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Re: {RP} Cathedral
August 15, 2013 07:43AM
Rosalie had being walking through the forest nearby the cathedral. Her ocean blue eyes might not have shown any emotion but her thoughts were scrambling.With a life like mine it makes me wonder how I even bothered to keep myself alive. How could I have anyone to be with if I caused nothing but destruction. Just then she snapped out of her thoughts when she heard snapping of a twig. Her head turned making her tense. Her blue eyes locked on a male figure making his way toward her from the cathedral. She kept walking toward the Cathedral approaching the male. Her blue eyes locked straight ahead as if not noticing the male when she clearly had. Her senses were very keen to noticing any movement. She swayed her hips with the movement of her stride. Her long elligent navy blue victorian dress trailed down to the grass and her clevage popped out from the top of her dress. Her red hair was pinned up into a twist with some strands that hing down the back of her neck. She was very attractive to the eye.

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Re: {RP} Cathedral
August 15, 2013 09:01PM
Streets Outside Catherdral

Juliette continued to lead Isabella by her arm down the streets of London, her mind set on heading towards the Cathedral where she felt her most calm. Other than when she was with Edward, of course. Sighing, she turned to look at her best friend with an inquiring look. “Bella, be honest with me. Do you think I am capable of true love?” Though she had never revealed to her best friend of her dark past times of killing women and angels while ripping their organs out, Isabella was still aware that she fed on Edward greedily and that she had to live off of the blood and hatred of others. Looking ahead as they walked, she continued“It was once so different with us…I was so free, so uninhibited with him. He knew everything…and…” Juliette began to blush darkly “The way I would react to his kisses and caresses…” Looking up at the sky, she whined “Why oh why am I suddenly cursed with…guilt? Is this what that is?” Shaking her head, she faced her friend. “I pushed him away today. After I let him into my very soul, I crushed his heart he so eagerly offers me.” A frown tugged her lips down as she felt a sudden ache in her chest. Pain…Pain? She wasn’t in any pain. Realizing that the mental link between her and Edward was still strong, she was getting a glimpse of his feelings.

And boy, was she almost knocked to her knees by the intensity of the hurt she had caused him. Gasping, she clutched her chest as the necklace began to burn her skin. A moan escaped her as she clawed at herself. Lifting the necklace, she clenched her fists around it before the pain began to slowly decrease. Anger. Now there was anger. Juliette looked to Isabella with fear in her eyes. “I really think I made a bloody mess of things…”

Re: {RP} Cathedral
August 16, 2013 11:50AM
Two demons rose from grass behind Juliette. Covered completely in dirt and mud, in the night they looked like two large stumps. They stood motionless. Their eyes trained on Juliette. Each was adored with a burn on their chests. It was Agares’s mark. He called these two demons his observers. Each one represented one of his eyes. So when they both were together he had full eyesight of the scene. Agares was told to watch after Bess but this was second best since he couldn’t find Bess. A cathedral was an ironic place to find a demon, but to be honest, most demons pushed the envelope so it was the first place he looked.

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Re: {RP} Cathedral
August 16, 2013 06:37PM

Isabella followed after Juliette happily, a grin placed permanently on her lips, it seemed. As her friend turned to her, the shifter looked at her friend curiously. “Of course. Why wouldn’t you be capable of it?” As they began walking again, the shifter frowned a bit and listened to Juliette intently. “If he makes you feel like that, then why are you essentially punishing yourself? Who cares what your family will think? You are yourself. No one else. I’m sure you can fix things, somehow.”

As Juliette suddenly gasped and lurched forward in pain, Isabella jumped forward and supported her body. “What? What’s going on, Juliette?” Now, the shifter, too, was a little scared. She didn’t have to time to say much else, though, for the sound of something moving behind them made Isabella whip around to look behind them. Seeing the two demons, her eyes narrowed slightly and she glared at them. She’d never encountered them before – so she was on guard completely.

