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[RP] McSweeneys Bar
August 18, 2013 07:21PM

Owner: Gerald McSweeney (NPC)

Staff: Charlie Stormer

Re: [RP] McSweeneys Bar
August 19, 2013 08:47AM

Dean was a vampire, a very intelligent man, and writer as well. For a man with his intelligent it should be easy to write a book, but right now he’s actually having some hard time on writing this new book. His past books was basically based on violence, crimes, violence because that’s what happens to him at times. He might have a suddenly urge on hurting somebody, in an extreme violent disgusting way, that was what happen to him time to time, it never freaked him out, he had pleasure on what he done, so. That’s why he details so much violence in his books. However, he never mentioned the supernatural creatures before, but in this one, he will write one based on supernatural creatures, just for see if it changes something on his career. It always nice to write something different, so we can see the changes in the end.
Since he was having some write blocks, in this days, he woke up early and went directly to a bar. People say alcohol is like the breakfast of champions. He was wearing some dark gray shirt, with dark jeans, normal kickers. His hair was curly and brown, messy, since he never bothered himself from fixing it, he just liked it that way, or he’s just way too lazy to fix it. His eyes were green, had some cold or annoyed emotion in them, but that’s basically his expression from almost everyday.
He walked up to the bar, and sat down on an empty booth, he just ordered some beer for now, and placed his notebook over the table with a pencil, he was carrying it under his arm. He picked up the pencil, and open the notebook, reading just the last sentences, and start writing, all he could write was just one sentence, then his beer was here. He drank it, and began to mess around with his curls by using the pencil. He was thinking and thinking, but no damn idea was coming, which was frustration him and a lot. 

Re: [RP] McSweeneys Bar
August 20, 2013 12:20AM
Jade had better things to do then to be standing in front of the bar on a beautiful morning like this but no here she was facing an idiot who reeked of alcohol and whose eyes spelled out exactly what he wanted to do with the fairy. She was so not in the mood at the moment, another night dreaming about a certain somebody only to wake up and realize that certain somebody was way out of her league not to mention taken. That would certainly spoil anyone’s mood. What really threw her over the edge though was when she felt this slimy bastard’s hand sliding up to cup a feel. Now he was just way too close. She let instinct take over as her hand balled up and swung up, making contact with his jaw and sending him flying into the bar.


Jade soon followed in after him as the poor sod laid on the ground, drenched in a passerby’s beer. She gazed down at him. “Next time let’s hope you understand what no means” She said in a soft yet strong voice. Shaking her head as she made her way to the bar, she claimed one of the empty stools as she glanced to the bartender. “Starting early today are we?” The bartender asked as he filled up a tall glass of beer and handed it to her. “The only way I can think to make it through another day” She responded as she took the glass and swerved around, glancing around the bar to see who else seemed to need a pick me up this early.

Re: [RP] McSweeneys Bar
August 20, 2013 05:33PM

Dean kept messing around with the curls of his hair, wondering what he could write now. It was extremely frustrating for him to not be able to write anything down, and this time he was writing about supernatural creatures, which was what he was, and yet he couldn’t come up with anything new, anything that would caught peoples attention, something that would make them wanting to read more of the book, since there isn’t much people who enjoy reading, and they might quickly give up. So of course this was bothering his mind and a lot.
Wrapping his fingers around his glass, he brought the glass closer to his lips and took a sip from his beer. His eyes were down at the liquid, then back down at his notebook, seeing the letters, however, some voice made him quickly raise his head, he took a look and saw a woman in here. Weird seeing women alone in this place, especially in the morning and already drinking. This meant he wasn’t the only one who liked to drink in the morning. She didn’t seemed that pleased, and when she took a look around, Dean quickly moved his view from her, and now he would be looking back at his notebook. Believe it or not, he was having ideas right now, ideas on a new character, this woman could be the perfect one, even if he knew nothing about her, just by the looks and what she’s doing right now would be enough for him to make up something. He first made the name, then age, profession, family, friends, and with that all done, he wrote a scene where the woman was at the bar drinking a beer in the morning, then some guy come behind her, and began to molest her, she got pissed, and tried to make him go away, but the own bartender was messing around with her as well, then two more men showed up, and quickly grabbed her, taking her to the backdoor, where the bartender was leading them to. There wasn’t much people in the bar, and if it was it was only drunk old men. He keep on writing, having this wonderful idea, and writing everything to what those men could be doing at her, the most horrible and nasty thing of course. Finally, Dean was having ideas for his book.

Re: [RP] McSweeneys Bar
August 20, 2013 07:28PM
Jade took a swing over her beer as she let the iced liquid run down her throat. She didn’t think that she would open her store today, she didn’t want to risk somebody paying her another visit. She had already decided that she was going to try to avoid and forget about her. It was probably for the best. She noticed a man sitting alone in a booth who quickly glanced away from her and looked down to what seemed like a journal. She raised her brow when he seemed to began writing after looking at her. She was now curious but not nearly drunk enough to approach him. She glanced to the jukebox which was directly behind him. The bar did seem a bit quiet for her liking. Deciding on that action she stood up with her drink and headed towards it, as she passed by him she glanced to him and to what he was writing. Long enough to read a couple of sentences. She then paused as she turned to him now. “You could at least give her a fighting chance you know”Jade commented as she gazed at him and then to the book. This close she could tell that he wasn’t totally human, more like a vampire or a werewolves. She wondered which it is.

