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Roleplay Live : Group : A Pirate’s Life.


In the Arms of a Pirate.

LadyBelz, CharlotteCarrendar & myoddlove


LadyBelz: The first blooms of love. Like a freshly opened flower under the noon sun. But by a small lagoon on an island full of cutthroat pirates and women who lived rough lives, a moment in time was found and kept. Rachael O’ Malley, a Pirate Lady had found what her mother had always talked about with her father. Irony that it was a pirate much like her own father. But who was she to argue with fate. His hand covered her own as it rested against his cheek, fingers tangled together. There was a rustle somewhere behind them but she barely took notice of it. “We should be headin back to the ship. I imagine the crew be waitin’ fer us.” she murmured, not wanting their time together to end.

CharlotteCarrendar: “Aye luv…they probably be placing bets on whether you gave me a shiner, or shot more birds for the voyage..” He joked, patting her hand gently as he dared. The moment that they both needed had past, and with the distinct rustle within the palm leaves, Captain Moon was once again on his guard. Finding his way to his feet, he offers his lady a curt nod of the head, but she would know, by the glint in his eyes, his true feelings. Starting their way back, they would not see, the black dressed spy, who had a mark on his forehead from one of the buttons off Moon’s shirt. He had seen enough, more than enough in fact and even got half a woody from the wild antics of Rachael. No wonder she was so highly sort after, if she ravaged a Pirate like Moon. Chuckling low, he ducked off into the jungle, heading to the outcrop far from the inlet, to alert his British Masters, of the location of the most wanted Pirates of the seven seas. <3>

LadyBelz: Rachael climbed to her feet, dusting dirt and sand from her dress as she smirked at Moon. “If I would ta be givin you that shiner…it wouldn’t be to the eye in yer face.” She started passed him and reach out to pinch his arse. With a wink and a giggle, she headed off into the woods and back to her cabin. Mr Pibbs greeted her with a meow and twined about her legs. “Here now ya daft animal. Stop tryin to trip me up. Ya know I canna take ya with me. A pirate ship is no place fer a furball such as you. And Harold would eat ya alive.” A very pathetic “Meow” drifted up somewhere beneath her feet and she looked down to see her cat giving her his patented “sad kitty” look, designed to make her give in. “Bleedin hell, I hate when ya give me the sad kitty look. Fine! You can come, but don’t come whining to me when Harold goes after yer fur.” She moved to her closet, stripping out of her dress as she looked around for her shirt and breeches.

CharlotteCarrendar: Well that cheeky Rachael had it in her to be frisky with the talk, then the ass grab to boot. A wink and a smile and she was off, leaving the poor Captain standing there, rubbing where she placed her hand. “Balls are still blue as ever….damn Woman.” He muttered under his breath, knowing she would catch him up soon enough, as he took the path back down towards the settlement, and the wharf where his ship was moored. Meanwhile, the spy was dashing through the foliage, racing to get to the cliff face, a vantage point to see the entire bay and those that may be anchored off it. From a small leaf covered hole, he withdrew his eyeglass, and then scanned the blue waters for the tell tale signs of the white sails of the British fleet. Sure enough, he saw six ships, all of which the pride of the British navy. Grinning he took out some flint and then lit the bonfire, to alert the crews and their Masters, that the bounty they sought was on that very island. :: On board the royal Frigate, the Sentor, the evil Lord Shammersmoth was enjoying a glass of fine wine, when a tweet came from the first mate. The loud din of footfalls, as the watchman came down to rap on the cabin door. “Sir….we found them!” Grinning wildly, Lord Shammersmoth finished his wine in one swig of the glass, and took up the picture of the Lady Pirate Rachael. “Oh what a catch we shall have this eve. Ahahahaha.” <3>

LadyBelz: Rachael had finally gotten dressed and was belting on her sword and pistol when Mr Pibbs, who was sitting in the open window, began to spit and hiss. She looked up sharply. “What’s got you all in a duff then?” she wondered, moving to stand behind him. She looked out the window, but could see nothing but the trees around her home. “Silly animal.” she chuckled, smoothing down his fur with her hand. Taking up her bag, she made sure she hadn’t left anything she would need. “Let’s go then.” she announced. She headed out the door, waiting for her cat before closing it behind her. Tossing her bag over her shoulder, she made the trek down to the docks. She was anxious to get back to the open sea. She still had yet to decide how she would handle the situation with her bastard of a stepfather.


