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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 30, 2013 02:03PM
One glass after another, Amelia matched Galtem stride for stride, though she had to admit, by the fourth, things were looking shaky. The witch had a chuckle as she brought the tip of the fourth glass to her lips, almost as though she knew that she may not be able to keep up. Closing her eyes tight, she tipped back yet another shot. The sensation, like drinking liquid fire. Amelia actually had to gasp for air, as she set down glass four. She flicked back her ponytails and glared at shot glass five. “Be brave….be brave.” Snatching up the glass, she toyed with it in her hand twirling it, and then tossed the final one back. You could see a tear forming under her eyelashes, but she managed it, and proudly set the fifth glass down. Feeling a wave of ecstasy, both arms shot up in the air, and she did a little victory dance.“Wohoo!” Amelia let out a roar, well pleased, but then felt a bit light headed, and had to steady herself on the bar.

Galtem’s declaration he was done, was followed by a glance over at some of the male patrons getting lap dances. Was he keen to get one? Amelia had to wonder. She had to admit, it would be kinda funny to sit with him while he got one. Course, he was trying to change his image, and when he did take a seat, he shewed one girl away, clearly not interested. Amelia had to admit she was impressed. Taking a seat besides Galtem, she eased back, and watched the other men enjoying the hostesses favor. She then wondered how Caleb was getting on. “You know, I can’t help but say this, but that kid, Caleb..he is the spitting image of you. Have you noticed?” She also wondered if anyone else at the party might pick up on that. NH wasn’t that big a place you could hide from your past.



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August 30, 2013 02:27PM

“We just got in a stupid fight, so I came by myself. Figured she’d need Aunt M to calm her down more than I would.” Seph sat as she spoke, shooting a small smile at William. “Plus, I don’t exactly need two angry Mills on my ass tonight. I kinda… took a day.” She hadn’t gone to school because of the fight, and that would be easy to infer, but she didn’t want to say it out loud. It felt like losing, like she was letting Circe win by letting it get to her. She didn’t give a shit if she “fit in” or not, what she hated was being accused of being jealous of the person she loved most in the world. “So, how’re… things?” Her smile grew a little bit. “Did you hear about the newcomers? It’s like the first time that people have moved to Derry at the same time, that weren’t related, in like… what was it, thirty years?” She knew that the new chem teacher and the new student probably had nothing to do with each other or anything that had ever happened in the town, but it was a nice conversation topic, at least in her mind. Better than talking about school or their jobs, or her sister.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 30, 2013 03:06PM

Galtem leaned his back against the couch and dropped his arm over the arm of the couch, as he tilted his head to the side and watched Amelia getting closer and sit down next to him as well. When she open her mouth, he thuoght she was going to talk about drinks or something, but the subject was about that kid, Caleb. She was telling him he is the spitting image of him, oh god, really?
“Are you kidding me?”
He said in a tone, like he couldn’t believe what she was saying. Having a teenager like him, that isn’t really needed, at this moment. But now he wondered if she only meant that his father died and his mother send him away to another person, now that part he would understand, but he didn’t wanted to admit that the kid looked like him when he was a teen, and that his personality was alike his as well. That would just be weird.
“Ugh, don’t even make me think about that, that’s gross.”
He told her, as he shook his head and saw the bartender placing his whiskey on the table. He picked up his glass and took a small sip from his drink. He didn’t wanted people to start think he had a son, because that isn’t really on Galtem’s wishes, he never wanted to have a child, he never thought about it nor getting married. Of course, he already got married before, but that’s only because his girlfriend on that time brought it up, and he done it to please her, but the marriage just ruined their bond.

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August 30, 2013 03:24PM
“You mean you can’t see it?” Amelia couldn’t help herself. Maybe it was the liquor that loosened her tongue, but she was not wrong. The kid DID look like Galtem. There was a very strong resemblance, not only in appearance but personality as well. For a moment, she thought Galtem would read her the riot act. He was actually repulsed at the notion that everyone would get the impression that Galtem was Caleb’s father.


