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Roleplay Live : A Pirate’s Life.

Unlucky for Some



CharlotteCarrendar: -As the cannon was fired from the Devil’s Mystery and aimed at the mast of the Royal Frigate, The Edith, scores of Redcoats came charging past, heading for the dock, but the Pirate ship was already picking up speed, sails out in full, catching the sea breezes and now leaving Port Royale. The Wharf Master slammed down his hat, but it was the Head of Guards, that ordered his men to stop firing at the departing ship. “DAMN THAT MOON!! His head will be on the block, I assure you, and for God is my witness.” Immediately he set about giving orders for the immediate repair of the ships main mast that rest upon the far end of the wharf. A major section of the timber palings were destroyed and two bodies floated in the murky waters. Watching all of this, over by a consignment of barrels due to be loaded on a ship bound for Portsmouth, was none other than the Wiley Captain O’Shay. One of the most devious female Pirate Captain’s that sailed the seven seas, and had stained it with the blood of the Spanish and most foul French. The evil temptress sneered from the shade of her hat, and then motioned her head towards one of her crew men. “And once again James evaded capture. Got himself a new lass too. WELL. We’ll see about that. You lot, let’s get our ship loaded with supplies, before they recognise the Neptune’s dagger.”- Gripping her skirts, she emerged from behind the barrels, but tried to keep out of the sight of the Redcoats. <3>

EmpGeraltHellRise: -Black Bellamy was docked at Port Royale hearing all the cannon fire and and watching the red coats across the dock ,and shrugged it off as he ready his crew to set sail to bring of a shipment of rum of to the Caribbean, As he barked orders off to the crew.- Aye maties! hoist them sails trim the bow lines! Put some back into it land lubbers! – He started to walk up the man deck on one right peg leg that he lost to cannon fire in a sea battle he looked over to see a far lass loading up a ship with her crew. He hollered over to her- ahoy me fare lass ye being needing a hand with that shipment loading.-At the same time he noticed a troop of red coats marching by her and stop and then blow the whistle to warn other troops for support and watched as they started to run toward her drawing weapons, Bellamy began to curse under his breath.-dam those red coats not on my watch.-he turned to his men and started to bark orders out-you men cut the archer and bow lines now! all men take up riffes and fire at the coats .-as the men did as ordered and fire rang out making the coats scattered across the dock he yelled to the lass.-hey my lass get going i will meet you out at see .just where does ye be going. <3>

CharlotteCarrendar: – Indeed, Captain O’Shay could use the extra hand of course, but with all the suspicion now aroused by the Port Authorities, Port Royale had become a dangerous place. With the RedCoats armed with the muskets, now marching up the docks, time was of the essence. But it was as Captain O’Shay was getting ready to go up onto her own ship, that another Captain sang out to her. “Ahoy me fare lass ye being needing a hand with that shipment loading?” Nice offer, and Captain O’Shay turned to look up at the Captain who was sporting a wooden leg. “Aye, but…I..” Sure enough, the RedCoats had recognised her, and one blew a whistle. “Curse and Blazes!” The Captain cried, as she ducked and weaved, while the crew on board the mysterious Captain’s ship opened fire on the RedCoats. “Ye Gods!” She screamed and made a dash for her ship. The Captain barely made it up his gang plank, skirts raised, her boots hitting the decking hard, as musket balls whizzed past her head. “SET SAIL…GET US OUT OF HERE, MISTER BEAMISH!” The first mate, Boatswain saluted and rallied the men, as it was pandemonium on the docks. But across it all she heard the other Captain shout. Hey my lass get going i will meet you out at sea. Just where does ye be going. Captain O’Shay yelled back. “Raverston Island…I no doubt you be following!” More troops were arriving on the deck, and the Neptune’s dagger slipped out of port. <3>

EmpGeraltHellRise: -Bellamy on his ship stood pointing and barking order aboard the Marry Anne-His men shooting at the coats as more coats dropped more came in this time Port Royale alarm bells rang out and the city was at full alert now Bellamy cursed out as her heard he reply and nodded and Bellamy turned to his chew and barked out- It’s time to leave you land lubbers set sail for Raverston. -His ship started to sail off as cannon fired opened up and more muskets burst out. When the ship was out far enough her cut it off to his right and gave to orders. – Fire the cannons! -And at that time all 13 on the side of the ship opened up rocking the Mary Anne and sent cannon balls flying and hitting the docks and building. Bellamy smiled and order his chew.- All right men that’s enough lets set course and faded off from port royal into the sun set to catch up to the Neptune’s dagger.-

