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Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 27, 2013 05:24AM
Elvira felt her tears fade away as she danced with her father. Elvira never held much pleasure in her young life, not even when she was feeding. Her father was the closest thing to heaven for one such as her as she could get. A small smile graced her face as he kissed the top of her head, feeling his fingers touching gently upon her hair. “Never forget that I will always be here for you, my little devil. that will never change….”

She looked up to reply when her attention was caught by something behind him. A man, who she did not recognize was pushing his way through the crowd, staring intently in their direction. As he came closer she was about to ask her father who he was when she saw the dagger in his hands. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound issued forth.

Time seemed to slow for her as the man raised his arm, prepared to plunge the dagger into her father’s unsuspecting back. She wanted to shove her father from its path, to take the strike herself but she was frozen in place. The dagger came down and the look of shock and then anger upon her father’s face was a sight to behold.

It seemed like hours but it was only a scant few seconds. Time returned to normal and Elvira found her voice, screaming for all she was worth. Demons began to pour into the room, attacking and killing indiscriminately heading straight for her father. The human attendees were running and screaming in fear while a few of the other supernaturals began trying to fight back. Her father released her from his embrace, turning to face the onslaught dead on. He threw his fist into the gut of a demon that had reached them, his arm ripping through flesh and bone. He took up the sword the demon had dropped and readied for the next strike. There was an inhuman roar of rage behind her and she turned to see another demon leaping at her, a wicked looking axe held aloft between its clawed hands. Her father jumped in front of her, swinging his purloined sword upward as the demon came down, cleanly slicing the attacker in half. She watched as he dropped the sword and turned toward her, grabbing her by the shoulders. “Brace yourself my Devil.” he stated. Before she could ask, she found herself flying through the air over the heads of the others, landing upon the stage where she slid into the abandoned instruments with a painful crunch.

She blinked the cobwebs from her mind and glanced around, trying to spot her father. He was in the middle of the floor, some distance away, surrounded on all sides by demons of every shape and size, all holding weapons. He was fierce in his defense of himself and family. Feeling helpless, she watched as he fought the bravest fight of his life. She heard another roar, closer this time and turned just as a demon jumped onto the stage at her. There was no time to duck and she found herself pinned to the wall, the sharp talons piercing her skin as the stink of its breath wafted over her face.

“Such pretty flesh.” the demon crooned, bending to sniff at her neck. She gulped and turned her head away, eyes closed tight. To some, it looked as she were scared of being harmed. If they had looked closer, they would have seen her skin ripple beneath the demon’s hands. Elvira let her succubus loose and with a snarl, slammed her fist into the demon’s chest. The scream that followed caused a few of the humans who were close to them to fall to the floor, covering their ears in fear. She closed her taloned hands around his beating heart and squeezed hard, exploding the heart within the breast cavity. The demon collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut. Elvira grinned evilly, licking the blood from her fingers and moaning in delight.

It was then she could hear her father’s voice over the dinn. “Elizabeth! Bartholomew! Elvira! To me!”

Not caring about the blood that stained her hands and dress, she took up her skirts and ran to where she had last seen him. She could distantly hear Big Ben striking midnight and she, like everyone else, human and demon, stopped in her tracks when the sounds of inhuman howls pierced the air. Glancing up in shock, she watched as werewolves jumped down from the railings above to join in the fighting. She had spotted The Count and recognized him as the man who had kissed her in the park earlier that week. Her eyes widened as his flesh rippled beneath his skin. It seemed to slough from him like an old snake skin until the largest werewolf she’d ever seen stood in his place. He howled up toward the moon she could see through the glass ceiling and jumped over the railing to the floor, his own path intent on reaching her grandmother. Shaking her head, she turned in time to duck another demon attack, slashing her talons across his neck, severing head from body as she returned her attention to reaching her father’s side.

