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Forum RP: A Pirate’s Life

Players: CharlotteCarrendar & LadyBelz

Takes place onboard The Devil’s Mystery

 photo 14062196_zpsc09e34ce.jpg“Rachael…you’re my everything.”

She heard the words, believed the truth in them and it made her want to cry. She wrapped her arms around him, pressing her cheek to the top of his head as it was buried in her neck. Taking a chance, she slowly pulled away, eyeing him warily. What she did now, would prove to her once and for all he meant every word he said.

She stepped back a few paces, keeping her eyes on his as she reached back for the ties on her corset. Once she was free of its constraints, she dropped it to the floor then pulled her shirt from the waistband of her pants. Standing in shirt and pants, she then untied the shirt until was loose and open, showing tantalizing hints of what was beneath. She dropped her hands to her side and waited to see what he would do, trying to calm her racing heart. She was so nervous, her knees were shaking and she had to clamp her thighs together to keep from tumbling to the floor.

And still, she kept her eyes on his, scared to death that he would reject her once more, breaking her heart forever…


Rachael pulled away from his hold, stepping back and with wary eyes she watched him. James didn’t falter he remained as he stood, his eyes taking in her beautiful body. His breathing remained steady and he didn’t try to spoil the moment by speaking. There were no words that could describe her to him at this point. It was like…she was waiting for him to make a move. James’s patience paid off, when she started to reach for the ties to her corset, loosening the threads that kept it tied so the garment would simply slip from her form. It dropped with a light clatter, the whale bones assuring that. How she managed to wear it all the time mystified him. It was true, women were made of tougher stuff. Rachael was becoming the Rose of the Devil’s Mystery, slowly opening her petals, as she loosened her shirt, and showed the inner sweetness of her skin, the center of her bud. The lowering of her arms to her sides, and just standing there, showed of all things; submission. Just as he was the Master of the Ship, he was about to become Lord of her body. One foot stepped forward, then the next, till he came to be before her. But instead of staying there, he walked in behind her. Large hands reached for her shirt, and ever so gently drew it up and over her head, then draping it upon the bunk. Turning back, he brought his hands to her shoulders, smoothing them across the softness of her skin. He treated her like the flower she was. Tender caresses, that were certain to send jolts of electrical current through her body. James’s hands moved down her arms, and he gently bent his head down and kissed the back of her neck, while moving his body in closer to hers. The heavy musk of his own body, rich with salt and sandalwood, may give her a light head. A hand rose from her arms, and with the back of his hand, he caressed her cheek, while continuing to savour the nape of her neck. His free hand reached around, and strummed across from her shoulder down to her right breast, which he cupped in his hand. His thumb and forefinger, tweaking her nipple slightly. There was nothing rough about his actions, they were all precise and gentle. This is how he wanted to treat her, she deserved nothing less.

She held her breath, feeling lightheaded with emotion as he raised a foot to take a step. Would he go back toward the door and out of her heart and life for good or would he take this chance she was offering?

He stepped toward her and she gulped hard. He continued toward her slowly, as if she were a skittish doe about to bolt at the first sign of danger. She held her ground, shaking like a leaf in the wind, scared to move, scared to breath.

He did not stop before her like she imagined. He walked around behind her and she could feel the heat of him, smell that scent that was unique to him alone, sandalwood and the salt of the sea air. His large hands, calloused from years of pirating, touched her shoulders and she shivered beneath his touch. He reached down, drawing her shirt up and over her head, the cool air raising goosebumps along her flesh. She couldn’t move, didn’t think she had the stength to. Hands upon her shoulders once more, smoothing across and then down her arms as he pressed closer to her. She jolted, the feeling like a surge of electricity arching through her body and she had to bite her lip to repress the moan that threatened to spring forth, as he pressed a kiss to the back of her neck.

Her breath was coming in short pants as he reached up to caress her cheek, while still feasting upon her neck as if she were a delicious morsel. She may have well been to his mind. His other hand was not idle either, reaching up to cup her right breast. She felt his fingers tweak the hard nubbin of flesh and a bolt of desire shot through her. The moan she released into the silence of the room was dark and sensual, designed to entice him into further action.

