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Roleplay Live : Group : A Pirate’s life.


As the Cod piece turns.



CharlotteCarrendar:- ~What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a drunken sailor? …early in the morning..~ A very good question one might ask, if they were to witness the drunken antics of a mad Englishman, who was surrounded by sailors, going through wet ladies frilly undergarments, pulled from the deep. One pirate was quite taken with a fancy brassiere, till Moon swiped it off him and then picked up some of the other pretty frillies. “Get back to swabbing the deck…and no more dressing funny…bad enough these…things are on board!” Glaring at the other pirates, he snatched one lace corset and then marched down to his quarters, where the lovely Rachael would hopefully be resting. Opening the door, he stuck his head in, then tried to sneak in, and hang up the lacey undergarments, so that they had a chance to dry before she woke up. His entire chambers, were filled, with fancy frillies. Not exactly what you expect to see a Captain messing with. <3>

LadyBelz: Rachael was beginning to go stir crazy. Between the Captain checking on her, the doctor asking after her health and well-being every 10 minutes and Tim fawning over her like some love-sick moron, Rachael was fair-to-night ready to gut someone. She wanted out of the cabin and on the main deck, taking in the salty, sea air and feeling more wind on her face than that which came through the porthole in her quarters. She felt the ship lurch, and more-or-less heard Moon when he went stomping from the cabin and that’s when she made her move. Easing herself from the bed, she checked herself over from head to toe. There was a slight ache and pull where the doctor had sewn her up but she was on the mend. Legs shakier than a newborn colt, she headed for the wash basin and began to clean herself up. Oh it felt good to feel like a human being again! She moaned lightly when she dumped the water over her head and viciously attacked her snarled hair with the soap. Clean and dry, she took up her clothing and put them on. There were muffled shouts and thumps over her head…and was that singing she could hear? Shaking her head, she laced up her boots and strapped her pistol and cutlass to her hips. The cabin door crashed open behind her and she whirled around, pistol drawn and ready to shoot…but stayed her hand as she watched the Captain drop something on his desk. Was that a ladies corset and panties? What the hell? One eye glinted dangerously and her pistol went up once more. “Ye better be having a grand explanation for the whys and whatfors for those lace garments that be upon yer desk.” she growled.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The click of the pistols, and the sudden throwing open of the door, poor Captain Moon was caught..with incriminating items. A pair of French lace knickers fell with a splatt on his desk, and he made a slight strangled cry, more embarrassed to be even caught holding them in the first place, as opposed to having the pistols aimed at him. Her one good eye glinted at him as he realised he was surrounded by women’s undergarments. Dripping wet ones, to boot. “It’s…not what you think, Woman. I’m trying to dry them for ya.” This was sounding like he was digging his own grave, and he snatched up the lace panties and shook them in his grip. “As if I would keep this sort of thing in my cabin. Err..’ere…I can explain. It all started when..” Suddenly, Harold chorused in. “Pretty on board….Pretty on board…Moon is a Codfish…AAARRGGH..whistle!” Captain Moon threw the wet pink laceys at the parrot, and it landed on his head, causing him to flap his wings wildly and cry. “Who’s a pretty polly?” The Captain went in behind his chair, like his Lady love was about to shoot him in cold blood. “I told them…throw her over at the next port!” <3>

LadyBelz: Each word Moon spoke, the further Rachael’s anger went. Harold spouting off about another woman on board was the last straw as far as she was concerned. When she spoke, there was sharp steel in her tone, as sharp as the blade at her hip. She’d been attacked, shot at, delerious with fever for who knows how long and she was hungry! “You have to the count of three to get these…things…and whatever fekkin skirt is aboard this ship before I be shootin yer nutsack…and I don’t mean that bag sittin on the corner of your desk, either. One…” She cocked her pistol. “Two…” Her arm moved to take aim. “Thr-…”

CharlotteCarrendar:- This was becoming a tense situation. Captain Moon was not your usual Pirate to hide from a pistol totting woman, but then again, this was Rachael, and she was seriously ropeable. The poor Captain, the look of horror on his face, when she made her declaration, that she wanted the laceys, and the woman off the ship, before she counted to three…and she had started counting. In a trice, he threw open the window, after snatching up as many frilly things as he could and tossed them all out the window, into the water. With a loud splash, you heard the bundle of wet clothes hit the sea below, as the Captain rounded back to face the pistols. “THERE….gone. And..and…and…now see here..” *he raised a finger in defence.*..”One of the crew pulled the lass out of the drink…I said..’Throw her back!” But would the wily Rachael, stand for his half assed attempt to meet her demands. <3>

