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Re: [RP] The Night Lands
August 24, 2013 06:21PM
Night Lands Castle Stables

Prince Joffrey walked slowly along the many rows of horse stables, that were on offer to the royals of Brax house. Along beside him ran a short stature man, with long ears that drooped behind him, a rotund belly, and a hook nose. The gnome sniffled as he gestured with his gnarly digits at the offered horses and ponies. The Prince was on a mission, and a difficult one at that.

“The Princess….NEEDS a pony. And not just any pony…she needs a white one.”

“But your lordship, all of our ponies are black. You know how it is here. White ones are seen as….well..you know good, Sire.”

Joffrey came to a stop and rubbed his temple with his gloved hand. “My daughter…wants a WHITE PONY…and she shall have a white pony. I don’t care if you have to bleach one of these hay bags to do it.” Joffrey was at his wits end. After days of playing “Giddy yup, his back was suffering from the constant riding around in her play room. She had so many pictures of ponies, and was obsessed with them. Joffrey cracked his back at the thought of another session and glanced down at the squire.

“Pony…White.” He gripped the gnome’s ear and practically picked him up off the ground. “By noon today.” Joffrey then released the gnome, who fell upon the cobblestones with a clatter. The Dark prince spun on his heel, and with his black cloak billowing behind him, he marched back up towards the main Castle.

Rubbing his ear, and then pushing himself up onto his feet, the gnome shook a fist at the departing Prince. His options were few and he let out a sigh. Just then, a woman’s voice rang out, and she said in a sing song voice. “You need help…and of course, I can grant it, so long as you…get me close to the Prince.” The gnome glanced up, to see a well dressed woman, with long black hair, that flowed out and across her shoulders. It was Minerva…a witch. “Bah…I’m not asking you for help. You keep your lecherous hands off the Prince. Go…take your bag of tricks and ply your trade somewhere else.”

The Witch sashayed over towards the gnome and chuckled darkly, pricking his sore ear with her long black nails. “By noon…he needs a white pony. I know you can’t do it….but I can.” she hissed, a dark glimmer in her green eyes. Pulling back his ear, he knew that there was no way he could make a black pony white. Wringing his hands he then stomped his foot and pointed to the nearest stable that housed a black pony. Perfect size…wrong color.


“There…do what you must, and I can get you a meeting. AFTER that, you be gone.” The gnome caved, as the Witch chuckled and skipped into the stable, where she ran her hands over the back of the black pony, whispering an incantation as the pony started to change color, to that of a pure white pony. Her work done, she wiggled a brow, and took a seat just outside the pony’s box.


“Noon….I can hardly wait.”