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Roleplay Live : Group : A Pirate’s Life

La Isla del Mar Negro

”Whose ya Daddy?”



Lady Belz (GM)

Last time on The Devil’s Mystery…

LadyBelz: Mary came back out of the kitchen with a wicked looking butcher’s knife in her hands. She marched up to the occupied table and slammed the knife, point down into the wood right near Lostchild’s smallest finger. “Ya want somethin ta eat or ya just gonna yammer me ears off all bleedin night?” She demanded, snatching up the coins on the table before either Eden or Lostchild could speak…Rachael stood up on the deck of The Devil’s Mystery. They hadn’t bothered returning to the island as they had stocked up on supplies earlier in the day and were sailing out into open seas. Someone had broken the treaty between the Pirate Lords and the English monarchy by attacking the pirates on their home turf, neutral lands and someone was going to pay. Tim came up beside her as she stared at the lights of their home as they faded in the distance. “Are ya okay, Miss Rachael? You took a pretty hard hit ta the head.” he asked. She patted his hand and gave him a small smile. “I’m fine, Tim. I have you ta thank fer raisin’ the alarm, I believe.” Tim blushed and ran his hand through his hair in embarrassment. “I’d do it again, too. Yer important ta us, Miss Rachael. I don’t want anything bad ta happen to ya, ever.” he admitted. She patted his arm. “Yer a bonnie boy, Tim. Ya better get some sleep. Long day ahead of us on the morrow.” He nodded and headed to his bunk below. Rachael turned and went up to relieve the first mate for the evening, keeping the ship steady on her course, while she tried and failed to keep her thoughts of Moon and his gorgeous body from her mind. Who knew he was hiding such sexiness beneath all the ruffles and leather? She knew she could not repeat her actions at the lagoon. Some men, and it seemed Moon was one of them, didn’t care for women who asserted themselves in the bedroom. She shook her head and kept her attention on steering The Devil’s Mystery. If James wanted her, he was going to have to come to her for once. She was done with the chase…for now.


CharlotteCarrendar: – In the Captain’s cabin, the Doctor was asleep in the Captain’s bunk, one leg hanging out and a few spent rum bottles on the floor, while at the Captain’s desk, Moon was working on his charts, knowing that they would not be returning to Skull Island anytime soon. The threat to the Pirates was greater than ever, after blowing up the Sentor and most likely killing about a hundred or so of the Queen’s men. Bad day to be British, that was for sure. The pitch and sway of the ship, had the empty rum bottles rolling back and forth across the floor of the Captain’s cabin, with the clink sound heard, as they smacked into each other. Harold the Parrot, was asleep on his perch, still wearing that god awful wig that the Captain threw on him the night before.

The First mate was clearly doing a good job at sailing the Devil’s Mystery, the Captain thought to himself, and now that he had the chart figured out, he snapped up his compass, and rose from his chair. The Doctor let out a loud snore and then grumbled something incoherent, which only made the Captain raise an eyebrow and think to himself. “What kind of man can’t hold three full bottles of rum? Clearly the Doctor couldn’t. Wearing his usual pants, he pulled on a reasonably clean shirt, and tied off his pants with a bow, that he tucked back inside. Reaching for his hat, he fixed it on his long brown hair, not even bothering to set to it with a brush, since he thought that was a girly thing to do, and dreadlocks were more appealing…smelly but appealing, and then strode out of his cabin, to go give the new course directions to the first mate.


As he reached the main deck, he felt the crisp morning salt air hit his face, almost blowing off his hat, but the sweet salt scent was invigorating to his senses. This was going to be a better day, he figured. Then..he saw who was at the helm, and cringed. Rachael was the one steering the ship, and after their last chat the night before, he once again had two left feet. Sucking up his pride, he marched up the stairs, and then with folded arms, he stood along side Rachael, looking straight out to sea, and said;

“Shot any birds yet, love?”


LadyBelz: Rachael had spent a peaceful night up on deck keeping the ship steady and on course, keeping her thoughts on safe topics such as what was to happen when the Queen discovered this travesty, and who’s head was going to roll for it. She wasn’t remotely tired and Cook had brought her something to eat just a short time ago so she was no longer hungry. She was so into her task she was unaware Moon had shown up beside her until he spoke.

“Shot any birds yet, love?” If it hadn’t been for the fact that she was concentrating so heavily on keeping the ship steady, she would have steered into some rocks or a reef as he had badly startled her. She took a deep breath and calmly replied back to him in return. “Kind of hard ta shoot when you’re sailing, Captain.” She took a glance at the compass and saw they were a few degrees off-course and quickly made the necessary adjustments. “And good morning. Did you sleep well?” she asked.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Truth was, the Captain hadn’t slept a wink. He was suffering from insomnia, probably due to stress but he wasn’t about to tell Rachael, that as she might view it as weakness. “Not much sleep. Bit difficult when the Doctor is snoring and ranting in his.” Well at least that was the truth, to a certain extent. The Captain couldn’t help but look down at Rachael, and though he in his heart wanted to go down on one knee and start to serenade her, he knew that was probably the last thing she would want, being that she had that fierce look of gritted teeth determination as she gripped the ship’s wheel with a white knuckled intensity.

