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Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 15, 2013 08:21PM

The door slammed, and Amos’ eyes held coldly upon the upper part of the stairs. This ends now Instantly, he dissappeared in a pillar of flame from the room. Reappearing before Elvira just after she shut her door. Here, his rage was vividly evident behind the walls of obscurity. His eyes slitted and turned blood shot red, his wings spread wide and his teeth turning to fangs, serrated at the edges. His nails pointed to claws and his hand lifted to fly for Elvira’s throat.(Don’t want to auto hit, or anything, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure she’d stay still whether or not she avoided him or something.)

“Your insolence and blunt disrespect in the presence of a GUEST disturbs me Elvira.” He lifted her to the air, his grip tightening ferociously around her throat. His tone was strong and authorative, yet held no evidence to his rage as he spoke softly. “I warned you earlier what would happen should something like this happen again.” He practically threw her to the floor, and drew his eyes upon the door. “Yet now I feel that is not enough….” He thought for a few moments in silence, and then spoke. “Not only will you be starved, but you shall be confined to your chambers as well. No company, no sunlight, nothing. your punishment will end in a week’s time, at the night of the ball, that I assume you’ve gotten your invite to. We will be going, I’ve decided.” He stepped over her form and moved to open the door. “If you so much as think of leaving before I grant permission….I shall put down your steed you adore so much.” He opened the door, and slammed it shut behind him. Lifting his palm to door, he uttered a few words and a blue light flashed over the door, creating a seal that would prevent her from leaving through that exit. Then he turned, and headed back to the Foyer, returning to his human form immediately.

Returning, he looked to Juliette, having missed the leave of Bart and his woman. His nose immediately scrunched at the scent of her blood doll. “How you stand the slave is not but a mystery to me.” He heard her words, and noticed she would not look to him. He approached her, his eyes flipping back to a slitted look. “Yet you turn your gaze from my sight. Truth in words is found in the speaker’s eyes. How am I to believe you when I cannot see yours…?”

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 15, 2013 08:34PM

Juliette raised both eyebrows in surprise as her father disappeared suddenly. Turning towards Bart and Fanny, she narrowed her eyes at Bart’s comments. Still, she said nothing as she watched them walk away. Turning towards her father as he reappeared, she kept her eyes on the ground and listened to him speak. She could sense how tense he was, and his words made her straighten up. Looking up at him slowly, a small smile curved her lips. Shrugging a bit in an attempt to relieve the stress between them, her eyes filled with genuine affection that she had not given him in such a long time. “I find it hard to look at you because I know I shamed you and mother at breakfast. My greatest desire is to make you both proud, truly.”Stepping closer, she reached out for his hand. She longed to be able to tell him about her daring murders that she had hoped would make headlines but sadly had not yet. She laughed softly as she spoke of Edward “I have to eat somehow, don’t I? I feel it would be disrespectful to dine on human blood in front of my noble parents.” Looking away in shame, her shoulders sunk a bit “I feel as though my blood has been tainted somehow.” Shaking that thought away, she looked back at her father and lifted her chin up with pride. “But I am a Roxburg, and I am a demon. I know you will soon be proud of me, father…” Smiling evilly, she then turned towards the door. “I’ll get it.”

Stepping up to the entrance of the manor, she pulled the door open and let out a shriek of surprise. “Isabella!” Yanking the shifter through the doors, she wrapped her arms around her “My sexy vixen has arrived…And what mayhem will we be causing today?” Smirking, she looped her arm through her friend’s and looked over her shoulder. “Father, I have some bloody business to attend to. I shan’t keep you all waiting for dinner.” Blowing her father a kiss, she then turned to lead Isabella out of the house in a rush.

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Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 15, 2013 10:23PM
Elvira’s Room, 2nd Floor, West Wing


Elvira felt no real satisfaction in her temper tantrum as it somehow lacked the usual reaction she would get from her sister. Whether she would admit to it or not, her little dustup with the mysterious rider earlier that morning shook her right down to her little demonic soul and it had thrown her off her game of baiting her sister appropriately.

Before her thoughts could go any further, her father appeared in her room in a pillar of flames. His eyes were slitted and blood red, his wings spread wide. She knew then that she had not only enraged her father, but seriously disappointed him, the last thing she ever wanted to do. She kept her eyes steady on his as his clawed hand snagged her around her throat, nearly cutting off her air.

