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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 29, 2013 11:21PM
Walking through the doors with Galtem, it was clear that the party had already started without the host. Amelia beamed when she saw the scores of people on the dance floor, the crush of patrons at the bar, and of course was keen to be a part of it. She glanced behind her to see if Caleb was following, since he had the cash given to him by Galtem, to come in and join the action. Galtem was a bit heavy handed with the lad, giving his back a bit of a slap before walking her inside. Some father figure. Offering that he didn’t want to see the kid in hospital from partying too hard. So, tonight was going to be a learning curve, for both of them.

Already starting to get jostled, Amelia was relieved when Galtem gestured to the VIP rooms that were located on the first floor. With glass partitions, that separated the rooms from the main dance floor area. This was to be a place where the special guests could get some sizzling entertainment from the dancers, a lap dance or two, or enjoy a quiet drink with a loved one. Amelia shrugged her shoulders, and went on up the stairs, eager to see how the other half lived.

The interior of the VIP lounge, already had a few patrons, enjoying the delights of the hostesses, that bumped and grinded on their laps. Amelia smirked, cause this was a hell of a lot more raunchy than the dance floor. Galtem offered her a drink, and Amelia’s attention was regained. “Sure…scotch and dry. Thanks. Amelia lent against the bar, and stared back through the glass partitions, wondering when the real party started. Like when folk realized Galtem was back in town. The fact he was now guardian of a wild teen. It was going to get really interesting.



Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 29, 2013 11:38PM

Seph managed to slide her way through the dance floor mostly untouched, though some ass decided that because she wasn’t dancing, it was okay to touch her ass without so much as a greeting. She made her way to the bar, at first without an actual person she was going to talk to, but she quickly locked eyes on Jennifer. She wasn’t exactly close to the other female wolf, but they knew each other, and at the moment, that was good enough for her. Seph and Circe had gotten in a fight that morning. Seph had called Circe a slut when her sister announced she had officially lost her virginity to a wizard. Circe had proceeded to accuse Seph of being jealous of her because, word for word, ‘I fit in here, and you don’t’. Seph wasn’t the type of girl to lash out when someone insulted her, but Circe was a different chapter in that story. She lashed out if her sister so much as looked at her the wrong way. The two were not just sisters – they were best friends. In Pretoria, they had been inseparable, but something about America had turned their relationship a love/hate, on/off, complicated hot mess that neither of them really understood.

As soon as she reached Jennifer, she brushed some hair out of her eyes and the smile became a little nervous. “Uh, hey. I don’t really know anyone here, so do you mind if I…?” It was an open ended question because Seph didn’t know what to ask. Do you mind if I stand here and make it look like we’re having a conversation? Do you mind if we have an actual conversation? Nothing seemed socially acceptable, and even if it did, Seph didn’t know if her definition of the term was up to anyone else’s standards.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 30, 2013 06:23AM

Galtem nodded when he heard Amelia telling him what she wanted to drink, and that’s what he order from the bartender. Of course, for him it was just a glass of whiskey, he never changed much from the alcohol he drank, beers, wine and whiskey, nothing more than that. Of course tonight they could try out some shots, and make things get more interesting, but the night is still young. The bartender placed their drinks right in front of them, and Galtem just picked up his glass, as he turned around and faced Amelia.
“Cheers that you let go off your job and left your snake at home, for the first time!”
He joked with her, and hit his glass slightly against hers. This was true, she was always so focus on work, and whenever she was done with it, she would go back home and spend her time with her snake. She’s different on her own way, but that doesn’t make her less than others. After hitting his glass against hers, he brought the glass up to his lips, and took a long sip from his whiskey, hell, he even drank it all. Placing the glass back down, he huffed out from the lovely burning feeling down into his throat.
“Another one.”
Galtem told to the bartender, as he just nodded his head and started to pour more whiskey in his glass. He was going to drink, and a lot, he really needed something to distract his mind, especially now that he had a teenager under his arm, to take care about, it won’t be easy, hell, it will be extremely hard, and Galtem shouldn’t drink too much because he needs to keep an eye on Caleb, but he still wants to see how far and how reckless that kid can be, so he will just watch stuff happen.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 30, 2013 07:21AM
Amelia accepted the offered drink from Galtem, and stood upright as he rounded to raise a toast to her. The fact he was toasting that she was actually away from work, and not patting her snake, made her laugh before she brought her glass to her lips and took a sip. Amelia enjoyed the taste and smacked her lips.