ZymoticFury: He stirred slowly in his warm bed, after hearing gunshots. He had allowed himself to slip into a proper deep sleep for once and he cursed himself. He sat up and swung his legs round the edge of the bed, rising slowly. Fully nude with the smell of sex permeating the air, he remembered what had happened a few hours hence. He looked around the room; any trace the wench had been there at all was gone. He sighed, expecting his money pouch to be missing some silvers. He looked out the window; the place was swarming with redcoats. “Stupid fucking notorious pirates, they always be making it difficult fer me!” He still had his business ledger in his coat with yesterday’s Dockets for the cane sugar. He should be able to just walk by them with the “proof” he was a trade ship. He pulled on his clothes, remembering how they were shed mere hours ago. His loins stirred again and he could help feeling a pang of unease that she wasn’t there in the morning. He felt for his coin purse and hefted it, surprised to find it so full. He checked inside and there wasn’t a coin missing. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and he tied it back to his belt. He slipped the eye patch on and put his hat on his head and made the bed to save the housekeeper unnecessary work. It was then he heard cannons and from experience, he could tell they were firing toward port, toward him. He cursed as he ran down the stairs, tossing Joe the barkeep what was owed for his stay when a cannonball ripped through the front of the bar, hitting 3 pillars before slamming into Edwards’s leg. He tumbled toward the floor, agony arcing up his leg. Tears leapt to his eyes as the leg was bent the wrong way. He was thankful in a way, had it not spent energy breaking the beams, he probably would have lost his leg. There was a groan from above, the groan of splitting wood as the roof collapsed. The pillars were weight bearing. Beds fell into the hole, wardrobes, he realised it was his room and cursed himself for wasting time on tidying the linen. He winced as he moved his leg into the correct position. He grabbed the legs of a broken barstool and grabbed the bed linen, tearing it into strips. He placed the bits of wood about his leg and tied them to his leg in a make-shift splint using the linen scraps. It was good being both the captain and the medical officer. He got up using the bar which still stood and saw a splinter of wood from the pillar struck Joe in the eye and he lay there dead or dying. “Well ye won’ be needin’ this.” He took his money back, putting it back in his coin purse and looking for something to act as a crutch. The bits of wood were too small or sharp. He hopped along toward the entrance and grabbed the candle stick; he removed the candles and grabbed it firmly in his hand before using it as a crutch and hobbling outside, thankful that this side of the tavern was almost free of debris.

CharlotteCarrendar: Neptune’s Dagger sails were full, and the ship ploughed its way through the blue of the seas, racing to make it past the ridge and out to sea. But Captain O’Shay’s attention was not forward, it was back at the Ship that was under seige from the Redcoats. “ALL HANDS ON DECK! MEN WE SAIL FOR RAVERSTON! MISTER BEAMISH…GET ALL TO WORK, I WON’T TOLERATE THOSE WHOSE HANDS ARE IDLE.”- The Boatswain saluted and barked his orders. “YOU HEARD THE CAPTAIN….GET THIS SHIP MOVING FASTER!” Captain O’Shea raised her eyeglass, and spotted another Royal Frigate, coming around from the coast. “We picked a bad time to be leaving.” <3>

EmpGeraltHellRise: -The Marry Anne was now just about caught up to the Neptune’s dagger, When the spotted holla down.-Royal frigate inbound Sir!-Bellamy cursed out.-Damn these red coats are out !All men prepare for battle and raise are true colours men!-the royal flag was brought down and the Jolly Rodger was raised high up and the sail was cast a full as men ran across the deck loading guns and cannons.- left full rudder men! -that the ships wheel was turned and the Mary Anne began to turn and creek towards the royal frigate, which was nothing to the 300 ton 28 cannon Mary Anne. The ships sailed past each other and opened up in cannon fire sending cannon balls in each duration one hitting the left side of the Mary Anne rocking it and hitting a crew member in mid body killing him. The Mary Anne’s cannon fire hit the frigate in several places ,one the main mast cracking it in too and two others hitting bellow the water line as another hit on the cabin deck as it took on water it began to list as the gun fire picked of the crew up top. Bellamy barked out.- ok men she sinking fire again !- at that time the ship rocked as 13 more cannons on her fired into the frigate sinking her.-It’s done men let’s get out of here while we can. You men go repair damage! -The ship turned back on course and slashed in the waves as the wind caught full sail.-

