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Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 19, 2013 05:42PM
Phoebe’s Room

Phoebe turned around suddenly, surprise marring her face before it returned to its lovely appearance. Smiling warmly, she walked over and offered her hand “Phoebe Lynch. I was told you would be here soon.” Her smile was often contagious and she was trying to make the best of her situation. Reaching up, she brushed her blonde hair out of her face as she then frowned “He really is impatient, isn’t he?” Sweeping her hands down her dress, she raised an eyebrow playfully. “As you can see, I am dressed and ready. I doubt he can say the same.” Placing her hands on her hips, she waited for Sam to lead her out of the room. As she walked to the door, she murmured “I really hate balls…people pretend to smile all night and my feet always end up horribly sore.”

Levi’s Room
Levi looked over his reflection carefully, sighing at his failed attempt to keep his wild dark curls in place. Running a hand over his suit, he picked up his masque. It was simple and black, but quite elegant. Next to it was Phoebe’s. It was also black, but it had emeralds decorating around the eyes to bring out the green in hers. Smiling gently, he glided his fingers over her mask before picking up his own, placing it on his head. With Phoebe’s mask in hand, he stepped out of his room and wandered down to the foyer to lean against the door. Turning towards the stairs, he called up “Are we ready yet, ladies?”

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 19, 2013 07:18PM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office

The Doctor had fallen practically into his seat, at his desk. Tired, dirty and stressed to the max, he didn’t think he would even be able to treat another patient this day, let alone entertain anyone. Vivian had followed the Doctor in, and she started to find herself interested in the pictures, diplomas, and other wall hangings. Paintings of his wife, and his children adorned the walls, and it was clear he was a family man at heart. But to Johnathon, he felt his family was fractured, beyond repair. Tilting his head back, he closed his eyes for a moment, seeing Josephine’s face again, and he shook his head to free his mind of her. He was already at odds with Reginald, about how he failed to look after the girl, even though he had told her to stay in the Manor for her own safety. Johnathon hoped that she would be okay, wherever she was.

Vivian finally sat herself down, and stared at Johnathon. She thought he was stressed over the murders, in particular the young woman who was found hanging from the cross. She placed her hands in her lap and asked;

“Do you self medicate when you have days like this?” It was a very bold question, but it was an honest one, since when do you ever hear of a Doctor, going to see another Doctor for medical help. Johnathon opened his eyes and looked at her, like she was reverting to her true journalist like questioning.


“If Brandy counts as medication….then yes, I suppose I do.” Not exactly the kind of answer that Vivian would have expected, but at least he was being honest. “I don’t drink heavily. Mostly social, along with a good cigar. Might as well enjoy it if you plan to drown your sorrows.”

The point was taken, and Vivian offered a flat lipped smile, as Lydia spoke up;

“Some tea to calm the nerves, dear. Though Dr. Bianchi is quite gifted and I’m sure he will have you feeling better in no time.”

Miss Westlake was grateful to see that some still had manners, and treated her like a lady. “That would be lovely, Lydia is it? I am Miss Westlake…but feel free to call me Viv.” She took the cup of tea and started to drink, as the Doctor kicked back in his chair. “Gifted? I highly doubt that.” he was though, but didn’t like to be modest about it. The Doctor then had a question for Lydia.

“Going to that…society ball. Masquerade, I understand. All the young ones are going, I imagined you would be too.”


