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I Bet She Gives Great Helmet! -Spaceballs, 1987

LoreleiRoseCarrendar (aka CharlotteCarrendar)

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: On the Edith, it was like the backstage dressing room of a broad way musical, with pirates of all shapes and sizes, picking out female costumes to wear, in a big to go in as a musical brothel boat, in the hope of tricking the british into getting Rachael back. Moon and the Doctor, were both standing looking into a special chest that the Pirate King had brought up specially. “Its some of my best frocks. Knocked em dead in Paris.” He said, holding up a feather fan and waving it, as Moon sneered at the Doctor. “I hope to God Rachael never sees this.” He said with a gruff and angered tone. The Doctor took off his own hat, and then placed on a large white frilly wig. “Remember why we are doing this, Captain. Tis the only way.” The Captain’s shoulders slumped, as he took out a French burlesque costume, designed for the Pirate King. “I feel so cheap.” He muttered as he went off to get changed. The rest of the crew got the ship ready with fancy lanterns, and flags, and brought out the phonograph, so they could play music while they seduced the British soldiers. The first mate came up alongside Captain Lostchild and slapped his back heartily. “You are a good man for letting us use ya ship. Here…Smith is going to take ya for that drink. We promise to bring your ship back…in a jiffy.” He lied, and waved Captain Lostchild off, as he went to raise the anchor. The ship moved out of port with the dancing lady pirates on the top deck, approaching the Sentor, while all the other pirate ships….got ready. :: On the deck of the Sentor, two guards were doing the rounds, when they saw the brightly lit up party boat approaching. They both stopped, as they saw the buxom lassies, rubbing themselves against the posts and ropes, while there were four…very large ladies, dancing on the top or bow of the ship.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: Moon was dressed in a hot red number, with a white wig, while Captain Maureen, was dressed from head to to in pink feathers and lace and a black top hat. The Doctor was wearing a huge white wig, and equally odd makeup, and they all waved and blew kisses at the Sentor’s crew. “Let us aboard and for a bag of gold…we will sing, dance and blow your cares away….” the Pirate King or Queen sang out.


Guest_Shrurak: Captain Lostchild almost yelled in excitment as he immediatly wrapped his arm around Smith’s shoulders, speaking cheerful. “Hope you can keep up with me, lad. Now, wher eis that tavern?” he asked before looking back as he watched his ship slowly leaving the dock, shouting out to the departing crew and the very strange men dressed as women. “Have my men tel lyou about the ‘special’ cannon in the bow of the ship!” He yelled before grinning and turning to Smith, walking towards the town as he spoke. “Do you know any good drinking songs, lad?” He asked before contining, his sea blue eyes looking to the town and back to Smith. “Nothing better than a roudy song with a drink.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: The guards on board the Sentor, looked quizzically as the ship laden with female booty, and some rather ugly ones at that came up alongside the Sentor and sure enough, the brazen hussies managed to have a large plank laid across to connect the two ships. You could hear the chorus of deep giggles, as one by one, the hairy legged lovelies paraded across the plank, with the Captain Moon and Doctor bringing up the rear, Moon in particular, trying his best to swing his hips like a woman, but he did look incredibly butch. The Doctor took it in his stride, and you would think he had done this before, while the Pirate King was a right nancy, tickling the guards with his feather boa, while blowing kisses at the other sailors. The sound of the dancing pirates coming aboard would be heard from beneath, and in particular, one Lord Shammersmoth, who heard the strains of music floating down to his cabin. “What the..?” he exclaimed, storming up from his cabin, only to be confronted with female dancers, snogging and dancing with his crew. “WHAT IN THE QUEEN’S NAME IS GOING ON HERE?!” he shouted.


