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August 21, 2013 04:12AM
The Ballroom

Unlike the other Roxburg siblings, who seemed to take to the dance floor with gusto, showing off their ability to dance, Bartholomew and Fanny had found the buffet. And what a spread there was. Truffles, towers of cake and exotic fruits, all types of cheeses, and meats. The devil surely would dine on such splendid fare. Bart was up to his fourth plate full, about to stuff another German sausage into his mouth, as Fanny stood waving her fan in front of her face madly.

“Daaaaahling, I thought you were going to dance with me. It is a ball, not the farmer’s trough.” she said with a voice dripping in sarcasm. “I mean, look at your sisters. They may well be bed bunnies, but least they dance like ladies.” Bart belched loudly, his mask slightly crooked, and his jacket already looking set to pop a few buttons.

“But Kitten…you know I have two left feet, and besides, even the cook doesn’t do dinners this good. OH LOOK Apple upside down cake!” Bart dropped his half sausage into the custard and grabbed another plate, to go and get himself half a slice of cake, or was that half the cake itself? Fanny rolled her eyes, and grumbled behind her fan, then she noticed a rather dashing looking Levi, and suddenly got a twinkle in her eyes. If Bartholomew was going to spend the ball with his ass up and his face down in the deserts, she was going to see if she could find someone that would make him jealous. And who more desirable, than the goody two shoe looking Levi.

“Hello…..handsome.” Fanny purred, pushing up her bosom a touch higher and glding across the floor, to where she would flounce in front of him and hold out her gloved hand.

“Mother said, never be backward in being forward. Care to dance?” She said, as she attempted to get him out on the dance floor.


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August 21, 2013 11:00AM
Outside the building, a carriage, one of darkness and disdain, just as much as those who rode in it, parked itself in the heavy rain. The Horses at it’s head drenched, as well as their driver. The doors creaked open as the driver hoped down with his umbrella to help the two within leave it’s confined space, looking ever so gallant and beautiful. The driver allowed himself to stay in the rain, walking behind his master and Mistress of house, the umbrella held high enough to be above the Master’s head as all three made it to the over hang just outside the door, and into the mansion.

A servant came, as though the two were expected, and the Master eyed him cautiously. “Master and Lady Roxburg…the events have begun. The Count has set aside a special area for the two of you to stay until the…main event…takes place.” Amos was naturally cautious, at least, outside his own home, and shook his head. “Let your Count know I am grateful, yet my wife and I must decline this offer.” His wife at his side, and arms linked, he gently tugged her forward with himself, and went onward to the Ball room doors, as was described in the invite. “I wish to spend the evening with my family.”

They soon came upon the doors, and thunder boomed through the place as the doors opened and the announcer inhaled deeply as all looked up to the top of the stair case which held the doors. The music stopped, and the announcement came. “I hereby present: Amos and Elizabeth Roxburg! Heads of the Roxburg Family and fortune!” The couple entered in a glorious display as they looked down at all those that had joined the event. Demons of all kinds gently bowed their heads to the two. Then that stench, of wet DOG and fresh earth filled his nostrils. Agares. He was in fact here, which meant that Juliette…his eyes caught the two on the dance floor as the music picked up once more. He caught her form before she caught his, and he was able to see the happiness on his face. His rage fought to break free from the grasp he held on it, as a thick and deep, hellish growl escaped his lips. His mind, however, quickly regained control, and the anger was not aimed at Juliette, but only at Agares. As he bowed his head in return to those that had done so to him and his wife, he spoke in a hushed tone, the movement of his lips hardly visible. “I will kill him before the night is through. He has manipulated our daughter, and this is something I shall not forgive.”

The events went on, and Amos led his wife down the steps to the main floor, where he took her in his arms, and began to twirl her about gracefully in dance.

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August 21, 2013 03:34PM
Elvira was beginning to feel bored with the whole affair. She had done what she set out to do, but she was finding no more enjoyment in it anymore. She was dancing in the arms of some man that had asked to cut in between her and Edward and agreed, due to the fact that Edward couldn’t seem to keep his eyes from wandering to Juliette every few minutes.

She wanted to go home.