“Your insolence and blunt disrespect in the presence of a GUEST disturbs me Elvira.” His words were hissed through sharp teeth with serrated edges. She was lifted into the air by her neck, grip tightening marginally. “I warned you earlier what would happen should something like this happen again.” She was thrown to the floor, sliding until she fetched up against her bed. She remained there, submissive to her father’s will. “Yet now I feel that is not enough….” He was silent for a few moments before he spoke her punishment. “Not only will you be starved, but you shall be confined to your chambers as well. No company, no sunlight, nothing. your punishment will end in a week’s time, at the night of the ball, that I assume you’ve gotten your invite to. We will be going, I’ve decided.” He stepped over her form and moved to open the door. “If you so much as think of leaving before I grant permission….I shall put down your steed you adore so much.” Her eyes widened against the threat to her beloved Jezebel and despite her tough exterior, he had hit upon the one thing that he knew she would feel some measure of upset about. She bowed her head in acceptance, feeling bloody tears gathering in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Father.” she whispered, not meeting his angry gaze, not knowing if he heard her words. He opened the door, and slammed it shut behind him. She glanced up in time to see a blue light illuminate the edges of her door, and she knew that her punishment was beginning. She knew it was just and fair and she only had herself to blame.


After wiping the blood red tears from her eyes and cleaning up her face, she moved to the window, staring out upon the gardens at the back of the house. She noticed her brother, Bart and the Lady Prescott walking arm and arm among the roses. He whispered something into her ear that made her laugh out loud, the sound carrying up and through the window where Elvira stood.

“Why do mortals subject themselves to such baseless emotions as love?” she mumbled to herself, unconsciously drawing heart-shaped patterns in the condensation clinging to her window.


There was a knock on her door and she turned away from the lovers in the garden, moving to her sitting table. “Come in!” she called. Sally opened the door, backing into the room with a large black box wrapped in red ribbon in her hands. “What the devil is that?” she asked as Sally placed it on the bed. She noticed there was a small card beneath the ribbon.

“This just came for you by special courier, Miss Elvira.” Sally stated, handing her an envelope. She opened it and discovered it was in invitation to a Masquerade Ball to be held that Friday evening at dusk. She made a face.

“I hate these things. And besides, I have nothing to wear.” Elvira groaned.

“Your father wishes the family to present a united front hinging upon each of you going. There is much talk among society that The Roxburgs are not what they claim to be.” Sally mentioned, causing Elvira to stare at her in surprise.

“Where did you hear such nonsense?” she demanded.

“Servants talk, Miss.” Sally answered. Elvira pinched the bridge of her nose before standing and moving to the box on the bed. She set aside the card for the moment before pulling off the ribbon and opening the box. Beneath the black tissue paper was a bundle of black lace and crushed velvet.

“Oh my…” Elvira breathed, smoothing a hand across the material. She lifted the dress from the box, Sally moving it to the side so Elvira could hold it up to get a good look at it. It was low cut, with black lace sleeves and a velvet bodice. It suited her. “Did my father send this, do you suppose?” she wondered. Sally handed her the card that came with the box. Elvira looked at it, reading the message there.


There was no name signed to the card. Her father did not have this sent to her.

“Sally, would you please let my father know of my intentions to join the family at the ball. If only to see who would send me something so exquisite.” Elvira stated as Sally took the dress from her to place in a place of safety in her wardrobe.

“Do you think they will be there?” Sally wondered.

“How could they not?” Elvira shrugged, turning her back on her servant. Sally moved behind her to help her out of her riding dress.

“I will relay your message. And I am sorry he’s punished you so.” Sally murmured, folding the dress over her arm to take to have cleaned.

“Tis my own fault. I let my temper get the best of me. I will bear my punishment as penance.” Elvira sighed. Clad only in her shift, Elvira climbed into her bed, pulling the covers to her chin. Despite it being the early part of the afternoon, she had nothing to eat since the night before and at breakfast that morning, she could already feel the slight pangs of hunger, both mortal and demon coursing through her veins. Sally looked upon her in pity, wishing she could help, but she knew her place and would not interfere with the master’s wishes. She closed the heavy drapes, casting the room in darkness, lit by a single candle upon the dressing table. Elvira shivered slightly beneath her heavy blanket, a sight that did not go unnoticed by Sally.

“Rest well, my lady. T’will all be over soon.” Sally whispered, brushing Elvira’s dark hair from her forehead. Elvira gripped Sally’s hand, squeezing gently.

