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Roleplay Live : A Pirate’s Life

Land Lovers ; Part Two





RazukenCarrendar: – The waves began to lap heavily upon the side of “The Washed Flagon”, their foamy tendrils reaching out to feed the barnacles that were clinging to its ancient wooden frame. He was close to a reef, but he had no clue. The unknown Captain reached into his jacket pocket, feeling something, and pulls out a tattered peice of paper. It said only one word, “Grizald” ‘Maybe that is who I am…’ he thought. Grizald was now what he would respond to. It felt almost comforting to have a name again. As he looked up from the paper, he saw something rather strange. Smoke? There was a fire on the far side of the Isle, and Grizald was sure he did not see it earlier. Perhaps this was a sign of life? Grizald kept tacking expertly until he heard a loud CRUNCH. “Woo! Dat was close, me gurl! Better be watchin for dose reefs more carefully..” Casting the wheel hard to the left, he pulled “The Washed Flagon” hard around the dark shadow in the water. He could hear the crashing of the waves now, being only several yards away from shore. “Belay there!” He roared as he threw the wheel to the right, avoiding another shadowy reef by mere inches. The near-dead ship groaned painfully as it tilted hard in the water. Shore was dead ahead, and the smoke soon disappeared in the looming shadow of a massive spire in the middle of the isle. This was the mother island. Grizald looked up almost awe-shock at the spire, the gulls crying out mournfully and circling its very tip way overhead. It was dizzying… or was it that.. “Whahohoaoh!!” Grizald was thrown over his own wheel as the ship ran aground. He landed, fortunately, butt-first into the white sandy shore, a small wave running up to greet his worn leather boots. Grizald just sat there, dazed as if he were hit by a peice of driftwood by a Mermaid.

“What in the name of Posideon? If I told my old mater about this, he’d strip me naked and beat me all the way to the Blarney stone with a hickory stick…” Grizald simply laid himself on the shore, smiling in a moment of pure bliss. Finally… something solid and tangible besides the wheel of his broken ship. Taken by the exhausting journey here, he slid into a silent slumber. Time and reality faded away, the sound of the crashing shore become a hollow echo in his darkening mind.

“Muuuurphyyyyy” A eerie and feminine tone rang out in the darkness. It was a shadow of a memory. “Muuurphyyy” She got closer.. but who? It was none other than Lyra, haunting his tainted mind. She appeared before him as an ethereal figure, still ever so beautiful as he had left her. “Murphy… where did you go? I am all alone…” He responded, yelling out in his dream, “Im here, Lyra!!! I’m here!!” “Muuurphyyy… ” She started to get farther away, her image fading. He screamed bloody murder for her. “Noooo! Lyraaaaa!! Don’t leave me!!! NOOOO!!!” Grizald awoke, the dream gone, and forgotten already, blubbering around in the tide. “Ptooey!!” He spat out sand and briny water as he stood from his drowning state. “I don’t understand…” He looked at his hands, rough and callused. They were dirty and empty. “How could this happen… why me?” Dropping to his knees, he wept bitterly, cursing the day he was born into the world. So painful it was to cope with the loss of memory. Think bad memories are tough? Imagine having none at all… -e-

MaylionCarrendar: -In his mind of course, the wind was blowing through his dark brown and long hair exposing his well bone structured ”young” face. He threw a smile at Madeline Lefleur and winked with his left eye obviously a few times. As he placed his both hands on his hips and threw his head a bit back to show off those deep green eyes with dots of sparkle due the sunlight that hit his face he realized he was way too old. His fantasy imago didn’t fit reality. In reality he was just a poor old slobby man with dead hair smiling creepy at this young lady. As he heard Idrial in the background making the ”Ugh” sound he knew he had lost his chance with this beautiful woman. he would get pushed aside and the attention would be drawn on Idrial.. Like always. The woman had something unique, wore dresses and high heels.. if he wasn’t mistaking she was looking for her heels the moment they ended up being castaway. Jack threw one glance behind him to see Idrial throwing her heels in the fire. (Jack) ” Odd woman isn’t she? ” he let his eyes slide one more time over the frame of Madeline and then realized he had to make a reply on her last words, due her beauty he almost forgot what the heck she said. (Jack) ” .. Eh– cast away you said? .. I suppose you need to welcome us to your small club then. My name is Jack, they call me .. Jack.. But really! you can call me ..– ehh.. ” he slightly turned red due his awkwardness. He wasn’t really good with women, HENCE why he didn’t owned one. Jack raised his right hand and started to scratch his beard. Before Idrial got in between he managed to finish his answer, which was obvious. (Jack) ” .. Jack. ” As Idrial greeted Madeline he decided to take a few steps back and turn around to help the rest of the crew gather the supplies. As he lifted a few wooden chest in hope Madeline .. or heck even Idial would notice his strong arms and muscles, he still had some hope — another fantasy.

