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Role play Live via Titan : Land Lovers

A Pirate’s life Role play




RazukenCarrendar: – A westerly wind was blowing on the isles of the “Dragon’s Redoubt”, coming close to caress the canvas sails of a Captain that had lost his way. This Captain’s name was forgotten, in the sake of amnesia from a survived hurricane. He was indeed lost, both mind and body. What would he do? Survive. Yet survival came second in this man’s mind, for he only remembered one thing out of all his memory… Her… Lyra, was her name. A maiden so fair and beautiful, with locks of flowing gold hair, and her body refined and lacking no exterior, to say the least. She was his motivation for living, and his key to finding his lost memory, and his actual name. This time, however, he simply called himself ((enter name here? Give me ideas… if you like)). (blank) stroked his red beard thoughtfully as the isles appeared over the horizon of a pre-sunset sky, the clouds hanging overhead like a mournful overtone. The sun started to come up, glistening off of the water in the small sliver of horizon that was not covered by the clouds, allowing a stretch of red to be painted across the underbelly of the clouds. The light shined off of the gold buttons upon his jacket, seeming to enhance his appearance. Navy blue threads hung from a tear in his sleeve, and gold embroidering lined his shoulders in a regal fashion. He followed the ways of the older sailors, with honour and wisdom, but that was in the past, forgotten. What path would he lead now? “Red sky in the morning, sailor takes warning..” he muttered. He had already had enough of storms, and he was in no mood to battle one. He curled his lip angrily at the clouds overhead and silently cursed Poseidon.

The western wind blew harder, it seemed, and knocked off his Captains hat, as if Poseidon was silently accepting his challenge in return. Grasping for it, he kept a hand firmer still on his wheel. Failing to catch it, it sailed right into the ocean, floating in the waves of a dark greenish blue. The captain was NOT pleased. “To dem it all… T’was me best mop cap..” The isles approached gloomily, and (blank) started to tack sideways against the western wind to avoid a nearby reef. His ship, surnamed “The Washed Flagon” was nearly a dinghy from the utter destruction that the hurricane had caused it. Block.


CharlotteCarrendar: -The western wind did pick up for certain, for on the isle the trees were blown back, their large boughs bending, like flowers to the rain. Upon the shore, a castaway was collecting pieces of driftwood, hoping to have enough in her skirts to use for the fire pit that night. Days, weeks, months? It was hard to tell how long Madeline had been alone on this island; her own ship been smashed against the rocky coastline, its reefs treacherous, and enough to tear the hull of many a vessel that dared to sail to close to shore. Madeline’s torn skirts fluttered and rose as the wind increased. Another good piece she spots, and bends down to collect it into her skirts. On rising, the cry of the lone gull heralds that this day may bring new fortunes, or another lost soul. The waves that cross the sands, are growing in size, set to tumble and crash onto the shore. The shrill whistle sings a chorus, whilst Madeline’s hair is swept back, revealing a sun kissed face. Eyes of the deepest green now stare out beyond the waves, and she sees what is most certainly a mirage. It cannot be. A ship? The wood she has collected falls loose from her grasp, clattering upon the sand as she races for the pyre. Is this her chance at freedom from this wretched isle? Madeline runs as fast as she can, her prints marking the sand, only to be swallowed by the oncoming tide. Reaching the pyre, she drops to her knees, and tries to get the flint to light the stone, and send up a fire signal, to alert the ship of its dangerous path. <3>

Xiangxu: -The western waves just off of the isle of Dragon’s Redoubt were clashing with the newly found winds that picked up. Idrial sat in the Captain’s cabin trying not to fall off of her chair embroided with ruby. The ship began to sway as thunder roared from outside the now fogged windows. Idrial new the seas were devious, but this was just outrageous. Finally having the audacity to walk onto the bridge Idrial saw the thick shadows of obscurity in the sky, like ravenous wolves prepared for the slaughter of their prey. Cracks of thunder shot down at the ship, leaving prominent sparks, but not enough to start a fire. “Oh what have you gotten yourself into this time, you stupid IDIOOT!” Idrial shouted at herself. Pulling at the dead ends in her hair she ran up the stairs of the bridge to try and take the wheel but slipped from the puddle that was deeper than she had anticipated. The docile wind made her freeze on the wet and creaky floorboard of the ships surface.