LadyBelz: The thunderous sound of many a foot was what awoke Rachael from the light doze she had fallen into. Billy sat up as well, blinking sleepily. “What the bleedin devil is that ruckus?” he asked. Rachael was staring up at the ceiling while straining to hear what was going on. “I think I hear singing.” she said. Billy turned his gaze upward as well and chuckled as he began to hear it as well. “Sounds like a bunch o’ drownin cats ta me.” Rachael had to laugh at his accurate description. “Maybe the Pig Lord himself be gettin into his own special drink.” Rachael snorted. “And pullin his own pud he is as well.” Billy added. Rachael turned a little green thinking of it. “Remind me ta scrub that horror from me brains later, eh?” she groaned.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – As soon as the Lord of the hour emerged from below, the Doctor and Captain Moon both looked at each other, stopping their dancing, since they knew that he was the key to the rescue of Rachael. For a moment, Moons looked up to the heavens, as if he was asking for forgiveness from the God’s of the sea for what he was about to do. The Doctor spoke through gritted teeth so as not to be heard and said to Moon. “Do it for her…and my wife.” The Captain then started what would be the most comical display that his crew and his own ship’s Doctor had ever seen. He started to prance across the floor, his hips swinging back and forth like the liberty bell, and then stood with his fake chest jutting out, right in the Lord’s face. He actually had melons shoved down his bustier, but least they were firm. “Fancy…a lap dance, Commodore?” his voice so husky, and with the thickly applied lipstick, he was overpowering to say the least. The Pirate King had to hold back a giggle, and then held his feather fan up to his face, waving it wildly, since he found this arousing…and so did…the Lord. “My…aren’t you a big one?” Captain Moon realised that the Lord had taken the bait, and he reached round and squeezed the Lord’s bottom. “Tee hee….hee. I like a man with…big buns.” Oh that just had all the sailors laugh and the Lord growled, as he licked his lips. “Why don’t you dance for me in private…Miss…err..?” The Captain fluttered his fake eyelashes and said huskily…”Call me..Luna…like the Moon.” With that, the Lord escorted Captain Moon down the stairs, as the rest of the crew of dancers, distracted the guards and officers. :: Running up the wharf, Smith had the secret to the lead ships capabilities, about a large cannon, that was hidden. “Quick…out of the cove lads…We going to blast those British right back to the Queen’s fanny!”

Guest_Shrurak: Captain Lostchild, having been all but abandoned in the rather empty tavern, humming a rather catchy tune to himself as he walked over to a table and made a small show of spinning the chair on one leg before cathing it and sitting down, simaltaneously removing his hat and lieing it on the table before he looked to the only other soul in the tavern, a barmaid. By God he nearly tore a hole through his trousers! It had been mintues since he had seen a woman, months since he had seen a real one and at the time any real woman rgeatly excited him. He did his best not the leer at the girl, grinning softly before slapping on the table. “Lass would you care to bring a salty ol’ captain a drink?” He said to her, still softly grinning.