That was until…

“I hereby present: Amos and Elizabeth Roxburg! Heads of the Roxburg Family and fortune!”

Everyone stopped to watch her mother and father enter the room, bowing to them like the royal beings they were. She could tell when her father had spotted the run-a-way Juliette by the tightening of his eyes and mouth before he seemed to relax. She smiled.

Her father escorted her mother to the floor and swept her up in a dance. She abandoned her own partner and made her way to them. She waited with a fair amount of patience for them to notice she was there before she made her request known.

“Father, if it would please you and Mother, I would like to claim the next dance with you.” she asked, her eyes unknowingly filled with love for the man who sired her.

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August 21, 2013 05:29PM
“I hereby present: Amos and Elizabeth Roxburg! Heads of the Roxburg Family and fortune!”
Bess smirked as their names were called. As people turned to stare, the Roxburg matriarch tilted her head upward and glanced arrogantly around. Men were in awe of them both, most were gawking at her whilst the women muttered among themselves and cast her husband sly and sultry looks. Bess allowed them their little flirt, it wasn’t if a mere mortal could replace her anyway. Even so Bess tightened the grip on her husbands arm as they descended the steps as they took the the floor, many other partners fanned out, as if they were scared that they could not compete with the couple. Together, Bess and Amos were a formidable couple, as Ruthless as they were beautiful together. He oozed power whilst she practically dripped cunning. As Amos took her in his arms Beth smiled, sliding her hand up and onto his shoulder as he placed his on her hip. He drew her in close and she chuckled. They began to dance then, graceful and beautiful. Her gown swept about his feet like a river of blood whilst his boot clicked the marble floor as if keeping time. As their eyes locked Bess smiled ever so slightly…yet the joy was short lived. As her husband twirled her, Bess caught sight of her mother over his shoulder. Lillith was smirking in such a way that Bess had to grip Amos tighter for fear she would stride over and tear her mothers eyes out right then and there.
Taking a deep breath she turned back to Amos “My mother is by the pillar by the stairs” she said softly, smiling to make it seem like nothing was wrong, yet her jaw was set tightly and her eyes were narrowed and seething. Bess had not even noticed Elvira as she approached, it was only when she heard her daughters voice did she look down. Smiling gently as the music came to an end “Elvira darling, you look as beautiful as ever” Bess chuckled gently. When the music stopped the crowd clapped, Bess glanced to Amos at her daughters request “I don’t see why not” she said gently, smiling at her husband wondering if he would agree.

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August 22, 2013 07:48AM
Juliette was enjoying herself thoroughly with Agares as he spun her around, unaware that her blood doll was being kissed by that abomination of a sister. Agares looked down at the demon girl with a look of tenderness and possession, though the latter was the only genuine emotion of his as he danced with his little puppet. His arms drew her in closer, his hips grinding against Juliette’s teasing as he leaned down to plant moist kisses along her bare shoulder. He knew what Elvira and Edward were trying to do, and he wanted to play with the blood doll that had potential to ruin his Queen’s plans. With a fangy grin, he winked at Edward before lifting Juliette’s lips to kiss her.

Juliette’s eyes widened as Agares kissed her with such possessive force, she had to lean back. Raising her hands, she gave him a shove and eyed him coldly “You go too far, sir…” Turning around, she noticed Edward dancing with her sister. His gaze flicked over to hers, and all she saw was vengeance. Her jaw tightened as she clenched her fists, fully prepared to walk up and sock her sister. But then, she heard the announcement for her parents and Edward was soon abandoned.

Glancing towards her parents, she gave them an evil stare as Agares shifted closer to her. He wrapped an arm around her waist and murmured in her ear “Have your fun with your precious blood doll. I will be watching from afar to ensure your safety, my love.” Giving her false hope, he brushed another tender kiss to her neck before walking away without a look at Edward.
Juliette returned her gaze to Edward, not bothering to hide the pain and betrayal in her eyes. As another song began to start, she didn’t look at his eyes as she pulled him into a dance. Placing her hand in his and her other on his shoulder, she leaned in to growl in his ear “How dare you even touch that harlot…Is she the reason you have been so distant from me?”Emotions thickened her voice as she looked at him with moist eyes. Her pendant lay between her breasts, and it was giving off a warning warmth that threatened to burn her skin. Looking away from him, she could barely speak as she fought back tears“How could you do this to me…Her, of all people.” A tear she fought so hard to restrain fell down her cheek, but she barely noticed as she tried to keep up her guise of dancing with him.

