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[RP] Disco/Bar
August 24, 2013 05:13AM


In the morning its a normal peaceful bar, in the night its a disco.


Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 26, 2013 04:54PM
Galtem was finally back to his homeland, it has been 100 years since last time he was here. Of course, he had to get away from this place again, especially when he had those problems on his relationship with Selene, and that he found out about Jennifer turning into somebody she wasn’t, he didn’t wanted her to ruin herself because of him, it was already enough having him all fucked up, she didn’t needed to get fucked up either. That’s why he went talk up with William, and tell him he would be gone, so it was better for him to take care of Jennifer right, and make sure she would stay on the right ways, not doing anything stupid.
Now he was back, and was going to change himself, well he hoped he could, he wasn’t here for cause trouble or bother anyone, he was just going to do his life, peacefully. Well not that peacefully, since he decided to own this new disco, he gave up on his lawyer life, and started everything from the zero, a new start, a new life. Now he just hoped everything would go as he wanted.
He parked his car outside, and whenever he got out of it, he made sure he locked it. Stepping inside the building, he noticed that there was some people already working, and there was some guys in there as well, since it was still early this was only like a simple bar, but once it was night, it was a disco, a good way to make quick money, for sure.
He walked up to an empty seat, and just allowed himself to drop on it. He had sunglasses on, covering his eyes. Lets just say, he’s having somewhat of hangover, he drank a lot last night, because he couldn’t sleep, it seemed Jennifer invaded his mind, he knew very well coming back here, would bring memories, anyway.
“Lizzy, give me a glass of whiskey, please.”
He told her, as he used his finger to call her attention. Lizzy was one of his best workers here, she was a vampire, and he never had problems with her. Well, he already dated a vampire, so he didn’t had any kind of problem with their race. And Lizzy knows him since he tried to hook up with her best friend, River. God just thinking about it, was making him feel bad again. He hated being vulnerable.
Galtem was wearing some black t-shirt, with a black leather jacket, and dark jeans matching as well, he was basically all black. The only color that would catch your attention on him, would be the light blue of his eyes, which couldn’t be seen now due the sunglasses.

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August 26, 2013 08:28PM
It seemed Lizzy was always working. She didn’t have a problem with it because work for her was like a party. Which was what she’d be doing anyway if she wasn’t working. The new owner was back in town and was throwing a huge party here tonight, so she was cleaning up and getting ready for it. And of course she was one of the only ones actually doing anything. It was sad really that she was one of the better workers here considering how she had the shortest attention span and spent the majority of the night finding the guy she wanted to go home with that night.
She looked up from wiping the counter as Galtem walked in. Lizzy had been there the night that Galtem and River had gotten freaky on the dance floor. This dance floor. It had been remodeled since then, but it was still the same place in her eyes. She had also been the first to get the text saying what they’d done. Lizzy felt like she and Galtem now had some kind of bond. But she realized looking at him just made her think of River which somehow still managed to affect her. This made her somewhat angry, but she simply raised her eyebrows. “Sure, boss,” she said somewhat playfully as she went to get him his whiskey. She brought it back to him and leaned against the counter as she often did when trying to seduce customers, though this time it was simply out of habit. There was no denying that Galtem was one sexy man and if River hadn’t gotten there first she definitely would have taken him home with her that night, saving River from a whole bunch of relationship problems with Lysander. But she had not gotten there first and now thoughts of River haunted her as she looked at him.
“How have the last 100 years been treating you?” she asked, watching him intently, very curious. It had been a very long time since Galtem had been here but Lizzy was from the 1800s. 100 years was not a big deal to her. To Galtem however, who was still young in her eyes, he had spent longer time away from Derry, NH than he had lived here.

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August 26, 2013 08:37PM
The Disco Bar

There wasn’t much that didn’t escape Amelia’s attention at the coming and goings of folk in NH. Hell, she made it her business to know who lived, who died, who…went missing. She was like the eyes, ears and nose of the FBI special investigations unit. The last hundred years or so granted her a well versed knowledge of those that had been the real movers and shakers in town, and it didn’t slip under her radar, that there was a new owner at the local bar, which was now the latest night hot spot in town. Not normally one for these sorts of places, which she deemed purely as pick up joints for predators, she had discovered that Galtem had returned to NH and that his days as the high flying Lawyer were at an end, replaced by him being the bar owner. Never in a thousand years would she have picked him for such a vocation.

So after getting a tip off from one of the locals at the bar, Amelia jumped into her small hatchback, and tore on over to catch up with the man, she valued as probably her only male friend in existence. Still a loner, as she was all those years before, there was something about Galtem, she actually felt safe about. He wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, that was for sure, but he never had romantic designs on her, which is probably why she felt so at ease.


Pulling up in a vacant space in the parking lot, she turned off the engine and glanced across at the entrance. Yep, this was the place. The music thumping already and a steady crows lined up outside. This was going to be a terrific money spinner for Galtem, no matter which way you looked at it.