CharlotteCarrendar: On the top deck of the Sentor, Lord Shammersmoth strode up, to see for himself the blazing bonfire that had been lit on the side of the mountain of Skull Island. Taking up his eyeglass, he adjusted the lens and then you could see the foul grin that was getting wider by the second. “Good man, Jenkins. Getting in amongst the dreaded scum of the Pirates themselves and now…giving us what we need to apprehend them. I can’t wait to see them all hanging at dawn.” He closed the eyeglass with a snap and then handed it to the lieutenant. “Orders, Sir?” the Lieutenant asked, curious to the Lord’s plans. “How does one round up a full catch of fish, Dodson?” The Lieutenant hated these guessing games, but played along, just the same. “With a net, Sir.” Lord Shammersmoth smiled. “Precisely…and to lure them into the net, one must use…bait.” He then handed the warrant of Rachael to his officer, and then said. “And this…is our bait.” The Lieutenant knew exactly what to do, and then started to bark orders to his men. Two long boats were lowered from their ship, which would be rowed towards the pirate cove…under the cover of night. It was now…a matter of time. On the wharf, the Pirate King and his men were loading the last of their cargo, as Moon came back down from the jungles alone. The Pirate king saw this, and laughed loudly. “So she doesn’t fancy a smelly pirate like you when sober, eh Moon?” The rest of his crew were all laughing and slapping their thighs at the Pirate King’s jab, as Moon simply wandered over and pushed him clear off his barrel, and watched him fall into the water again. Not saying another word, he went aboard his ship, as his crew all looked at each other and shrugged. <3>


LadyBelz: Rachael was oblivious to the chaos that was about to descend upon her life. As she headed down to the docks, thinking about what occurred at the lagoon made her smile. A branch snapped somewhere behind her and she whirled around, pistol drawn. “Who’s there?” she demanded. Only the whisper of the wind through the trees answered her back. She took a deep breath and reholstered her pistol. “Jumpin at shadows, me girl.” she chuckled to herself, turning back around. She could spot the ships in the dockyard now and she quickened her pace. She was ready to leave. As she broke the tree line, something off in the distance to the right caught her attention and she turned fully to see what it was. There was a fire of some type at the topmost peak of one of the mountains of the island. She frowned, wondering who would be stupid enough to make a fire that big on this particular island.

CharlotteCarrendar: On the deck of the Devil’s Mystery, the Doctor was writing in his journal as he noticed the Captain come on board minus one Lady Pirate. He set down his quill, and asked the Captain thoughtfully. “Was she still ill, Captain?” It was a question of concern, and the Captain could see it in the way the Doctor held himself. “Ill is a word.” He came up alongside the Doctor, and then stared out into the waters of the cove. Speaking quietly so the whole crew didn’t eaves drop, he said with a whisper. “She scared me.” The Doctor wondered what he meant by that. “Captain…she scares everyone.” That was no secret, but the Captain looked beside himself. “No…she..I…*he then pointed down to his groin and bit his bottom lip*…she made me willy turn into a turtle” The Doctor tried to hide his delight, at the thought they actually tried to consummate their union as lovers. “Dear lord man…if it were me, I would have had one hell of a boner, Captain.” This made the Captain feel even worse. “Well…don’t you be waving your boner at meh Woman…a’ight?!” He strode off, angry as usual, and the Doctor couldn’t help but chuckled loudly. From the wharf, a lad came running up and then shouted loudly. “ALL YE PIRATES..THERE BE A FIERCE MATCH OF OIL WRESTLING WITH BIG JIM VERSUS QUICK NICK!” All the pirates cheered and started to head back down the docks to head for the inn and a chance to bet on the night’s entertainment. Moon and the Doctor however, stayed on the Devil, since neither were interested in gambling that eve. <3>

myoddlove: -though most couldn’t see it, a struggle was taking place not far from the docks as a small figure struggled through the water. from the ships in the dock it probably looked like a dolphin who had gotten separated from it’s group and was currently trying to outrace an attacking shark, though most dolphins weren’t a shining white color. a large fin splashed in the water like a struggling fish on a line though it would quickly go back under the surface before breaking out again after a few moments. land, he needed land. slowly a small figure would drag itself from the water, nearly hugging the side of the ship he had moved against, hopefully he wouldn’t be spotted though he was uneasy as he heard the sound of landwalkers above him. they were all around but it couldn’t be helped. he was a small frail boy with long white hair that shone like the full moon on a cloudless night. his hair fell over his chest, causing him to easily be taken for a female. though something was wrong. his long pearl colored tail which let his breed swim through the dreams of the landwalkers were now covered in blood. a fishing net was wrapped around the figure, only allowing him one movable arm as he scooted to the shore. the boy would let out a soft coo like sound which sounded more like a song than a sigh. the boy, finally running out of strength, floated against the boat as the waves washed over him. if he stayed in the water much longer the sharks would come..he could already see a dark dorsal fin breaking the water now. he better hurry-

LadyBelz: Rachael was nearly bowled over by the other crew as she headed up the gangplank of Devil’s Mystery. “Oi! Where ya be headin off to?” she demanded. Jake, the boatswain, glanced back at her with a wicked grin. “Be gamblin down at the inn. Big Jim and Quick Nick. Jim is the favorite to win, 20 to 1 odds. You want in?” he asked, pausing. Rachael thought on that for a moment before reaching into her purse and pulling out two gold pieces. “Nick to win.” she stated, tossing them his way. He caught them with a flick of his wrist and headed off to catch up with his mates. “Tell the others not to be out all bleedin night. I want the wind at me back by dawn.” she ordered. “Aye, Miss Rachael.” Jake shouted back. Shaking her head, she continued up the gangplank, glancing back at the slowly waning bonfire in the distance. So caught up in looking at the fire, she missed the frail form floating in the waters below.