LadyBelz: The footsteps moved closer and one deck above, Rachael could make out the sound of two voices. The Pig Lord she knew instantly, as his stench seemed to permeate the very wood of which the ship was built. The other voice sounded very high-pitched and a bit on the rough side…and very, very familiar. Her eyes widened. “Oh no he did not!” she gasped. “What’s that, then?” Billy asked. Rachael had a hand over her mouth, eyes wide and filled with mirth. She could barely speak as the hilarity of the situation suddenly struck her. Oh she could not wait to hear this story from James’s own mouth, that’s for bleedin sure…Meanwhile, inside The Drunken Jackyl, it was completely empty after the pirate hordes cleared out to go on a rescue mission. After Mary had roused some of the more drunken lads into picking up poor Jim and taking him home, she headed into the kitchen to start the washing up, leaving a single barmaid, Eden, to sweep up the floor and straighten the tables and chairs. When Captain Lostchild came into the bar, she gave him a quick glance before returning to her work. She heard a chair scraping across the floor before he spoke to her. “Lass would you care to bring a salty ol’ captain a drink?” She looked up to see the man was leering at her and she rolled her eyes. If she had a gold coin for every time a pirate looked at her that way, she could have been retired in some fancy mansion on the coast somewhere by now. Tossing the broom to the floor, she went to the bar to pour the man some mead, taking both mug and bottle to the table he sat at. She slammed both upon the rough surface. “Enjoy.” she stated before turning back to collect her broom.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: Down below the Sentor, the Lord Shammersmoth brought the very large courtesan into this chambers thinking that “Luna” the luscious and buxom beauty, might very well do what Rachael failed to, and that was to get him off. He instantly strode over and turned on the phonograph to play his favourite music so that Luna had something to dance too. Captain Moon however, he had to come up with a plan to get Rachael out of the place where she was being held, and fast, before the other ships arrived and all hell broke loose. “Now…my lovely. Let old Shammie see those mmmm gorgeous breasts.” He said lustfully, turning around but only thing was, Captain Moon had a rather nasty surprise. For within his skirts he was wearing Rachael’s spare guns, which were cocked and pointed at the Lord’s face. ~click click~ “Hehehe…NO…you, are going to give me the keys to where ever it is Rachael is, or I am going to redecorate your walls…in pink…Savvy?” Captain Moon leered at the Lord, as the record hit a bump and repeated the same part of the song. “You….its you. Captain James MOON! You pirate scum….you loathsome baboon.” He swore, shaking his fist, as Moon put the barrels of his guns to the Lord’s head. “One…two…” The Lord went crosseyed seeing the fact the Captain was counting down. “Down the bottom of the ship, in a cell with that decrepit old Pirate.” Moon ripped off the Lord’s key chain and then he flicked the gun and said. “Sit!” with a growl. The Lord slank down into this chair, his chin wobbling. “What…what are you going to do?” The Captain leered at him and said. “Give you a lap dance you won’t forget.” The Lord gasped as the Captain raised up his boot from beneath his skirts and stomped hard and fast on the Lord’s willy, causing his to pass out cold. “Ya shit head!” he then kicked the chair back with the Lord in it and dashed out of the quarters, roaring. “RIGHT YOU GIRLS…KNOCK EM DEAD!” this was the cue for the lady pirates to bring out their weapons that were hiding in their dresses and scuffles and gunshots were heard, as Moon ran down the stairs to find his Rachael. “Rachael!” he cried, calling through the darkness.

Guest_Shrurak: Captain Lostchild flinched suddenly as the woman slammed his drink and the bottle onto the table, shooting her a slightly hurt gaze. “Lass, I meant no harm, hel if I wished to simply take you I would have tried already. I am no savage, well not towards women of course.” He said with a now, diminished erection and more serious expression as he leaned onto the table, grabbing his glass and hungrily taking a large drink, slamming it down onto the table himself. “And can you blame an old man like me? Hell 10 months on the sea would make even the most devout priest weak in the knees at the sight of a lass, any lass.” he said with a smile and a luagh before downing a second, even larger drink. He didn’t act much liek a pirate but he certainly drank liek one, already down to a small sip of his glass in two mouthfuls.

LadyBelz: Eden laughed then. “Yer a bit of a charmer ain’t ya?” She swiped her damp hair back from her forehead. Eden didn’t think she was a pretty girl, she wasn’t as vain as some of the women on the island, but a few of the pirates had been looking her over. It flattered her a bit…but not that much, especially on a nightly basis. Mary popped her head out of the kitchen. “Floor ain’t ta be cleanin itself, Eden. Get yer lazy arse ta work.” She snapped before heading back into the kitchen. Eden stuck her tongue out at the closing door, only to hear Mary shout out “I heard that, missy!”…Back on the Sentor, Rachael stood when she heard the gunshots and the sounds of bodies hitting the deck. Underneath all that, she could hear her name being shouted. “I’m down here! James! Down here!” she called out, moving to stand at the bars of the cell and waving her arm through it. She tried to see Moon as she heard him descend the stairs. When he came around the corner, Rachael’s mouth dropped open in shock. It was the last thing she expected to see.


LoreleiRoseCarrendar: Up on the top deck, the pirates all removed their wigs, except for the Pirate King, he was really enjoying being dressed totally as a women. But the guards were horrified to realize they had been had by filthy pirates. The sounds of swords clanging and rifle fire, only made the sound worse, by the oncoming fleet of the Pirates. The loud whistle as Cannons were ripping through the air, the boom of the guns, and the skull and cross bones was fluttering proudly upon the Devil’s mystery, who was being sailed by the rest of the crew. Down below, Captain Moon was fiddling with the keys, while his wig made him look so much taller. He could make out his Rachael in the faint glow of the cannon fire, and was trying to hurry up and unlock the door to the cell. “Don’t..you say a bloody word, Woman.” He growled under his breath, knowing he looked like something from a pantomime. Another turn of the key and the gate opened, and Captain Moon reached in to seize Rachael by the arm and drag her out, before the ship was blown apart.