LadyBelz: Watching him scramble, grabbing women’s knickers left and right and shoving them out of the porthole was an amusing sight to watch. Rachael had to fight with all that she was to keep from laughing outright, lips twitching once or twice. She listened as he explained how the woman came to be aboard. She wouldn’t be on for much longer if Rachael had her say…and the jackass who dared would follow behind her. Calmly, Rachael reholstered her pistol, sat down in the chair opposite and propped her booted feet up on the desk corner. “What’s there to eat. I’m hungry enough to eat the mast and have the sails for dessert.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Eagle eyes watched on, as that damn woman looked set to laugh now, at his antics. Great…no respect for authority. He thought to himself, as she reholstered her pistols, and promptly sat herself down on a chair, and propped her feet up on the desk, like…she was the Captain. “What’s there to eat. I’m hungry enough to eat the mast and have the sails for dessert.” The Captain’s face looked decidedly grim now, since he had acted in her best interests, and thought she might like some fancy frillies. In fact, he was half hoping to see her model them. He took a look out the window, as the undergarments floated away, leaving an odd trail behind the ship. His head whipped around and then he almost spat out the word “BAH!” and marched past her, ripping open the door and bellowing on the top of his lungs. “GET THE WOMAN A FEED OF DRY FISH AND MAKE IT SNAPPY!” He then slammed the door and thundered back over, ready to kick her boots off the table, but not quite. He then sat in his chair, and folded his arms sternly, as Cabin boy Tim rushed in and almost tripped over himself, placing a tray with a large dry fish on it before Rachael. “Here, Miss.” He smiled with a toothy grin. There were no forks, just…a fish on a plate. <3>

LadyBelz: She continued to be amused when he aimed a kick at her feet, but stopped at the last minute as if he was reminded she wasn’t fully healed just yet. And in all honesty, being upward and mobile was beginning to tire her, but she was an O’Malley, and no O’Malley worth their salt gave up at the first sign of pain or trouble. “You’re grumpier than a bear sat on a beehive. Is the rum gone?” Rachael asked lightly as Tim sat a tray of fish in front of her, giving her another of his love-sick smiles. She rolled her eyes as he began backing out of the cabin. Snatching up her dagger from her boot, she threw it with deadly precision at Tim. He felt the blade as it swept passed his head. The dull thud of the blade imbedding itself into the wall behind him had him gulping hard. He reached up to touch the side of his head, sure that she had vetted him and was relieved when he found no would. “Look again.” she told him. He turned to look and felt faint. There, beneath her blade, were several strands of stringy blond hair…his hair. He looked at her over his shoulder. “I’m old enough ta be yer sister, lad, make no mistake. And I prefer my men with a little more hair on their faces and chests. No scoot.” Tim did not need telling a second time. He threw open the door and ran screaming down the hall as if the hounds of hell were nipping at his heels. Getting to her feet, she retrieved her dagger, sitting once more and using the instrument to cut into her fish. She found that the Moon had watched the exchange without a word.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Watching Tim go screaming down the hall, had the Captain well and truly irate, and not cause she tried to run a dagger though his skull, but more about how she fancied men, not boys. She had to mention she liked em with hair on their chests, and their faces. Truth was, Captain Moon, had no hair on his chest, not a single one, not even in his belly button. He started to grumble in what was like the coming eruption of a geyser or a volcano. He was a man with balls so blue from lack of sex, you would think they were dipped in blue ink. “Ya say ya prefer the men…Ha!…I be men..and ya don’ be caring for the likes of me. Nooo…you like that shit head, Pirate King. BAH!…Just cause he has a woolly mat of hair on his chest, and those dimples. Poncey git.” He then pointed at her. “Eat ya fish!” He got up from his chair, and stomped, yes stomped out the door, after the screaming boy. <3>

LadyBelz: Rachael stared after him, a piece of fish partway to her mouth as he went storming up to the deck. The Pirate King? Why in the seven hells of Hades would he think she had any sort of feelings for that big-headed, egotistical, womanizing son of a gutterfish, who’s only redeeming qualities apparently ran down his mother’s leg? Deeply offended, Rachael remained where she was, finishing her fish with the rum that had been left on the table. There was no way she was going to go soothe Moon’s ruffled feathers. She had a hard enough couple of weeks and just wanted to heal. She had some killing to do and was itching to get her revenge for her family. “Bah! Men…never understand them.” she muttered to herself. “MEN ARE CUCKOO…CUCKOO IN THE HEAD…SQUAWK!” screeched Harold from his perch in the corner. Rachael pegged a roll at him and he went screeching out after Moon.