As they gathered the supplies, and some members of the crew already had their mouths sucking on bottles of wine he just lowered his ass to sit down in the sand and observe this forsaken island they ended up on. Already forgetting Miss Madeline LeFleur and her rounds, and also forgetting about Idial and her butt, he started thinking about tomorrow, and the day after… and probably the day after the day after tomorrow (x_x) and more importantly with who he was left on this damn island.. He had taken a look around to search for faces he didn’t want to lose, but although he was glad with the ones he saw, he also noticed some people still missing. Were they still in the water? or were they laying somewhere on the shore?. Suddenly he realized they were stuck, castaways. He glanced sideways and stared at the man next to him sucking on a wine bottle. He gently reached his hand sideways and made a gesture with his hand. A famous gesture that would tell the man ” Give me the damn wine,.. ”. As he received the bottle in his hands which contained the red fluid he was eager for he saluted in his mind and softly spoke the words he was afraid for. (Jack) ” I’ll never get laid on this damn island..Oh .. and away from this island of course. Cheers Jack. ” <e>


CharlotteCarrendar: – For many a sleepless night, Madeline had dreamed of her rescue. However, the fate of the ships that would come to pass did the same as her ship before them. What the latest castaways may have failed to see in their haste to come up the beach, scavenging all that they could from their vessel’s cargo, was the row of crosses that were just off the beach before the start of the jungle. Brave souls who lost their lives in the sinking of their vessels. Madeline was the only survivor and had endured much hardship in the months since she was marooned. Now suddenly the beach was a flurry of activity of the some rather odd characters that were all joyous to be alive. Introductions attempted in this mad haze were strangely formal. How is it when one is alone for so long, she is able to strike up a conversation, or at least attempt. Jack being one of the first to make himself known, though his eyes settled upon her breasts and he found himself becoming something of a blithering idiot. The woman however, she was dressed to the nines, and certainly out of place against her crew and this odd one, named Jack. Ripping off her heels and throwing them into the fire, brought a gasp from Madeline’s lips. Such finery was thrown away. They could have been useful, if not for walking on. “Neither of you will speak a word of this when we find a way
back!” She shouted angrily, and this was unusual, since it was little chance that another ship would pass by soon. The woman with fancy clothes introduced herself to those gathered. It is a pleasure to meet you Madeline, My name is Idrial Scarlet, Captain of the…”
At the cutting off of her words, Madeline knew what she meant. Perhaps she was a Captain before her ship was wrecked, but now she was just another lost soul on this island hell.

The crew of her ship, did not miss a beat, in salvaging the floating cargo that rolled in with the tide. The sea at least giving back some of what was lost. The provisions could help with the survival of many, but Madeline knew that in the long term, that there was limited food on the island, and if they were to adapt to the life there that she had known, they needed to be well organised and learn to ration out what was on offer.

Madeline could already tell, by the way the sailors acted, that there needed to be some sort of leadership, to maintain order, in what was to become as Jack so eloquently put, a “club”.One other sailor had himself a bottle that had washed up on the beach, and already there was a contest for it. The sailor handed over the wine with little fuss, and Jack let fly with his inner most thoughts of their situation. ” I’ll never get laid on this damn island..Oh .. and away from this island of course. Cheers Jack. ” Madeline rolled her eyes. ~Great…drunken sailors.~ She thought to herself, just what was not needed. But out of the corner of her eye, Madeline spots another man, fall to his knees, further up the beach. Was he from the same shipwreck? Spitting out sand, cursing and wailing. Surely he suffered as he was washed into shore. Perhaps smashed on the head by a floating piece of debris. Silently excusing herself from the others, she quickly tucked in the light cloth of her skirts, and ran down the sand towards the weeping sailor. The last few steps were taken tentatively, in case he lashed out in a delirious haze. Looking out to sea, she saw yet the remains of another ship. Breathing heavily, she felt the shock wash over her. Was this truly the Devil’s island, that claimed all who dared to sail to close? Standing before him, so her form would block the sun, she reached out with her hand, to help him to his feet.