Her head dropped back upon his shoulder, giving him further access to her skin, her eyes closed as she savored this moment of delicious torment. She felt treasured, cherished, as if she were a fine porceline vase on display. She was unaware she was speaking words as he caressed her slowly, lovingly.

“Please…oh please…”


Like a winged angel, James enveloped Rachael in his arms coming from behind. His right hand exploring, kneading her supple breast, while his lips sucked upon the flesh of the nape of her neck. The warmth of his chest was felt upon her back, and his kisses rained up towards the back of her ear, finding her ripe earlobe, which he started to suck and tease fleetingly with his tongue. James was in no rush in order to please his Rachael. His attentions were to heighten her arousal, which he could not only feel in the shiver of her body, but also the moans that escaped her lips. Rachael found herself unable to control her inner voice that audibly exclaimed “Please…oh please..” The want of her desire was rising, building its intensity, which James planned to savor.

James’s left hand moved down from her cheek, to glide past her left bosom, fingers so light though calloused from years at sea, till he found her belly. His hand moved in a swirling action, but at the same time drawing her closer back into his form. James could feel the roundness of her buttocks through her pants, and he adjusted his footing so he could push his hips right up, so his now hardened member could be felt beneath the cloth of his pants.

Drawing back his head, as she let herself rest her own head back to his shoulder, he turned his cheek, and then covered her lips with his own, his tongue feeding through her parted lips, and tussling with her tongue, as a rise of a guttural moan entered her mouth. He was still not speaking. No sonnets or words of love, for his body said far more in its actions, than he could possibly express.

Her eyes remained closed as his lips skimmed the flesh of her neck, hands caressing her breasts. She felt his teeth and tongue upon her earlobe, and moaned with desire. “James…” she whispered, daring not to say much more. Her hands, idle before now, reached up and back, slowly wrapping around his neck in a loose hold, designed to simply anchor herself in this stormy sea of desire she found herself marooned in, an action that pressed her breast deeper into his hand.

She felt his other hand pressed to her bare stomach, gently pulling her closer to the hard planes and contures of the male body behind her and she could feel the hardness of him pressed intimately against her bottom.

The press of lips against her own and she gasped into his mouth, his tongue easily slipping inside to dance with hers. She groaned, a high pitched sound that put in mind of a mouse being chased by a cat as it ran for its life.

And still, no words were spoken between them, other than the sigh of his name from her lips before he kissed her. There was no need to interrupt the moment with useless words and plattitudes. Actions were what were needed and actions they both took.

He was in total control, and she found that she did not mind one little bit.

She kept one arm around his neck, bringing the other forward to press lightly against his cheek as their kiss turned into something much more darker, deeper. She could feel herself falling and knew he would be there to catch her.

Involuntary, her body pressed back against his, brushing intimately against his hardness, causing her to moan into his mouth once more. She was throbbing all over, throbbing with the need to be possessed by this man.


The minute that she pressed her body back into his, James knew that she was ready. As he had been slow to move, letting his hands explore her rounded curves, the subtle swell of her bosom, he knew he could not contain the passion deep within himself anymore. It needed to be released, all the while ensuring that she knew that he saw her as his woman, to be treasured and adored. James swept her up to cradle her body to his form, as he took the few steps to the cot, that had been where he wished to take her for so long. Nights he had dreamt of this moment, coming into fruition. Carefully, he laid her down, so her head rested upon the pillow, with her hair spilling out to frame her beautiful face. Both hands drew down till reaching her pants, which he gripped at the waist, and slowly started to move them down over her hips, past her thighs and then off, to be cast upon the floor.

He stood up for a moment, the look on his face was one that radiated the presence of a man that saw nothing in the room but her. He unclipped his own trousers, and let them fall to the floor, before stepping out. He was now completely naked, unashamedly so. James placed his knee on the cot, and then guided himself so he was suspended above her using his hands with arms locked, and one knee resting in the space between her legs. His face was just inches from hers, and it was like he was waiting, but actually, he was focused on her eyes, staring into them. James was not about to crush her with the force of his will or his body, but instead bent his head down and kissed her lips delicately. This was now time for her take control. She had been more than patient.

Her eye flew open, surprise filling its green depths as he scooped her up into his arms. He took the remaining steps to the bed and gently placed her upon it, her hair fanning out like a red halo upon her pillow. She kept her hands resting beside her head, watching him carefully as he slowly drew her pants from her body.