CharlotteCarrendar;- Up on the top deck, the Captain thundered out, while all around the crew were working hard, to ensure the ship was…ship shape. From scrubbing the decks, to maintaining the ropes, ensuring all the loose cargo was secure, and not in harm’s way from a Captain on the warpath. His muscular arms pumped back and forth, and as he climbed the stairs to the top most point of the ship, to where the first mate, was steering, Captain Moon gripped his hat, and jerked it so it sat firmly upon his head. The Captain snapped his head towards the first mate, who almost trembled and soiled his pants, at the dark look on the Captain’s face. “Cap’n?” He asked, afraid of having his ear explode from the coming roar of the Captain. But instead, the Captain asked in a loud voice. “How ruddy long before we get to port?…I don’t want to spend another minute with that….sea witch of a woman below. Ungrateful…*he then said a lot of things, that would turn a sailor to blush, while some of the other crew chuckled, one even guffawed, till the Captain spun around and shot him a glare that would kill a man.* “I WANT SOME RUM!!” She was driving him to drink. His pride hurt, and his emotional state questionable, he stood with arms folded, before taking out his looking glass, and searching the horizon for the sign of land. They weren’t going to get to port soon enough. <3>

LadyBelz: Finished with her dinner and leaving her plate and cup where they sat, she slowly made her way to the deck. The men were running about, making sure the ship was running well and she spotted Moon standing near his first mate, his expression as dark as his hat. Angry herself, she turned in the opposite direction, making her way to the bow of the ship. Many of the men attempted to speak to her, but a fierce glare from her turned them back to their duties. She sat at the bow, leaning against the elegantly carved tailfin of the sea serpent that was the ship’s mascot. The wooden carving stretched out over the bow, around and across the bowsprit, boom and flying jib, the large head pointing out to sea. She was perched (more or less) recklessly on the edge, one leg casually bent the other stretched out along the wooden railing. Careful of her still healing wound, she rested an elbow on her upturned knee and sighed. She had missed this, being out in the open air, viewing the seas as it lead them home. A pair of dolphins jumped through the waves left in the ships wake and she couldn’t help but smile at their antics. Despite the brisk breeze, she remained as still as a statue, neither acknowledging the others of the crew nor her own still fragile state, her thoughts in turmoil as she went back over the events of the past weeks and her attitude toward Moon. “What a mess.” she murmured aloud, her words carried away by the wind. She wondered how much longer it was until they reached Isladel Mar Negro, a pirate’s home turf? She needed to get away from everyone and do some thinking about her life…and her future…

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Ship’s doctor, was also doing his work, tending to a sailor’s ankle, when he spotted the beautiful Rachael, come up from below, and then head in the opposite direction to that of the Captain. It didn’t take a Rhode scholar to figure out that the pair had been at it again. Then again, when weren’t they? Patting the sailor’s ankle that was bandaged nicely, the Doctor rose and then pushed his spectacles up the bridge of his nose, before sauntering up towards the front of the ship, while hearing Rachael say to the wind “What a mess.” The Ship’s Captain was a learned man, and had served in the royal houses, but alas, his love of gambling, and women, had cost him much in his younger years, and the next thing he knew, after a drunken game of cards, he wound up on board the Devil’s Mystery, to serve the Captain and crew, through all their voyages and adventures. Not that he didn’t like the sea faring life; it was the temper of the Captain that ended up giving everyone a headache. With one boot raised up and planted on a small cargo box, he lent his forearm across his knee, and stared out past where Rachael was keeping her stare trained. “Real mess you were, Miss back at that port. You’re lucky to be alive…I suggest when we reach port, maybe you make something of this second chance. You don’t belong on this ship, anymore than I do.” He said with concern. <3>