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 19, 2013 07:45PM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office

Lydia picked up one of the cookies that was on the table and placed it to her lips. Taking a bite, she smiled slightly and pressed a napkin to her lips daintily. “Pardon me…” When her mouth was no longer full, she nodded to Vivian with a warm smile “A pleasure, Ms. Westlake. Vivian…I rather like that name.” She turned towards the door as she noticed a fellow maid slip in. She curtsied to Johnathon before she turned to press a piece of paper into Lydia’s free hand. With that, she hurried out the door. Lydia looked at the piece of paper curiously before she unfolded it. Letting out a soft sigh, she then glanced up at Johnathon as he asked her if she was attending the ball. Shaking her head, she stood slowly and brushed crumbs off of her dress. Walking over to the doctor, she stooped down and planted a kiss on his cheek “I would, but Ms. Bianchi is here.” As if confirming this, there was a knock on the door. Lydia withdrew from the doctor and smiled “Ever so punctual…” Turning to Vivian, she bowed her head as her warm smile returned “Do enjoy that tea, Viv. I hope your stay here is enjoyable.” And with that final statement, she rushed out the door to meet the youngest Bianchi.


Genevieve Bianchi stood behind the door as she knocked, an amused smile on her face. She didn’t dare wonder what was going on inside or what had happened in her absence. Rupert was on her shoulders and was making busy work of fixing her hair. As the door was opened by Lydia, she smiled more “Ah, you got my note.”

Lydia smirked in returned and nodded her head “Of course, or there would be a less busy maid here to assist you.” The maid gave the capuchin monkey a polite nod and reached over to take the bag that Genny was holding. Looking over Genny’s shoulder to look at her carriage, she raised an eyebrow “I assume all the rest is in there?”

Genny brushed passed her into the manor and laughed softly “Of course. There is much to be added to my vastly expanding collection.” Pulling off gloves, she passed them to her beloved pet and looked around distractedly. “And where is my father?”

The maid returned to her side after instructing the footmen where to put everything and responded “In his office, of course.”With that, she set about getting numerous paintings out of the carriage.

The youngest Bianchi sighed and glanced up at Rupert. “Why did I think he would be anywhere else…” Walking towards her father’s office, she knocked once before breezing in elegantly. Looking around, she first spotted Vivian. Blinking in surprise, she raised an eyebrow “You are one of the more attractive hysterical women Daddy treats.” Giving her an assessing look, she nodded with satisfaction and God only knew what before her eyes fell on Johnathon. Smiling softly, she shrugged her shoulders and crossed her arms “Hello Daddy.”

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 19, 2013 10:25PM
Roof of the Manor

The day of the ball. The day Barawk had been waiting for. He knew something was about to go down, and he knew his rival, Agares, would be at the center of it all. Along side his demon master, Lillith. the very thought of the two angered him. His eyes held the clouds above his head, as the dark of night was merely a few hours away, and with it, the start of the ball. Exerting his will over the clouds, they began to darken, almost suddenly, but still in a believeable manner, and a gentle rain fell from the clouds as booming thunder echoed. This would cast shade over the whole of London, blocking out the sun almost entirely.

His eyes matched the color of his clouds, as his angelic form came free from it’s bounds and he launched into the skies with a single flap of his mighty wings. He soared through the clouds, his mouth a bridge for the thunder that sounded each time it was opened. Though his wings were made of feathers, they were resistant to water, at least in the sense that they couldn’t become soaked with it and prevent flight. He continued his adventure of the skies above the manor as lightning struck the ground outside the front door, and left singed grass and dirt in it’s path.

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 19, 2013 10:40PM
Phoebe’s Room


Phoebe’s sweet tone and innocent appearance just seemed to irritate Sam more. As beautiful as she was, Sam was not very sweet and innocent herself. Even as a maid she had a fierce and powerful presence about her. But most men did not find that attractive in a woman. What they found attractive was… well, Phoebe. Sam simply shrugged when Phoebe asked if he was impatient. “I suppose so,” she said, keeping any rudeness that she may have wanted to add, out of her voice. She gestured for her to follow her and she made her way out of the room. Sam couldn’t imagine that she would like balls very much either, but she would go in a second if not to just keep Levi from dancing with anyone but her. She did not like dancing, but she was incredibly graceful and would be able to do it if it was required of her. It was simply moving to music and the rest of the time she could just speak with Levi about whatever they wanted. It sounded amazing.
They arrived on the stairs just as Levi called up to them. He looked absolutely amazing and she felt her un-beating heart tighten a little in her chest, but she gave him a playful smile. “She’s ready when you are,” she said, stepping out of the way a little as if to present Phoebe to him. Though she did so reluctantly.