Re: {RP} Cathedral
August 17, 2013 08:05AM
Outside Cathedral

Juliette didn’t notice the demons rise from the earth, nor did she even sense them as she was too alarmed at the pain she was feeling. Looking up to meet Isabella’s eyes, she smiled sheepishly. “I’m all right…just some heartburn.” As much as she loved her best friend, she was too stubborn to admit that she could feel Edward’s pain, and it was paining her equally. Sighing, she let the pendant fall back into her cleavage as she then noticed a young woman walking up the steps of the empty Cathedral. Raising an eyebrow, Juliette pondered on how late it was to be confessing. A sinister smile curved her lips as that familiar urge began to radiate heat from deep within her. The thrill of the hunt returned, sending a tingle up her spin as she took a step towards the cathedral. Her curls toes and her fingers began to quiver in anticipation. Whipping around, she gave her friend a commanding look that was well respected from a Roxburg. “I must go make a confession. Alone. Do not follow me, no matter what you hear.” Her eyes flashed a deep demonic red in a warning, her friendliness slipping away as the cold-blooded murderer within her rose to the surface.

Within the Cathedral

Turning around, Juliette fell into the shadows as she followed the woman silently into the cathedral. Her footsteps made no sound as she walked as a seasoned predator. The woman’s strawberry-blonde hair was pulled back into a loose bun, and her clothing revealed that she had a high standing within the society. As Juliette cautiously leaned in from behind her to smell, her nostrils flared as she could smell the angelic purity radiating off the woman. So she had found another angel. Her dark red eyes zeroed in on the light that was radiating off of the woman’s aura. It made her skin crawl.

As they continued walking, the woman paused to look around the cathedral. There was fear on her face, as the angel could sense Juliette’s presence. It was muted a bit within the walls of the cathedral, but it was still there. Turning around, she then sat down in the front pew. Juliette walked among the shadows until she was standing behind the crucifix that stood in the center of the cathedral. With a smirk, she began to call out in a mock angelic tone “My child…why have you come today?”

The angel looked up in surprised an gasped “Mother…Is it the virgin mother Mary?”

Juliette had to fight back a laugh and spoke calmly “It is I…What brings my troubled child to this place?”

The angel looked down at her lap and whispered “I fear there is great evil at work in London. That it could be too strong…” Looking up with pleading eyes, she begged “You must help us, please! There is so…so much evil…” The angel broke down into sobs. Juliette could see that the evil doings within London were taking a toll on the angelic being, and it was ripping her soul to pieces from caving into it.

Sighing, she rolled her eyes “Don’t worry, my child. Help is on the way. Look outside the Cathedral walls to find the savior you seek. You will find her at the bottom of the steps.” Juliette fell silent as she saw hope light up the angel’s face.

“Yes! Thank you, Mother Mary! Thank you!” The angel stepped up and began to hurry outside the door. Juliette followed close behind, her steps still predatory. As she made it to the bottom of the stairs, the angel looked around curiously.“Hello…?” Juliette was suddenly in front of her, a cruel smile curling her lips as her red eyes illuminated her face.

“Hello.” Snapping the woman’s neck, she watched the woman fall to the ground in front of the cathedral dead. “Good-bye.”Crouching down, she picked the woman up and carried her back to the cathedral.


Juliette had made fast work of strategically removing the angel’s organs. She had them wrapped in brown paper and parceled together like packages of meat . Now, she stood before the crucifix with a dark smile on her face. Hung upside down on the cross was the angel, stripped of her organs and her blood was now draining from her body and pooling into a large bowl Juliette had placed beneath her. With a satisfied nod, picked up her packages and turned around. Walking out of the cathedral, she passed Isabella with a bright smile, all traces of her demon gone. “Let’s go home for dinner, shall we?” With that, she led the way back to the manor.

Re: {RP} Cathedral
August 17, 2013 09:36AM
The sun was bright, but somehow the light that brought Alistair to the Earth was even brighter. He must’ve been a sight. Most Angels were something amazing to behold when they arrived in their Angelic Form, but the Angel of Justice even put them in awe. Things were a chaotic mess here, and the forces at work could no longer simply watch along the sidelines. Alistair stood stretching his long white wings as if just waking. The trip from Heaven was always fatiguing. His skin seemed to emit a glowing aura. Beneath each foot fall of his sandal, grass grew green and breathed new life. An old withered rosebush suddenly became plump and vibrant as the blood red color seeped slowly back into its petals. It seemed that Alistair’s very presence brought life and beauty back to his surroundings. But through all of the life and beauty there was an ominous feeling of death and danger emanating from the Archangel who hunted even Archangels if they skirted the lines between Good & Evil. If a Human were to look upon his form now, they would be overcome and die.