LadyBelz: Very aware that someone stood next to her, Rachael tried to ignore the presence…until he spoke. “Real mess you were, Miss back at that port. You’re lucky to be alive…I suggest when we reach port, maybe you make something of this second chance. You don’t belong on this ship, anymore than I do.” He said with concern. She snorted. “I’ve been at this life since I was a young gurl of 10 and 3. Tis all I know, now. I’ve naught the skills fer anything else, and ta be honest with ye, I don’t want ta do anything else. Despite appearances,” Rachael turned to look over her shoulder at the men running about and the Captain at the helm, “this be me family now.” Rachael passed a glance over the doctor before turning back to ea. “She calls to me like no one’s ever had before. I’d be a fool ta give her up. Surely you understand that, eh?” And if he didn’t, it would be even harder to explain…if she could have been a mermaid, she would live in the sea for eternity and never get bored with her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Ship’s Doctor nodded with a half cock of the head to the right. He understood her stance, but still he could not help but be concerned. One part of her small speech did make him look back at the crew and smile. “this be me family now.” Interesting way to view a bunch of scruffy, smelly and bad mannered pirates. Few would ever regard them as family, but he understood the sentiment. He had not been seafaring any length of time that was close to her own, so in a way, it was hard for him to comprehend. He did however lean forward, and say under his breath, so as not to raise the suspicions of the crew about the truth of their ill tempered Captain, who was at this time, struggling to get the cork out of a bottle of rum. “He was a right state, Miss. Those days when you were gripped by the fever. Never seen a man so devoted to his…-coughs- yes. He would gut and fillet me, for speaking of such with you, Miss.” With that, he pushed off on his knee, and then turned to head back to write in his journal, leaving Rachael to her thoughts and the sea. <3>

LadyBelz: “He was a right state, Miss. Those days when you were gripped by the fever. Never seen a man so devoted to his…-coughs- yes. He would gut and fillet me, for speaking of such with you, Miss.” And with that cryptic statement, the doc turned and wandered away. Rachael stared after him, her eyes wide with some unnamed emotion. Her gaze slowly roamed toward Moon, watching him carefully. Was it possible? Her thoughts were a mass of confusion. After a time, she shook her head. “No…no…no…no bleeding way.” she murmured, her gaze involuntarily roaming back to Moon, who’d finally gotten the rum bottle open and was swigging it down, most of it missing his mouth and soaking into his shirt and jacket. Was the doctor right? Never one to sit idle in the face of a mystery, Rachael schooled her expression into one of indifference and got gingerly to her feet. The cold sea air had done wonders to clear her head, but her still healing body was feeling its effects as her muscles had gone stiff. She slowly made her way to the stern and Moon’s side, nodding to the men as she passed them by. Tim was working with a bucket and a scrub brush and eyed her warily as she approached. Without pausing in her walk, she ruffled his hair and gave him a small smile, her away of apologizing for her temperament earlier. He smiled in return and all was forgiven. She took her time on the stairs, winded from that fair amount of exercise by the time she reached the helm. She nodded at the first mate with a small smile before standing a little ways behind Moon. She remained silent, a shadow so-to-speak, and waited.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The taming of the Sea, is a feat believed to be only capable by the trident of Poseidon. However, the Doctor had performed a greater feat, for the calming of the wily Rachael, was done so, with the skill of a craftsman, in the manipulation of words, to cast the Captain in a new light. One of a caring man, not the rum swilling angered Sea dog, who was now slamming the cork back in his rum bottle, and tossing it over his shoulder, only to be caught on the fly by a well trained crew member. With his only eye able, due to the patch on his right, he witnessed the tenderness of his Rachael, as she ruffled the Cabin boy’s hair with her hand. A gesture to show that she had cooled that temper, somewhat. The Captain then stared down at the lower deck, where the ship’s doctor did a small nod, and went below. ~Why that crafty son of a bitch?~ The Captain thought to himself. He then wondered if he was the one that pioneered the technique to calm a woman with that small steam powered dildo contraption, that was all the rage in the last major shipping port. He was so glad now, he won the Doctor in that card game. Fancy betting himself, to pay his debts. Heh. But back to the standing of the Captain at the helm. He glanced down to note his shirt covered in rum, then dabbed his fingers on the wet cloth and patted behind his ears, to ensure the rum smell lingered in hotter places. Maybe he did that to spite, who knew, but the first mate got a whiff and was jealous. At that moment, the boy in the crow’s nest cried out loudly. “LAND HO!” to which the entire crew looked up from their stations, as the mountain silouhette could be seen above the horizon. “About…bleeding time. SMETT. Full sail. Get this ship to port…fast as she goes.!” The First mate started yelling orders to the crew, as the sails billowed to full and the ship tore through the waves at greater speed. Captain Moon glanced at Rachael, and then said gruffly. “You get your wish…we be ta port soon.” <3>