MaylionCarrendar: – Yes it was jack, not jack sparrow, or even Captain jack sparrow. It was deck cleaning Jack. With his bucket of water and soap and his broom in his hands his body moved along with the wild movements of the ship caught in an storm. All the other mates were running around with slight chaos in their body trying to save the ship from disaster. But all jack did was leaning on his broom with his slightly green face. His moustache and beard soaked wet from the waves that had hit the ship from the side and splash water on the deck.. the deck he was cleaning.. Or cleaning? Well – let’s say he tried. (Jack) ‘’ Row .. row row .. the boat.. I feel bloody sick.. la-la-la-la-laaa-laa.. come-on jack get a grip ‘’ He softly repeated these words in his chaotic mind to fight the urge to empty his stomach. He hated these days, the waves, the feeling of having no steady surface under his hairy feet. He had no clue why he signed up for this.. maybe because he grew up between these people. He turned his head sideways and noticed Idrial slip and fall on her butt. The movement of her body tripping made him even more sea-sick. The bucket next to finally crashed sideways and rolled over the deck from one side to another. Jack wanted to jump up and help the others but his body wouldn’t let him. After a few minutes he then finally moved his legs side way from one side to another trying to hold balance. Another wave and sudden movement of the ship was enough for his stomach to stop listening to the song he was repeating in his head. He bowed his head forwards and while walking he just puked all over the deck. He started while puking moving the broom over the deck to clean up after himself. Overall it was a funny looking picture. If the crew would wait for another 10 minutes he would be prepared to help them out. But for now he had to get rid of the rum and bread in his stomach of last night.


CharlotteCarrendar: -Upon the shore, the windswept castaway does her best, to strike the flint to the stone, that would send a spark into the pile of wood. ~flick…flick…flick~ Again and again, but the smallest spark does leave the flint, but the wind blows hard, and this extinguishes the spark, much to her horror. Glancing back out to sea, Madeline can see the sails being blown so hard, that they are set to tear. Gritting her teeth, she turns on her knees, so her back is a shield to the harsh winds, and again, strikes with the flint. A spark, that jewel of red and orange catches hold upon the dry twigs. With the wind and Madeline bending down, to blow the spark to life, the first crackle of fire is heard, almost drowned out by the crashing of waves upon the shore. Hoping, praying that the fire would grow, she continues to blow harder, her cheeks now stained with a crimson blush. Quickly snatching up more twigs as fuel, she builds upon the already flaming twigs, and rising to her feet, so to the fire grows in height. Now Mother nature can do the work, and feed the wind to the fire. Turning now, out towards the ship, she waves her arms frantically, to those onboard. Would they see the fire, and travel a safe course, or be blown upon the rocks, and share in her fate? <3>


Xiangxu: -Tasting the divergent hint of chlorine and bleach, Idrial came to her intellects and arose from the wet floor, her hands flimsily grasping the smooth edges of the ship. Noticing Jack had spewed on the deck she rolled her eyes and wondered why he’d ever get on a bloody ship in the first place. A flush of water came over the ships edge as it washed away the remains of bread and alcohol. Idrail finally reached her destination of the wheel and swung it around and around, turning them away from a sharp rock that blocked her view from the isle. Few too little moments passed as she saw the cascades of red across the deep blue, and a tiny figure, the shape of a young maiden if anything is what Idrial’s eyes observed. No, it looked more like a flea actually, jumping up and down frantically. Idrial’s eyes widened, knowing it was a warning but had turned the wrong way from the sharp rock. The currents of the ocean were leading them straight to danger. Looking left and right she had no idea which way the wind was going, it seemed to be going at all different directions, simultaneously. Fragments of wood and stone and cloth were floating within the outskirts of the shore, the winds too ferocious for Idrial to turn the ship around, The hinges of the bottom of the ship scraped alone the hard rock. The ship was lost, all Idrial could do was gather supplies while the ship was slowly desecrating. She took a few extra minutes to not forget some of the crew, including Jack who would be glad that if he made it onto the shore alive he’d been on solid ground. Shouting and trying not panic they were nearly at the shores edge. The young woman’s features became clear to her, and as if a sign, a shimmer of the moon revealed itself from the sky and lit up an area which Idrial could use to jump across to the shore safely. First she threw all the supplies she could hold across to the sand. Then she slapped Jack’s face a few time to make sure he was aware, as she pushed him of the ship. Then
finally Idrial went to jump off the ship, but before she reached the end of the plank like wood, the moon’s light had disappeared and as she jumped, a piercing sting dissipated in her abdomen, as she crookedly landed on the sand in pain. <e>