CharlotteCarrendar: – In the Inn, the crowd had already swelled, to the area around the pit, that was just to the far left of the main bar. All around the Pirates were shouting and cheering, as the first of the contenders, a whopper of a Pirate, known as Big Jim, due to his enormous bulk, was entering the pit. He was all glistened with oil, and his body gleamed, all three hundred and fifty pounds of him. Roll upon roll of fat that hid beneath it a lot of muscle. This was one pirate who enjoyed too many a meal at the Inn that was for sure. Coming in behind him, the rake like and speedy Quick Nick, who was already doing laps of the pit, blowing kisses and leaping in the air, before stopping to do a few quick jabs to the crowd, much to their delight. “YOU’RE DEAD!” Big Jim roared loudly, as he smacked his hands together and got into a crouch. It was like someone set off a starter’s gun, and Quick Nick started to run around and around, just missing Big Jim with a flurry of footwork and fancy dancing. The crowd, booed and jeered, wanting to see blood spilt. :: Back on the Devil the Doctor had followed the Captain to his cabin and knocked. “Enter..” Moon said in his gruff voice, as the Doctor turned the handle. “Captain…I want to apologise…and..do you want to talk about it?” :: As Rachael was strolling the deck of the Devil’s mystery, four men had clamoured up the side of the ship, and snuck up behind the fair Rachael…. An arm raised, holding a baton to strike her head, while another held a large hessian bag and rope. <3>

myoddlove: -a sudden wave had slammed the frail figure against the ship, causing a sharp squeal to come from the child. his long tail would instantly wack the ship as if it were an attacking predator. if he were stronger and older his tail would have been able to break through bone but in his frail and weakened state he only managed to hurt his own tail in the process. with the last of his strength the small feminine figure would drive himself up to the beach. he noticed a mob of the two legs going off so hopefully he’d be safe. once onto the beach he pulled himself up enough that the water wouldn’t wash him back out and the sharks couldn’t come in. he would grunt as he flopped down in the sand, the soft fabric he wore over his chest becoming tangled in the knotted net. the boy would let out a soft whimper before his white moon-like eyes would blink up to the ship. he had seem these large creatures that carried landwalkers before. his clan had always told him not to go near but he loved to watch them glide over the water. the figure would blink as he spotted a group of two legs carrying large sticks and instantly sounded the alarm, seeming to have forgotten the fact that he was alone though instantly reacting to the sense of danger. the boy let out a low wooting sound that would ring through the night like someone blowing a loud instrument at the sight of attacking solders-

LadyBelz: Mr Pibbs, sensitive to scents around him, caught wind of the 4 who did not belong and he whirled around with a hiss, claws extended. “Stop that ya flea-bitten, furball. I’m tellin ye there’s nothin there.” she sighed, making to turn toward her cat. Something struck her in the back of the head then and she tumbled to the deck with a cry of pain hopefully loud enough to alert anyone who had remained on the ship that she was in trouble. Just before she blacked out, she heard Mr Pibbs hissing, spitting and growling in anger and the pained cries of whomever he was attacking on her behalf. Then she knew no more.

CharlotteCarrendar: ~WHACK!~ the baton struck the head of the Lady Pirate good and true, much to the annoyance of the cat, Mr Pibbs. As Rachael collapsed to the deck, the four men worked quickly in unison, to get her into the hessian bag and tie her up well, so she could be tossed down to the long boat below where she would be taken out of the cove into the hands of the evil Lord Shammersmoth. The cat had started to make a din with its hissing and growling loudly, and though that was not enough to alert the Captain and the Doctor, who were below, they did hear the odd thud of her falling. Both glanced up from where they were sitting in the Captain’s quarters, as they were about to have a small man’s circle about the difficulty of women. Shrugging the Captain said. “I don’t be understanding her…it’s like…when I want to roll in the silks…she’s all pouty and not interested. BUT when she wants it…she bloody well clawed me to death and scared me willy. I be tellin ya…I am one confused Pirate, I am.” The Doctor nodded, understanding clearly that women were a mystery all to themselves. :: At the Inn the fight between Quick Nick and Big Jim was going..well, nowhere. Quick Nick was living up to his reputation for speed, and Big Jim kept missing him as he ran on past, again and again. When suddenly….a loud noise, a wooting sound was heard by all, and Quick Nick turned his head, just enough to not see Big Jim’s fist come barreling out and ~WHAM!~ knocked him out cold. :: In the long boats, the crew of the Sentor had their prize and were rowing back to the British fleet. :: Harold the Parrot, who had been knowing on a piece of wood on his perch, heard the meowing and growling on one cat and then squawked “Pussy on board…Pussy on board..TWWEEETT WHISTLE!~ Captain Moon looked up and shouted. “NOT ANOTHER BLOODY WOMAN!” <3>