Glancing down at the deck, the old man that he had rescued the night before, was still asleep on the deck in amongst some netting and looked pretty comfortable. The Captain raised an eyebrow, since most of the other pirates were attending to their duties to run the ship.

“Who is that silly old bugger down there? And why is he sleeping? If he don’t pull his weight, I be sure to slam a meathook through his neck and toss him over the side to catch a marlin.”

He gave Rachael a firm nod and then realized he was finding himself looking at her for too long and then silently went on his business, going down to tend to the crew.

LadyBelz: “That ‘silly old bugger’ as you call him was locked up in the hold of the pig’s ship for God knows how long. Let him sleep, probably the best sleep he’s gotten in ages.” Rachael called after him as he walked away. She growled in frustration. She honestly did not know what Moon’s problem was this fair morning. She was unfailingly polite, didn’t shout, didn’t get angry and was practically the essence of calm as she steered the ship through calm seas. And yet he still deigned to treat her as if she hadn’t a brain cell to be had in her head. Sighing, she came to the conclusion that she would never understand James Peter Moon and that maybe that interlude by the waterfall was some weird dream brought on by too much sun. “Mr Gibbs, take over please.” she commanded to the first mate. “I’m going to me cabin for a bit of a lie in.” She glanced at Moon’s back as he stood below before she left, shaking her head.


CharlotteCarrendar:- The wooden door to the cabins below, opened and out of it came a dishevelled ship’s Doctor, who was trying to put his spectacles on and kept doing it upside down, wondering why they weren’t catching on his ears. He saw Ms Rachael coming towards the direction to go below, and he staggered in front of her, the smell of rum on his breath.

“Help…I can’t put my glasses on.”

The ship started to lurch as Mr Gibbs took over, and all of a sudden, the Doctor’s face went a violent shade of green. He placed his hand over his mouth, and you could see the reaching was starting, from the pit of his stomach. Oh god, he was going to be sick. He held up a finger politely as he could and then dashed, or tried to, nearly tripping over a loose rope, as he reached the edge of the ship and started to throw up, a spectacular array of colours from the contents of his stomach. The horrid cries and sounds he made, even frightened the seagulls that had been resting on the yard arm.

“Oh…oh…*bleah*….help…oh..god. Never…*ralph*…again…”


LadyBelz: When the Doctor stopped her on her way below, she had to back away a few feet as he smelled strongly of rum, almost as if he’d taken a bath in it. “Help…I can’t put my glasses on.” the man moaned.

“Ye should know by now ye can’t hold yer rum, Doc.” Rachael snorted. “Don’t know why ye continue ta try.” The ship lurched once before steadying, but once was all it took for the Doctor to turn an ugly shade of green she’d seen once on a rotted bread loaf. She stepped aside as he practically tripped over everything at his feet to get to the side of the ship, tossing up the contents of his stomach in multicolor and disgusting fashion. Rachael turned away, but not before she inadvertently caught Moon’s eyes upon her. Her gaze remained soft and kind before she turned away and continued her journey to her bunk and some much needed sleep.


CharlotteCarrendar:- The last bits of drool seemed to hang like a strand from the edge of the Doctor’s lip, as he was hanging over the side of the ship, staring at the discoloured waters from where he had thrown up everything he had eaten for the last few days. His pitiful moans, like that of a dying man, even got the attention of the ship’s Captain, but not before he caught sight of his lady Rachael, who gave him a look that would melt the hardest of hearts. He then returned a look in kind, like that of when they were on the island near the rock pool, and held her gaze for what seemed like at least two minutes. Course that poor sap of a hung over man, the Doctor had to go and spoil the moment, with his infernal retching.

As Rachael turned away, and made her way below, the Captain approached the Doctor and slapped his back heartily, causing the Doctor’s glasses to slip and he almost lost them to the sea.

“I think she smiled at me. Wait I know she did. Maybe she’s not gay. I don’t know.” He then sniffed the air near the Doctor and wrinkled up his face.

“I think you smell worse than the burley to catch the big fish. Eww.”


