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Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 17, 2013 08:52AM
Elvira’s Room, 2nd Floor, West Wing – The day of the Masquerade Ball

The single candle that had been lit had gutted out days ago, leaving the room in complete darkness. Harsh breathing could be heard in the corner of the room, as well as a hollow grinding sound that was the result of claws rendering wood into splinters. If anyone were to look upon the room in the light, they would have been surprised at the sheer amount of destruction that had taken place. Bedclothes shredded, claw marks on the walls, the ceiling, mirrors smashed, broken porceline, wardrobe doors ripped from their hinges and tossed across the room, clothing shredded into nothingness. She had even tried smashing the windows, if only to be free, but her father’s reach extended far. Not even a scratch marred the pristine glass. Nothing else in the room had been untouched in the force of one starving demon…except one single black dress with lace sleeves and crushed velvet bodice…

After destroying whatever she could get her hands on, she had taken up a position in the corner of the room, directly across from the door. She could still see the faint blue outlines of her father’s power around the edges of the door. She was crouched, a predator on the hunt for her prey. A low growl formed in her throat as she kept her red eyes trained on the door handle.

The succubus was fully out…and she was ready to feed…

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August 17, 2013 03:27PM
Front Parolor

Juliette was in high spirits, very typical for her after a fresh kill. She now sat in the front parlor of the manor, an array of women standing before her in different ball gowns. With a bored sigh, she shook her head ‘no’ as model after model tried to tempt the demon with her dress. Glancing at Isabella, she rolled her eyes and spoke in a bored tone “Honestly, why is it so hard to find a decent dress in this piss-pot town.” She gave her best friend a playful wink as she knew she spoke like a spoiled society girl. She had to play the part well, no need for unwanted suspicion in her life. Turning her head to look back at the models, The Dress caught her eye.
With a crook of her finger, Juliette had the model standing before her. The dress was a deep rich purple with black accents, little black lace roses decorating the gown. With a soft sigh, Juliette crossed her arms. “It’s perfect.” Glancing at Isabella, she smiled deviously “I shall have Edward dress to match. We may not be going together, but I expect him to look his best when saving a dance for me.” The demon had no idea if Edward was still mad, nor did she care to think about it. He was her blood doll, and she expected him to do as she pleased. Raising an eyebrow, she asked “And what is my darling kitty cat going to wear?”

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 17, 2013 03:51PM

Isabella sat next to the demon silently, watching each model come up and try to tempt Juliette with one dress after another. She had a grin on her lips, amused by their attempts to impress her friend. She looked over at Juliette long enough to give her a playful wink in return before she spoke. “Who knows. Probably because no one knows how to sew~” Her voice was teasing and light – although not usually the prissy girl, Isabella knew when to act a certain way.

When the woman in the purple dress was motioned forward, the shifter tilted her head to the side a bit and watched the model. The dress was beautiful – and Juliette would be absolutely gorgeous in it. Her eyes met her friend’s and she grinned at her. “Of course. I would expect no less from you. If Edward is to dance with you, then his outfit must compliment yours.” Pursing her lips at the next posed question, Isabella shifted back in her chair slightly. “I am not quite sure as of yet. I’m terrible when it comes to decisions of what to wear.”

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 17, 2013 06:10PM
The candles flickered slightly and the ground shook for a moment as a dark presence was felt in the room. A fang toothed smile graced Agares face as he gazed upon the two of them. “If I didn’t know who your Grandmother was, Juliette, I would wonder why your first kill would cause such joy.” He said with a smile as he watched the two of them react. “Tell me do you know what Alastair has planned for you?” He asked with a chuckle, before slowing the laughter. “Do you even know who Alastair is?” Agares reached into his pockets pulling out handfuls of dirt and dumping them on either side of him. This was just in case he had to show a sign of force. “I offer … entertainment if you may.” He said with a chuckle on his face. The essence of demon was radiating off him. His eyes never met Isabella, although he was well aware of her presence.


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August 17, 2013 06:10PM
Front Parlor

Juliette laughed softly at her friend and quirked an eyebrow “Perhaps you ought to just go naked…could produce quite a spectacle for all the seeking bachelors.” She began to giggle as she then snapped for a servant. Turning her head, she spoke in a sharp voice. “Bring me pen and paper.” The servant nodded and scurried away. Standing up, Juliette placed her hands on her hips and strode towards the models like a jungle cat “Tell your mistress I expect this dress by this evening. I am aware that it is short notice, so there’s no need to waste any more air in this room. She has my measurements.”With that, she shooed the women away and turned back towards her friend. “You know, it is such a pleasure having money.”