Guest_Shrurak: With a chuckle Captain Lostchild simply winked to the woman, taking the last sip from his glass before adding. “No, dear. Just British.” He said wit ha smile before standing and grabbing the bottle, turning it up high as he too ka large drink, nearly draining it before stopping to slightly whipe his lips and walk around the bar. “Aye, many a men would certainly get into a right damned hustle over you, lass. Fueled by ol’ liquid courage as it were.” he said, tipping the bottle slightly to her as he leaned against a wall close to the bar and to the woman and took an othe rlong, hearty drink. “And my dear, if I drink much more I might not be able to use my o’l sword to ravish you.” he said playfully, wiggling his eyebrows as he sat the now empty bottle on the bar top and calmly wlaked back over to his table, grabbing his hat and tossing it unceremoniously onto his head.


LadyBelz: Rachael had to do a double-take to be sure she wasn’t seeing things. “Are you wearing a bleedin’ dress?” she snickered. “And makeup?” She had to bite her lip or she was going to bust out laughing. “Don’t..you say a bloody word, Woman.” he growled back in reply. He fiddled with the keys and lock, finally getting the door open and grabbing her arm. He began to pull her out but she balked. “Wait! James! Wait!” They were nearly to the stairs going up when she retaliated to the rough treatment by kicking him in the ankles. “James Peter Moon! Stop dragging me about and listen for two bloody seconds!” she shouted over the sounds of dying men, swords crashing and gunfire….Eden continued to sweep and clean up as Lostchild walked around chatting about bar fights and swords. She had a smile on her lips as she bent down to pick up a dirty glass that had been under one of the tables. “T’would take more than a sword to try ta ravage me, sir.” Eden stated, voice muffled as she looked under other tables for missing crockery.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: The Captain was in a hurry to get his fair Rachael out and off that ship, but did she thank him? Did she swear her undying love? No, she bloody well kicked at him and snickered, then said something about having to stand and listen to her. Her timing was as always impeccable. But right on cue, a cannon ball ripped through the hull of the ship, blasting the sides and the timber went flying. “WHAT?!” he then spotted the old Pirate that was still in the cell. “Bleeding heck…ugh…there has to be another one to save.” He released Rachael and then stormed back in, ripping the Old Pirate off his chained bed and then threw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, as up above, the screams of the dying and the clash of blades continued. “NOW…Let’s get moving!” He thundered past Rachael and tore up the stairs, with the poor old Pirate muttering some happy tune and waving to Rachael who would have been behind them. Up top, it was madness, and the Doctor was madly trying to fight off two soldiers with his one sword. Moon charged past and took out a musket, firing it into the back of one of the solider’s heads, blasting it apart. “We haven’t got time for dilly dallying. ALL HANDS ABANDON THIS SHIP!” He roared, as the dancing pirate ladies yelled out “AYE AYE, CAPTAIN!” Down below in the Lord’s cabin, Lord Shammersmoth was trying to get to his feet, his pants stained from the blood of his damaged willy. “I”LL GET YOU MOON….IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO!”

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Guest_Shrurak: “Ah but most men do not know how to use theirswords like men, they toss them wildly to and fro like savages with little concern for finesse or tactics.” he said, a soft msile playing over his lips as he turned to look at her just as she bent down, more thna few naughty diea spopping into his head as he leanined onto his table. ” Ia m a captain, I got the where I am with skill not force. Though..” He chcukled softly before gently tugging the front of his hat down to hide a rather darker expression. “The thrill of watching a rival ship burn and sink into the depths, after listening to your cannons tear them to shreds, can be just as thrilling pleasuring as lieing with a woman.” he smirked softly before standing and reaching into his coat, digging otu a few golden coins and tossing the monto his table, the coins rattling on one another as he did so. “For the drink and the company.” He said before tossing an extra coin onto them and taking his seat once more.

