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Roleplay Live : A Pirate’s Life

Land Lovers – Part Three

Distant Drums




RazukenCarrendar: – They held him tightly, as if he were going to fall. Grizald felt that his legs were just as useless as Singapore noodles. However, he kept moving on as best as he could, picking his feet up like lead weights and plopping them one-by-one into the white sand. His head hung low, Grizald felt empty. He knew he was forgetting something, but it would not come. A large, wet drop plopped right into the muddled red hair of Grizald. This snapped him out of his daze. He looked up at the sky to see the puffy clouds start to become darker and more menacing. It was indeed going to storm soon. Rain fell suddenly and hard, dropping onto the sand, creating a small light show as the water was absorbed. In response to his answer, Idrial said to him in a soft tone, (Idrial) “No one knows what happened. These seas… they’re no place for anyone, not even sailors who’ve dared to travel the seven seas.” Grizald looked up as Idrial sighed, finally getting a clear look at her face. She almost seemed familiar. ‘Have I laid eye on these lass before?’ Grizald thought. ‘No… maybe it is me old mind acting out of desperation.’ Grizald looked to where they had their attention, and was utterly shocked. His ship was sinking right into the shallow sand bar. Grizald groaned loudly with a depressed tone. He did not even notice the huts being built for shelter. He simply hung his head low, and trudged along wearily. The voice of Idrial was a bit louder in tone because of the increasing frequency of the rain. (Idrial) “Maybe you should rest in one of the already built huts while we help the others before this rain gets worse.” Grizald would simply moan with discontent, nodding slowly to give her some sort of a response. He was entirely at the mercy of his rescuers, losing his strength bit by bit. His feet fumbled underneath him, and his breathing became shallow. A man, so heartbroken, his own body fails him. What will he do?

MaylionCarrendar: – Hoping the girls would notice his hard work and mad hammering skills, he was standing there in the pouring rain creating a private hut for his captain, and for Madeline LeFleur.. And here was only hoping that the male who was with them didn’t get invited over for a pyjama party. In all seriousness he was trying to help out his captain and the complete bunch of stranded humans in order to survive. All by all, the chances were small they ever would break free and sail away towards the horizon to civilization. He noticed two eyes stinging in his neck. The female eyes of his captain were looking at him. Proud man as he was he made himself bigger physical trying to show off those ”muscles” again.. You could say allot about jack sometimes, but really he was just an insecure dork who had chosen the life of a pirate to run away from his problems down at the shore. In his fantasy the two ladies were still standing behind him. They would let their eyes scan over the amazing wooden huts that Jackie-man made them.. In reality they probably weren’t looking and the two amazing wooden huts crashed down as soon as the wind came up. (Jack) ” .. yup-yup.. Never getting laid. I should find something else to do.. really. ” He dropped the hammer in the sand and turned around and longed to be ordered around by his captain. He made his way over to the three-sum .. And no reader this scene is not what you think.. Once jack had made his way through the soaking wet sand and the different men and women building up their huts and collecting supplies, he had caught up with Madeline, Idrial, and a man that seemed to be either drunk, or just woozy-boozy… or broken.

Before addressing Idrial and asking her what he could do for her except for brooming the sand he stared at the man in between them. (Jack) ” I didn’t think there would be a male around here more stupid and looking like hell than me.. Can i do anything for him? or .. are you two ladies ‘bringing him back to lifeee’ if you know what i mean. Jack pulled one side of his mouth upwards to show a smile that had a deeper meaning.. Yes we all knew what he meant.

CharlotteCarrendar: – What the new castaways didn’t know, was that Madeline had managed to construct a reasonable hut, just off the beach, which was very well masked, thanks to the use of banana leaves and other palm prongs. Woven together with strips of bark, that had taken a good month of so to weave, she had built a hut that for the most part, could keep out the incessant rain of the tropical season. Jack’s efforts though noble, clearly could not stand up to the tumoltous wind, as hard as he tried to make it weather proof. One gust and down they went again. Madeline huffed, as the bedraggled Sea Captain was finding that his legs were losing power. The oncoming storm, a regular at this time of day, was sure to make him even heavier. “This way, we need to get him under shelter. I have something big enough for two people.” Adjusting her hold on his arm and shoulder, she motioned with her head, the direction of her hut to Idrial. “Just a little bit further.” Passing Jack, who was moaning about not getting laid anytime soon, she could not help but blurt. “That’s the least of your problems at the moment.” And she was right…far off in the distance, the drumming started. At first a single beat, that had many a bird in the trees flying out, scattering into the stormy sky. They knew what this meant, and sadly enough, so did Madeline