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August 22, 2013 07:57AM
Levi listened to Arian and smirked, feeling that his fellow angel was a bit off the mark. “That human girl is infuriating. There will be nothing between us, I can assure you of that.” As he watched Phoebe danced, she turned to look at him once with a wave. It was clear she was having the time of her life, her cheeks rosy from the excitement and thrill of dancing. Her intoxicating laugh drifted to Levi’s ears, but he turned to look at Arian. A frown tugged at his lips as he spoke of Lillian and Juliette. “Juliette is far too vulnerable to be able to resist the Queen. Her parents have wreaked enough emotional damage on her that she’ll be far too willing to crawl towards the first person to show her any sort of kindness.” Any idea suddenly crossed the angel’s mind as he stood up from his seat. Crossing his arms, he watched the demon dance with her blood doll. Smiling faintly, he spoke to Arian without looking at him. “Someone ought to get to her first…”
As he spoke this sentiment, a woman Levi did not recognize came gliding up to him. His dark eyes fell immediately to her cleavage, a smile pulling his lips up before he met her gaze with a flushed face. Running a hand nervously through his hair, he gave her his charming smile and accepted her hand with his free one. Raising it to his lips, he placed a warm kiss upon her glove and kept it in his grip. “I imagine your mother was just as charming as you were, and quite wise.” He gave her a wink before turning to Arian. “If you will excuse me, I cannot deny a beautiful lady…” Turning his gaze back to Fanny, he led her to the floor and pulled her into his grip. As he began to lead her in the dance, he immediately looked away from her to focus on Phoebe nearby. He now had a better advantage point on keeping tabs on the human girl, and he had a feeling Phoebe’s world was about to be turned upside down.

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August 22, 2013 08:28AM
The Ballroom

Fanny chuckled softly as Levi treated her with respect and kissed her gloved hand with such panache. “I imagine your mother was just as charming as you were, and quite wise.” Fanny brought her shoulders up slightly and said sweetly; “Mother said that when I was born, the mould was smashed, so yes, she had her way with words. Oo a waltz…let’s dance.”

Now for Fanny, this was an unexpected surprise. The fair haired gentleman, accepted her request for a dance, and she glided across the floor, her skirts trailing behind her, as he took her into the dancer’s hold. His hand to the small of her back and left hand gripping her right. It was not lost on her that his attention while they danced was towards another, a young lady who looked simply angelic. Fanny grimaced behind her kitten mask, but kept up with the young man, turn for turn. She had to admit, he knew how to dance, which was a lot more than Batholomew could do, but Fanny had wanted to enjoy this night for all it was worth, and what could be better than having some gorgeous do gooder on her arm.

Noting that Levi was constantly turning his head towards the girl, Fanny struck him with a question; “Is she your sister? You two look a like.” Spun around again, Fanny snuggled closer, and tightened her grip on his hand. “If I had a sibling that good looking, I’d be drooling too.”

Bartholomew, who had finally had enough of the desert buffet, spun around to see his Kitten in the arms of some blonde gentleman, and he quirked a brow.

“Kitten?” He started to feel a pang of jealousy to see his beloved dancing with the dashing Levi. Pulling on the edges of his jacket, he looked like a bull ready to charge at the matador with the swirling red cape, and though he couldn’t dance for his worth, he strutted past a table that had a red rose and snatched it up out of the vase, and continued out to the floor, till he reached the couple and tapped Levi on the shoulder.

“May I cut in? I have the desire to take this beautiful creature and show her what a man can do.” Bart wiggled his eyebrows, and then stuck the rose between his teeth.


“Ole?” Fanny gasped, her eyes radiant to see Bart had finally come to his senses, and was no longer stuffing his face.