LadyBelz: The sound of coin bouncing across wood caught Eden’s attention and she stood up quickly, snatching up the coins and shoving them down the top of her dress. “Ye have a dark side, me think. But thank ye all the same, sir.”….Moon grabbed up Billy, and ran from the cell, Rachael on his heels, and just in time too as a cannonball exploded the wall where the cot had been resting. As they reached top deck, Moon shouting the order to abandon the ship, Rachael had to pause and stare. Pirates all over, in various stages of women’s dress were fighting off Lord Hammerspig’s men. She spotted the Devil’s own doctor fighting off two. Moon ran on, grabbing his pistol and shooting one of them in the head. Rachael quickly caught up to Moon, beating him to the rail and swinging across safely to her beloved Devil’s Mystery. She turned to wait for Moon to bring Billy safely across.

Guest_Shrurak: Lostchild chuckled deep in his throat, a now slightly dark smirk painted firmly on his face as he gently let his hand cup and stroke his chin beard as he spoke to the woman. “All good captain’s need an outlet, mine is naval warfare.” He tipped his hat up, now lettign rest sligthy further back on his head before winking to the woman. “Most salty dogs look to woman for that, i say woman are far too beautiful to take otu such things upon.” With that he casually reached down and pulled out his pistol. Though at first it looked quite like the standard flintlock pistol it quickly became aware that is had twin barrels, one beside the other. The engravings on the barrels worn away from the sea air and years of use, the wood dinged and tarnished from the same. He calmly twirled it on his finger before catching it in his hand and pointing it up into the air at a slightly angle. “Men who use woman never meet swift deaths.” He thin grinned a bit..wickedly for someone so polite and well spoken. “And, lass. I am the reason behind that. My men like to call me ‘The widow Maker’.” He luaghed loudly at that before bringing his pistol down onto the table and smiling to the woman. “Another drink, lass?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: :- The five other ships of the British fleet were alerted to the oncoming of the Pirate fleet, with the Devil’s mystery in the lead. But what shocked all the officers on the other ships was the fact that it was women that were doing all the fighting. The Devil’s mystery came up one side of the Sentor, the Edith came up the other, as the Pirate King grabbed a rope and swung across to his vessel. “TALLY HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he sang out, as he was still in pink feathers and sequins, much to the delight of his crew. Rachael had already swung over to the Devil, leaving Moon fighting off the last of the guards, as he took a rope and snarled at the smelly old bugger on his shoulder. “PISS ON ME, AND I GUT YOU, YA OLD FART!” Then with a push off, he swung across between the ships, as Lord Shammersmoth came up the stairs. “MOOOON…COME BACK HERE!…YOU’RE DEAD…YOU’RE ALL…” then both the Edith and the Devil’s mystery’s cannons opened fire, in a massive display of firepower, with the smell of gun powder and splintering wood. The Sentor was being blown to bits, its masts collapsing as the ship was pummelled over and over by the cannon fire. The Sentor started to break apart, then the fire reached the hold where the gun powder was stored and then there was an almighty explosion, as the ship was blown clear out of the water. Captain Moon landed, and rolled onto the main deck, while the old Pirate was flung towards a barrel. With the other ships seeing the might of the Pirate fleets, they all started to try and turn away, with the Sentor starting to sink, below the waves. Captain Moon stood up, with his wig on crooked and lipstick smeared, as the crew cheered and shook their swords at the pussy British fleet. Moon then placed his hands on his hips and snarled at all of them. “I need a bloody drink.” And stormed off to his cabin. The doctor came over and went to hug Rachael, though he was still in drag. “They did all this, for you, Lady Rachael.” The scene was one of death, broken masts and gay looking pirates. Where else would she ever rather be?