“You need to get up. Come, there are others, that can help you.” <3>

Xiangxiu: – The day was gloomy; the mirror image of the sun excelled and shimmered down bright along the waves that weren’t clashing against each other. Idrial was poking her finger in the sand and weaving it around and around, the fine granites of tiny shards of what sand was made from was fascinating. Suddenly something caught around her finger and she yanked it up, a beautiful chain. Tears came flooding back to her, memories of her previous life before the sailing of the oceans tides. Her mother was wearing the exact same necklace the day before Idrial left the wondrous land of Brandy Valentower. The day before… the day before her mother had died. Her father was a drunken mess, always wasting his sorrows away at the inn. Idrial remembered having this huge argument about them not wanting her to leave her town. She hadn’t had the chance to forgive her mother for abandoning her before death, would she be damned to lose herself before be able to make amends to her father as well. Staring into the embers of the fire, Idrial put on the necklace and held it tight. Looking around at the other people who were now stranded on this god forsaken island, they were arguing over who would have the first drink, and the first meal. Thinking to herself Idrial shook her head. “Surely I taught them to be more civilized when we haven’t even been stranded for 24 hours.” She noticed that Jack was getting in on the drinks as well, but she forgave him because of his age. Somewhat smiling actually at the way he gestured for the bottle. There was no more time to sit around, even though it was daytime there was a cold and eerie air roaming. The dying kindle of the fire was slowly turning into nothing but smoke and ash, Idrial walked over to the shoreline and found some dry pieces of wood to keep the flames lit. For who knew but Madeline how cold the wind could be, how harsh the rain would fall.

Rain…. Idrial started plotting things in her head as she decided to get some of the crew to swim out just enough in search of a hammer or something. There were already nails in most of the wood that could be carved out and used again. If the crew was going to stay on this island for who knows how long, there would definitely need to be houses, or shelters made to protect them from the weather. Sighing as the crew came back wet and empty handed she slowly lifted her head to sky and closed her eyes. “Oh mother, I know I have not been the best person in the world but if you have damned me here for punishment then I has learned my lessons, I’m so sorry for running away. I just wanted more than that provincial life. I thought you would understand, and help me to the person I have now become.” Before she continued she noticed a crew member had come back, with something in his hand. (Idrial) “Oh my, you… you went out that far, you could’ve been seriously injured.” The crewman just laughed as he gave her the hammer and went back to help the others load up wood on the fire, and set up wood around the sand far enough away from where the waves would weep up to from the wind. Giving the hammer to the people who started aligning wood for shelters the words “Thank you” escaped her lips.

Idrial was walking back to the fire with a faint smile painted upon her face that quickly turned to a blank face as she saw Madeline in the dark shadows further along the beach, on the other side of where the shelters were being built. She was reaching out her hand to a man who was upon his knees in the sand. Idrial took it that he noticed the flames and tried to help as well, but there was no way of knowing what really happened until she asked. As she walked closer she realized that it would be plainly rude to just blurt out what may have happened. Idrial decided to go up to Madeline’s side as she heard Madeline trying to help him up and looked down at him, the figure of her blocking sunlight made it able for Idrial to see his face covered in sand that had tried to been wiped off.
(Idrial) “Here, take this cloth, it isn’t much but it will get the sand off your face easier then your hands.” She gave it to him before he had a chance to decline and grabbed his arm gently. (Idrial) “Come on Maddie, let’s bring him over to where the crew are.” <>

RazukenCarrendar: – All that Grizald heard was the sweet and caring tone of Madeline. He looked up with bloodshot and bruised eyes, some stray wrinkles creased upon his brow. He looked utterly pitiful. His eyes were a deep green, and if someone had looked close enough, perhaps they could see the anger of the sea in his eyes. In the midst of the noise of gulls and the tide breaking, her voice rang out like a bell. (Madeline) “You need to get up. Come, there are others that can help you.” Grizald started to smile, feeling the gritty sand fall off of his damp face. (Idrial) “Here, take this cloth. It isn’t much, but it will get the sand off your face easier than your hands.” Suddenly, a a somewhat dirty cloth was thrown in his face. Taken surprise, he fell backwards into the shore again, and then looked up to see another woman, at least it seemed to be a woman. She grabbed onto his arm and tugged gently. Grizald, with a groan of stiff pain, got up to his feet. (Grizald) “What happened? Where am I?” As he was brought along, arm-in-arm, the gulls kept mourning overhead on the spire. In the distance, upon the waves, a Captain’s hat was floating along. ‘The Washed Flagon’, half destroyed, was marooned on the sand bank. The sun started to clear above the dissipating clouds, and the sky started in on a wild blue hue. But how long would it last before the next storm came along? Remember.. ‘Red sky in the morning… the Sailor takes warning..”