MaylionCarrendar: -The eyes were laying deep in his face with mild green circles around them. His face was pale and seemed to be staying pale. The wrinkles in his face were loosely hanging over ten layers of other wrinkles on his cheek. And if you looked closely you could see dark brown thick hairs coming from his gigantic mole that was placed in the centre of his left cheek. The back of his hand moved over his lips and removed the pieces of soaked bread with the smell of rum. If he would have gathered the puke and placed in on a plate he was sure everyone would have tasted it due the strong alcohol smell. For a moment he seemed to be back to his normal ‘’brave’’ self and lifted his head while glancing at Idrail who was now standing behind the massive wheel in order to regain control over the ship. He looked down on his hairy feet and noticed there was no use of cleaning the deck with this weather. Fuck? Then what was he supposed to do? As Idrail swung the wheel around he turned his face to the north.. or was it south? Or east.. or the west.. He didn’t knew it himself — They had asked him in the beginning to do the work with the whole map thing.. and holding the compass.. and stuff that was really impoooortant… — but quickly they realized Jelly Jack was good for .. absolutely nothing other than cleaning. As he was watching either one of the four directions he had noticed what idrail noticed.. it was small but recognizable.. a fire! And a small frame of a person waving hands around to be noticed. As a clumsy pirate he swung his feet forwards ( Yes this was his way of running ) With the ship waving from side to side he grabbed the edge of the ship and nearly ducked forwards over the edge face first in the water. As they came closer to the shore his eyes liked the frame even more. It had.. boobs. Beautiful boobs.. young boobs.. boobs who were actually ‘’lifted’’. He hadn’t seen boobs like that since.. 45 years, yes that was his complete life. Drowned in love
jack kept staring at the young woman while not even realizing they reached the shore already. Idrail who was busy carrying supplies to the edge of the ship must have noticed his interest for this fine young lady. He felt a warm hand being slammed against his cheek a few times and then being pushed off the ship head first. (Jack) ‘’ HUAGHESUGHSUHGUSH ‘’ He swung his arms around in the air and his legs made a weird ‘’ Frog ‘’ movement before he landed with his face first in the sand. For a moment the complete world around him was dark and silent. As he flopped on his back he still couldn’t hear a thing. As he opened his eyes slightly confused and adapting to his new enviorment he figured sand entered his mouth, nose and ears. With some wild movements he jumped up pretty quickly for a man his age and started to remove the sand. He glanced up and looked first at Idrail who had jumped off the plank into the sand. (Jack) ‘’ How would you like to eat sand next time we sail to a deserted island where this … — ‘’ he turned his old face towards Madeline and continued his sentence ‘’ Lovely.. young … Boobs–.. EHH lady. ‘’ Just as he spoke the words that were rolling in his head that were supposed to stay there he slapped his fist against his chest and started to cough out some more sand while turning fire red. (Jack) Ugh—Ugh.. What’s your name b-b-b… Sweetheart.? ‘’ <e>