Re: [RP] McSweeneys Bar
August 21, 2013 05:14AM

Dean keep on writing, right now he was writing to what was happening to the woman in that small dark room. A beautiful woman shall never come alone to a bar, especially a bar like this, well, the bar was way worse on Dean’s book. He was just one of the best people to be able to describe such awful scenes, since he already done it with his own hands, but that’s only when he suddenly has the urge to hurt somebody, its a sudden urge and uncontrollable but he always goes hurt those ones who seem more harmless and people he knows from nowhere, it just gives him more pleasure, seeing how they beg for their lives. Its entertaining.

“The woman screamed, struggled, but nothing seemed to work. It was only a matter of seconds, till they put some kind of cloth into her mouth, for make her screams sound more like mumbles. She still had her other weapons, which was her legs and arms, she struggled, a lot, done her best to make them let go off her, but a poor fragile human would never be able to fight against four men. It was easy to tie her wrists together, and so her ankles. Now that the victim is captured, we all know what the predator will do to the flesh.”

Whenever he finish writing the word flesh, he heard a female voice behind him. He was done with this paragraph, and he heard her opinion. Giving her a fighting chance? That seems naive.
“I don’t think that would be realistic.”
Dean finally spoke with his tough voice, as he turned his head slowly, and looked up at her. The woman was a human in his book, but he wasn’t going to end her life so soon, she would be very useful during the whole book, its just some ideas still need to come in his mind. He bite down onto his lip, and looked down, before turn his view back to his book, grab his beer and take a sip from it.
“Her only weapons is the struggle of wanting to survive.”

Re: [RP] McSweeneys Bar
August 22, 2013 02:23PM

Jade raised her brow when he said it would not be realistic. Deciding to give up on the jukebox idea, she sat down across from him in the booth, not really asking for permission either. “And for a human, which I’m guessing that she is, sometimes that is enough” She replied to him easily and it was true sort of. For some humans the drive to survive has made them a formidable adversary to many of her kind and of the supernatural kind. It was the reason that they outnumbered the supernaturals by the thousands. “After all they have survived this long, in that view it is rather realistic” She said as she took a drink from her own beer before setting it down and extending her hand to his. “I’m Jade by the way..” She introduced herself before pausing.“I’m going to take a guess here but did you get the idea of a woman coming into a bar by herself from me?” She asked him curiously as she did notice that he started to write after she had entered the bar. This might just be what she needed, a distraction.

Re: [RP] McSweeneys Bar
August 22, 2013 05:15PM

After a taking a sip from his beer, he placed the bottle down, and picked up the pencil again. He noticed that the woman that was behind him, was no sitting across him, not really bothering herself on asking for permission, its not like he would kick her out from the seat, but if she did asked, he would mostly say no, that it was occupied or something. He can be weird at times. He stared at her, not really showing much emotion, you couldn’t see if he was angry on having her here, or if he was happy on having somebody to talk to in a lonely morning, or if he was excited that he was having a chat with a beautiful woman in the bar. She gave her opinion about what he wrote, he wasn’t really going to change his book just because she had a different idea, but then he remembered she was the reader, the client, for another words, he needed to pleasure the client enough to make him read everything without getting bored of it. So maybe listening to her wouldn’t be that bad. Yet, he didn’t scratched what he wrote. He just turned on the next page, an empty one, and just began to write down her opinion, maybe later on, he would be able to make up something with that, and change a bit of the story. When she said her name, he note it down as well, basically saying what he wrote was from somebody named Jade, not like that will help him, since he might not even see her ever again after this chat, but its always good note it down.
He did not speak when she introduced herself, he just allowed her to keep on, because he knew she had something else to say, something he could see it coming, which was her question about his idea be based on her. Whenever she finished her question, Dean slowly placed the pencil over the notebook, and looked up at her, blinking once and nodding his head.
He passed his tongue over his lower lip, since it was getting dry.
“Sometimes a simple act from somebody gives me an idea. It snot everyday we see a woman alone in the bar when its morning.”
He said his opinion, as he grabbed his beer, and drank the rest of the liquid inside, which wasn’t much.
“I’m Dean.”
He placed the empty bottle back on the table, and finally introduced himself.

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August 22, 2013 06:37PM

Jade quirked her brow at him, she was good at reading people. Extremely well. Yet she couldn’t really read him, it was like he was made of stone or something. She didn’t know whether to find that interesting or frightening. She watched him as he turned the page and seemed to write down her idea and then her name. Probably to remember her though she had a feeling it would do no good. There was just something about him. “Well I don’t know whether I should be flattered or offended, after all the character in your group doesn’t seem to be enjoying her morning like I am” She murmured as she took another drink, noticing that he was done and she was almost too. She motioned to the bartender as he brought over two more. “Are you curious as to why that is?” She asked as she finished her drink and started to drink another. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Dean” Though she wasn’t so sure if it was a real pleasure at the moment.

