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Name: Queen Ceara McCabre
Age: 408
Sex: Female
Race: Fae
Birthday: Sept 9

Hair Color: Red/blonde
Eye Color: Brown/gold
Height: 178cms
Weight: 62kgs
Fashion Style: Elegant gowns, lace, silk, satin, pastel colours
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: None known


Personality: Kind, witty, friendly, crafty, clever, ruthless, comical

Magical Abilities: Glamour:Illusion cast by the Fae to camouflage their true appearance.The average human sees only what the Fae wants them to see, and is subtly repelled from bumping into or brushing against it by a small perimeter of spatial distortion that is part of the Fae glamour(Hiding,Stealth,Invisibilty,incognito,polymorph)
Sifting: Fae method of locomotion, occurs at speed of thought(Recall,Teleport)
Healing:Fairy healing powers are extraordinary. They can cure any wound or illness, and even revive the dead.(Healing ,Veterinary,Heal ,Greater Heal,cure,arch cure,Resurrection)
Charming: A Natural talent for song and dance combined with the fae’s physical beauty can soemtimes control the hearts and minds of men and beasts.(Peacemaking,Provoke,Animal Taming)
Tongues: Tongues allows them to speak any language at will, sometimes without even thinking about it.(Goblin and zibari languages)
Sight: Very little can be kept hidden from the eyes of the fae some have the ability to see what is hidden or view things over far distances.(Detect Hidden,Witch’s Peer,Night sight)
The fae are immortal this simply means longevity,In the kingdom when the human host dies the fae will find another host child and live on through it. They can still be harmed by magical and normal means and even succumb to poisons disease and sickness.
Strengths: Charm, good looks
Weaknesses: Fine food
Likes: Her daughters, dancing, gossip, Being Queen.
Dislikes: Her husband, son and men in general
History: Queen of both the light and dark Fae, Ceara rules with charm, intelligence, and devious planning. She gets along splendidly with her daughters, but finds both her husband and son to be a bit of a nuisance. As queen, she would much rather rule the Fae herself and hopes to one day rule all of Europe, splitting it right down the middle to divide amongst her two daughters. She is kind, witty, and friendly, but quite ruthless when it comes to her masterful plan.