LadyBelz: “LAND HO!” came the cry moments later. Rachael glanced out over the horizon and saw the dark silhouette of the mountains of Isla del Mar Negra. Black Sea Island…if there wasn’t an appropriate name for an island then she didn’t know. She looked back at the Captain as he spoke to her in a gruff voice. “You get your wish…we be ta port soon.” It sounded to her like a dismissal. She opened her mouth to reply, but hadn’t a clue what to say. The words seemed to be stuck in her throat. She bowed her head and nodded, turning away before he could see the sheen of tears in her eyes. She didn’t understand why his casual dismissal hurt her. It shouldn’t hurt at all. She was made of sterner stuff. She’s was a Pirate for God’s sake! She took a moment to gather herself together, taking deep calming breaths until the urge to cry had passed. Her eyes were (thankfully!) dry when she turned back around. “How long will we be a-port…sir?” she asked, proud that her voice, and her gaze upon his remained steady. Her heartbeat sounded loud to her own ears and was surprised it didn’t beat its way right out of her chest. She decided then and there, that once they reached port, she was going to drink herself silly. Damn the consequences!

CharlotteCarrendar:- The port was filled with all manner of ships; Pirate vessels from all over the seven seas. From the orient, to the Caribbean, there was a gathering of the sea dogs, and of all the ships to be already in the port. The one that stood out from all others: the Serpent’s curse. The First mate saw the colours, and the markings first and then swallowed. “Oh…heck.” it was the Pirate King himself, and of all the Captains that sailed the seven seas, there was no one Captain Moon hated more than him. Course, the Captain was paying heed to the proud Rachael, who took his words as they were meant. He needed a break from her, as much as she did him. The Captain was at his wits end to please her, after the folly of the sodden undergarments, he had the crew hand pluck from the sea. The First mate coughed, and then the Captain turned his attention back to the approaching port. “The…err…Cap’n..you might want to be looking at the..err…” The Captain appeared confused, and took out his eye glass, only to see what the First mate was frightened to say. “THAT TWISTED..LIMP DICKED, DOUBLE CROSSING…NO GOOD…PIECE OF SEAGULL SHIT!” The first mate nodded…”Aye…it be him.” The Captain stormed down from the helm and roared at his crew. “Look lively….get this ship to port…I need more rum!” He thundered around, hollering orders, as the ship sailed past the others in the small harbour. Was this his way of dealing with being seen by the other Captains, and that cock head King, as a rough and ready Captain who was merciless even to his own crew? Fair to say…he was putting on one hell of a performance, as they finally dropped anchor. On the Serpent’s curse, it was a jolly good time, as the Pirate King was up the mast, on one of the rigging, singing. “I AM THE PIRATE KING…*his crew all chorused*…HE IS THE PIRATE KING! HURRAH!” Oh…this was going to be bad. <3>


LadyBelz: Hearing Moon curse and swear, Rachael looked over his shoulder at its cause and audibly groaned. “Bleedin hell! He’s here?” The last person Rachael ever wanted to see. The Bleedin Pirate King and his merry band of morons. She pinched the bridge of her nose as the bawdry singing of The Pirate King and his mates reached her ears. “Yes, I’m definitely going to need that bloody drink after this.” she mumbled. She shoved the first mate out of the way and began to direct the ship to the docks, picking a spot far enough away from The Serpent’s Curse and her idiot King. Once The Devil’s Mystery was tied down, Rachael was the first one off, stalking down the gangplank and praying to whatever God was listening that no one stopped her, or noticed her. She was going to drop off her things at her modest little home through the jungles before going to the taverns for some much needed ale.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The ship lurched as Rachael took the helm. The Captain was near knocked off his feet, the parrot Harold even fell off his perch, and squawked loudly, while the crew practically rolled across the deck. Even cannon balls were going sailing across the timbers. The commotion did catch the eye of one very horny and smarmy Pirate King, who with one hand holding onto a rope, took out his eye glass, and zeroed in on…..”Rachael!” The entire crew on the Serpent’s curse, all saw the arrival of the Devil’s mystery in something that was very comical, as Captain Moon was seen to rise from the floor, his hat crooked and eye rolling around as the ship was parked at the wharf. ~SLAM~ went the plank and she strode to shore, without so much as a ‘see you around’ to the crew, who were all shaken by her sailing antics. But…the Pirate King, he was more than ready and with a wink and a smile, he grabbed a rope and swung out, then a full on triple somersault back flip and neat tuck, he straightened to land right before the gorgeous Pirate lass, and planted his hands squarely on his hips, as he said with a loud snort, and whipping off his hat, to bow, low, scrapping his long red locks on the timber deck. “Meeee lady. A sight you are to behold. My…Queen of the seas. You came back for me.” He then reached for her hand, to kiss the back of, while on the Devil’s Mystery, Captain Moon’s face….turned to the colour of a tomato. “CREW…I’m….going ashore.” The crew all nodded and watched as the Captain bounded down the gang plank, and straight past the spectacle of the Pirate king and his Rachael. Though, he made sure he was heard when he said. “Need a bigger net to catch crabs….Maureen!” yes…he knew the Pirate King, had a girl’s name. <3>


