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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
August 31, 2013 02:06PM
Amelia shrugged off what Caleb said about her being way too hot to play the parental role. Sipping her water, she set the glass down and leaned her arms on the bar top, checking out the dancers, also noticing Rosalie who was smiling at them. She had seen the girl around town before, and was pretty sure her name was mentioned.


“Oh that girl? I think her name is Rosalie, can’t tell you her last name though.” Amelia offered, at least trying to help the kid out if she was someone from his school. Rather than cramp his style, having helped out at least with the name, she took up her drink and gave his shoulder a pat. “She looks like she could use someone to bounce off. Have a good night, kid.”Amelia then made her way through the crowd.


Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 01, 2013 11:56AM
Haley made it to the bar after getting out of class early, of course she was done on time as usual. She walked in and looked around, her hair bounced slightly on her shoulders as she walked. She stopped by the bar and scanned the area, there were people dancing and having a good time, luckily she didn’t see her brother….yet. She rolled her eyes slightly at the thought, though her parents were fine with her going to the party because they knew she wouldn’t get in trouble, she wouldn’t. As she stood there she noticed the look she was getting from guys she looked at them and grin before shaking her head and walked over to the dance floor. She bobbed her head to the music that was playing as she made her way through the crowd, immediately she recognize someone, Erica. She grinned a bit before she blended in with the crowd and danced with others before she hip bump into Erica giggling, “See you stole my mom’s car again! Luckily she always have an extra one.” She giggled though she slightly talked louder than the music that were blaring in her ear. She worn a black dress that showed her cleavage a bit though her dress stopped just above her knees by a couple inches. She sweep her hair behind her ear dancing with Erica, laughing and having a good time so far. 

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September 01, 2013 12:48PM
Seph smiled slightly, noticing where Jennifer’s eyes went, but taking no special time to decipher it. “It’s fine, though, they’ll get over it by the time I even see them.” She nodded when Jennifer thanked her for asking how she was, her smile growing. “And that’s good to hear.” She wasn’t exactly the world’s best conversationalist, but it wasn’t like it was a bad experience to have an actual conversation with Seph. “I’m sure Cirs’ll have something to say about the student before the poor guy or girl will have time to actually form a reputation.” Seph was silently dreading whatever Circe had to say. She noted that the guy that Jennifer looked at was probably the new student – she hadn’t seen him before, she would remember. Which mean that Circe would have something to say about his eyes, or his hair, or something physical that was “gorgeous”. Not fun. At all. For anyone. Ever.


Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 01, 2013 02:30PM

Eric was finally at the party, after school, he went home, and of course, his father began to bother him again about go to the gym and train some muay thai, so of course, he went, with his father, and the both of them had to fight, and train together. Which, for Eric was always worse that way, not only because he faces a bit of his father strength, but also because the training is more tough, and there’s barely no breaks, when he goes alone to the personal trainer, his father hired, its better, since he takes things slow and doesn’t spend the whole time pushing him into his limits. If Eric didn’t told his father about the party tonight, he was going with somebody, they would’ve spent there almost the all night, so he just ran home, took a shower, and got himself ready. He is wearing, some black t-shirt, with a leather jacket, dark blue jeans, and some kickers. His dirty blonde hair was messy but with style. He even put on some cologne, and also healed the wounds he had on his eyebrow and lip, he just wanted to look decent for this party. This was like the first impression, and he didn’t wanted to ruin it.
To get here, he used his fathers car, Eric was actually thinking about walking, but his father told him to take his car and have fun. He was just glad that his son was finally creating bonds and doing stuff a normal teenager at his age should be doing, having fun. He parked his car on the first empty space he found, then he locked the car, making sure every door was well locked, and also checked if he had his wallet with him. Now yes, he was ready.
He walked up to the building, but he did not get inside, he stayed outside, waiting for Maha. He told her that he would wait for her outside, and if he wasn’t there, meant he would be late, and since she isn’t around here, means she still didn’t arrived, so he will just wait.

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September 01, 2013 05:00PM
Jacque walked down the sidewalk towards the disco, her curly blonde locks bouncing around her. She was wearing a sparkly silver dress that was a good mix of a 1920’s showgirl and a modern hip clubber. She wore silver bangles up both arms and her heels were a ridiculous height. Ever so picky, the mermaid wouldn’t talk to a man that was eye level when she wore her heels. Stopping in front of the club, she fluffed her hair around her and smiled as though the world was hers to conquer. Glancing at the nearest bouncer, she wiggled her fingers in a flirtatious wave and smiled even more “Hello there, Bubba…hot crowd tonight?”