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August 22, 2013 01:41PM
Edward felt Elvira leave his arms suddenly, and it nearly knocked him on his ass, though he knew it was his own fault. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Juliette, whether it be due to her dancing, his thirst for vengeance, or his irrefusable love for her…he was not fully sure. His eyes held on the two now as he stood alone, fuming inside as he watched them dance. However, when she pushed her partner away, a small grin formed at the corner of his lips, though the kiss he placed on her neck removed it away immediately. His eyes were sparking now at a constant rate, and they began to brighten in a blueish hue. When she snatched him up, he allowed the action, and led her in a dance, one that would cause envy within the hearts of those that looked on. All those except for Amos and Bess, who had taken the dance floor as well, and were surely watching the two. His hand took hers, his other on her hip, and he led her on the greatest ride of her life, despite his rage and her words, which only increased it.

His face became a twisted visage of the cool minded and silver tongued Blood Doll she always knew. It became a vicious ball of rage, his mind screaming at him to speak what he truly wanted, as the lights began to flicker in and out, lightning striking just outside the building, with more to come. However, he quickly regained himself, though his eyes remained their bright blue color. “Your words were simple to understand Mistress.” His voice cold, lifeless as he spoke to her, avoiding eye contact.

“We made love that night, a beautiful dance aboard the sheets of a bed. Our bodies and minds fusing to be one.” He twisted her around before continuing their dance. “You brought ruin to the memory by speaking words that directly reffuted it.” He lifted her hand within his above her head, taking a tighter grip of her waist, and allowing her head and back to fall down, waving from right to left, then he pulled her back up into a single twist, and caught her so she was facing him, continuing their dance. “I do not have a lord in mind, but be sure to understand that you and I will never be. Never in public, never behind closed doors. Those were your words. Though they stung, they could have been forgotten in face of the truth, a truth that cannot be changed. that I am yours…” He lifted her inthe air by her hips, taking a knee, as he allowed her to fall slowly back to him, using the electricity he was generating in his own body to fuel such feats of strength. The fact that she was so…petite made it that much easier. They ended their dance with his left hand on her back, his right against her cheek, rubbing it gently. caressing it with love as people clapped at their show of skill. His lips were as close to hers as possible, as he spoke, though the blue of his eyes never left. “After all, I am nothing but a sack of blood to you, Mistress, and I will act the part.” He quickly lifted her, and stepped back once, bowing his head. then he registered her question, why he did this to HER. How COULD he do it. This made him lose control, and if not for the crowded area, his roar would have cleared the entire room. He tightly wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her to him as he practically carried her though the room and out to a sheltered balcony. Once they were from sight, his body moved at a speed as quick as lightning itself and his hands were around her throat, pining her to a wall.

“How could I?! HOW COULD I?! I have been nothing but loving and understanding of you, Juliette. I have supported you! I have LOVED you without condition and without prompt that you feel the same! I have nothing of ill intent towards you yet you treat me as though I were yesterdays SHIT.” He forced his grip harder around her throat. “I did what I did, because you DESERVED to feel how I felt as you left me to my own broken heart. Do not worry, this night has hardly begun, and there is MUCH more in store for you. You WILL feel the pain that I have for YEARS, and shall for YEARS to come. You will know a broken heart, the feeling of pure emptiness. You will know how I feel.” With that, he forcibly removed his arm from her neck as lightning struck directly behind him. He turned and began to walk away.

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August 22, 2013 02:38PM


Isabella grinned at her partner as they moved gracefully along the dance floor. As time passed, more couples joined on the dance floor and began moving with them. Twirling in the man’s arms, she laughed and then twirled back towards him and wrapped a leg around his, bending nearly completely backwards – without his assistance or support at all. As she straightened up again, she looked over her shoulder towards where Amos and Bess entered. She pulled away long enough to curtsy before she began dancing again.

Looking towards Juliette, she watched as her friend began dancing with Edward, a frown tugging on her lips. She tensed as she saw Edward carrying Juliette off of the dance floor, though didn’t go after them. Juliette would be fine, after all, she was a demon. Shaking her head, Isabella pulled away from her dance partner and gave him a winning smile, curtsying before walking over to lean against one of the pillars, watching everyone around her.