As the servant rushed back in to give Juliette her request, she took it from her and snapped “Bring Bella a drink. Don’t make her wait.” Turning around, she glided towards a desk that was towards the back of the room and began to write up a note for a blood doll. She was silent as she did so, her pen moving elegantly across the paper. After a few minutes, she lifted the paper up and read it over. Feeling satisfied, she then turned to another servant. “Send this to Edward immediately. When you are sure he has read it, you will then send him to my personal seamstress to be measured. I expect him to match and to obey my orders without question.” The servant bowed and left the room, note in hand. Standing up, Juliette turned to Isabella with a wicked glint in her eyes. “I always get what I want.”
Juliette then looked around the room as the candles began to flicker, her eyebrow raised suspiciously “Uh-huh…” Turning around to see Agares in her home, she stared for a moment as his words sank in. They narrowed a bit as he spoke of Alistair, her arms folding in front of her defensively as he spoke of her kill. “Mmh…I see someone has an appreciation for my artwork…” Her smile was cold as she then allowed herself to assess the demon before her. He seemed gruff, rough around the edges, and drop-dead gorgeous. His scruffy appearance only heightened his attractiveness. Quite a difference from her smooth-faced blood doll. Watching him dump dirt on the carpet, she let out an irritated scoff “Oh lovely, that should please mother…” Her eyes fixed on his as she then remembered he mentioned her grandmother. She stepped back in awe, as she never had the pleasure of meeting the infamous Lillian. “My…my grand-mother?” Hope flickered across her face as she clasped her hands together. “Does she know what I have done? What masterful work I am spreading all over London?” Her demon had her delusional, her madness misconstrued as “artistic talents” in her dark mind. Tilting her head, she then raised an eyebrow. “What entertainment would that be, darling?” She appreciated with selfish glee that he looked only at her and not Isabella. She wanted what she wanted, and no one else would have it. Juliette was aware of the threat he posed, so she kept her distance as she hungrily assessed him.

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August 17, 2013 06:42PM
Agares tilted his head slightly taking in not only her words but her eager reaction. Though he was a demon, he was also a man, and had certain interests. Regardless now was not the time to entertain them. “You seem interested without an offer.” He said taking a few steps closer to her, passing by Isabella. His musty earth smell filled the room, it was incredibly manly. “Your mother is but a spec of woman that your grandmother is.” He said as he glanced back at the small amount of dirt on the rug. “I’m sure we can make quite more of a mess, if we wanted.” he said with a grin, before looking back at Isabella, eyeing her, questioning whether or not he would have trouble with her, but ultimately decided she wasn’t a threat. “I’m quite pleased with your work Juliette, but only if such magnificent art has been done in the name of Lillian.” He said as his dark evil eyes locked in on hers.

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August 17, 2013 06:57PM
Front Parlor

As Agares steppec closer to her, Juliette raised an eyebrow again and smirked. Matching his movements, she felt it was safe to step closer. “I am very interested when it comes to my grandmother, I assure you.” Biting her bottom lip, she glanced at the dirt on the rug once more with amusement in her eyes. “Is that an official offer, or should I feel threatened by your suggestion?” She placed her hand on her hip and stepped closer so they were inches apart. Looking up into his eyes, her own flashed with lust, but she kept it reigned in. She did just sleep with Edward, and she did not want to taint that memory. Placing a hand on his chest, she smiled and leaned in “Tell me, what is it my grandmother wants from me? Name it, and I will do whatever it is she asks.” Lifting her chin, she smiled sensually as she eagerly awaited her grandmother’s request.