myoddlove: -the little merboy had wiggled his way back against the ship, keeping quite as he watched the two legs dragged the female to a smaller ship. he would move after them until he spotted the sharks. it was too risky. he would blink as he heard the sound of high pitched whstles from on top of the ship. the little merboy would let out a short chattering sound, the sound they used to communicate with the seagulls that flew over the seas. the boy would squeak and call out to the bird as they were useful to his breed when it came to hunting and weather patterns, surely the bird would be able to hear his calls-

LadyBelz: She was…floating. It was the only word she could use to describe what she was feeling. She struggled to recall what had happened, but the pain in her head was too much to handle and she went back into the darkness…Tim, who wasn’t yet old enough for the shenanigans of the inn, was resting up in the rigging, staring up at the stars over his head. It was times like these when he thought about his mother, hoping she could see how his life was turning out. “I’m doin all right, mum.” he whispered into the night sky. From below came the sounds of a cat screeching and the pained cries of an unknown person. Tim, showing the agility of youth, scaled the mast of the ship in order to get a better view. What he saw chilled him to the bone. Miss Rachael was laid out on the deck, not moving, while three men moved to tie her up. A fourth was in a life and death struggle with a white ball of fur, cursing a blue streak as the man struggled to get the avenging cat away from him. With an inarticulate cry, the cat was pulled away and thrown across the deck. Mr Pibbs crashed into a barrel and lay still. Tim didn’t know if he was alive or dead. Scared now, he took up the whistle that he kept tied around his neck and blew into it with a piercing shrill. “CAPTAIN MOON! MISS RACHAEL’S BEEN TAKEN!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. One of the men looked at Tim with a growl, pulling his pistol. Regardless of the danger he was in, Tim continued to sound the alarm. In the distance, the patrons of the Inn and residence of the town started toward the docks. Another of the kidnappers placed a hand on the pistol and pushed it down. “No time, we have to go now.” The masked man stared at Tim before he growled and followed the other 3 to their longboat, hoping to make a clean getaway. Tim clambered down the mast, whistle still blowing for all to hear.

CharlotteCarrendar: “CAPTAIN MOON! MISS RACHAEL’S BEEN TAKEN!” The cry of the cabin boy, high atop the mast alerted the Doctor and the Captain, who had been talking candidly in his chambers. “WHAT?!” The Captain thundered, jetting to his feet, as his fists came down on the top of his desk. The Doctor looked shocked, half by the Captain’s fury, the other by the cry from the cabin boy. “I thought she was at her cabin?” he said, as the Captain took no notice, running out from his chambers, and up the stairs, looking about madly for the cabin boy and his Lady love. “RACHAEL?!” he bellowed, frantic when he saw the cabin boy come down the mast blowing his whistle loudly. Back up at the Inn, the pirates were counting their winnings, as Big Jim’s arm was held aloft, many too scared to attempt to lift him up to celebrate his win. Others simply stepped over the lifeless body of Quick Nick, who was going to be needing a new nickname real soon. The Doctor clamoured up to the deck and saw the panic in the Captain’s eyes. “Captain..calm down, before you give yourself a heart attack.” The Captain thundered over to the cabin boy and picked him up by the scruff of the neck hollering “WHERE IS SHE?!” the cabin boy almost swallowed his whistle and was trying to point out to sea. “Men in boats, Cap’n…tis the British!” The Captain and the Doctor immediately spun to where the boy pointed and both men took out their eyeglasses to see, the sack covered body of the Lady Rachael being taken on board a royal frigate. “BARNACLES BALLS!” The Captain cried, while on the decks, the crews were heading back, half drunk but mostly happy with the small show at the Inn, till they heard one of the ships bells sounding out the alarm. “THE BRITISH ARE COMING!” <3>


myoddlove: -the boy had managed to climb into the ship by one of the cannon openings in the side. he would settle himself down in the corner behind several boxes and crates. it was his thinking that this big floating sea creature would head back out into the water. that’s where he could get back to his pack. once he got this net off. he would grunt and wiggle as he tried is best to pry the fishing hooks from his scales-