Steadily as Alistair made his way up the Cathedral steps, his wings folded inward and seemed to sink into his flesh. He was nearly nude aside from the loin cloth and sandals, but it did not bother him in the least. He neither felt the shame nor the bite of the cold air on his skin. Pushing the doors open, he would appear as a Man, but if you were in his presence long enough you could feel the grace and danger that exuded from him. He was the Angel of Death, and his judgment was passed over all Beings; be they from Heaven, Earth, or Hell. He looked upon the still fresh corpse of the Earth-bound Angel, with no emotion. It was the look of a Parent seeing that their Child had done something that they must punish them for, but it was of no real consequence to them. Like scribbling on the walls or something. He smelled the presences of both Angel and Demon here. It was an odd thing, these Earth-bound Angels and Demons; they had lost their ways even further. They began to forget their origins, the longer they stayed. Alistair had not been on Earth in centuries and he never stayed longer than it took to bring judgment to a few, but this time was different. Everything was imbalanced, and he had no idea how long he would be here.


He made no attempt to bring the Angel down from the crucifix. He simply walked up to her and smiled slightly, touching her forehead. There was a bright flash of light and something seemed to shoot from the body up through the ceiling and into the skies. The body no longer had color to it as if its essence was gone. He at least had one thing to look forward to; from watching over the Earth and in some time visting, he had grown fond of parties and fine living. It all seemed so different than the life he led. If you called his eternal existence a life. He realized why so many Angels escaped to Earth to live among the Mortals. They were envious of them. He told himself that he would no let it get to him, the way it got others. When he was on Earth his emotions were hard to deal with, because they were so real and raw. He would become unstable after too long on Earth, he feared, but he had a duty and would not shirk it. He had to find clothing to fit in. He found a Priest’s robes in the back and threw them over himself until he could replace them. With one last look at the Angel, he locked into his memory that the one responsible would have to answer eventually, but they were not a priority. He stepped out of the doors and walked toward buildings.

Re: {RP} Cathedral
August 17, 2013 01:03PM

Isabella nodded slowly at Juliette’s words, though continued to frown. Her confusion and dismay was only intensified as her friend suddenly walked to the cathedral. A small part of the shifter wanted to follow her friend… but she knew better. She trusted Juliette, so whatever the woman was going to do… she’d let her do it alone. The woman stood where her friend had left her, growing a little unnerved by the demons there. She was strong and fast, but demons still made her uneasy – at least when she didn’t know them.

When Juliette finally returned, Isabella visibly relaxed as she grinned at her friend. “We shall~” With that said, she followed after Juliette, giving the cathedral one last look before she walked off completely.

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Re: {RP} Cathedral
August 17, 2013 01:08PM
The demons slipped by Isabella without her noticing as they observed the scene for Agares, they disappeared back into the darkness when Juliette came out. A smile brewing on their face as they knew they had done well for their master and ultimately their queen.

They were about to descend back into the ground when two large hands grabbed them from behind. Agares’s thick voice whispering into their ears. “Follow them, but allow me the introduction.” He said sternly as he glanced inside the Cathedral noticing an Angel he was all to familiar with. Depending on how this night went he might be seeing more of Alistair in regards to his actions toward Juliette. He remained in the shadows as he sent the twins off to stalk. He was not in the mood to deal with Alistair, not with the three humans who went back on their soul deals and had to be “dealt” with. He would remain hidden till Juliette stopped traveling.

Re: {RP} Cathedral
August 18, 2013 07:53AM
The Cathedral

With the trio inside, and Miss Vivian having explained to Johnathon, all that they had found out about Vampires, and the possibility that the murdered priest, may well be one, had even Johnathon skeptical. He kept looking at the Detective oddly, like this was outrageous, but then again who was he to talk, since he himself was an angel. Vivian had a big black bag with her, stuffed full of things they needed to kill a Vampire, including a big axe, that she had taken from the Detective’s wood pile. She even held it up, as the carriage rolled along the lane on its way to the Cathedral.

“Please, put that down for now, I fear if the carriage stops suddenly, that axe is going to slam right between my legs.” The Detective said, still not overly fussed with her ways. Course she was necessary to the investigation, so he had no other option but to have her come along. No sooner had she put it with the bag, that the Carriage finally rolled to a stop at the steps of the Cathedral. Looking around, it was oddly quiet and even the birds were not singing in the trees. Stepping out, Johnathon adjusted his hat, and then helped out Miss Vivian, while the Detective took the bag and paid the driver. All three stood at the bottom of the steps, staring up at the cross at the top of the building.