MaylionCarrendar : – He had got rid of his heavy boots and placed them next to his body. He could feel the sand tickle his feet and slightly cool off his body. You know what they say ‘ When your feet are cold, your body is cold ‘, and that was just what he needed to collect his thoughts and think of a plan that would help him and the rest of this group to survive. The sinking in was done, There was no further need to think about their misery. Jack rubbed his finger under his nose and burped up this disgusting smell of red wine and lobster he had for dinner last night. It probably was his last decent meal. He glanced over at Madeline and Idrial and noticed they had moved on to help this man up his feet. Jack moved his jaw in order to loosen his old and cramped muscles in his face while turning his head around to watch others starting to build up wooden shelters. Jack raised his right hand with his palm faced to the sky. He could feel tiny drops of water fall on his hands. (Jack) ” Rain?.. are we serious? ”. The positive look on jacks face easily turned into a irritated one. Rain was the last thing they needed on this forsaken island. Now what to doo.. what to do… He slowly tabbed his chin while dropping the bottle in the sand. He could save some for later he guessed. The old man was going to be more useful today. Sand couldn’t be cleaned so there was no choice after all. As he pushed his own body back upon his feet he couldn’t stop his pervy mind from thinking about something. The captain would need a private hut right?, if he managed to create a beautiful hut and decorate it with pink flowers, and typical girly crap.. — Maybe Idrial was prepared to finally sleep with him. Same thing for Madeline LeFleur. (Jack) ” Eh– heheh — heeheuheuhe ..AUHGUGHUSHGUSHSUH ” With a slight red face and his lower lip nearly stuffed in his nose, chuckling like a little kid he scanned the area for more wood.

He probably could borrow some nails and a hammer from Lazy eye joe who constantly kept hitting his own finger due .. the obvious. While he was finally moving his ass and came in action he kept an eye on the male who stole the attention of the two ladies. <e>


CharlotteCarrendar : – With the assistance of Idrial, the two women helped the lost sailor to his feet and then together walked him up the beach, though his questions suggested that he had more than just a smack to the head by a piece of driftwood. Glancing over her left shoulder, out to the choppy waves, she could spot what would have been the mast of the man’s ship, finally surrendering to the sea. Another victim of Poseidon’s games. Madeline secured the man tighter with her arm wrapped around his, and noticed that he still had a fair bit of sand clinging to his sodden face. But of course, when it rains…it pours. And it did so, the clouds opening up, showering all on the beach, so that there was little chance of being dry, unless they went deep into the jungle itself. Madeline had spent a few days, following what she found to be tracks, made by animals, but more likely other inhabitants, but she had always come to a point, where she reached a cross in the path, and the sign that was there, was painted in blood. Several heads were also on spikes, and it was clearly a warning, to those that ventured so far in. It was clear that she was not truly alone on this island, prior to the new castaways joining her. Should she tell these sea faring folk right away, or let the sound of drums, that are heard once every month, alert them to the perilous danger that they now face. Madeline had managed to keep herself safe, but staying as close to the beach as possible. Days making her fire piles, in the hopes of being rescued. But deep in her heart, she knew that she would have to face her greatest fear….the lost tribe of the Island. <3>


Xiangxiu : – With Madeline helping Idrial half carry the man back to the now wet pieces of broken and singed wood that the cloud had brought along with rain. Listening to him as he asked questions that Idrial herself was going to ask. (Grizald) “What happened? Where am I?” Noticing that Madeline did not answer him Idrial looked to him with despair and sympathy in her eyes. (Idrial) “No one knows what happened, these seas… they’re no place for anyone, not even sailors who’ve dared to travel the seven seas.” She sighed and noticed Madeline was fixed on something, the remains of this man’s ship, sinking into the neverending abyss. Along the shore she noticed that huts were being built quickly which was convenient because of the water that fell from the great sky above. This was the only hope of shelter unless Madeline knew of somewhere else than along the beach. (Idrial.) “Maybe you should rest in one the already built huts while we help the others before this rain gets worse.” She spoke to the man they were holding and glanced over to Madeline. Looking around at the crewman still fast at work, hammering. Then Idrial came across someone she never thought would be helping, were her eyes deceiving her, and was that actually Jack? With a hammer? No, it couldn’t be. She erased the thought from her mind thinking he was drinking away at the bottle he always held onto like it was his life support. <e>