Amelia held her hands up in an effort to surrender, cause she truly didn’t want to get on Galtem’s bad side, especially after a few drinks. “Okay okay…I’m sorry I brought it up.” Amelia said quickly, feeling bad about the situation now. Nervously, she got up to stand, and she wasn’t steady on her feet, having to place her hand quickly on the guy beside her’s head. “I’m just going to…go find..the bathroom. I think…I’m going to be sick.” She drew back her hand from the guy’s head and mouthed “sorry”, before staggering clumsily through the crowd, in a dash to reach the bathroom.


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August 30, 2013 04:01PM
Erica decided to leave school early, just because of the rumors she heard around school about the party that was happening at the Disco. One thing about Erica was that she loved parties. She was such a outgoing person when it came to fun things like that. Once leaving school grounds she went straight home to change into a lovely black dress that fitted her body nicely with a cropped leather jacket, and nice black heels. It took hours for her to get her hair the way she wanted it and her make-up as well. When Erica was finally done getting all dolled up she went downstairs to get Mikayla’s car keys that she left in the dish next to the coat hangers. Leaving the house she would close the door quietly to make sure Aidan, Mikayla, and Kayla wouldn’t hear. Her heels then clicked loudly against the concert driveway when she quickly tried to get inside the car. Once getting the car, she back out the driveway, and sped off to the disco/bar.
It wouldn’t take long for Erica to reach the disco/bar because on her way there she was at last doing 60-65mph. When pulling into the parking lot Erica pulled into the first vacant parking space she laid eyes on. Whenever she got out the car she made sure she locked it. Making her way to the entrance of the disco/bar a smirk would slowly stretch across her face as she was thinking of how a wonderful night it would be. She was hoping to find a nice guy that she could bring home to have a little fun with. That’s all Erica cared about was having fun, and if anyone at the disco/bar was trying to ruin that for her they would be in for major ass wooping. When stepping into the disco bar would instantly make her way to the middle of the dance floor. While doing so she would flash a smile and playful wink to the men that stared.

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August 30, 2013 09:54PM
Caleb followed Galtem and Amelia in without speaking. He had his hoodie up with headphones in and his hands in his pockets. When he stepped in behind Galtem, he rolled his eyes. I’ll be at the bar… He didn’t say anymore more as he walked off. At the far end of the bar, Caleb hopped on the stool and watched the crowd. He was still wearing street clothes because he had not time or money to change, so he would stick out like a sore thumb and he hated drawing attention. He noticed the Guy next to him was too busy chatting up some Girl to need his drink anymore. Caleb tossed the straw and checked the glass, shrugging and drinking it with a grimace. If he was going to be stuck here, he was gonna get a buzz at least. On the bright side there were plenty of half naked pretty Girls.


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August 31, 2013 05:06AM
Amelia was standing at the wash basin in the ladies, staring at herself, after being sick in one of the cubicles. The witch splashed cold water on her face, and then reached for a hand towel, to pat away the excess drop lets from her skin. Amelia definitely drank way too much too fast, something that was bound to happen, since she didn’t drink a hell of a lot at home, unlike her sister Melinda. Melinda had used alcohol as a crutch for many years, and the thought of having such a dependency, scared her.

She was adamant about one thing though. Caleb. Amelia wasn’t stupid, and she knew Galtem’s rep in town, which wasn’t that crash hot with the likes of say Jennifer, especially after River’s funeral all that time ago. How on earth would she react to seeing Caleb there? Galtem was in serious denial of the truth of the matter, and though Amelia couldn’t cope sitting there, as he let rip that the idea was preposterous, she knew that this was going to rustle some folks feathers. Amelia there and then made up her mind. If Galtem was not going to keep an eye on things, she might as well. The kid was young and about to be fed to the wolves, so to speak. Amelia gave her reflection a firm nod, and headed out of the toilets, after washing her hands, and went to look for Caleb, since she knew that Galtem was probably entertaining someone else by now.

Seeing Caleb at the end of the bar, she pushed her way through the crowd, and came up to sit in an empty seat next to him.“Just water.” Amelia asked of the bar tender, before looking across at Caleb. “Great place, huh?” Amelia said, trying to just make idle conversation, since he would really only know her or Galtem.



Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 31, 2013 08:53AM
Rosalie stood outside the disco, looking a bit apprehensive on whether or not she actually wanted to go in. She was wearing a min black dress that had lace scattered throughout and it hugged her body in just the right way. A black leather jacket covered her bare arms, her long hair scattered around her. Black knee-high boots with heels finished the outfit.Though Alec did not pick the outfit, he would most likely approve of it. She still only wore a little amount of make-up, only mascara, eyeliner, and a sheer lip-gloss. With a sigh, she wondered why she was even here. The invitation had made its way around the party, and she did say that she wanted to come out of her shell. Well, here goes nothing.
Shaking her head, she crossed her arms and nodded “Now or never.” With that, she stepped into the disco to be greeted by pulsating lights and loud music. Looking around, shock set in as she saw multiple couples bumping and grinding on each other to the rhythm of the music. Walking nervously towards the bar, she was still taking it all in. Glancing beside her, she saw a woman at the end of the bar drinking red wine. If she had looks that could kill, Rosalie would be dead. Looking near her, she saw a gothic woman talking to a boy she recognized from school. She smiled slightly at them, whether or not they were even paying attention to her, and turned to the bartender. “Uh…do you have just a coke?” The bartender raised an eyebrow and smiled before turning around to get her drink. While she waited, Rosalie leaned against the bar and looked around. She couldn’t pick Alec out from the crowd and it made her nervous as she hardly ever went anywhere without him. Turning around when her drink was placed in front of her, she smiled and slapped money down. The bartender tried not to roll his eyes as Rosalie downed the drink like she was taking a shot. With her drink in hand, Rosalie turned around once more to watch the dancers.

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August 31, 2013 11:28AM
Caleb just looked at Amelia. She was talking but his headphones were in. You don’t have to do that…..play the concerned Adult. It’s not a good look on you anyways. You’re way too hot to play the Parental Role. He flashed a quick smile then sighed. He was drinking the drink he stole through a new straw, when he noticed Rosalie enter. After awhile he realized the glass was empty and he was staring and sucking on air. Maybe New Hampshire wouldn’t so bad after all.


He looked at Amelia then gestured back with his head. Who is that? He watched her order soda and laughed to himself, pushing the glass away. Suddenly getting drunk mattered a bit less.

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August 31, 2013 02:03PM
“I’m really sorry to hear that,” Jennifer told Seph with a genuinely concerned look. She knew how close the girls were and it couldn’t have been easy for her to have a fight with her sister. Jennifer never had siblings so she didn’t really know what it was like. She’d always wanted an older brother though. Someone to try to protect her even when she didn’t need it. Maybe that was why she was drawn to big guys like William and Galtem. Someone with muscles that could defend themselves easily, but the same arms could be gentle when you wanted them to hold you. Having a sibling may have made that somewhat less desirable to her. Jennifer nodded when she said she didn’t need two angry Mills today. Jennifer understood that Shane could be pretty intense some time. But she didn’t think skipping school was a good solution. Mills would probably just be more upset because she did that, but Jennifer didn’t judge. She’d done things like that in school for much worse reasons. She smiled when Seph asked how things were with her. It was sweet that she asked. “Great, thank you,” she said and was pleased that it was an honest answer. Things were really going well for her lately. It was nice that her biggest problem was not getting enough sleep and having to go to work the next morning.
Her head tilted a little to the side when she said something about newcomers. That was news to her. Seph didn’t seem to think it was abnormal, but Jennifer knew that very few things were coincidence in Derry. More and more supernaturals moved in every day. If a bunch of supernaturals moved in and they weren’t related that could mean trouble. But Jennifer didn’t want to worry about it tonight. She would let Giles know if he were here tonight and then let the pack leader deal with it. It was not her problem to worry about until they knew something was for sure wrong. “No, I hadn’t heard,” she said, thoughtfully, but covered up the little worry she had pretty well as she took another drink.
Jennifer looked further down the bar and saw Amelia. William and she were still good friends with her. Even though she was always really close with Galtem. Amelia was enough of her own person that Jennifer didn’t think of him every time she saw her face. Lysander was a different story, but she learned to get over that eventually. She noticed that Amelia was in conversation with some kid. There was something familiar about the kid. It didn’t freak her out, instead it intrigued her. For a moment she just watched him, curiously, before shaking her head and turning back to Seph and William, deciding if the teenager saw her staring at him he may be a little freaked out.