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 20, 2013 04:41AM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office

Lydia was so polite, bringing a soft smile to the lips of Vivian, who was now extremely tired after the entire day, dealing with the Detective and Johanthon. Mind you, it was Johnathon that helped bring her round at the Cathedral, and had brought her back to his Manor, where she would be able to get some rest, eventually. As Lydia was taking her leave, she announced that the Doctor’s daughter; Genevieve had returned to the family home. Johnathon showed a look of surprise, though as tired and dirty as he was, he would receive her personally. Vivian looked down at herself, and asked the Doctor;

“May I be taken to a room, to bathe and then take a nap, I fear the day has taken its toll on me, and I think I would fall asleep in the carriage back to my bedsit.” You could see the dark circles around her eyes, and that she did require rest. Johnathon sung out for Milly, who entered the door, when Lydia left.

“Ah, Milly, please show Miss Westlake up to the spare guest suite. She will be spending the evening, so she can be bright and chipper for the morrow.” Johnathon said, and he looked over at Miss Westlake and used his hand to gesture that she follow the Maid. Vivian was grateful to the Doctor for his hospitality, and rose slowly, smoothing her skirts with her hand. Maid Milly ushered Vivian out, and as she did so, she passed Genevieve, who said:

“You are one of the more attractive hysterical women Daddy treats.”

“I’ve yet to have the pleasure. Oh and..cute monkey.” Vivian said, wiggling her fingers at the creature, before disappearing out into the hallway to go upstairs. With the door closed behind her, Johnathon eased back in his chair, regarding his youngest daughter, who seemed to have returned to the family home.

“Usually when the baby bird falls from the nest, it flies away. What has brought my baby bird home? Hmm?”

It was an odd way of asking why she had decided to come home now, especially so soon after her Mother had disappeared. Johnathon was unsure of how to tell her, that Saffron was gone, and sat silently, watching his daughter pace the room. He didn’t jump up and offer her a welcome home hug, but instead reached for his glass of brandy and took a sip. His mind still cluttered with all that had happened this past day.


“Your brother Levi is upstairs I believe. Preparing for a ball. Perhaps if you wish, you could see him about tagging along, instead of being cooped up here with your old man, hmm?”


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 20, 2013 07:22AM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office

Genny paced and looked at the paintings of the family in his office, some of them even done by yours truly. She smiled softly looking from face to face until they fell on Saffron’s. A frown tightened at her lips as she turned to look at her father. “I’ve flown south for migration. Lovely weather London is having, isn’t it?” Stepping up to her father’s desk, she was all business as she tossed a parcel of letters onto his desk. “Someone has found these. I assume mother is dead.” Stepping back, she reached up to stroke Rupert as she spoke in a monotone. “A little birdie told me mother has flown the coop herself. Apparently her trip has taken a turn for the worst.” Leaning down, she pecked his cheek and murmured “I will not be attending the ball, dancing is a bore to me.” Straightening up, she continued “I will be in my gallery if needed. It seems you will need you rest.”With that, the mysterious Bianchi daughter glided out of the room and headed for her gallery.

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 20, 2013 07:30AM

Levi had just missed his sister come in when he came downstairs to wait by the door. As he leaned against the wall, he heard Sam’s voice. Straightening up, he then watched Phoebe turn to Sam with a smile before gliding down the stairs. She was breath-taking. The Bianchi son stepped forward slowly with a soft smile and ran a hand through his hair “Phoebe, you look lovely.”

Phoebe smiled slightly and shrugged “Can we get this over with?”

He laughed softly and nodded “Of course.” He offered his arm to the human before looking up to Sam. He blew her a kiss as his eyes looked at her tenderly. Then tapping his nose, he turned for the door and led Phoebe to their carriage.