LadyBelz: Eden stared at the gun in the man’s hands. It was larger than any gun she’d ever seen. “I’m impressed, sir. Ya wouldn’t happen ta be making widows of the married gentry would ye? Them English dandies dunna take a kindness to a pirate between their lass’s skirts and such.” Eden wondered, continuing around the bar and doing her tasks. Mary had popped out a couple of times to collect any dirty dishes Eden found, and to make sure there was no funny business going on, giving Lostchild dirty looks each time she noticed he was still around. Explosions and gunfire echoed through the open windows of The Drunken Jackyl as Mary popped in again. “Sounds like quite the party.” Mary stated, grabbing up another tray of dishes. Eden took a look out the window in time to see a ship’s mast sinking below the waves. She caught sight of an English flag on the mast and snickered. “Serves those English bastards right. This is our island, neutral ground and they have no business a’bein here.” Eden turned back to Lostchild. “The Pirate Lords and the English Monarchy have a treaty in place, have had it for centuries. This island is our safe haven. No Englishman would dare step upon our lands without reprecussions.” She pointed out the window, where another English ship went down in flames. “Someone’s head will be on the chopping block with this one.”….Rachael made sure that Billy was okay after his flight across the deck before she turned to James. She caught a glimpse of his backside, still encased in pink as he headed to his cabin. “Tim, could you see ta Billy, please.” she called out. Tim nodded and helped the old sea dog to his feet as Rachael headed below to the Captain’s quarters. His door was closed against her and locked tight. She knocked on the door before calling out his name. “James. Open the door, please.” she requested. She sensed that his male pride had taken a pretty hard hit, and her laughing at him probably didn’t help matters any. But she had to thank him for rescuing her. If only he’d “OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR, YA DAFT BASTARD!” she shouted when she didn’t get a reply to her knock.

Guest_Shrurak: Captain Lostchild let out a rather loud laugh at the woman’s response. “Who said I did it to get into there skirts, lass?” He said with a sly, almost decieving, smirks. “I kill men who deserve it, I leave the woman alone. Though I can’t say they haben’t thrown their knickers at me afterwards.” He said with a soft snicker before her turned to see the woman who popped out fro ma door behind the bar regularly. “Are you daft woman? Not very nice to give a man looks liek those less you intend to kill him.” He remakred before waving her over. “Come, sit. I’ll pay you just to talk if I have to.” He added before once more tossing several coins onto the table. Hearing the explosions and gunfire he smiled. “Ah, yes. Those strange loons at the docks mentioned something about that, took my ship to help them with it.” He said, leaving his pistol on the table though he knew it wasn’t loaded, and leaning back into the chair, propping his heels up onto the table.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: Captain Moon didn’t really want rum, he wanted to get out of the silly get up and make up that made him look just like the Pirate King, Maureen. No sooner had he entered his cabin, he ripped off the wig and threw it so it landed on Harold and covered the bird completely. Then to the wash basin, and he scrubbed all the foul make up off his face, before patting it dry. Hands raised up, he undid his bustier, with the melons falling to the ground, only to hear Rachael now banging on his door. “James. Open the door, please.” He was still partly dressed in the girly skirt and grumbled and muttered to himself, not answering as he shook his hips to get it to fall off. Then, standing in his smalls, and nothing else, he heard her scream out like a woman possessed. “OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR, YA DAFT BASTARD!” Up top the crew were celebrating the end of the Sentor, when down below, Captain Moon opened the door, and Rachael would see pretty much all of him. He looked at her, chest rising and falling, glistening in sweat and the water droplets from his face and chin. “What?”


LadyBelz: Mary stared at the man, face scrunched up in a glare. “I’m no innocent serving wench, M’Lord. This be my place. Behave or take yourself and leave.” Mary headed back into the kitchen, leaving Eden and Lostchild alone. “Ya have ta excuse Mary. She worked hard ta get this place a’runnin. I’m greatful to her for the work.” She pushed the fresh coins across the table at him and sat down to rest her tired feet. “No need ta pay extra for me comp’ny. You’re an okay bloke.” Eden gave him a genuine smile…When the door flew open, Rachael had a reply to his curt greeting ready to speak but the words died a swft death upon seeing him. It may very well have been the first time she’d ever seen his unclothed body in the light of day. And he was a fine specimen to behold. All sinew and muscle. She gulped and dragged her gaze away from his chest to his eyes. “I…uh…came to…thank you…for the rescue…so…thank you.” she murmured. Surprising them both, she stepped closer to him and leaned up to plant a small kiss upon his stubbled cheek before she turned to walk away.