CharlotteCarrendar: – Flailing arms, held aloft by the castaway were in an effort to avert the impending fate of the ship. Alas, whoever was at the helm had no idea their left from right, the wind too, added to the calamity, with the sails being blown backwards. For certain the rudder would be sure to snap under the strain of the ship turning so hard and fast. The maiden’s eyes widened, her heart set to explode from her bountiful chest. Her tattered remnants of what was once a gown of a lady, was nothing more than a few stray pieces of cloth stitched together, barely concealing her round and supple form. “Hark…no…not that way!’- she cried, arms going wild, with her hair being blown back. But the ship was to be lost. “Nooo!” Yes, it happened again, the rocks so sharp, like claws, that raped, (yes raped) the hull so savagely. Even from the shore, the sound of splintering wood, the horrific roar as the ship started to tear apart, as though to surrender its cargo and crew to the sea. “Oh…please be able to swim!” she prayed to the God of the Sea. Unlike the crew of her ship, that were all drunk when her ship was wrecked, and only their bloated bodies lined the shore. But unlike her crew, this ship had a hearty crew, that seemed well apt to take to the tumultuous waves. Churning white water, foaming and frothing, as it gave up the men and women. But one man however, who spat up more sand than air, had something else on his mind other than simply making land. (Jack) ‘’ HUAGHESUGHSUHGUSH ‘’ Madeline suddenly stopped flailing, as a man of age, came up out of the sea, and spewed words that sounded…foreign. Not terribly sure if this was a form of greeting, she answered with..”Are you alright? Are there others?” Obvious questions are obvious. But so the funny speaking man is joined by one very attractive and busty sailor, with massive mammary glands. The man who spat sand then started to address Madeline. (Jack) Ugh—Ugh.. What’s your name b-b-b… Sweetheart.? ‘’

Unsure of herself, but happy to see survivors, she uttered. “I am Madeline LeFleur, a castaway from the Lady Edith.” <3>


Xiangxu: – Idrial closed her eyes and listened to the perverted Jack speak, yeah, sure get a mouthful sand is disgusting, but not as bad as being punched in the gut by a rock. She effortlessly stood still surprisingly, her superior physique inaudibly raising and sinking, her breaths calm as she tried to block out the old man’s words with the inharmonious waves against the isles floor. Noticing he had stopped she guessed it worked. Although not to her surprise she was yet again wrong, the only reason the fool had stopped talking was because of the lady Madeline Lefluer. She had landed on this isle to, but she was a castaway. It made Idrial wonder what they were now. Jack, a … yeah, she wasn’t going there. Walking over to her suitcase Idrial picked up her luggage and headed for the warm embrace of the embers of the fire. Hiding in the shadows of the light Idrial stripped to get changed into something less, well, ruined now. (Idrial) “OH MY GOD!” She had just remembered that she was not set to go to the isles, and all she had remaining in her suitcase were fancy dresses and stiletto type heels, which you think a pirate Captain would not own. Idrial was unique in a way that masked her with beauty, and hidden talents. Finding a gown that best suited the colors of the flame and sand, Idrial dressed up and put on heels, to proud of herself to wear bare feet, even when it came to sand. It was because for all she knew, well in this case didn’t know, how much longer she could live with the life of pleasures. Trying to walk through the sand felt worse than walking on the rocking ship, at least that had a flat surface. Finally thinking she got the hang of it she held her head high and went to introduce herself to Miss LeFluer. Reaching mere inches away from her, the bottom of her heel tilted from a sea shell and she fell to her side, her hair covered in sand. (idrial) “UGH!” She ripped off her heels and threw them in the fire. “Neither of you will speak a word of this when we find a way
back!” She spoke to the crew as she tried to use her fingers as a brush to wipe out the remaining bits of sand in her hair. With no more interruptions Idrial finally reached Miss Lefluer and greeted her respectfully. (Idrial) “It is a pleasure to meet you Madeline, My name is Idrial Scarlet, Captain of the…” She went to point at her ship and drew a blank face. “ Never mind.” She turned away from the woman and went to check on the other remaining members and luggage, there was enough provisions to last them a few months at least, if everyone wasn’t greedy like they were on the ship. Greedy hands touching the buns and swords slashing open the wine barrels to fill their mouths that they laid underneath. A few months should be enough time to figure out what to do. <e>