LadyBelz: Belowdecks, Rachael made her way to her cabin, lost in thought. She really wanted to go back to Port Royale and deal with the murderer of her parents. The man deserved every ounce of hate and loathing she held within her body. She sat down on her bunk, looking through the portal beside the bed at the clouds overhead. “I don’t know what to do, Father. That man is evil and twisted and has too much power. How can I fix this, fix him?” She sighed, laying down and locking her fingers behind her head, staring up at the ceiling. “And James…he’s taken to avoiding me again. It wasn’t so bad before we started realizing we liked each other…but now I feel like I’ve lost something special.” She turned on her side, her cat jumping up beside her and cuddling close. “At least you still love me.” She grinned, scratching him behind his ears. He purred with delight, enjoying her attentions as only a cat could. Sighing, she took comfort in stroking her cat’s fur as she stared off into space, lost in her thoughts.


CharlotteCarrendar:- The Ship’s Doctor wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and the smell was rancid. Even he had to admit he was on the nose. One thing about the ship, there was really only one way to have a wash, and he wasn’t going to like it. The Captain shook his head, and then pointed to the starboard side. “Go wash ya face good and proper, before you go talking to anyone, or you be killing with ya breath.” The ship’s Doctor’s shoulders sagged, and he trudged away, the odd hiccup coming from him. He truly wasn’t pirate material, but he had been helpful in the rescue of Rachael, and the Captain was ever grateful for that.

Over on the nets, the old salt was finally stirring, after what would have been the best sleep he had had in forever. Blinking and then sitting up, he stretched and popped a few joints, and then raised his hand to shield his eyes from the sun. Glancing around, he could see all the pirates at work, and a smile broke out on his withered features. No longer captive of the English bastards, he was free…well as free as any Pirate could be. Captain Moon happened to be marching past, when the old Pirate sung:

“Oh hey diddley dee…a pirate life for meeeeee.”

The Captain stopped and then leaned over and sniffed the old bugger, before looking a bit sick himself. “And I thought the Doctor stunk. You…get up top and wash. Then go see Rachael for some decent pirating outfit. You are about fifty years out of date, Old man.”



LadyBelz: Billy put his hands on his hips and laughed happily. “Sorry, mate. Kind of hard ta get a proper bath be’in locked up for so long. I can be takin care o’ that in a jiff. J’es need a decent set of clothes as you can see.” Billy chuckled, pointing to his dirty and dingy “prisonware”. “Don’t know me size anymore, losin a fair stone, I did. Yer doctor is about me size, if’n he don’t mind ta share?” Without waiting for an answer, Billy strode toward the gangplank and jumped off into the sea, laughing the whole time. He managed to snag a trailing rope from The Devil’s Mystery and tied it to his waist, allowing the ship to pull him along like some decrepit, oversized bath toy as he used the sea water to have a proper wash. Cook, who was walking by at the time, tossed Billy a cake of soap, which Billy was thankful for. “Much obliged, mate!” Billy called out, yanking off his dirty clothes and letting them float away.


CharlotteCarrendar:- The Captain could hardly believe his eyes, when the old bugger jumped off the gang plank. Normally, you have to give them a bit of a prod with a sword to get them to walk. But this guy, he ran and took a flying leap. Even a few deck hands took to the side, to see if the old bloke had vanished beneath the waves, but sure enough, he was being dragged along using a ship’s rope to keep him from being washed away, and treated the sea as his own private spa. “Blow me down…where he learn to do dat?” The Captain said, almost shocked by the old coot. One of the crew laughed to see him catch the soap from Cook on the fly and start singing as his clothes were being taken off and he was scrubbing himself into a lather. “Hmmph. Well don’t call to me when he gets dragged back on deck. I don’t think me eyes want to catch sight of his shrivelled bits.” And with that, the Captain left the crew to be amused by Billy’s antics.


LadyBelz: Below decks, Rachael, who had yet to sleep, heard the commotion and sat up quickly, wondering what the hell was going on. She took a glance out the portal in time to see a wrinkled and naked arse rise up out of the water as the crew above began to pull Billy from the water. Billy spun in the rope until his front was facing her and her eyes widened in shock before she spun away from the sight of a shrunken mast. “Oh now I think I’m going to be sick.” she moaned, hand over her mouth. Mr Pibbs agreed with her with a meow…Above deck, Billy was handed a fresh set of clothing and a piece of cloth to dry off with. “Thanks, mate. Feels grand to be in clean clothes again.” Tim was standing close to him and had to ask his questions. “How’d you end up a prisoner?” Billy looked at the young lad with a sad smile. “Ah, mate. Tis a sad tale that is. Some time ago…oh probably nigh ta ’bout 15-20 years now, I was an English merchant living with me wife and young daughter back in Port Royale. Oh I loved me fair Lils and me daughter, apples of me eye they were. And then me best friend…betrayed me. Stole me ship, me work, me very livlihood. Had ta resort ta piratin to keep food on me table and a roof over our heads. One day…was sailing off the coast of Spain, raiding one o’ them Spanish ships. Got caught in a crossfire. I nearly escaped, but was caught by those Spanish bastards. Jailed for a short time…I sent notice home so’s not ta worry me family. Got a reply that told that me wife and child had been killed, a thief stole into our home while I was gone and slit their throats in their beds. Broke me heart. Stayed in Spain for a time, moved on ta Ireland for a fair bit, met a lovely young lass. Didn’t think I could love her more than me dear departed wife, but I did…and gave her a son, finest son ever ta be had. But those English bastards raided our town, killing everyone. Killed me wife, killed me son…”