“Thank you.” Elvira whispered, probably the first time ever Sally heard those two words spoken in her direction, if the shock on her face was anything to go by. Sally squeezed back in comfort before tucking Elvira’s hand beneath the blanket and getting up to leave the room. The door was shut behind her and the blue light flared again, trapping Elvira within her room. With a sigh, Elvira watched the candle flame flicker until she dropped off to sleep.

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 15, 2013 10:55PM

Out in the garden, Fanny was in a fit of giggles, over the incident that happened within the Roxburg Manor, and Bart’s two sisters. Fanny practically had a skip to her step, as she hopped from one broken garden path stone to another. Bartholomew was following her, his eyes going over her form as she acted out being so young and vibrant, with a twist of malice. If there was one person on this god forsaken planet that Bartholomew adored, and treasured it was Fanny. Twirling to a stop, and then sitting on a vine covered love swing, she wiggled her eyebrows, and then spoke in a velvet like purr;


“Come give me a push, Barty, and tell me all about your first few days at home. I can imagine its far more exciting than Oxford.” Fanny said, with a nasally air as she said the word “Oxford.” Bartholomew walked around the swing, then instead of pushing, he smoothed the shoulders of her gown back, to reveal her fair skin, then bent his head forward, so he could nibble at her neck, causing her to wiggle her toes beneath the many layers of her skirts. “Barty…you terrible tease you. Must you do that. I fear you will soon blow in my ear next so my bloomers will fall off.” Bart leaned back and started laughing as he reached for the swing ropes and started to push her gently, letting her ride the swing.


“Only my sisters bloomers fall off at the drop of a hat, Kitten. I’ve been trying to get into yours now for three years.” It was true, the couple had yet to consummate their relationship. Fanny was certainly one that liked to play hard to get. “I know, I know…but I did promise my Great Grand Mama that I would keep my virginity till my wedding day, and thus inherit her entire fortune. Just think, Barty. All that lovely money, and its all ours. Course, there is that matter of…you know….asking me to be your wife.” Fanny said with her lips pursed together, kind of hopeful he might drop on his knee and do it in amongst the rose bushes. But, not Bart. He had a plan, and was saving this for the right moment.

“Kitten, I did promise you I would. Just, I want to do it when the time is right. I mean, I want nothing more than to nip and tuck your sweet scented folds of flesh, and treat you to a wild night of tongue play and fornication. But if I have to wait, then so do you.”

Fanny made a little face, slightly dissapointed that Bartholomew was not ready to ask her yet, but least he did have the intent, and he loved her. Treating her like the Lady she was….sometimes. So they continued to enjoy the garden, taking a stroll through the rose bushes, arm in arm. Bart telling her rude jokes and gossip, which had her laughing gaily, ever so often she snorted loudly, which just made Bart roar with laughter. They really were a pair.


Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 16, 2013 12:23AM
Front Lawn

Harrison’s carriage pulled up to the manor slowly, as if the horses were weary. The demon sighed, leaning his head against his hand and waiting for a moment. He wondered if this was worth the chance of his sister throwing him out of the house. He hadn’t visited in a year or two, and the last time he had… well, it had’t ended well. The family might have liked him more if he were Elizabeth’s full brother, and if he followed their mother’s ways. But he did not, as it were, and he could not care less what his family thought of him because of it.

He climbed out when his driver, Phillip, came to open the door for him, a slight look of worry on his face. “Sir, are you-” Harrsion clapped him on the shoulder. “I’m fine. I suggest you keep the horses ready, as I do not expect to be welcome for long.” He loosened his coat slightly as he walked up the steps, his footsteps silent despite his size. If he had been on at least somewhat good terms with the Roxburgs, he might’ve shown himself in and sought out just his sister. However, he deemed it more polite, safe and beneficial to place a few loud, firm knocks on the door and stand back from it slightly, waiting.

This visit was starting to seem less and less enjoyable by the second.

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 16, 2013 06:17PM

Isabella grinned as her friend answered the door, immediately wrapping her arms around the other woman in a tight hug. “Hello, my beautiful devil~” Grinning, the shifter peeked into the house, but didn’t say much except a brief hello towards where she could hear the others. With a laugh, she kept close to Juliette and walked with her. “Oh, we’ll be causing lots of mayhem, darling. Lots and lots of it~”