Guest_Shrurak: Lostchild let out a chuckle before shouting at the woman who glared to him as she wwent back int othe kitchen. “Still doesn’t make you any less daft.” He said before smiling and pushes the coins back to the woman who sat down across from him.” Take the gold, lass. My pride is fragile enough without cute lasses turning away my coin.” He said with a chuckle before adding. “Even if it is just for company.” With that he looked to the window and smiled. “I envy those men, a good fight would be welcome right now.” He said softly as he calmly gave his pistol a spin, casuing it to twirl around on it’s side.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: For the first time in Moon’s life, he saw Rachael become awkward in his presence. The fact he was barely dressed might have had something to do with it. He was cutting in his one word question of “What?” but he was more than anything ashamed that he had to dress as a woman to save his woman. He stared down at her with those brooding dark eyes, the shock of jet black hair, that hung partially over one eye. His rippling muscles and abs, dripping with sweat and just soo….damn sexy. She then stuttered and stammered her way through an apology, and kissed his cheek, like…she was his sister. Moon stood there, looking oddly at her as she turned and walked away. All that effort, for a kiss on the cheek? Moon was about to close his door, when the Doctor came past Rachael, and then saw Moon’s state of dress. “I have heard of quickies…but that is ridiculous, Captain.” The Captain rolled his eyes and spun on his heel, then went back in his cabin, as the Doctor followed, slowly taking off his own wig, but still painted up like a lady. “Not what you think, Doc.” The Captain muttered sitting down in his chair and turning it towards the window. The Doctor looked confused and then brightened and said. “Premature ejaculation happens sometimes.” The Captain tossed him a look that was as if the Doctor had been drinking. “I didn’t touch her….She bloody well confused me again.” The Doctor sat down and fiddled with his lace frillies. “How?” The Captain sighed as he watched a wig dancing across the floor, probably Harold under it. “I don’t think she finds me attractive.” The Doctor kinda found that funny and had to cover his mouth with his hand. “I think she’s gay.” Moon said, rolling his fist and resting his chin on it. “Either that, or I am uglier than a dog’s ass.”

LadyBelz: Mary came back out of the kitchen with a wicked looking butcher’s knife in her hands. She marched up to the occupied table and slammed the knife, point down into the wood right near Lostchild’s smallest finger. “Ya want somethin ta eat or ya just gonna yammer me ears off all bleedin night?” She demanded, snatching up the coins on the table before either Eden or Lostchild could speak…Rachael stood up on the deck of The Devil’s Mystery. They hadn’t bothered returning to the island as they had stocked up on supplies earlier in the day and were sailing out into open seas. Someone had broken the treaty between the Pirate Lords and the English monarchy by attacking the pirates on their home turf, neutral lands and someone was going to pay. Tim came up beside her as she stared at the lights of their home as they faded in the distance. “Are ya okay, Miss Rachael? You took a pretty hard hit ta the head.” he asked. She patted his hand and gave him a small smile. “I’m fine, Tim. I have you ta thank fer raisin’ the alarm, I believe.” Tim blushed and ran his hand through his hair in embarassment. “I’d do it again, too. Yer important ta us, Miss Rachael. I don’t want anything bad ta happen to ya, ever.” he admitted. She patted his arm. “Yer a bonnie boy, Tim. Ya better get some sleep. Long day ahead of us on the morrow.” He nodded and headed to his bunk below. Rachael turned and went up to relieve the first mate for the evening, keeping the ship steady on her course, while she tried and failed to keep her thoughts of Moon and his gorgeous body from her mind. Who knew he was hiding such sexiness beneath all the ruffles and leather? She knew she could not repeat her actions at the lagoon. Some men, and it seemed Moon was one of them, didn’t care for women who asserted themselves in the bedroom. She shook her head and kept her attention on steering The Devil’s Mystery. If James wanted her, he was going to have to come to her for once. She was done with the chase…for now.