In all the chaos, she wondered what happened to her brother and his lady-friend. She spared not one thought for her sister and her mother. They were all on their own…

Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 27, 2013 05:40AM
Elizabeth chuckled “Alone?….you must have broken half the hearts in London with that statement” she grinned. As he twirled her Elizabeth laughed again…but her joy was very short lived. She spied Agared over the shoulder of her dance partern, malice gleamed in his eyes as he slunk through the crowd. Her eyes followed his path and it was there she saw her husband “Amos…” she breathed.
Elizabeth broke away and ran for the dog…but she was to late, by the time she reached him he was gone, swallowed by the earth and in his place was the dagger in her husbands back, “Amos!” she screamed, though she was unable to do much. Lesser demons swarmed them, horrible creatures with dark eyes and black claws. They hissed and wailed and dragged them all to the floor, Elizabeth was grabbed from behind just as she tried to reach for the dagger. The demon flung her of to the far wall and she hit it with a thud. Landing on her stomach Elizabeth groaned but picked herself up…just in time for another demon to come screaming toward her. She growled and drew her hand back as if she meat to slap him. Her nails however, had grown and turned back. With a cry of fury she brought them down across the demons face, slicing it to bits. He screamed and clutched his face, staggering of somewhere. It was then Elizabeth heard her name, she tore of toward Amos and any demon that got in her way she cut down with her claws. Her husband was already in his true form, looming over the demons that ran at him. Elizabeth fell in at his right hand side, her hand on his arm, a silent reassuring gesture before she herself turned into her true form. With a scream she tore through her skin and whilst her form was not as large as his, it was equally as horrible. “Together” she told him via her thoughts before rearing her head back and screeching in fury. Elizabeth cut down another demon that had made a run at her husbands back, whilst she tore the head of another who meant to claw her eyes out.

Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 27, 2013 05:59AM
“My darling boy” Lillian cooed, opening her arms in a mock gesture for a hug “It’s been so long i’d thought you had forgotten me”. She had not seen her son enter…but she could always sense when one of her children were nearby….Especially one with Demon Blood as Strong as Harrisons. Lillian glided up beside him, smiling sweetly. “Saved any ducklings lately?” she drawled, and yet despite the sarcastic tone…there was rage in her words. It was no secret that she considered Harrison one of her many disappointments. “I don’t ask for much” she began with a sigh “Yet one of the few children i put faith in…turned out an angel…it’s sickening…” Lillian sighed, like she was simply discussing how horrible the weather was and not how she regretted birthing a son. Suddenly, the hall erupted into a frenzy, people began to run and push past the mother and son. Lilian grinned and clapped her hands in delight “You’ll want to stay for this my boy” she said, smiling brightly.

Lillian had taken to watching everything with silent glee. “You should learn from this Harrison” she said, tilting her head up and watching everything with a smirk on her face. As the demons killed whatever humans were left and were now trying to bring Amos to his knees, Lillian could finally revel in how much her plan had worked. Her husband would be pleased.
However, a horrid roar filled the Ballroom and Lillian knew that it was not one of her beasts that was making all the noise. Casually as ever she glanced to her right and saw the large wolf advance on her.
Lillian could only grin.
She turned away from her son and laughed loudly, cruelly.”Turn away pup…” she drawled. When he simply came closer she narrowed her eyes and they flashed a brilliant yellow. At once she latched onto his heart. Underneath the coarse black fur she tugged, using her mind she twisted his heart in his chest, all the while smirking “If you had meant to kill me dog…it would not have worked…i made your kind”. As those yellow eyes locked with the wolves Lillian gave a final tug upon his heart before letting go completely…She strode across the floor, her eyes wide, glowing and furious, “I will not be beaten by the likes of You” she hissed , her lips pulling back to reveal that her teeth had grown too. Both jaws now contained rows of sharp pointed teeth, much like a sharks. “I should have destroyed your race when i had the chance” she bit out, glancing to her left she spotted Amos. Smirking she turned back to the wolf “If only you knew how little you meant to the world”. With a cry of both frustration and fury she brought her hand up, meaning to bring it down across the beasts face.

Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 27, 2013 06:34AM
The Ballroom

Earlier, Bartholomew had gotten down on one knee, to propose to his Kitten, in front of all the guests at the ball. Fanny was overcome and found it hard to focus, her eyes brimming with tears. She was stuttering and almost lost on actually saying yes, cause this was a total shock. Bart tore off his bird face mask, so she could see his chubby cheeks, and dazzling demon eyes, looking at her with a delectable smirk. Ring still held out, Fanny finally took the ring and placed it on her finger.

“Yes…Daaaahling. Course I’ll marry you, you are my…”

But just as Fanny was about to say what Bart was to her, there was a god awful scream of pain coming from across the room. It was Amos, being struck in the back with a dagger. Gasping, Fanny dropped the ring box with a clatter, and she took off her mask, to see better. Bart jumped to his feet, and he too witnessed the attack.


“FATHER…NO!” Bart cried out, furious and distraught to see what that bastard Agares had just done. “He’s trying to kill my Father! The demon within Bart roared loudly, as he started to knock over patrons that were closest to him, in a bid to reach his father and see if he was okay. The attack however, had been the catalyst for a wave of demons to enter the ball room from every point of the large domed room. This was an ambush. The whole ball was a set up to wipe out the Roxburg family, or at least that is how it appeared.

Left and right, the very guests were either running, or being torn apart alive by the hordes of demons, that appeared from great bursts of fire. Bart suddenly realized that Fanny was with him, and spun around, collecting her up in his powerful arms, just as she was slapping the daylights out of a demon with her purse.


“NO..ONE…ATTACKS…ME..WHEN…I…JUST..GOT…ENGAGED!” Fanny roared, as she let herself be taken into the protective arms of Bart. Bart looked at her fearfully, and cried. “I need you to plane shift out…NOW!” Fanny started to shake her head violently. “I’m not leaving you, Bart. She was adamant, and the pair then started to fight off demons, that were coming at them. Bart’s skin started to darken, with his fangs growing longer. Long claws ripped out of his fingers, and he grabbed a demon and started to beat the living shit out of it, while Fanny went on the attack, which was a tall order in her dress. Talk about a good right hook. You could even hear the bones in the demon’s face break on impact, as she slammed home a good upper cut. The pair were putting up a good fight, right up till the moment that they heard the chiming of Big Ben and the Ballroom clock. Fanny gasped, as she saw row upon row of the Count’s men, all turning into Werewolves. “This was a set up!Fanny cried, grabbing Bart’s hand, trying to drag him to safety, but then Amos was screaming out for his kids to follow him. This was fast becoming a living nightmare.


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August 27, 2013 07:02AM

Ezekiel laughed at Bess’ statement, nodding. “Perhaps, but they’ll survive!” Chuckling, he continued to dance with her until she pulled away. Instantly, he looked towards Amos, seeing Agares move towards him. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he began moving. He, too, began shifting and turning into his demon form. He moved quickly, coming in to stand near Bess and Amos. He glanced at his friends, nodding lightly. “I will help you, my friends.” With that said, he, too, began fighting off the demons. As his hands reached out to grab a demon that tried to pass him to get to Amos, his mind reached out as well. As a powerful telekinetic, he could easily move objects with his mind… and that was what he was doing. Decorations on the walls began to move, swaying on their own. And before long, they all came flying off of the walls, aimed towards the attacking demons. Candlesticks, holders, decorative swords and more came flying towards the demons, hitting and piercing the creatures in waves.

As the demons began to attack, Juliette gasped, though she controlled herself. Turning to a petrified human, she smiled at him. “Would you be so kind as to untie my dress?…. NOW!” She grined at him, though when he was taking too long, she enforced that. Immediately, he nodded and frantically began to untie her dress. After only a few moments, she thanked him and slid the dress off of her body. With a grin towards a demon who was approaching her, she pursed her lips and shook her head. “Ah, no. Not today, mister.” With that, she leapt towards him, transforming as she did. By the time she reached him, she was no longer ‘human’, but instead a larger-than-normal panther. SHe attacked the demons with claws and teeth, shredding skin and muscle easily as she let out a loud, cat-like roar.

Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 27, 2013 10:25AM
Levi smiled gently as he heard Phoebe’s sobs dragged down to a stop. Lifting her chin up, he smiled down at her “Better, dear?” Phoebe rolled her eyes and kicked him lightly in the shin. He winced and bent down to grab it, still smirking at her “I would say so…”

She laughed softly and ruffled his hair as he quickly became the figure of an older brother to her. Her eyes scanned the crowd as she felt a shift in the room. Wait, what? How could she even feel that. Her body began to tingle as she felt all nerves in her body begin to hum. Levi straightened up and stared, shock covering his boyish looks as he observed that Phoebe began to glow. A heavenly aura rolled off of her and she turned her green eyes to Levi fearfully Wh-what’s happening to me, Levi?”

As her aura began to grow stronger, Phoebe collapsed into his chest and Levi had to quickly grab her to keep her from falling. Lifting her up in his arms fireman style, his eyes scanned the crowd. “I got to get her home…” As he began to walk, he observed the fang fiend that had smiled at him earlier making his way towards Amos. Turning to Amos, he was unsure if he should warn him or not. He was a demon, after all. As he contemplated his actions, Amos was then stabbed in the back and he let out a scream that shook the whole room “No!” Rushing the unconscious Phoebe over to a chair in the corner of the room, he kissed her forehead before rushing towards Amos.

Pulling out his seraph, his heavenly blade, he began to block Amos from the lesser demons that were beginning to attack. He gave Bess a nod of his head in a silent truce to in a sign to show that he wanted to help. The demons were not to fight each other, and it seemed all balance was lost between good and evil. There were no longer black and white lines, but everything turned grey. With a feral cry, he began to slice lesser demons in half as they charged after The Roxbury leader.

Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 27, 2013 10:47AM
Barawks eyes caught the advancing Agares just as he made it a few feet from amos. the loko in his eyes, he’d seen it before, and this brought a slight grin his face. “finally…” he muttered as he set his water down on the bar, cracked his fingers, and rolled his shoulders. “He’s made his move…and now I make…” he was cut off by the scream of Levi, the human woman in his arms. Going wide eyed, he watched the anger in the boy’s eyes. With that, it didn’t take long for Barawk to realize what Levi was doing, and of course, the Arch Angel had to act. With a soft grin on his face, he quietly spoke one word. “Barawk.” his name.

With the uttering of his holy name, a sound of thunder boomed covering what traces of his voice could be heard. His body glew as bright as lightning and when the light faded, his wings and armor were apparent. Large, glorious feathered apendages spread wide in all their glory. Armor as grey as the skies of the storm outside appeared over his body. In his hand, he wielded his hammer and sword. Named Thunder and Lightning, one held within it the force of a punch from god, which was Thunder, and the other, Lightning, the sword, stung as such. As the demons crowded the room, slaying the humans and non supernaturals in the room with ease, the few that had turned to face him ran in fear of his might, to no avail. “And where are you going?!” With a flap of his powerful wings, Barawk was launched forward in chase of the first demon, throwing thunder into the side of it’s skull. the boom of it’s hit echoed through the room as the demon’s head went flat on one side and left his body. He then pushed with his legs off the ground, leaping to the next demon. He brought lightning up above his head and threw it down with a thunderous roar as the storm outside intensified. The blade cleaved clean through the demon’s body, splitting it in two. After this, he continued to fight his way expertly to Levi.

Upon reaching him, he threw thunder into the chest cavity of a demon who had made it’s way to the younger angel’s back. The hammer boomed and the demon flew back, taking a couple of other demons to the floor with it’s lifeless body. His eyes found Levi’s in all the chaos. “get the girl to safety boy! do not fail in your only duty! I will handle things here! GO!” A Demon rushed Amos’ back, his wife and Zeke at his side hadn’t noticed the beast and Barawk acted on instinct. He charged it, and spun, slapping it with his wing then bringing Lightning into it’s gut, and with a roar, brought the blade up, splitting the demon from the stomach up. He didn’t look to the demons at who’s side he fought, the fact that he just risked himself to protect them was enough of a sign. though he was far from a fan of demons, all angels recognized the importance of Amos. Without him, the war between Angels and Demons would surely begin.