“Hurry..” she urged, picking up her pace, and grunting as she tried to take more of Grizald’s weight. On reaching the hut, she flipped back a torn piece of sail, to reveal a hut that had a large mat on the floor, made from woven leaves. It was better than nothing, and it was dry. “Take your wet things off….and get in.” Releasing Grizald, and then pointing to a small chest in the corner, she had dragged up the beach months before. “Might be something in the chest that is dry…I suggest you put that on, and Idrial and I hang up your clothes.’ Turning back, as he was to enter the hut, she cast her eyes back to Jack. “Let me help you with your huts.” Trying to divert the questions of what the drumming meant. ❤

Xiangxiu: – Idrial nodded as they walked past Jack who was actually the one with the hammer and laughed ironically as the huts he made fell down, but then that laughter turned to cold a gloomy laugh of one that had just lost all hope of returning home in the future. (Idrial.) “We’re all going to die out here aren’t we?” Just as the sarcasm left her voice Idrial could hear something, a faint beating, getting louder till you could unmistakably hear the calling of a drum. Looking away from the beach, for the first time Idrial noticed a type of Amazon which she was sure wasn’t there before. She was just about to suggest to go in there when she looked to Madeline and saw the fear in her expression. Idrial turned back to the jungle and saw all types of animals running in the opposite direction of the drums, lemmas dancing in and out the trees, birds flying higher than to the tips of the jungle in a flurry to get away, even lizards scurrying across the ground quicker than Idrial had ever seen. Just what type of game was this, whose idea of a sick joke to put fear in people with the sound of drums. (Madeline.) “Hurry…” Madeline had urged and picked up the pace. Idrial followed and kept up with her movements until they reached the sail, which Madeline pulled back to reveal a hut that looked big. It must have taken a while to build because the leave woven floor looked almost perfectly done.

Lost in the moment between what to do now and the sound of drums in the treacherous jungle which suggested natives or Indians or outsiders or all of the above. Idrial quickly shook her head and looked at how harsh the rain was beginning to fall, she helped Grizald and Madeline stop from getting more wet by picking up one of the fallen leaves of a palm tree that had been right next to the hut. She put it up in between herself and the other side of the entrance of the hut while she heard (Madeline.) “Take your wet things off… and get inside, might be something in the chest that is dry enough for you to wear, I suggest you put that on while Idrial and I will hang up your clothes.” Idrial nodded as Grizald hopped inside the hut and went over to the chest. (Idrial.) “I’ll hang his clothes while you go help Jack, it’s quicker that way. “ ~Quickly dropping the huge leaf to pick up Grizald’s clothes, she found a nice Palm tree bough behind the hut to hang his clothes up. The leaves from the higher tree next to it stopped his clothes becoming drenched from the rain and it didn’t take Idrial long to rip some leaves into a vine formation to hold his clothes from blowing with the wind. Noticing Madeline was effortlessly helping Jack with ease Idrial decided to check on how Grizald was doing. <e>

RazukenCarrendar: – (Irial) “We are all going to die out here, aren’t we?” Just then, Jack trundled up with a alcohol-induced swagger. Jack had the audacity to speak so disrespectfully in front of his own Captain, and especially her being a woman. Grizald, being one for chivalry rose into a temper with his red-headed nature. In his displeased mood, resolved aimed a drunken-like kick at Jack, who was standing just far enough away to not get hit. Yet, he would get the message that this old Seadog was not amused by vulgar jokes. After this, Madeline spoke in a tone of urgency, hearing the beat of drums growing louder in the distance. (Madeline) “Hurry…” Grizald, with renewed strength because of his anger picked up his feet to move across the tricky sand faster. They arrived at a beautifully crafted beach hut, no doubt belonging to Madeline. (Madeline) “Take your wet things off… and get inside, might be something in the chest that is dry enough for you to wear, I suggest you put that on while Idrial and I will hang up your clothes.” Grizald hobbled inside gratefully and began to strip. Once he was starch-naked, he could feel the brine drying on his skin, making it tighten. Quickly, he opened up the chest and pulled out some old peasant clothes. An old pair of brown trousers, made from sackcloth, and a light stained white cotton shirt. Remarkably, they fit just right, hugging his frame like an old friend. Even wondered where these clothes came from. ‘I wonder if the last person to wear dese clothes was dead…’ He grabbed his belongings, and then walked out of the hut briefly for a moment to hand Idrial h is wet clothes. He then would look towards Idrial, watching her hang his clothes, and waiting to see what he should do next since they took control the situation. Grizald was extremely tired. He was only a lost soul captured once again by the unfair seas and cruel time.