He looked the stunning woman over slowly before smiling his greasy smile “The place is hoppin’, baby.”

She shimmied up to him and placed a kiss on his cheek with one foot in the air. Tweaking that same cheek, she cooed “Keep an eye out for me, Bubba. I don’t like the gropers.” He grunted a gruff response, crossing his arms possessively as Jacque flounced into the joint.

Looking around, Jacqueline watched the young people dancing so close together she thought someone was filming a more modern Dirty Dancing. Rolling her eyes, she shimmied her way to the crowd until she saw her boss sitting on a couch in the midst of all the fun. Dropping her flirty routine, she stuck a more professional yet friendly smile on her face and nodded her head towards Galtem in greeting. She never talked to him much, only when was necessary. Jacque knew he had a reputation, and though she enjoyed the pleasure of the hunt as well, something about him screamed ‘danger, don’t touch’.

Shifting her attention away from her boss, she looked towards the stage that seemed to be beckoning her name. The DJ was off to the side and was playing popular club music that had the place indeeed ‘boppin’. Smirking, she shook her head and walked over to the booth. After a few brief words, the DJ chuckled and switched gears. Climbing onto the stage with the help of the house band, she nodded to them as they started to play Titanium by David Guetta. The DJ spun along with a few of his own tricks, keeping that beat ready for the dancing patrons. Stepping up to the mic, Jacque began to sing and swayed her hips along to the rhythm.
Rosalie had looked over in time to see Caleb staring at her briefly. Smiling shyly, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and ducked her head with embarrassment. Turning away from him as he spoke to Amelia about who knew what, she watched the singer that had just arrived. Finishing her soda, she placed the empty glass on the bar and gestured to the bartender that she didn’t want anymore. Eyes fixated on the beautiful blonde singer, she found her hips strangely start to sway to the beat. Smiling slightly, she stepped away from the bar and shimmied her way into the crowd of dancing teens. Lifting her hands above her head, she began to sway and shimmy her hips as she got lost into the song. It was one of her favorites, and Jacque was doing it some serious justice in the disco. Laughing softly as she gave into dancing, Rosalie closed her eyes and just felt the beat.

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September 01, 2013 06:55PM
The D.A.’s Office


One that was famous for his late nights in the D.A’s office, was none other than Shane Williamson. He came to NH from Chicago well before River’s funeral, and after a few good wins for his law firm he was approached to stand for the position of the cities D.A’s office. Course, a job like that has its perks, and one of which was to have a sensual blonde name Louisa who served him faithfully, soon becoming his blood doll for his need to feed, as well as other added niceties. After enjoying a good romp on one well worn oak desk in Shane’s office, the D.A decided that he would put in an appearance at the local bar, since he heard that Galtem, his former partner was back in town and throwing a party. With his VIP invitation safely tucked into his coat pocket, he sneered lewdly at his secretary as she slowly put her clothes back on. “If I could have you work like this….all the time, it would make my job all the less stressful.” Louisa winked at her boss, before sashaying over with the hem of her skirt up so high, he could see a flash of her knickers. “You only need to buzz me, Boss.” She playfully wiggled her brow, before turning round to leave, at which he gave her backside a slap, and then spun around in his chair.


“Party time.”

The Disco

Rather than take his secretary to the party, Shane decided he might find something else tantalizing to take home to feast on later. Course, when he entered the crush of the nightclub entrance, the first person he spotted, that he knew was Amelia. Leaning against a wall, and sucking on a straw. Was that…water? Shane thought to himself. Though he was a vampire, he had come to respect Amelia, for her vast knowledge of crime scene investigations, forensics and how to solve a murder through picking up tiny traces of evidence from the bodies or the murder location. She was like a sniffer dog to a criminal’s trail. Her methods were as unorthodox as her attire, but that was just another one of the things he liked about her. Amelia stood out in the crowd. Smirking, he cut through the dancers, that were bumping and grinding with their sweaty bodies to the beat of the music, till he came to stand in front of her, a curl to the right side of his lips.

“And you say you have no social life. What you doing here? And…water? Seriously?” Shane teased, cocking his head to the right. Amelia let the straw go from her lips and sighed. Great, another hunky guy she could never see herself with.“Already had…six…seven…drinks, and one trip to the loo to basically find out what I ate for breakfast. It was colourful.” Amelia quipped, bopping her head in time to the music. Shane laughed and patted her shoulder. “Always heavy on the details. Gotta love that. So…where is Silver tongue? The man of the hour.” Shane knew that Amelia and Galtem went way back, and hoped she might be able to point out where to find him. “Last I saw he was shooing away lap dancers. Say…why don’t you go up to the VIP lounge, that is the best place to start looking.” Shane gave Amelia a small salute, then headed up to the VIP section.