“And to Galtem….who bet his booze, and his car against being able to handle a teen for a month…and shook on it.” There was a glimmer of a spark in her eyes, as she gave a cheeky wink. She was teasing, of course. Much the same way he was teasing her about her unorthodox life. Setting down the glass on the counter top, she glanced over her shoulder as one business man was getting a really good lap dance from one of the club’s hostesses. He was sliding his hands up and down her slender thighs, as she grinded against him. Looking back at the bar and the bar tender, she sighed, and said. “Maybe I been busting my ass at work all these years, cause I’m afraid of commitment. I mean, explains why I keep a snake and not a man. Snakes don’t talk back…and they ain’t got legs to walk out on you.” Amelia chuckled and then she tapped the bar. If Galtem was going to get shit faced, she planned to join him. “Refill. Same for me.”

They were quite the pair.



Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 30, 2013 07:51AM
William waited for some answer from Jennifer, and whenever she said vodka, he just grinned, they was going to start off strong tonight. He actually wanted that, but he wasn’t so sure about Jennifer. She had already been addicted to alcohol before, due feelings, they can get fucked up and ruin everything. He knew the reason why she was so addicted on drinking, he knew her feelings about Galtem, but he had always hoped that she had already gotten over it, and they would be fine again. He’d always forced himself to not think Jennifer has feelings for Galtem, so whenever she had a break down and told him everything, of course, it was hard for him to swallow the truth and hear it. He just doesn’t get it, he does everything he can, and tries be the best boyfriend, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. He doesn’t blame her, he blames more Galtem, because if that guy didn’t excited he would be with Jennifer, if he never interferes, in their life, Jennifer wouldn’t have any kind of thought about him. But lift isn’t so easy, and William wouldn’t give up just because things got hard. Hell, he had been fighting for so many years, why the hell give up now? He keep going, till he could get what he wanted.
Pushing those thoughts away, William smiled and turned to the bartender ordering two glasses of vodka for the both of them. Whenever the bartender placed their drinks, William wrapped his fingers around it, and was about to take a sip from his glass, till he saw somebody else getting close, he had already seen this girl before, she was one of the twins from the pack. Her name was Seph he guessed, but he would mostly let Jennifer have the conversation, while his view around be around the building. Seeing people drinking, dancing, partying, and so on.


Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 30, 2013 08:24AM

Galtem stared at her from the corner of his eye when she began to play around him doing that bet with the teen. He just winked at her and smirked. He doesn’t like when his pride is questioned, or when is his abilities, if people tell him he can’t do something, he will do it, just for rub on their faces. That’s why he done that bet with Caleb, even tho that will only make the teenager get worse and try his best to make Galtem send him away so he will get boozed whenever he wants to and have his car, but lets see who will win.
“There’s Commitment-Free Sex.”
Galtem told her with a shrug, when she began to talk about why she keeps a snake and not man, since they cant walk away or talk back. He turned his head around, and noticed the bartender pouring more drink in his glass, he picked it up and started to drink. He almost chocked with Amelia’s words.
“Yeaah, but snakes cant really give you everything back, now can they?”
He just told his opinion, he wasn’t that much fan of animals. He had one, one he just bought because of River, a small puppy, but on the very next day, he had already give it to another family, it would only be a small memory inside his house, that would make him remember about River, so why keep it?
It seemed tonight Amelia would get drunk with Galtem as well, that would be the first time since the two of them was drinking so much ,but it would only be fun.
“Remember me, to call a cab.”
Galtem joked a bit as he drank the rest of his whiskey, then he order for something else, he order a few shots, to be placed in front of them, then they would have to drink as much as they could quickly, and see who wins.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 30, 2013 09:03AM
The Bartender filled Amelia’s glass again and sat it down on the coaster in front of her. The night was young, and she didn’t have work the next day, so she knew that if she was going to have a few too many tonight, least she could sleep it off in the morning. Not like she had anyone else to take care of, and her snake was just fine in his tank. The mention of the bet with Caleb brought a wink and a clever quip of a reply from Galtem, and Amelia knew that though it appeared that the odds of losing the bet was slim, that Galtem was still willing to put a good wager. It really would test the boy, no doubt about it.

Amelia felt the warmth starting to spread through her, the more she drank. A rosy shine coming to her cheeks, and you could see she was already starting to slouch, leaning against the bar. When Galtem said that snakes can’t really give you everything back, she shrugged her shoulders lightly. He was right, animals and reptiles couldn’t give back the love and attention that you put into them, not always.