Billy shook his head with a sigh. “I was recognized for the pirate I was…locked up, fer good this time. Didn’t care ta live anymore without me family. Found out later that both me families were killed by the same bloody bastard who’d ordered me locked up.” he finished. “But if I had one chance ta get me hands on the bastard who killed me families…I’d rip his guts out and use em fer garters.”


CharlotteCarrendar:- Now, the Doctor had been washing himself up on the top deck, and after getting the vomit spittle out of his good and only shirt, he came back down the steps, to hear that the old Pirate, Billy was telling his tale. It actually had many of the pirates intrigued, and one thing should be known, is that on these long voyages, any story is a good one. The Doctor finally figured out the right way to put on his spectacles, and then leaned on one of the crates that was stached two high. He narrowed his gaze on the mention of Port Royale, and then he started to do the mathmatics in his head of Billy’s approximate age, and how that would translate into the time period of which he spoke. He started to run his stubbled chin, as he stared down at the floor, and went over the same sentence in his head, that Billy had said;

“oh probably nigh ta ’bout 15-20 years now, I was an English merchant living with me wife and young daughter back in Port Royale. Oh I loved me fair Lils and me daughter, apples of me eye they were.”

The rest of the crew were enjoying hearing of this tale, for it was filled with drama, and love, loss and family. But the part about how he was done over by the same man repeatedly, showed that whoever this man was, had a serious bone to pick with Billy.

The ship’s Doctor started to back up, and then he had a thought in mind, and headed for Rachael’s cabin. He couldn’t be sure, but was it a coincidence about the remarks of the wife and daughter back in Port Royale? There was only one way to find out, and that was to ask Rachael herself.

Descending the stairs, and then opening the door, he made his way along the corridor till reaching her cabin and knocked twice, trying to keep from being sick again, as the ship had this tendency to roll with the waves, and being sea sick on an empty stomach was just horrid. Hearing her inside asking for whoever knocked to enter, he smartly opened the door, and went inside. Seeing the fair Rachael, he bowed his head, in respect, and then said;

“Lady Rachael…that withered man on deck, the one that the Captain rescued. He…he was just telling the crew about his life before being locked up by the British for piracy.” -the Doctor bit his bottom lip, worried about whether or not his own conclusion was correct.

“He said…he was once a successful merchant, about 15 -20 years ago and he spoke of a wife and daughter. He said the wife’s name was Lils. Does…that ring any bells?”

The Doctor looked at her thoughtfully, wondering if he was right about this.


LadyBelz: Rachael was just relaxing into sleep when someone knocked on the door to her cabin. Sighing, she sat up and bid them to enter, frowning when the Doctor stepped into the room. He looked quite agitated. He bowed to her in respect before speaking. “Lady Rachael…that withered man on deck, the one that the Captain rescued. He…he was just telling the crew about his life before being locked up by the British for piracy.” Rachael stared at him, a small frown upon her face. “What’s tha have ta do with me?” she asked. He looked about nervously before speaking again. “He said…he was once a successful merchant, about 15-20 years ago, and he spoke of a wife and daughter. He said the wife’s name was Lils. Does…that ring any bells?” Rachael’s frown deepened. “I think that rum’s gone ta ya head, Doctor. Since I was old enough to talk, me dear mother told me that me father was a pirate, not an English merchant. So whatever thought ye have in that skull of yours, ye may want to re-examine.” she chuckled. “And incidentally…me mother’s name was Lillian.” she added as an afterthought. “Me da would never resort to using such silly nicknames. I know this.”


CharlotteCarrendar:- But the problem was, the Doctor had not told Rachael, everything that he had heard. He brought up his curled fist to his mouth and coughed, feeling that he was getting into dangerous territory with the Captain’s fair lady. “Forgive me, but…about the pirate claim. He…well you see, he said that his best friend betrayed him. Stole his ship and his livelihood, so he had to go off and do a spot of pirating off the Spanish maine, just so he could send money home to his wife and child. But then he got word that they been killed…..So you see…he was a pirate.” The Doctor knew that this had to be true. It was too fantasitc a tale to make up, and pirates, they don’t lie about their exploits, that was for sure, especially since they do get to talking on many a ship, and word does pass around easy.

“Rachael. I think you need to go speak to Billy about this. I…I think he might be you Pa.”