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 17, 2013 07:14PM
“Shut up you little fool!” Bess snapped.
The young woman whimpered but dropped her head, she was a pretty young thing, with soft blonde curls and the bluest eyes Bess had ever seen. She hadn’t bothered to learn the slaves name, all Bess cared about as the fact that she was the same size as her. Bess had been ordering her in and out of gowns all morning. blue silk then Emerald samite. Yet Bess could find nothing that she liked. Sighing she sat back in the arm chair she had claimed hours before, the fabric was a brilliant plush green with golden inlays on the arm rests. “Do i have anything in red?” she asked, her tone clipped as she was starting to become agitated. Another, older slave went searching in the grand wardrobe Bess owned, with a sigh she slouched, her mouth set in a scowl. Suddenly the slave pulled free a mound of frabic in a deep, wine red. Bess perked up and watched with mild interest as it was carried toward the slave. The girl sniffed and with shaky hands she began to undress “Hurry up!” Bess barked, grey eyes sparkling with a new found resolve that if the girl didn’t hurry, Bess would eat her. She began to move quickly as the order was given and not long after, the she was being laced into the bustle and the gown was being pulled over her head. Bess stood in awe “I’d forgotten about this…” she muttered, walking forward and running a slim had across the fabric.
It was lush and soft to the touch, a two tone red satin that made Bess smile. “I shall be wearing that” she said simply. “Take it of her, hang it up and seeher-” Bess nodded to the blonde that had worn her dresses “-Down to the cells, my son needs more toys” she smirked. The blonde paled and rushed forward, still laced into the corset and bloomers, thankfully the dress had been taken of her as Bess was speaking. “Please” the girl begged, throwing herself at her mistresses feet and begging for her life “Don’t let me die, please” she begged. Bess stared down at her, her eyes full of contempt. She made a sound in the back of her throat that somewhat resembled disgust at he humans actions. Kicking the girl in the ribs with her free foot Bess rolled her eyes and headed for the door “And see that he causes that one extra pain” she growled, storming out into the hall. Bess took of toward the stairs, dressed in a simple purple gown with elbow length sleeves and a navy bustle, Bess had simply curled and pinned her hair away at the front, allowing the rest to hand down and across the bustle in thick, dark waves. Hitting the bottom of the stair, Bess turned to head toward the east wing…when she heard a voice she thought she would never hear again.
Bess glanced over her shoulder and froze on the spot. The first voice was high pitched, Juliettes she was sure….the second was lower, a drawl with some unknown accent. Bess knew who it was…she knew fine rightly who it was. Licking her lips and inhaling a quick breath through her nose, she knew right away that he had either smelt, or heard her coming down the stairs. Inside of Bess, two instincts fought. The first was to tear into the room, grab her child and run, she would find Amos and they would deal with him..leaving her children out of it. The second was to flee, like she had before… Bess closed her eyes for a moment and placed a hand against her chest, her heart was beating wildly under her skin. You are a Demon she told herself, her eyes still closed He is a simple lap dog, you are the daughter of a Queen. Bess opened her eyes and turned to face the door, her eyes narrowing…yet she did not go in…nor did she knock…Bess did nothing. She stood there for a long time before walking toward the hallway that ran beside the door. She stopped there, in the darkness and listened in, her ears perked and her eyes alert.

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 17, 2013 07:27PM


Isabella grinned at Juliette’s suggestion, wiggling her brows playfully. “I ought to. Then I might find a suitor.” Laughing, the woman watched silently as her friend ordered the maids about, a smirk on her lips. She gladly accepted the drink the maid returned with, sipping it silently. Her brows lifted slightly as Agares appeared. She was not familiar with him, but she could tell he was dangerous. Her eyes roamed over his body slowly, clearly appreciative before she lifted her amber eyes to meet his as he glanced at her.

Not particularly surprised about hearing that Juliette had made a kill, Isabella stood up from her seat. She prowled around the room silently – taking in every scent, sight, and sound. Before long, she stopped right in front of the door. Bess was on the other side of it – her hearing suspected it, and her nose confirmed it. Isabella shifted slightly, her eyes narrowing before she turned around and walked to the other side of the room. Demons might be stronger than her, but she had one advantage over them – her senses were much more heightened. She could hear a pin drop from another room, track someone just by their scent, and see in complete darkness.

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August 17, 2013 07:37PM
Such a reaction from her intrigued him. He could sense caution from her but it wasn’t fear, it seemed to be lust. “It’s an offer, I’m never one to make official decisions, but my actions are finalizing.” He said not backing down from her gaze, in fact he was returning it. He could feel her small hand on his chest, bringing a stern look to his face. “She wants you to pledge your allegiance to her. I’m here to ensure it.” He said placing his own large hand over hers on his chest. The size was substantially different. “Do you pledge your loyalty to Queen Lillian?” He said making sure he finished his business before he explored the lust in her eyes.

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August 17, 2013 07:42PM
Front Parlor

Juliette leaned up and purred quietly, pleased he was touching her. She had no idea why her hormones were out of whack, she had already spent the morning in bed with Edward and she had recently killed. There was a desperate sense of unease about her, and she had no idea how to disquiet her urges. Frowning as he began to speak of business, she yanked her hand away and turned her back on him. As she began to walk away, she looked over her shoulder and spoke in a bored tone “Of course I pledge my loyalty to her…she is the greatest Queen Hell will ever have.” Smirking, she blew a kiss at him. “Now run along and tell Mistress that I long to see her soon.” Giving him a flirtatious wave, she turned to walk out the door.