As he hammered and cut through encroaching demons, his ears lifted to the railings above them as the howls pierced the screams with ease. His eyes widened, and the giant wolf men leapt to the ground. though he’d fought about every other manner of creature, he’d never fought a werewolf. though this enticed him, it also worried him, as now, there were two enemies for him to worry about, one of which was tearing through the other’s forces with ease. He continued to fight, but hollered to Amos over the screams. “Amos! You need to go! Take you family and get out! I’ll watch your backs!”

Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 27, 2013 11:13AM
“I don’t want this…I don’t want this…so much pain and devastation is left in my wake! Please….please stop me. I deserve to die!” The words entered his mind and circled as Edward stared down to his beloved Juliette, tears flowing from his eyes as she burryed her face in his chest. the rain was drenching them, and Edward began to shiver gently, though he didn’t want to move from where he was and risk letting go of her, not when she was like this. His lips found the top of her head, his right hand gently running through her drenched locks, his other clinging to her back, tightly pressing her form against his. He was, as of now, at a loss of words. He knew what he felt, and new he had to speak it, put it into voice, yet, he could not figure how. “My love…my tigress…my exotic panther…you are far from a monster.”
His placed a finger under her chin, forcing her eyes to fall into his as he placed his forehead gently against hers. “You are the moon to my ocean, balancing my unsteady heart. You are the you are the petal to my rose, the things that creates my beauty and keeps me alive. You are my love, my heart, my soul. You are not that which others call you, but what you choose to be Juliette.” Placing a hand on her cheek, his lips found hers again. They embraced her lips with longing and love and passion, that of which she’d find no where else. It was far from gentle, but it was not rough…it was…perfect, at least for him.

His eyes opened and his lips yanked from hers when Amos’ roar flew from the walls of the building behind them. He immediately turned to the building, grasping Juliette’s hand within his and pulling her under the overhang. Bloodcurdling screams of horror and death filled his ears. He turned to face his beloved, and embraced her cheek with his hand. “Stay here. I will see what’s going on.” finding her lips in his once more, he turned to the door and opened it. The look on his face even before he was out of her sight would be enough to scare even her as his eyes took in the massacre before him. Blood, limbs, bodies, everywhere. His eyes found the five being standing in the middle of the room at Amos’ back as the demons rushed them all. “Oh…oh god….” Edward had seen much in his life, but nothing like this.
Though, what he saw next forced him to his knees, partially of fear, and partially of enticement and intrigue. Man sized wolves leapt down from the railings with speed and power as they tore through both demon and otherwise alike. the larges of them heading straight towards the “Queen” herself, Juliette’s grandmother. “No…”


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August 27, 2013 11:16AM
Levi fought and slashed with all his might, managing to get a few deep cuts in sides from the nasty buggers that the lesser demons were. As Barawk revealed his true might and power as he fought his way towards Levi, he began to laugh and cut off the head of the nearest demon. Locking his eyes on Barawk, he found himself kneeling to the power and demand given to him by the mighty angel. Bowing his head, he muttered “I will do as you command.” Straightening up, he fought his through the onslaught of demons until he was at Phoebe’s side. Levi saw that she was beginning to come to, though she seemed very disoriented. With a soft sigh, he picked her up once more like a fireman and tucked her head to his chest. Smiling down at her, he murmured “It is becoming a habit of yours to faint, il mio caro…”

Phoebe’s green eyes lifted to Levi’s face as she frowned weakly “You keep quiet, you…I feel so strange…”

The angel nodded and began to walk carefully, aware of the precious cargo in his hands. “I got you, tesoro, I got you.” He felt the girl go limp in his arms as he continued to carry her out of the ballroom. His eyes fell on the werewolves and this struck a deep fear in him. It seemed the dispute between the angels and demons had become bigger than them. His eyes held one of the werewolves, his mouth set in a firm line before he trudged out the door with Phoebe. He had only hoped his father was home so he could explain what was happening to the poor girl. As he walked, he was unaware of the pair of eyes following them.

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