LadyBelz: Rachael stared at him, denial etched in every line of her face. “No. I don’t believe you. Are you trying ta hurt me? Is that it? Or are you that drunk?” she snapped, getting to her feet. “I’ll go speak ta him and prove ya wrong.” She shoved past him and headed to the main deck to see the crew stood around Billy and hanging on to his every word. “And who was this ‘best friend’ who betrayed you I’d like to bloody well know.” she demanded. Her voice had a hard edge to it that made many a man tense and look at her with fright. It was a tone they knew well to steer clear of, but no one dared to move. Billy looked up at Rachael and felt his heart pound fiercely in his chest. With the sun behind her, she looked the spittin image of his dear Lillian. “His name was Thorne…Beckett Thorne.” Billy replied. He watched Rachael pale in shock, her knees threatening to give way. A couple of the crew who were close to her moved to help her but she shoved them forcefully away. She made her way down the steps, legs shaking. The crew parted before her like the Red Sea under the command of Moses and his Lord and she stopped a few feet from Billy. “Your wife? Your daughter? Their names?” She held her breath, waiting. Billy frowned in confusion but answered anyway. “Lillian and Rachael. Lillian and Rachael O’Malley.” The entire crew gaped in shock, no more shocked than the Captain himself as he stared between Rachael and Billy.

Rachael felt dizzy…but she had to ask. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Who are you?” Billy wondered where this was going. He looked around at the shocked faces around him before he then replied: “Billy O’Malley, once known upon the Seven Seas as Captain Rochard “Red Beard” O’Malley. And who might you be ta be askin, lass?” Rachael was on the verge of fainting. “Papa!” she exclaimed before fainting dead away.



CharlotteCarrendar:- The crew were dumbfounded, the ship’s Doctor kinda felt responsible and gave himself a little punch of pride for being right. The Captain….he was speechless. He stepped over the fainted body of Rachael and strode boldly up to Billy, or Captain Rochard “Red Beard” O’Malley and then burst into a huge smile. “Well why didn’t you bleedin’ say who you were, instead of acting like a right git. I heard many tales about you, Cap’n Red Beard, though, I have to say…your beard could use a bit of colour. Bit..silver speckled and nasty. Don’t worry, I have Timmy work on that with some of the coloured dyes we use for painting the front of the ship. The Doctor coughed and then pointed at the unconscious body of Rachael, who was spread out across the deck.

“Err…Captain..come on, shouldn’t you be picking her up…or something?’

“What? and miss out on meeting the legendary Red Beard? Psh…she can sleep a bit longer. Beauty sleep is what they be callin it.”

He then threw his arm around Billy, and again, stepped over Rachael, and offered to take the Pirate below for a good drop of his rum.

“So…ever hear about the time I took on ten daigos and ate their ears? It was a fine tale. Oh…how do you like seagull for lunch. Knowing Rachael, she going to be shooting a few birds when she wakes up. Lord knows where she gets that from eh? Not you of course. You wouldn’t waste your time taking crack shots at birds.” He guffawed and opened the door for the Old pirate and the two would go below.

Up on deck, the Doctor knelt down near the sleeping beauty known as Rachael, and gently rocked her shoulder.

“Uhm..Rachael. I just want to say, Congrats on finding your Pa. But, please don’t kill the Captain when you wake up.”


LadyBelz: Rachael started to come around, faintly hearing the Doc speaking to her. “…please don’t kill the Captain when you wake up.” That seemed to break through the fog she’d found herself in and she sat up, eyes wide. She looked at Doc before grabbing him by the front of his shirt and yanking him close. “My father is alive?” The Doc nodded. “And he’s on this ship?” The Doc nodded. “I fainted.” Another nod. “And they just left me laying there?” She screeched. Wincing, his temples still pounding from a hangover, he nodded. “THOSE DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS!” she screamed, scattering birds that had been resting in the crow’s nest and along the masts. Getting to her feet, using the Doc as leverage, she shook him. “WHERE ARE THEY?” He pointed toward the Captain’s quarters with a shaking arm. Scowling, she turned and headed below, forgetting in her haste that she still had hold of Doc’s shirt, dragging him along with her. As she got closer to the Captain’s room, she could hear raucous laughter within and it served to fuel her anger to volcanic proportions.

She kicked in the door, knocking it from the hinges. She tossed the Doc into the room, not caring where he landed. “I HATE THE LOT O’ YA AND MAY YE ALL ROT IN THE FIREY PITS O’ HELL!” She yanked her pistol from her belt and proceeded to shoot the bottle of rum that had been in Moon’s hand before drawing her sword and smashing any remaining bottles she could find. Once done, she stormed from the room to her cabin, slamming and locking the door behind her. She then threw herself onto her bunk and broke out into heartbroken tears.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The bottle that the Captain held in his hand by the neck, exploded in a shower of rum and glass, that went all over his lap and half the deck. “CHRIST ALMIGHTY!” he exclaimed as he looked up to see his beloved going absolutely troppo, as she stood in the door, her hair practically taking on a life of its own, as she spun her head around as though possessed. The Doctor was crawling along the floor whimpering “Hide me, hide me.”

