that what I just said.


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August 13, 2013 09:30AM
Phoebe rolled her eyes and fell back against the chair. This professor had some serious need for new socializing skills. Staring at the ceiling, she listened to him prattle on and tried to make sense of out the gibberish he was offering. As he mentioned the act of making children, she turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow and wicked smile “I don’t know if I have ever been informed on the exact fashion of creating a child. I think you will have to go into further detail for me to fully grasp an understanding.” Leaning forward, she pulled the book out of his hand that he was reading and flipped through the pages. Her smile turned pleasant as she looked back up to meet his eyes “Professor, do you fancy yourself a romantic?” She highly doubted she would be pleased with his response, but then he burst out again. Leaning back into her chair, she began to consider what it would be like to have to see a lot more of this man if he was her tutor. Tilting her head slightly, she let out a small sigh before responding “I certainly have the means to pay you so you will be more than comfortable. However, you must allow me to do something in return.” Leaning forward more, she grabbed his hand and looked into his eyes uncomfortably “I am going to teach you how to behave like a proper gentleman…” Giving him a kiss on the cheek, she tried not to laugh and did her best to remain serious. Sitting back in her chair, she re-crossed her legs and looked around with a finger on her chin “We will have to do some shopping, you and I, as I expect you to move in with me as live-in tutor.”Turning to look at him, she raised an eyebrow and dared him to challenge her. “As I have said, you will be paid handsomely.”

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August 15, 2013 09:59AM
Levi had made quick time of arriving to the library, his hat placed under his arm as he walked up to the circulation desk. Leaning down, he spoke to the librarian with a polite smile. “Excuse me, I am meeting a friend here and was wondering if you could provide me with her location.” The man looked up and quirked a brow expectantly. Charmingly, the angel smiled and continued “She’s a slight little thing, blonde…” He paused as he tried to recall the conversation he had overhead in the cafe. Thinking back to what the fair Saint Selene looked like, he continued by describing her. “Green eyes. Lovely little smile.”Irritably, the man shut the book he was reading and pointed to the corner of the library where Phoebe and Professor Gerard sat. Blinking, he couldn’t believe his eyes. She was so stunningly beautiful, and the resemblance to Selene was indeed unsettling.

With a nod of his head, Levi murmured a polite thank you and headed over. The young woman had a stack of books near her as she leaned over, looking as though she were harassing the professor and quite possibly trying to get a rise out of him. Raising an eyebrow, Levi immediately recognized Gerard. As Levi was high up on The Council, he was able to hear a great many things. What he heard about the professor was both a mixture of genius and pure insanity. Shaking his head, he pushed back the questions of why she chose an audience with this sort of man and took a seat next to her. “Afternoon, Miss. Levi Bianchi.”He flashed her his boyish smile and offered his hand.

Phoebe leaned back from the professor and stared at the angel nervously. It wasn’t a rarity that men often tried to speak to her, but none were nearly as handsome and forward as the angel that stood before her. It rather unsettled her. Closing the book that Gerard had given her, she looked him up and down before taking his hand “Phoebe Lynch. Please, just Phoebe.”Withdrawing her hand, she looked at him expectantly to explain what it was that he wanted.

Levi crossed his legs and placed his hands on the top of his knee as he looked at her in an assessing manner. Saying nothing for a few moments, he then turned his attention to the professor. “I see you are attempting to find some solace in your usual place, Professor.” That was the only greeting he gave the man before his eyes flicked back to Phoebe. Smiling, he tilted his head slightly. “That is quite a lovely name, Phoebe. It suits you.”

The young woman frowned slightly as he tried to work pretty words on her. “Thank you, it was my grandmother’s name.”Adjusting herself in her chair uncomfortably, she crossed her arms. “What is it that you want, Mr. Bianchi.”

Raising a hand, Levi murmured “Please, Mr. Bianchi is my father. Levi will do.” Phoebe offered him a mocking smile but said nothing else as she waited for an answer. Chuckling, Levi leaned forward and placed a hand on his chin. “Tell me, what do you know of Saint Selene.”

Phoebe fought back the urge to groan and looked away, rolling her eyes. “Oh, not you too…”

Levi quirked a brow at Gerard before glancing back at Phoebe. “I see you are acquainted with the subject.”

She nodded impatiently a flicked a hand towards Gerard. “He has been going on about her for quite some time. He has even agreed to tutor me further in the subject.”

Smiling slightly, Levi nodded “And why does this Saint matter so much to you to go so far as hiring a tutor?”

Her eyebrows knit together “Is that really a concern of yours?”

Nodding, Levi leaned forward to speak close to her, grabbing her chin to keep from leaning away. “It concerns me completely, as well as my family.” With that, he stood up and grabbed her hand, successfully making her stand with him. “I’m sorry dear, but you must come with me. I will explain once we are settled in my home.” Placing his hat on his head, he tipped it to Gerard before dragging Phoebe by her hand.

Phoebe struggled and let out a shriek “I am not going anywhere with you! Unhand me at once, sir!” Levi did nothing of the sort, but simply chuckled and continued pulling her. She whipped around and called wildly to Gerard, much to the chagrin of the librarian. “You can’t let him do this to me! This is kidnapping!” But before she could even hear if the professor would try to stop Levi, the angel had dragged her out the front doors. She let out a scream and threw tiny punches with her free hand on his back that he hardly felt. Smirking, he whipped around and tossed her onto his shoulder. Little did she know that once they disappeared through the door, he used his power of invisibility to keep others from both seeing and hearing them. She continued fighting for a while as he walked before he finally tapped her on the arse, sending a small current through her body that sent her unconscious. Nodding with satisfaction, he carried his prize over his shoulder all the way home.