LadyBelz: Before she could make good her escape, The Pirate King himself executed some crazy, flamboyantly gay move, landing in front of her and cutting off her only avenue of escape. “Meeee lady. A sight you are to behold. My…Queen of the seas. You came back for me.” he exclaimed, grabbing her hand to kiss. Moon took that moment to stride by, snarling like a hibernating bear. “Need a bigger net to catch crabs…Maureen!” Rachael really wanted to laugh at the look of stunned outrage on The Pirate King’s face, but she was feeling a might outraged herself at Moon’s careless comments. She yanked her hand from Maureen’s with a scowl and called after Moon, “I’ll cut out yer tongue and feed it to the sharks, ye one-eyed bow-legged, sorry son of a sea dog! Never speak ta me again! And you!” she looked at Maureen, her single eye sparking with anger, “Go soak yer head, ya bleedin’, worm-riddled, monkey’s hairy arse!” And with that, she shoved The Pirate King with all her might. As he was standing on the edge of the docks, it was simply a matter of gravity collecting what was rightly its due and dunking the overbearing arse into the sea. Not bothering to see if her push bared fruit, she stomped away through the trees and away from the men who lived to cause her all manner of aggravation. She was in a right state when she reached her little cabin in the woods. Usually she enjoyed the solitude the location gave her, but she was in a high state of anger, slamming open the door in a rage and causing her cat, Mr Pibbs to take cover under the bed. “Men! The devil take the lot o’ ye!” she shouted into the air, unaware her voice carried its echo to the docks.

CharlotteCarrendar:- That moment, when the Pirate King hit the water, brought a cheer from the Pirates on the Devil’s mystery and a collective gasp from the gay crew on board the Serpent’s Curse. Moon, couldn’t have given a shit, and Harold, he flew down and promptly jettisoned a small gift to the flailing Maureen; Pirate King. Captain Moon had the face…of well…Imagine a large tiger’s ass, all pursed and puckered. He was livid. How dare she call him all that filth, right in front of every crew that had pillaged the high seas for the past fifty years or more. Down in the waters, the Pirate King was not doing to well, since his weighted purse and guns, along with his fancy belt were weighing him down. “Help!…I’m drowning!” ~glub glub~ Moon leaned over the pier and sung out. “You have to go under to the water to catch crabs, ya gay Ponce!” The crew of the Serpent’s curse, all valiantly tried to lower a boat down to the sinking Captain, while Moon simply strolled up the pier. Rachael had fled to the hills, and probably a good thing too. Captain Moon had one place he wanted to go. The nearest Inn for rum and a card game. <3>