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 17, 2013 07:47PM


Slowly, Isabella made her way back over to Juliette. She followed her towards the door before pursing her lips and speaking up. “I’m going to head home and decide what to wear, Juliette. I’ll be back over later, with my dress in tow. I’d like to hear what you have to say about whichever I end up picking~” With a grin, she leaned forward and kissed her friend’s cheek before hugging her lightly. “I’ll see you later, dear.” With that, she turned to walk out of the manor. Once outside, she grinned and then was suddenly transforming.

Within only a few moments, she was on all fours. No longer ‘human’, but instead a panther. After stretching, Isabella prowled away from the manor silently, heading towards her home. She gave her friend’s home one last glance as she slid through the bars of the gate, though soon was on her way.

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 17, 2013 11:04PM
Agares took her pledge under oath as she touched his chest, making the statement official. She lost physical contact with him before finishing the pledge but based off the amount of contact they had it was enough to seal the deal. He watched as she got aggravated by his choice to conduct business first before starting to storm out of the room. Agares sent his twins to Lillian to report the good news and with the message that he was officially sealing the deal with interest. Agares didn’t know if Lillian approved of his next actions but deemed them overall necessary to showing Juliette the true opportunities if she stayed by Lillian. Briskly the famous demon walked over one of the small piles of dirt, disappearing within it. He would be able to transport himself here again just as long as those two piles of dirt weren’t cleaned up. He reappeared out of a plant in front of Juliette in the next room.

With a steady hand he held Juliette by the neck, pinning her against the wall beside the door she was just entering. His eyes mere centimeters away from her’s ensuring that his next move wouldn’t be forced, but gladly accepted. Seeing a similar fire of lust due to his sudden action, his lips held passion against her, like the violent waves beating the shore but ending up smooth and relaxing as they reached the beach. His hand on her neck moved charmingly but with roughness up her neck holding her head in place as they locked lips. His facial hair against her silky smooth skin was a steady reminder that he was a danger, an untamed man. His free hand found her waist, wrapping around it and pulling her hips against him tightly as the kiss deepened.

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August 18, 2013 12:49AM
Third Guest Room – Roxburg Manor

Lady Fanny was holding up the gorgeous evening gown that she had just pulled out of the large box on the bed. Sheets of rice paper were all over the floor, as she twirled and minced in front of the tall looking glass. Fanny kept making goose lips at her reflection, while Bartholomew sat with a leg draped over one of the arms, admiring her from behind. Chuckling softly to himself, he chortled;

“I saw it on the model and I thought to myself. YES! That would look perfect on my kitten for the ball.”


It was a divine gown, black chiffon with white threading through the bustier that was laced up at the back. It made delightful sound as it swept along the floor. Fanny positively glowed, her cheeks turning crimson, as Bart rose from his chair and came up behind her. He brought his chin down upon her shoulder and whispered.

“Would look better on…but of course, you need to undress first.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows at her and a luscious pout of his lips. Lady Fanny bopped his head with her lace fan and spoke back to him, looking at the mirror.

“But if I were naked, you would want to have your way with me.” Fanny joked, knowing full well, he would probably start to masturbate while she was stripping out of her day dress.

“I am a man, course I would want to. If I didn’t…that would make me a fop…a Nancy boy. I am a Man’s man.” At these words, he struck a pose, and Fanny fell about laughing, unable to keep a straight face.

“Well, so long as you are not into Manly men, than we shall get on swimmingly.” Fanny laughed, then went back to admiring herself in the mirror, as Bart coughed and said;

“I dare you…to show me your bosom.”


“Awe come on..just a nipple.”


“Yes, really.” he walked around her and took back the dress and wiggled his finger at her, as she tried to bite it.

“One nipple….and I will let you keep the dress.” He was playing dirty now, and Fanny had already fallen in love with the gown.

“Fine…one nipple. But no touching, biting, licking, OR..sucking.”

“Scouts honor…and hope to die.” Bart replied, holding up the Scout’s symbol with his fingers.

Thinking he meant it, she started to undo her bustier, and then slowly lowered it, to expose her breasts. On seeing them, Bartholomew gripped her arms at the sides and starts to motorboat, licking furiously between them. Fanny struggles, continuing to swat him with her fan.


With his face buried in her mounds, you could hear him mumble happily.

“I was never a scout…Bahahahaha…-continues licking furiously-