The Captain rose up and slammed his fists on the table, and stood like a gorilla on crack.

“WHAT IN BLEEDING HECK IS WRONG WITH YA, WOMAN?” he shouted, after she had just told them all to go rot in the fires of hell. The Doctor’s head peeked up from behind the Captain’s desk and his gold fish mouth was agape as he saw her take out her sword and the willfully start smashing the place up. “Oh its that time of the month….heeeelp.” The Doctor cried, dissappearing under the desk again, as Harold the Parrot started dancing under the wig. “Ahahahahhaha,. *whistle*…crazy pirate..crazy pirate” The parrot was chattering inaudibly as the wig went up and back on the pole.

“Don’t you smash….*crash*…my bloody bottles…*tinkle smash crash*…of rum!” The Captain watched on as the fiery beauty broke every single bottle of rum in his cabin. The room stunk to high heaven like a brewery, and the Captain was livid.

“I WAS ENTERTAINING YOUR DA…AND YOU ACT LIKE THIS? WHAT SHAME YOU BRING YOUR NAME, RACHAEL!” he roared, really pissed off now that she gone and destroyed his stocks. It was going to be a very long voyage…being sober. As she departed with a loud bang of the door, the Captain stood there and trembled with rage, as the ship’s doctor finally rose up from behind the desk, his glasses crooked and a pale expression.
The Captain glanced at Red Beard and then said.

“I..think that was a bit uncalled for, don’t you?”


LadyBelz: In her cabin, Rachael ran about frantically throwing her belongings into a bag. She had to get off this ship before she committed murder. If she had to swim back to the island then she would do so, but she was not going to spend one more moment on a ship with people who would deliberately lie to her, and hurt her in the worst way possible. Her cat crawled from beneath her bunk and pawed at her leg. She looked down at him, tears falling in rivers from her eyes and picked him up. “I can’t stay here…with them…with him…it hurts too much. It’s like losing my mother and father all over again and I can’t do it. We’re going home.” She took up her bag and left the room at a run, her cat clutched in her embrace. Shocked to see her so upset, no one tried to stop her as she lowered one of the boats into the waters below. Tim looked upon her as she climbed down the ladder. “Miss Rachael? Where ye goin?” he asked. “I’m going home, Timmy. I can’t stay here. I feel like my whole world is falling apart and I can’t stay.” she stated.

Tim watched as she readied the oars before making a snap decision and shimmying down the ladder into the boat beside her. “What are you doing?” she demanded. “I’m going with ye. It don’t feel right, letting you go on yer own. Yer like me sister and I’d feel bad if I couldn’t help ye.” His words threatened to tear her soul to shreds so she simply nodded and sat down away from him. He took up the oars and began to row away from The Devil’s Mystery.


CharlotteCarrendar:- Back in the Captain’s cabin, the ship’s Doctor had started to pick up the many broken pieces of glass and jugs of pottery, caused by the furious fire of Rachael’s temper. Captain Moon stormed up and down the length behind his desk, waving his hands about. “You say nice things…she gives me grief. You rescue her in a woman’s dress, she kisses your cheek. She gives me those looks, and I think…oh yes, I am in to score a night on the silks…then she marches in here and smashes up my rum! Why…why can’t she be more like a man. Men don’t go round smashing up the Captain’s rum. I am going to make her walk the bloody plank for this. I tell ya. Mark my words.” He ranted and raved, shook his fist, cursed his maker, basically went off the deep end, then finally it hit him, that her Pa was sitting there, probably stunned by all this.

Captain Moon wanted to flip his desk, but then remembered his guest.

“Was your wife ever like this? I mean…I don’t understand the women folk. I don’t. Why she have to be so bloody cruel to me all the time?”

He really was so confused, while the Doctor licked his fingers, dumping the last of the broken glass and pot in the hessian bag. “Maybe you should have picked her up, instead of letting her just lay on the deck like a sack of potatoes.” He offered.

“SHE LOOKED PEACEFUL TO ME!” and that was his excuse. Little did he know, she was sailing away with the cabin boy, Tim.