As she lay naked before him, she had this sudden urge to cover herself, thinking that he would find her unpleasing to him, thinking this would be the moment where he would decide that he had made a mistake and leave her. The look upon his face, though, told her this was not the case. He stared at her as if he were a hungry man and her body was the only sustenance that would fulfill his needs. She shivered under that gaze, body trembling as she returned his look.

Mesmerized, she took him in as he slowly removed his own pants, until he stood before her, naked and proud, full with wanting for her. She took in her fill, a small smile upon her lips as she finally got to see the man she desired above all else in all his natural glory. He seemed to like what he saw upon her face, for he chose that moment to join her upon her bed, a knee resting between her thighs, arms locked in place to keep himself above her. His eyes were upon her own, watching, waiting for some sign from her. His head descended toward hers and she leaned upwards to meet his kiss, her hands pressed against his chest.

His heart was galloping beneath her palm. He was just as affected as she. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling gently, letting him know with her actions that it was okay, she was ready for him, she wanted him as much as he wanted her. She would not push him away anymore.

So saying, she wrapped her legs around his hips, pressing upwards against his hardness between her thighs, her feminine folds slick with need for him. Her fingers tangled themselves in his hair, massaging his scalp as she pressed her entire body, her entire soul against his, begging for him to take what she offered. Her body, her love.

She drew away from his lips, sliding her own across the stubble of his beard, until she reached the small area between neck and shoulder, nipping the skin gently with her teeth before soothing the ache with her tongue, repeating the action across his Adam’s Apple to the other side of his neck.

“James…please…” she moaned, returning to his lips to repeat the sensual kisses of earlier.

She could hold out no longer. She needed him as much as she needed air. She felt drugged with want, addicted to this man who was poised to claim her as his own.


For all the time that they had been together, this was the first true show of intimacy, on a level that neither had experienced before. This was no mere tumble in the silks, or an afternoon romp, this was love making. A deep and sated need to express his love for her, treating her like a musical instrument to which the sounds of her voice were the melody, as he strummed his fingers along her skin. He had held back considerably, though he felt the rage of desire built to a point, that he was like a bull at a gate, yearning to complete her. But he wanted her to feel that she had the right to chose to be his lover, to accept his embrace and take the final step before plunging into the sea of intimacy.

A small smile from her, almost devilish in its own way, he wanted to kiss and taste. And he did, but at this she yielded, giving into her Pirate lover. Her arms moving up and around his neck, to bring him home. With her hips squared to his own, and her legs entwined around him, he could feel the slick pleasure of her womanly folds. A warmth and tingling pleasure, as his hardened shaft ached to be consumed by her. James lined himself up, by drawing back his hips, and the head of his member rested just outside the entrance to her jewel. He had waited so long for this moment, and with her teasing his skin between his neck and shoulder, he tilted his head back, proud like that of a lion. Rachael begged him; “James…please…” It was all it took as in one swift movement, he brought his hips down, and coupled with her, feeling himself enter deep inside of her. So warm and tight, he let out a growl of satisfaction, the feeling euphoric. Basic instinct kicked in, and his hips slowly started to rise and fall, as he whispered her name…

“Rachael…I’m home.”

Their silhouette in the darkened room would show the two lovers finally becoming one.

She felt the change upon the air, felt it in her very bones as he drew his body back over hers. She held her breath.

This was the absolute moment she’d been waiting for, knew that it was time and she would not stop him, no matter what happened…

He plunged swiftly, deeply into her body.

There was a brief moment of pain and she couldn’t help but cry out at the shock of it, before it was swiftly replaced by pleasure. If he had known she was pure, he might have stopped. It was why she kept it to herself, she didn’t want him to stop. And now she was his in a way no harlot or bar wench ever would be.

She heard his words, coming from a great distance as he began to love her.

“Rachael…I’m home.”

“James…I love you…” she whispered, wrapping her arms around his back and pressing her forehead into his neck.

As the crew went about their business above their heads, the sun slowly sinking into the horizon, time seemed to stand still in the small cabin of The Devil’s Mystery as the lovers within shared in their pleasure of one another…