Downing her drink, she slid the empty glass and then watched as Galtem ordered a row of shot glasses. “Remember me, to call a cab.” Smirking, Amelia picked up a shot glass and tapped it to the side of Galtem’s glass.Only if you remember to order me a body bag…I may not make it out of this night….alive.” With that she threw back the shot, downing it in one go. Amelia placed down the empty glass upside down, and reached for another.



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August 30, 2013 09:14AM
Christina slunk into the party like a large cat searching for her prey. Her long dark hair fell around her in waves, and she was wearing a simple yet elegant little black dress that hugged her curves in just the right way. Her heels were quite tall, but she showed no issues walking in them as she made her way towards the bar. She noticed a gothic-looking woman accompanied by an attractive man, but she paid them no mind as she took a seat and raised a hand. Crooking her finger towards the bartender as if she had some dirty little secret, she leaned in and purred “Your darkest red wine, please…” She gave him a wink before sitting back in the chair. Crossing her legs, her catlike eyes scanned the room as she looked for her newest boy toy. It had been a while since she last fed, this latest court case wrapping her up in a world of legality that left little time for hunting. Though she was eager, she was not stupid. The room was full of young people, their life shining vibrantly around them like soft auras as they bumped and grind against each other. Her eyes then looked to the bartender as he set her glass of wine down in front of her. Picking it up, she smiled her devious smile and took a sip. This party was about to get interesting.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 30, 2013 10:27AM

Jennifer took the drink that the bartender places in front of her and took a drink. She had seen a slight look of doubt for William when she had told him that they were going to start strong. It was subtle because of course he trusted her, but she knew him too well to have missed it. She really wanted him to know that she was ok and in control of herself. After taking a drink she set it down and leaned over to him, putting a hand on his arm and looked him in the eyes, with a somewhat serious expression. “Hey. I’m fine, tonight. I have you,” she said sincerely before giving him a quick kiss on the lips. “I just want us to have fun tonight and not worry about anything.” It was nice to have just one worry-free evening. Not that they were constantly worried about something, but they got so busy with work that they often forgot to do anything fun like go to parties and things. That was probably why she was having weird dreams and trouble sleeping, she decided. Stress was often a cause for things like that, right? She felt silly for thinking it could be anything else. She looked up to see Seph, one of the twins from the pack, and she smiled at her as she struggled to make her way over to her. Seph was the loner of the twins and Jennifer had a soft spot for her. She had a soft spot for most teenagers really. Being a teenager was never easy. It felt like in those few years you had to decide everything about you. But Jennifer learned that that hadn’t been true, especially when you could live forever. She was far from the same girl she was in high school. Flirtatious and care-free. At least that’s how she tried to come off as. Being a werewolf and having anger issues didn’t really help at all. Which was why she always kept a close eye on the high schoolers in the pack, even if she was not that close to either of them. It was weird, though, seeing Seph without Circe. “Hey, Seph! Of course! Have a seat!” she told her kindly, gesturing to the seat on the other side of her. “Where’s your sister?” she asked, having no clue that it might be because of a fight that the two of them were separated at the moment.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 30, 2013 11:20AM

Galtem waited for the bartender start placing the shoots on their front , it was ten, five for each one. Lets see if they even make it to the third. He picked up one shot, and looked at her, hearing her talking about some body bag, because she wasn’t sure if she would make it out of this night alive.
“Stay strong.”
He joked around, and whenever she started drinking, he would do the same, trying his best to be quick as possible, and make it less than three gulps. With this one done, he placed the empty glass upside down over the table, and reached for another, he keep doing this, till he reached the five, but he didn’t even drink it, he was still swallowing the rest from the fourth. Its always more harder drink such strong things so quickly, sometimes its like the liquid is going up in your throat, wanting you to throw up, but Galtem was finally able to swallow it, and finally drank the last one, but more slow than before.
He said, as he placed the last glass over the counter. He stared around, and saw some men getting lap dances on chairs or couches, or booth, or whatever. He found some empty couch, and that’s what he just needed, sit down.
“I’m going sit down. Hey, don’t forget to bring more whiskey.”
Galtem told the sitting down part to Amelia, and the whiskey part to the bartender, so he would start preparing everything and bring it to him. He walked slowly to the couch, and passed a hand through his hair, before let his body call over the couch, then he just put him in some sitting position, so Amelia could sit as well. It was on that moment a dancer was coming towards him to give a lap dance, and he frowned slightly, moving his hand in a way like he was scooting some animal away.
“I don’t want a lap dance. Shooo.”
Trying his best to leave the womanizer life behind, and also because he was with Amelia, and he didn’t wanted to make her feel uncomfortable.