LadyBelz: Billy looked at Moon. “Truth lad, me Lillian had a bit of a temper as well. Imagine that’s where Rachael gets it from. I ‘member a time I came home late from the inn with me mates…she threw a knife at me head.” Billy pushed his thinning hair back from his forehead, pointing to a faint scar that went from his scalp down to his left ear. “Damn near sliced me face off, she did. Oh did I have to do tons of apologisin the next mornin when I could see straight again. It was two weeks before she’d speak ta me again. It was a month before she let me lay with her in our marital bed…I think that’s when Rachael was conceived now that I think about it.” Billy chuckled…

Tim stopped rowing just as the sun was setting below the horizon. Rachael had been silent the whole trip. He dug out the bin of supplies he’d found stashed beneath the sails and pulled out a tin of biscuits. “Miss Rachael, you hungry?” he asked, gentle. She sniffed once and turned to look at him before looking at the biscuit he held. She took it from him and nibbled on it. “Thanks.” she murmured, voice husky from not speaking for so long. “Are you gon’ be okay?” he wondered. She shook her head. “I don’t think I am going to be okay ever again.” He placed a hand on her shoulder in comfort. “I meant what I said earlier. Yer like me sister, I’ll take care of ya.” She gave him a small smile before feeding some of her biscuit to her cat. “Where are we?” she wondered. “A few miles from the coast I think. Can’t tell in the dark. We’ll wait till morning then I can check the compass.” he replied. She nodded before going silent once more…


CharlotteCarrendar:- With the cabin now back in a fit state, but missing most of the rum bottles that lined the shelve, Captain Moon collapsed back in his chair, and then grumbled to himself. “I’m hungry. Doc, go fetch Tim and get him to rustle up some food for us. Belly is nagging worse than some old diddy.” The Doctor nodded, though he wasn’t at all hungry, and left the cabin, dragging behind him the bag of broken glass and pottery.

The Captain became thoughtful when Red Beard explained how his wife often acted when he didn’t do things as she would have liked. Even sent a dagger at his head in a fit of fury. She sounded like a right treat, but the fondness on Red Beard’s face showed that she was a woman that he deeply loved. He knew in his heart he would be the one that had to aplogoise, even if she did just taken out his entire rum stock. He threw his hands up and then rose to his feet and then growled under his breath

“I hate saying sorry..” He then marched out of his cabin, about to go to see Rachael, when the Doctor came flying up and gripped the Captain’s shirt. “Cap’n…the small boat is gone, and so is Tim.!” The Captain growled and his fist pounded on Rachael’s door. “Rachael…we need to talk.” There was no answer of course, and he and the Doctor looked at each other, and the Doctor mouthed “Oh no..” The Captain broke down the door, only to find the room empty and her cat and belongings gone.



LadyBelz: Billy followed along, knowing he needed to ask after his daughter, now that he knew she was alive and not dead like some had claimed. When he heard Moon exclaim she was gone, he peered over the man’s shoulder into the empty room. “Where the hell would she go? We’re in the middle of the bloody ocean!” he growled. He grabbed Moon by the shirt, turning to face him, despite the fact he was not a young man anymore, but his strength belied his age. “Now I may not have been in her life these past years but I’m very protective o’ me daughter. What did ya do ta her, mate?


CharlotteCarrendar: – Having his shirt grabbed by the Pirate Red Beard and then asked what exactly Captain Moon had done to his daughter, had him damn well enraged.

“I do…EVERYTHING for her. I even…dressed up as a woman, had a fleet of ships come to rescue her. I swore me heart…I gave her my most precious locket. I give her the world. She has free run of me ship…and everyone knows I hate women. That there be saying something.” The Doctor nodded in the background.

“Aye….he does love the woman, but it appears, that our Captain never learnt how to be a…a..”

“A what?”


“I’m a bleedin’ pirate! All those wenches at the Inns can’t get enough of me. Shouldn’t that be enough!”

“Not to her. Maybe you should…have picked her up when she fainted.”

“I told ya why I didn’t.”

“Well, she’s had a fit and fled. All cause you didn’t pick her up.”


“Captain…think, they can’t have gone far. We need to find them, before they run foul of the British, that are bound to be after us.”

The Captain could see the logic, and then he stared back at Red Beard and said firmly.

“I love that woman…that’s all I ever did.”

And with that, he rmarched up to the top deck, to get to the helm and start the search for h is wayward Lady and the cabin boy.


LadyBelz: Billy watched Moon walk up toward the helm and followed behind him. He stopped beside him, hands linked behind his back as he stared off into the horizon. “Can I ask ye somethin’?” he began, waiting for Moon to answer.


CharlotteCarrendar: – “What ya be wantin’ to ask?” he said, looking down at Red Beard, who was a tad shorter.


LadyBelz: “Do ye love me daughter?”


CharlotteCarrendar: – “Does a pirate love the sea?”


LadyBelz: “Doesn’t quite answer me question, Lad. Do ye *love* me daughter?” Billy wondered if Moon had ever admitted his feelings to anyone…or if he ever admitted he had feelings, period. He was determined to find out.