LadyBelz: The Drunken Jackal was situated near the wharf and was run with quiet efficience by Mary Margaret Cathleen O’Breenan. An Irish lass with hair as red as burning fire and bright green eyes, Mary was the only survivor of a ship of Irish immigrants that had gotten caught out at sea during a hurricane. She had been saved by a passing pirate ship and brought to Isla del Mar Negro when she was 24 years of age. The former nun quickly adapted to life in the tropics and opened her inn a few years later. Hers was a successful venture and she tolerated no bullshit in her Inn. If one wanted to fight, they took it outside or she’d have to get involved. It was nearing dusk and the place was busier than ever as more pirates made their way home. She was wiping down tables and collecting glasses and drink orders and food orders when she spotted the elusive Captain James Moon storming in, immediately demanding a bottle of Mary’s best rum and pulling one of the serving girls into his lap as she was passing by. Mary frowned, sure as shit that Moon had been with that Rachael gal a short time ago. She looked around. And what was this? Rachael herself sitting at the end of the bar, a shot glass beneath her fingers as she stared off at nothing, the expression on her face murderous. Mary looked between Moon and Rachael, wondering what the hell was going on. She continued her way around the Inn until she was in front of Rachael, who had just knocked back her third shot of whiskey. “Another.” she demanded, slamming the glass down. Mary waved away her barkeep and poured the shot herself. Rachael stared down at the amber liquid as if it held the secrets of the universe. “Something wrong, lass?” she asked. Rachael shook her head and downed her shot. Mary poured another. “Seems ta me there is.” she hedged. “And it seems ta me, ye should mind yer tongue, lessin’ ye want it to be cut from yer head.” Rachael snapped. Mary arched an eyebrow at the woman, surprised at the vehemence. She refilled the glass and watched as Rachael stared at Moon and Mary’s serving wench from the corner of her eye before glaring at her glass once again. *Trouble in Paradise* Mary thought to herself. She left the bottle of whiskey near Rachael’s arm and went about her job, keeping an eye on the young woman, who was clearly heartbroken over something if the not-so-covetous glances at James Moon were anything to go by.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Oh it was the setting for a scene of “Lost lovers in Paradise….NOT” as the angered Moon, used the bar wench as a shield to his bruised ego more than the fact he actually wanted the barnacle laden skank on his knee. The rum delivered and he popped the cork with his teeth, spitting it venomously across the room, while the door to the establishment burst open with a still wet Pirate King and his horde of merry men. The Pirate King surveyed the room, and then took in that Rachael was seated by herself, scowling into a glass whilst Moon was enjoying (maybe) the spoils of some busty lovely. Oh this was the perfect time to make a move for the fair hand of the buxom Rachael, and he took off his hat, slapping it to the chest of one of his crew, as he strode over, and then stood, showing off the masterpiece of a codpiece, that was sticking up in the air, like an Indian elephant in love with a moose. “Thanks to you…I have now washed off the crud of the last voyage, and smell sweeter than Queen Betsy’s armpit. Ahh…you still have a way with men, Fair Rachael.” He rapped the bar with his ringed hand and asked the Inn keeper; Mary for a glass of whiskey, as he attempted to mount the bar stool beside her. “You haven’t changed a bit, not even with the sun’s kiss on your bare shoulders.” Overhearing this, Moon let out a loud laugh, and tried to pretend he was enjoying himself. “A piece of gold to smell your sweet….-cough-…got a room close by?” he was trying to make Rachael jealous…But would it work?<3>

LadyBelz: Rachael rolled her eyes as the self-proclaimed Pirate King sat down at her side. She pretended that Moon’s comments did not affect her, when in reality, she just wanted to bawl like a baby. *Stiff upper lip, Rache.* She sighed. “Ya smell like the back end of a donkey that’d just taken a shite.” Rachael stated with calm dignity. The inn patrons around her all started to laugh at that. “Away with ye, Maureen. Ya needn’t be trying to get in me skirts this day for I have no use for ye…or ye codpiece.” With a haughty sniff, she grabbed her glass and her bottle of whiskey and moved to a table in the back corner, away from everyone. Once look around, and she wished she had stayed at the bar as she had a direct view across to Moon’s table and him pawing the serving wench like a dog with a bone. Shoving her glass away, she took up the bottle and started drinking the whiskey straight, feeling the burn all the way down to her toes.

CharlotteCarrendar:- For the patrons in the Inn, this was turning into something of a Pirate soap opera, with all the main players, making moves that would win an Emmy on any prime time network, but back to the action. Old Moon was not as dumb or short-sighted, to see that his act for the rights to bed the bar wench, had made their mark on Rachael, and her rejection of the Pirate king, just added to his prize. But…when he saw the look on her face, the way she was about to down an entire bottle of whiskey in one go…he suddenly stopped pawing the exposed breasts of the barmaid. Damn that woman! Moon thought to himself, as the Pirate King had moved on to trying to tickle under the chin of Mary, to soothe his wounded pride. “Oh Mary..care to polish me, like you do the bar top. I see you got hands that were meant for stroking a man to pleasure.” The crew of the Devil’s mystery all filed in, and they too saw the Captain seated with some bar tart and they all grumbled, for they thought of the Captain and Rachael to be a match made in heaven. The barmaid whispered something into Moon’s ear giggling, and he then looked shocked. “YOUR NAME’S TOM?!” Yes…he had just been feeling up a trannie. He quickly shoved the broad off his knee and acted like he had just touched a dead octopus. “What is with this world? Why can’t I get a real woman on my lap?” This brought laughter from Maureen, who chortled. “Been asking that question about you for years…Moon! Ahahahahaa!” <3>