“I still don’t get how a Vampire even got in the door of the Cathedral. But I guess we really must check the grave yard first, and find the dead priests grave.” The Detective said, handing Johnathon a shovel.

“What’s this for, Reg?” the Doctor asked, twirling it around like a weapon. “A striking implement?”

“For digging up a grave, John.’

“Oh…and what other vampire fighting things do you have in your bag?”

“Garlic…and…oh that reminds me. Miss Westlake, would you be able to go up to the church there, and fill this bottle of holy water from the font? I don’t think anyone would miss a bit.” The Detective asked, before thrusting a small flask at her. Vivian snatched it and made a hmmph sound, trotting off up the steps, while leaving the Doctor and the Detective behind, to go make a start finding a freshly buried priest.

Up in the Cathedral, Miss Vivian waltzed in the doors, not really paying attention to her surrounds. If only she had looked up. Walking down the aisle, she spotted the font, where they christened babies with holy water, and she took out the flask as she reached it, and placed it under the water, to fill it up. As she stood there whistling, there was a strange dripping sound coming from near the alter. The dripping was slow, but consistent. Vivian turned her head to look, and saw the bowl of blood on the floor. How odd? But it wasn’t till she looked up that she dropped the flask into the water and screamed.

There on the cross, upside down was the angel, that had been savagely murdered by Juliette. Vivian kept on screaming, and this was heard not only by the nuns that came out, and they all started screaming, but the bishop…and then the Detective and Johnathon came running in, both covered in dirt.

“OH MY GOD!” the detective cried out, as up at the font, Vivian passed out cold, dropping to the floor. Johnathon frowned, and then said to the Detective;

“Vampires….don’t usually hang their victims on a cross do they?”

The Detective thought about it for a moment, as some of the nuns were dropping like flies up the front.

“Err…well, its a first. Aren’t they supposed to be against touching religious…things?”

“What if this isn’t the work of a Vampire? What if…a demon did this?”


The plot thickens.


Re: {RP} Cathedral
August 18, 2013 01:59PM
The Cathedral


The church leadership, could not hide nor disguise the fact that a young woman had been slain on church grounds, and was left hanging on the cross, as a warning to all those that entered to pray and seek guidance. The Chief Superintendent had even come down from the yard, to witness this first hand, much to the shame of the Bishop and his clergy. It took two of the church groundskeepers to cut the girl down from the cross, and three medical staff to treat the ten or so nuns, that had fainted due to the shock of seeing the slain girl. Johnathon was using smelling salts to awaken Vivian, who had collapsed just after seeing the girl herself. Slowly opening her eyes, she found herself with her head on Johnathon’s lap, while the Detective was getting notes from the Bishop, as he not only came clean on the first murder of the priest, but also everything he knew about the horrific cross death of the young girl. The doctor was looking down at Vivian, with concern in his eyes, and it was whens she gazed up at him, she noticed a strange glow about his head.

“What happened?”

“You..fainted, dear.”

“The girl….on the cross…is she..”

“..dead? Quite so I am afraid. Her cause of death is similar to those that were found in Hollow street.” Johnathon said, but then looking up at the cross, he followed with; “I think the killer was trying to make a point this time, about his target. And I dare say, he chose his victim on purpose.” The doctor had seen the girl before, her face etched in his memory. “I am pretty sure I know of her identity….such a shame.”

The Detective had concluded his talks with the Bishop, as the body of the girl was being taken to the morgue. He approached Johnathon and Vivian, who was being helped to sit upright. The detective’s face was troubled, deeply, and he said to Johnathon. “I need to go find Josephine….right away. There is nothing more that can be done here.”

“What about the vampire? I thought we were going to search for him.” Johnathon replied, with Vivian suddenly remembering that that was the reason they were there.

“He will have to wait. I need to see that my daughter is alright.” The Detective was adamant, and the Doctor was not about to argue.

“Very well, let us take the carriage back to the Bianchi Manor, and Miss Vivian can be treated better for shock, while you tend to your daughter.”

All agreed, and the trio headed out of the Cathedral, with so many unanswered questions, and another murder to solve.