CharlotteCarrendar: The Doctor stood in behind them feeling that there was some need for mediation with the emotionally devoid Captain. He stepped in and said. “He does.”

“Shut up, he wasn’t asking you.”

“But…you do, only you have a rotten way of showing it.”

“Manly men don’t go singing love songs.”

“How hard is it for you to say to the woman…”I love you.”

“HARD…..but I do try…and when I try. I near swallow me tongue..”

Clearly this was one of the reasons Rachael was insecure, and the Doctor interjected again.

“Say….”I love you Rachael.”

“I….this is silly…”

“Say it!”


“See…you can say it, now you only need to say it to her, and not me.”

“I hate you.”


LadyBelz: Billy listened to the Doc and Moon go back and forth and had to chuckle. He slapped Moon on the back, nearly knocking him from his post. “See mate…a woman likes to hear those words from time to time. Actions are well and good, but they need to actually hear those three little words…especially without the grumbling and growling along with it or she’s gone ta think ya don’t mean it. I learned that from me Lillian when I was courtin her proper. She came right out and said ta me…and mind ya, this was after I’d killed a bear for our supper and dropped the dead carcass on her table and told her ta clean it up and cook it…oh she was in a right state after I said that…she asked me. “Do ya love me, Rochard?” and I says “Of course I do woman! I just killed a bear for ya!” And she says…”Well a bear isn’t enough, I like to hear the words from ye sometimes.” Billy chuckled. “I was like you…grumbling and growling like I had a spiked crab in me smalls. But this one day…she was pickin flowers up on a small hill we had behind our home…

I just looked at her…sun shinin in her hair…she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever laid eyes upon…and she was mine…I walked up to her, took her in me arms and said without fuss…”I love you, my Lilly flower.” Mate, the look on her face…it will follow me to me grave. Her eyes sparkled and the smile she laid upon me eyes was brighter than any star in the sky. And I made meself a promise then to tell her I loved her every chance I had ta.” Billy turned to look at Moon. “Actions are all well and good…but sometimes…they need ta hear it ta believe it.” Billy patted him on the shoulder, more gentle this time and turned to walk away. “I’ll take first watch.”


CharlotteCarrendar:- The Captain stood there, his facial expression changing from one of absolute frustration and wounded pride, to one of a more softened tone. Listening to Red Beard tell the tales, of how he wooed his lady, and treated her much like Moon had his Rachael in the early years, kinda had him realize that he had been doing the same thing.

“I..I just try and..show her. You know? And..there was this time at the rock pool. Its so embarrassing. She was doing her usual, rant, and raving, and the sunlight hit her and she just…looked so wonderful. I kissed her and…she turned into this…I don’t know how to describe it. She was all over me, clawing at me, like I was a side of beef. Scared me it did.”

“I remember that…heh.”

“Shut up…how many times do I have to tell you to shut up?”

“Sorry…but it was funny.”

Captain Moon rolled his eyes and then sighed. “Take the first watch, we going to turn the ship around and…save her….AGAIN.” He marched past the two men and went to be alone at the front of the ship, where he took out his eye glass, and started to scan the waters, in the hopes of finding the tiny boat, and his missing love.



LadyBelz: Billy tried so hard not to laugh but it couldn’t be helped. He didn’t just laugh…he guffawed. Loudly. “Oh mate…that’s an O’Malley female trait. Lillian caught me out once that way and I thought I was going to be eaten alive…but it was the best two hours of me life…if I die and go to heaven…I want that to be me Paradise.”


CharlotteCarrendar: – The Doctor was left standing with Billy, and he shrugged his shoulders sheepishly after being told to shut up so many times he lost count. He did get amusement from Billy’s tale of how Rachael’s mother was exactly the same. The Doctor knew it wouldn’t be right to explain how Moon’s willy even did a turtle move, cause he was so scared by her need for sex at that point. Doctor Patient confidentialtity and all that.

He watched Moon stand at the front of the ship, staring out and trying to spot the tiny boat, and he leaned over to Billy and said.

“Never seen a man that loved a woman as much as he does. He just doesn’t know how to express it.”


LadyBelz: Billy nodded. “Well if Rachael is anything like her mother…he better dig his head out of his arse or he’s going to lose her for good.”


CharlotteCarrendar: “I been trying to get his head out of there for years, Red Beard. Trust me, he has it so far up there, its amazing he can walk straight.”


LadyBelz: Billy grinned at that before walking away. He paused in his musings to look up at the moon and he smiled. “Ye’d be proud of our daughter, Lils. She’s found herself a good man. Keep her safe, love. Keep her safe.” Grabbing up a second eyeglass, he crawled his way to the crow’s nest to keep watch out for his wayward and stubborn-headed daughter. Knowing she was alive…gave him a tiny glimmer of hope…that maybe he’d been lied to all these years and that his son might be alive as well…