As Ezekiel received no answer, he shrugged and then moved towards Bess. Smiling, he bowed to she and her husband. “If I may be so bold as to ask, may I have this dance, Milady? I wouldn’t want you to be left alone while your husband and daughter dance.” The demon grinned at Bess and Amos, before looking at Elvira and bowing to her as well. After a moment, he turned back to Amos and Bess with a cheeky grin. “You two never fail to impress me with how wonderful your children turn out. Your daughter is quite beautiful.” Ezekiel threw a grin over at Elvira before he looked at Bess once more, awaiting her answer to his request to dance.

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August 22, 2013 03:50PM
Amos heard her words, after feeling the tightening of her grip, and they did not surprise him. They did not so much as cast a second thought to his mind. His gut was right, something was going to go down tonight. In truth, he’d smelt Agares in the room, and seen him with Juliette not long after they first entered. Agares would not be trusted in a place that requires such, delicacy, at least not alone. No, Lilian would definitely be there, and this meant there was a plan lurking, something that none would expect, which immediately placed Amos on his utmost guard. “It makes sense, my Love.” His lips hardly moved as he spoke, though he didn’t need to feign the smile he held as he danced with his wife. “Her dog would not have been trusted here alone. He’s too….vulnerable until backed into a corner.”

Twirling her to the end of the song, he placed a gentle kiss upon her lips, and rested his forehead against hers. “Yet they shall not ruin this night.” That’s when Elvira’s voice rang through his head and he looked down to the girl. Aside from Bartholomew, and the darling little girl he was forced to send off, she was his pride and joy. He loved all his children the same, but Elvira was always the one he preffered, the one he was proudest of in more ways than one. He had hoped she’d have managed to do something with her life other than eat, kill, drink, fuck, and ride that steed of hers, though he loved her all the same. Her words brought a bright smile to his face, and he nodded to his wife, his eyes meeting his daughter’s as he spoke. “Of course my little devil. I would be honored.” Holding his hand out to his daughter, he noticed Zeke approach them, and he smirked.

It wasn’t that he disliked the guy, no, quite the opposite. He just didn’t like how…friendly he was with women, and in particular, Elvira and Bess. He was a womanizer, and though it serves HIM well, Amos was not friendly with the idea of him dancing with his wife. He didn’t think the guy would disrespect him, but Amos was always more cautious than he should be. “It….is fine by me….” He looked to his wife as Elvira took his hand. “I’ll be with you once more, my Love. You shan’t wait long.” He winked and then led his daughter away to dance, taking her in his arms tightly, with all the love a father could offer. It was odd for him, embracing LOVE again. He’d always held it for his wife, and his children, yet…he never really experienced it since the day he married Bess and she birthed each of his children…yes…even Juliette. He had to figure out a way to get her free of Agares, yet for now, he would focus on the daughter he held in his arms, twirling her and guiding her with the music, the emotion and pure love ever so present in the moment they shared.


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August 22, 2013 05:24PM
(You just had to play that song, didn’t you? -sniffles-)

Elvira took the compliments of her mother and Ezekiel with a nod of her head, but what mattered to her the most in that moment, was the pleasant feeling of her father agreeing to her request. The music changes to something slow and pleasing as he lead her out to the floor.


It brought to her mind a time when she was little, probably no more than 4 or 5. She hadn’t been able to sleep and crept from her room in search of him. He always was the one she went to when she couldn’t sleep. She’d found him in the study, his mother in his arms as they were dancing to something playing on the phonograph. She must have made some sort of noise for her parents looked at her. Her mother wanted her to return to her room, but her father simply pulled her from the shadows into the light. “Let her be, Bess. She will need to learn this some day, and what better time than now with her own parents.” he had admonished. He directed Elvira to place her slippered feet upon his own and took her hands in his. With her standing on his feet, he lead her around the room in a dance all their own, making her giggle when he sang along with the music, making up his own words. She always cherished that moment.


As she thought of those times, she couldn’t repress the giggle, nor the tears forming in her eyes. She ducked her head, pressing against his shoulder before he could see her tears.

“I love you, Father.” Elvira whispered, unsure if he heard her over the music. She wanted to weep, she didn’t know why. Why was she feeling like her entire world was about to change?

Pressing a hand to her mouth to stifle her sobs, she pressed her forehead against his chest, nearly dislodging her mask.