Re: [RP] McSweeneys Bar
August 22, 2013 07:50PM

Dean shrugged when Jade said that she didn’t knew if she should be flattered or offended about this, since the character wasn’t enjoying her morning like she was.
“Are you enjoying your morning? Like talking with a stranger that just wrote about you?”
Dean made it sound like it was something bad and creepy. But that was just how he was. Yet he was curious about her answer. Was she really enjoying on talking with a stranger who began to write about her, just by the quick look he had from her? Didn’t she found him strange and creepy like most of people did? Plus she’s alone in a bar, its never that safe approach to a man like this. Especially to one like Dean when he has this violent attacks, but right now he already knows enough of her. Yes, her name and opinion about his book its already enough, and he feels no need to hurt her, or else he will feel like he’s hurting a part of himself as well. He never hurts those who he likes or knows, because then its like he’s hurting himself as well, and whenever he kills somebody he doesn’t want to have regrets.
“Curious? Maybe. Or people just inspire me.”
He answered her, as now two bottles of beer was placed on the table, since Jade asked for more. He just moved the empty bottle away, and picked up the full one, as he started to drink. Whenever she said it was a pleasure to meet him, he wonder if she even meant what she said, if it was even a pleasure to meet somebody like him, maybe it was a pleasure for him to meet somebody like her, but not the opposite. He guessed.
“Its a pleasure to meet you as well, Jade.” 


Re: [RP] McSweeneys Bar
August 22, 2013 11:35PM

Jade lifted her shoulder when he asked her whether she was enjoying her morning. “Believe it or not, so far I am. Sure I didn’t see myself talking to a strange man who wrote a scene about me in which I get raped and such, especially one I can’t seem quite to understand yet, but I am” She said with a smile, it was the honest truth as well. She wouldn’t lie in order to make him feel good or something. It wasn’t the type of woman she was after all. “Well curious or not, I’ll tell you the truth. I came alone to a bar in the morning instead of going to open my shop because there a certain things I wanted to forget about. You could say I am running away from my troubles, at least for the moment” She said with a small chuckle as she took another drink. She was almost done with her second bottle. “Are you here for the same reason? Or were you looking for some inspiration?” She asked him curiously. She smiled when he said it was a pleasure to meet her. She had already figured out that he was a vampire, and she could also tell by just looking at him that he seemed to be a rather old vampire too. How old? That was still to be determined.

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August 23, 2013 10:53AM

Dean tilted his head to the side when Jade said that she was enjoying her morning so far. Well, wasn’t she different from the others. She spoke about the character getting raped, and that she couldn’t quite understand him, that was normal. People always felt confused around Dean, his expression couldn’t be read at times, which made people wonder if he was angry, upset, mad or just tired. Of course he can smile as well, but there isn’t much reasons to smile, right? Not right now, he doesn’t smile for nothing. At least he knew she was speaking the truth, he could notice by her words and her smile as well.
He allowed her to share with him, talking about why she was in this bar. He so understood her, running away from your troubles is what he does all the time, or just kills them. Lately he has been having lots of problems with Anne, because she doesn’t want him to have the throne as the King from the Coven, the title should be his, he’s the one with royal blood, not her, but nobody never gave him what he deserved, so sometimes he just tends to stay away and void drama. Then there’s the problem about Harriet. He has a slight crush on her, but she’s a werewolf, and he’s a vampire. He doesn’t know if she had ever noticed his presence before, or if she even cared about him, either way its forbidden love, due both races hate each other.
“Me? Well..”
He looked down at the notebook, as he began to think what he should say.
“I guess its both. I wanted some inspiration, and also wanted to stay away from some people.”
He wanted to stay away from the coven, so he didn’t had to deal with Anne, then he wanted to stay away from the rest, to not have the urge on wanting to pay a visit to Harriet.

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August 24, 2013 06:57PM

Pulling up outside in the car park, the engine of the VW beetle idled before being switched off. Harriet sat behind the wheel a moment, contemplating going in. She turned her head towards the entrance, where there were a few patrons coming and going. Was this a good idea? She slammed her hand on the steering wheel, which caused the horn to honk, much to her annoyance. Sighing, she got out of the car and locked it, then walked around, her hand shoved deep into her coats pockets, as she made her way up to the front door.


It didn’t take much for Harriet to notice that Dean was inside. The young werewolf bit her bottom lip, and took off her coat, her long black hair tumbling down her back. Turning back around, she couldn’t help but put her hand up in a gesture of greetings, and then strode over to the bar, and lent upon the wooden bar top, staring at what was on offer to drink. Every so often, she glanced over her shoulder at Dean….she always had this feeling about him, but she didn’t know what he thought of her. She noticed he was with Jade and in the middle of a conversation. Were they just friends, getting to know each other at the bar? The bar was a good place to come drown your sorrows, or…find solace with the strangers that came through town. Harriet toyed with a cardboard drink coaster, as she waited to be served.