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August 15, 2013 06:55PM


Amelia let out a short and aggravated sigh at the events that just took place before her. Phoebe leaving and the nutty Professor not really paying any attention to her. It’s like I’m not even here. She thought and forced back her desire to roll her eyes. She looked to him again as he said the most bizarre thing to be stated after the conversation the three just recently had. She returned a simple smile and stood up ready to go back to her manor and actually read more from her book. She walked to the counter where the librarian seemed to stand watch over the room. She smiled brightly and held up the book.

“Taking this home for now. I will return it once I am finished reading it.”

She said matter of factually and received a slight nod from the librarian. This was the same procedure for years. Amelia would go to the library, claim a book, hold it up and say those exact words she just said and receive the nod. She probably didn’t even have to inform him anymore, he knew she would return a book when she finished it or got bored with one. Amelia caught sight of Phoebe heading back into the library, she wondered what she was up to, why she came back. She returned Phoebe’s bright smile with one of her own before heading out the door.

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August 16, 2013 10:37PM
Library Index file section


It was getting late in the afternoon, when the Detective and Miss Westlake arrived at the Library to start their research on Vampires. Armed with the notebook, and the interview with the nun fresh in her mind, Vivian was a reluctant participant in this new investigation. They weren’t just at the Library to gain facts on Vampires, they were there to learn how to hunt, and destroy them before they can further harm the innocents of London town. Detective Blaine pointed out the rows of drawers for the index cards that would help assist with books on the subject, however this was the first time he had thought to use the Library for actually helping him to catch a killer.

“Where do I even start?” Vivian moaned, looking at the rows of index card drawers. Her stomach was growling as she was yet to have had lunch, after storming out of the Rosewater cafe hours earlier. She glanced over her shoulder at the Detective and said “Well?”

“V…for Vampire?” The Detective said, with a bemused expression. For a reporter, she certainly seemed to be slow off the mark. The fact that it was as simple as ABC, had Vivian frown, and she let her fingers dance along the top of the drawers, till finally coming to the V section. There must have been a hundred small drawers, and she sighed, as she started going through each one. Five drawers in and she hit the jackpot. Card upon card on the subject of Vampires. “Row 359 – VAM” Vivian said with a raised voice, which brought a loud sound of “SHUSH!” from a middle aged librarian. Vivian grimmaced and quickly made a note of the number, then together, the Detective and Vivian went to find Row 359.

Row 359 – VAM

There must have been about ten books on the subject of Vampires, including a clever novel, called “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. The Detective started to take down the pile of books, and frog walked them over to a nearby reading table, dumping the lot and sitting down to read under the lights. Vivian came to sit beside him, and pulled a book off the top of the pile, and flipped it open, while her note book and pencil were at the ready to take important notes.
The Detective’s first book gave out a list of signs to look for in a person, who was suspected of being a Vampire;

; Fangs
; Red eyes
; Long nails
; Paleness
; Reluctance to enter house without invitation
; Hairy palms
; Aversion to bright lights
; No appetite
; Never seen during the day hours (not always true with some species)
; Possesses remarkable strength
; Has quiet footsteps
; Possesses knowledge about botany, with a large collection of soil in a house or in a vicinity
; Resides in an abode deemed evil by others
; Strange clothing habits
; Evidences enormous sexual appeal
; People who know him/ her frequently die
; Rarely, if ever, discusses religion
; Really bad breath

The list was rather unusual, and even some of it had Vivian giggle, since she said. “My editor would pass for some of those traits, and he is not a vampire. I don’t think..” she said, now twirling her hair around her finger getting nervous. The Detective took down notes on this, and then he took out another book, which had what weapons were needed to kill a Vampire.


“Hmm says, a wooden stake through the heart, and…to cut off their head.” The last part made him gulp, and Vivian cringed. “I am not cutting off a vampire’s head. No..no no no no.” She said loudly.


“Isn’t there an easier way? Like..do we really have to cut off their head?” Vivian asked, thinking this was horribly morbid. The Detective thought hard on that, and then raised a finger. “We can get Johnathon to do that, and we do the other bits.” The pair then smiled at each other, glad to get out of that part of Vampire hunting.


“He is a Doctor after all.” Vivian chimed in, partly relieved. “But how do we protect ourselves?” She asked, flipping open another book. The Detective read a bit further and said. “Holy water….garlic…Crosses.” But as he said this, Vivian shut the book suddenly. “If that is the case, then how did he get in the church to kill the priest?” That was a really good question, and both appeared stumped. The Vampire had crossed onto holy ground, and yet….he managed to do so without harm to himself. “I don’t think these books are entirely accurate. Either that or he wasn’t a vampire. Could I have been wrong?” Vivian asked, now confused. The Detective then came up with a solution. “We go to the Cathedral, and find the body of the Priest. If he was bitten and killed by a Vampire, according to these books….he will become one, and rise from his grave.”

Suddenly the candles at their desk were blown out, and a cold shiver ran down each of their spines. They were on to something, and dark forces….knew it.