LadyBelz: Mary was no slouch when it came to fending off the more amorous Pirate lords. She slapped the man’s hands away from her and scowled. “You keep yer roamin hands to yourself, Maureen Seamus Lucille Mckennan, if’n’ ye know what’s good fer ya!” Hearing The Pirate King’s full name caused everyone in the bar to break out in laughter as Maureen’s face went red as red as a tomato. Rachael ignored all of this as she watched Moon shove the bar wench from his lap as his own crew chuckled. She was feeling lightheaded and dizzy and a tad bit brave with the whiskey coursing through her system. Taking one last swig, she set the bottle down, missing the table completely. It smashed to the floor as she stumbled to her feet. Wiping her hand across her mouth, she stumbled her way across the bar, helped along by others when she walked (more like fell) into them. The crew of The Devil’s Mystery slowly fell silent as she made their way toward them. “You!” she drunkenly exclaimed, pointing at James. “I wanna talk ta ya. Tell yer little bar tart ta get lost.” She waved a hand over her shoulder, nearly knocking over another servant who had a tray full of drinks in her hands. The woman, though was a pro at dodging drunken people and went into a squat. The momentum of her swing turned Rachael around until her back was toward Moon. She looked around. “Where’d he go? The lout! Couldn’t even hang around to talk with me? The arse.” She hiccuped and giggled before turning around once more and spying Moon still sitting at the table he had claimed. “You!” she pointed, nearly falling backward. A man who had been sitting behind her, quickly righted her before she fell but she took no notice. “Where’d ye come from? We haven’t had our…condens…compens…talk yet!” She giggled again before her attention was caught by her hands. “Ooo. I have 20 fingers!” she giggled. Not one of the crew nor Moon himself had ever seen Rachael this drunk before. It was kind of amusing in a pitiful kind of way. She glanced up at Moon again. “Yer eyes sparkle, dinna ye know? I fink it’s sexy.” she smiled. Using the table for support, she made her way around the table until she was standing at Moon’s side. “Do ya hate me?” she wondered, sounding so sad and pathetic, it made a heart bleed.

CharlotteCarrendar:- It was like one of those dance hall scenes, where everyone was moving in a choregraphed dance, that had the drunken Rachael make her way awkwardly, yet safely through the crowd, as she descended upon Moon, with all the gusto of a Pirate Queen, that she was in reality. Everyone had heard of the wild tales, of Rachael, and now to see her…drunk, was a new experience, even for the old Sea dog Moon. “I wanna talk ta ya. Tell yer little bar tart ta get lost.” She demanded, and Captain Moon replied. “I dropped him soon as I felt his balls….see? Nothing on me. Now you be calming ya self, Woman!” The crew of the Devil’s mystery all gawked and then their heads all turned in unison back to Rachael, who was being assisted to standing by another patron she nearly fell on. It was like Wimbledon. . “You!” Another collective gasp and head turn to the Captain, and the Captain responded. “Get on with it Woman.” Heads turned back to Rachael. “Yer eyes sparkle, dinna ye know? I fink it’s sexy.” This brought on raucous laughter and the Captain saw red…at his men. “Grab a bleeding wench and rum…and go enjoy yourselves, before I demand we set sail again!” The crew scurried, as he reached for Rachael, and drew her upon his lap. For a moment, he just sat there, like the little cogs in his mind, were trying to grind out something that wasn’t acid like and hateful. Truth was he loved her…just hated showing it. “No…” he said simply, interlocking his fingers with hers. “No…I don’t. You know me feelins’…Ya do.” <3>

LadyBelz: She punched him in the shoulder…or tried to anyway, but her aim was due to the amount of whiskey she’d drunk. “That’s the problem with ye. Ye dinna tell me yer feelin’s! How am I ta know them if’n’ ye don’t tell em to me?” she demanded. “Is it to much ta ask ta be honest with me?” she wondered. Before he could answer, she put a palm on his cheek, forcing him to look at her. “Can ya not see it in me own eyes, the love I feel fer ye, ya daft git?” She wouldn’t remember her actions on the morrow, but for now, she did what she’d wanted to do for some time, she bent down and kissed him…

CharlotteCarrendar: – If ever there was a moment, you had waited your whole life to see, it was the Captain being kissed by his beloved Rachael. Sure..she was out of her mind with drink, but to the crew and patrons of the Inn, this was the most romantic moment to be spoken about for years. Every word she uttered, the entire room hung on, for you could not hear a pin drop. Oh no, no one was going to miss this. As she planted her lips on his, the crew all cheered and applauded, even the Pirate King, knew when he was beat, and shouted all the crews drinks on him. The pianola player started to whip up a tune, that had many raise a tankard and sway to songs of home, and the joys of a Pirate life……..Meanwhile….out in the open waters off the coast, a fleet of her Majesty’s finest was sailing for the port. On the top deck, the vile and notoriously pompous Lord Shammersmoth, held in his hands the wanted posters, of several pirates…including….Rachael. “Steady she goes…” The Lord said with an evil glint in his eye. There was about to be trouble in the pirate’s paradise. <3>