Strolling in the entrance, Amelia looked about the sea of faces and sure enough, there seated wearing his signature…all black, with sunglasses to boot, was Galtem. He looked….like shit. A light shrug of her shoulders, like she really had nothing to lose, Amelia wandered on up and came up behind him, to say in her nasally air;

“Of all the bars in all the world, you had to come into this one.” If he turned to look at her, she would be tilting her head, her trademark bangs and pony tails just like she had over a hundred years before. “Let me guess…you missed me so much, you decided to come back.” She was joking of course, but why be serious and she knew he might find the humor in it. Course, Lizzy was serving up, working the bar, and she was getting Galtem his drink, which had Amelia pipe up and ask; “Do you do those weird cocktails with the funky straws, and sexy names? If so…one pink nipple, thanks.”


Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 26, 2013 08:47PM
Galtem huffed out, as he removed his sunglasses, and placed it on the collar of his shirt. Placing his elbows over the table, he rubbed his hands against his face, as he was using his werewolf abilities to make the black marks around his eyes to disappear. Not enough of sleep, too much alcohol in his blood, and he still wouldn’t stop drinking, it was the only rescue he had anyway. Well, that’s why he was going throw this party tonight, so he could have some fun, but he wasn’t thinking on getting a girl this night, that will be troublesome, the lucky he has, he will soon find himself in a fight with some stupid husband, and he got enough of that. He’ll just drink, listen to the music and meet up with some friends. If he even could find some.
When Lizzy gave her the glass, he wrapped his fingers around it, and brought it up to his lips, so he could take a sip from the whiskey, enjoying the way, the liquid would burn down into his throat. His eyes, stared into hers, like he was trying to look at her, it was on that moment she asked him how have the last 100years been treating him, well, that’s something easy to answer.
Placing the glass done, he rose his eyebrows a bit, before place his arms over the counter.
“Sometimes its better be off dead.”
He mumbled, as he stared down. His words made him remember about River, maybe later on, he will show up in the cemetery and give her some rose, which would be something rare from Galtem, he never showed up in cemeteries after the body getting buried, and he would never give flowers either. He saw no point on loving someone that was already dead, we should have showed our affection when they was awake. But maybe changing that part of him would help as well.
“It just sucks. Life is getting too troublesome.”
His life was and very, on the past 100years, he had been in drug dealing business, and now that he left it, they might still come after him, on wanting revenge, or just more money or his business. Then he had the Jennifer issue, god, so much stuff in his mind. With this all thoughts, he just took another sip from his whiskey.
While he was getting a bit distracted, he heard a familiar female voice, which made him quickly turn around and he saw Amelia. Finally! Somebody that he could really say that she was his friend.
He said with some hint of happiness in his tired lazily voice. When he heard talking about missing her so much, he winked at her, and poked her side.
“You know I always miss my goth creepy FBI friend.”
He told her with a smile. He always enjoyed his bond with her, she was the few he would never try flirt with, since he saw her most like a sister, but now he’s back, and for change himself, so he will try his best to not flirt with almost anybody.
His eyes watched Amelia ordering a drink, and he was about to take a sip from his whiskey, till he slightly chuckled with the drink she ordered.
“Oh god, nipple. Its too early to be pervert.”
He mumbled, shaking his head, as he rubbed his own forehead. 

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 26, 2013 09:00PM
The Disco Bar

Amelia beamed when Galtem showed such a reaction to her sneaking up behind him and rolling out some old line. He did remember her and…he even joked about missing his goth FBI creepy friend. “Shucks, you always were the one with the high praise compliments. Must have been all those years as a lawyer huh? Mister Silver Tongue.” They were an odd pair, more like siblings, even if she did date Lysander all those years ago, which was water long since gone under the bridge. The sly wink and friendly poke in the sides, was enough to have her fake being mortally wounded, then round up and laugh, taking a seat at the bar, and fiddling with the bar coaster. It was a rarity to have her be so…outgoing, but that was simply cause Galtem understood her and their was no misconceptions about their friendship.


Amelia noticed he was drinking whiskey, and she perked a well shaped brow. “How many of those have you had, Galtem? No no…better question.” She held up her hand and asked slyly “How many fingers am I holding up?” Amelia shot a side ways glance at Lizzy and winked, wondering if Galtem would figure out the trick.


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August 26, 2013 09:12PM
“I’ll drink to that.” Lizzy’s eyes flashed. It was funny to her since she indeed was dead. She didn’t know how much better it was, but she knew what Galtem had actually meant. “Then why’d you come back?” she asked him. It wasn’t a rude question. She was genuinely curious on why he was here. Nothing but trouble followed Galtem. Or possibly he took it with him everywhere he went. But she wanted to know why he was back, one hundred years later. She didn’t think it was to see his brother or any old friends, but she supposed she could be wrong about him. Working at a bar Lizzy found out a lot of things. Especially things like who was in a relationship with who. If he was expecting a certain blonde werewolf to be single, then he would be disappointed. But, again, she did not think that it was any specific person that he was here for. If Galtem was back for a specific reason, it was something for him. Her question did not get answered, though, because someone walked in the bar and greeted Galtem. So many faces to remind her of her dead best friend today. She went to work on her drink and listened to them talk for a bit before bringing the drink and setting it in front of her. She returned the smile because Amelia’s was so contagious, but she still felt uneasy around her. Amelia was Melinda’s sister and since the funeral, Lizzy had had no reason to even pretend to tolerate Melinda. But even though Amelia was a witch, she seemed a lot nicer than the others so Lizzy was able to be civil.