ZymoticFury: He hobbled down the street with his candlestick crutch and watched a cannonball roll down the street, thirteen had been fired in total. 13, Unlucky for some and it was definitely unlucky for Edward Foster. The pain was excruciating but he soldiered on, you never got to be a captain by being a wimp. He growled under his breath as he heard a whistle being blown. He stopped and looked around, the redcoats surrounded him. He reached for his papers but the guard in charge shouted “HALT! STOP! Put your hands to your sides where I can see them!” Edward Foster Growled at the man shouting orders. “Me papers be in me pocket proving who I be!” The redcoats appeared uneasy but the leader, probably a captain ordered a boy of no more than 15 to search his pockets. “My name be Edward Foster, Captain of the Black Lotus docked in the harbour. A trade vessel supplying cane sugar to England you can check my ship.” He looked the man hard in the eye, frowning. The 15 year old boy looked over the papers. “He’s telling the truth, look.” He handed the papers to his superior who looked at them, his jaw setting. It was becoming obvious he just wanted to catch a pirate after the fiasco of today. “It seems you check out, I apologise for any inconvenience. That leg looks painful, do you require medical attention?” Edward shook his head, hobbling on with his candlestick crutch. The man looked to his rifle, removing the shot and powder and handing it to Edward. He put the butt under his arm and the barrel on the floor and moved a lot easier with a lot less pain and he got a gun out of it. Today wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. The boy put the papers back in his jacket pocket and Edward turned back to the captain “Thank you!” The captain waved him off and he made his way to the wharf to board his ship. He looked around and saw Redcoats aboard his ship holding his crew at gunpoint. He shouted at the ship. “This be my ship, why ye holdin’ me crew at gunpoint!” a redcoat came down, gun fixed on him. “We have reason to believe this is a pirate vessel!” Edward rolled his eyes and pulled out his documents. There was a loud bang and pain ripping through his shoulder. “Fer FECK SAKE! I WAS PULLING OUT ME DOCUMENTATION!”

CharlotteCarrendar:- As the Neptune’s Dagger was making good time now, well out of the reach of the Royal frigate, the other vessel that had raised its colours, was taking it on first. Captain O’Shay and her first mate, with the lieutenant, all stood at the starboard side, and raised their eyeglasses to get a closer look at what was happening. “They’re engaging, Captain. What we do, let them take the hits, or do we turn the ship around, and join in on the fray.” Captain O’Shay narrowed her brow, left eye closed, as she peered through the glass lens. “Well I be, they be sinking the ship!” The other two men raised their eyeglasses again, and were astonished by what they viewed. “Damn fine gunners, that be sure.” Said the Lieutenant. The first mate asked the Captain. “Orders, Captain?” The Captain nodded to the first mate. “Continue our plotted course, no sense going back to a dying battle. Right, I be in my quarters. Carry on.”- With that, the Captain strode down the deck, as the first mate and Lieutenant barked the new round of orders. <3>

EmpGeraltHellRise: -The Bellamy sailed off as he watched of the remains of the royal frigate sink. Bellamy put his cap on and hobbled on to the middle of the deck with his peg right leg.- Arr Maties we done it the worst is behind us! Now let us make hast onward to Raverston Island men! Trim the sails! – the men trimmed sail as the wind caught them and brought the Mary Anne at a smooth 30 knots the ship sailing smooth as the water lapped at her sides the sun shining and the dolphins ahead of her swimming and jumping in and out of the water as the seagulls follow up above in the skys.Bellamy was now not far behind the Neptune’s dagger. He can see her sail of in the distance- men let’s stay behind her and watch over her. <3>