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Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 20, 2013 07:41AM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office

Genevieve’s reaction to her father’s lack of emotion in her return, was understandable. Perhaps she got it from him, or maybe it was her fierce independent streak. Either way, she kept her tone one of business, much like he had, as she dumped a wad of letters on the desk, and said matter of factly that she assumed her mother was dead. The words were said, and it was like an ice pick was being driven through his heart. He had not mentioned a word about Saffron, and this had him troubled, that she knew Saffron was gone, but the part about her being dead…..was news. Johnathon stared at the package, his right hand still holding the glass of brandy. Only his eyes moved, from the pile to his daughter, who curtly said, that Mother’s trip had taken a turn for the worse. Gen offered a light peck on the cheek to her father, before declaring she would not attend the ball, and that she could be found in her gallery. Johnathon was like a statue. Unable to move as his daughter left the room. Finally alone with the pile of letters. One, was addressed to him. Smeared lettering, probably from tears.

Nervously, Johnathon set down the glass, and then reached for the top most letter. He toyed with it, for a good five minutes, as though he didn’t want to know its contents. But if he didn’t, then how could he move on with his life? The day she went away, he died inside. Finally, he tore open the envelope, and withdrew the paper within. His eyes cast back and forth across each line, each sentence…and the Doctor….fell apart.

My Johnathon-

My love, I am so, so sorry. Please do not ever forgive me, for I do not deserve it. I love you more than either of us can really comprehend, and I pray that you know that. I can only hope that you do not in any way understand why I would leave you, because in truth, I never could and never can. I will always be with you, whether you want me there or not, and I can understand in full why the latter would occur. I will miss you for eternity, long for you, but I need you to forget me. I fear that if ever we were to meet again, it would be our undoing. Take care of our children, they adore you, as you treat them better than I ever could. I pray you all find happiness without me, for I was selfish and pitiful. If you receive this letter, my wish for prolonged distance has been granted, and you will be able to find peace at last. While you must rid yourself of the memories of me, please keep the thought that you are loved unconditionally for eternity, that no matter what, there is always someone that cares for you.

I love you


Johnathon brought the paper up to his lips, and then openly wept. His sobbing could be heard from the foyer, and Milly stopped in her place, hearing the grief stricken doctor, as his whole world came crashing down. It was so sad, and Milly found herself walking to the door, and opening it slightly. She had never seen a man cry like that before. The letter had now fallen on the floor, and he had his back to the door. Milly slowly crossed the room, and then stood in front of him, and the Doctor did something out of character. He let Milly wrap her arms around him, and brought his head to her, as she continued to coo softly, trying to give him comfort….something he needed so desperately.


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 20, 2013 08:25AM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office

They managed to get a carriage back to the manor, and Josephine spent the trip holding her father’s hand and resting her head against his shoulder. The case was getting worse and worse, and she feared for her father. As the carriage rolled to a stop in front of the manor, a footman helped her out carefully. Planting her feet on the ground, she had a strange sense of fear as she looked at the manor. Glancing over her shoulder, she gave her father a worried look before she picked up her skirts and walked into the house. As she stepped through the door, she sensed something was wrong. The manor was far too quiet. As she walked further into the foyer, she then heard a sound that felt as though it could rip her heart out. Someone was crying. Following the sound to the doctor’s office, she walked in and gasped. The doctor was crying in the arms of Milly. As she watched the pitiful display, her empathic ability had her in tears as well.
Stepping forwards nervously, she was unsure if she would even be welcome at a time like this. And yet, she felt this emotional pull towards Johnathon. He was a close friend of the family and she wanted nothing more than to comfort him. That was all it was, right? Slipping closer, she placed a hand lightly on his arm, mentally preparing herself in case he lashed out. When she was spoke, it was in a soft angelic voice filled with comfort and love “Dr. Bianchi…is everything all right?” Tears clung to her long eyelashes she looked up at him with concern.