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September 01, 2013 07:27PM
Maha had been weirded out by the hybrid she’d seen earlier that day. She’d walked by him, head held high as he glared at her with a look of the greatest hatred she’d ever seen on anyone’s face. Why, though? She was used to getting these looks from vampires and werewolves who did not know her because she did not fit in with either race, but he was like her. They were both loners. They should be forming an alliance together not looking at each other like they wanted to rip the other’s throat out. Maha did not take being disliked lightly. She was well-loved in high school and throughout her entire life. Of course she had always been spoiled because her family was incredibly rich, but she was taught to be nice to everyone. She was the most likable person she knew. So it made sense that this was still bugging her as she drove up in her car. Maha had similar taste in cars to her father except she was a Chevy girl instead of Ford and liked her cars a bit more… feminine. Nowadays it seemed like cars was the only thing she could connect with her father on. And even then he seemed distant. But she was here to have fun tonight. She pulled into the parking lot just in time to see Eric leave his. She fan-girled over his car for a moment as she tried to find an empty spot. She was forced to park kind of faraway since it was packed and it took her a while to get to the front of the building where she beamed at him, grateful she had warn sandals that wrapped up her ankles instead of heels that would have killed her feet just from that walk alone. Her black dress was casual, at least for her, but it was a nice improvement from the t-shirt and cotton shorts she had been wearing previously on her run. She had not done anything with her hair for her curls had remained perfectly in place. “Well, you clean up nicely,” she teased since it had been she who had been dressed down before not him. But she was totally loving the whole badass look he had going on with the leather jacket. She had to remind herself that he wasn’t one of the bad boys she often fell for, but it was ok if he wanted to look like one. “Your car is totally badass,” she said, stealing a look over at it even though it was kind of far away. She wanted to go look at it some more, but was eager to start their night together so hadn’t wasted time looking at the car. Hopefully there would be time for that later.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 01, 2013 08:22PM

Eric keep on waiting, he didn’t had any thoughts in his mind that would be negative, that would make him think Maha wouldn’t show up anymore or that he would screw this up. He was just too happy for that. As soon as he saw the blonde hair of hers, he quickly smiled and waved at her as he watched her walking closer. The way she was dressed, made him bite his lower lip. One of Eric horrible habits was bite his lips whenever he was nervous, but Maha was indeed beautiful tonight, so it was probably both, her beauty and his nerves messing around with him.
Her first words was saying that he clean up nicely, well, he tried. He figured out, he could change his style, look somewhat bad boy, and he didn’t had to act like one, of course, his sister helped him out, telling him to change a bit of his style if he was going to impress some girl or going to a party, so he done his best.
“Thanks, I guess? You’re looking beautiful.”
He told her with a smile. He hoped his comments wouldn’t make anything sound awkward, he was just being honest, after all. Before he could ask her if they was heading inside now, she mentioned about his car.
“Well, its not really mine. Its my father’s car.”
Eric told her as he took a look over the car again. It wasn’t the first time he rode his father’s car, but he always felt the need on checking twice if everything was ok, the car wasn’t his after all.
“Let’s go inside, its starting to cool down outside.”
With this said, Eric waited for Maha to start walking, so he could go behind or besides her. The both of them enter in the disco, filled with people, so many people, music loud, lights, dancing, drinks, entertainments, and so on. Anybody could easily get lost in here. Well, its now or never, he will finally have some fun.

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September 01, 2013 10:10PM

Maha smiled up at him almost shyly as he said she looked beautiful. She couldn’t help but feel happy that he thought so. That and his smile was absolutely contagious. “Thank you,” she said, her voice a lot stronger than her shy smile. Her confidence out-shone her shyness, but every now and then when he would lick at her a certain way she would have to look down or bite her lip to keep from smiling to big. “Your father has really good taste,” she told him with a laugh, forcing her eyes off the car and turning back to him now. She nodded when he suggested they go inside. It was instantly warmer when they walked in even though it wasn’t even cold out yet. The place was packed and the body heat in the room was ridiculous. Excitement flooded through her. It was the perfect place to be tonight. So much energy. The loud music and flashing lights did not bug her. As they made their way through the crowd people pushed past them and they pushed past other people. A man much taller than Maha almost ran right into her and she jumped out of his way, grabbing Eric’s arm with both hands to stay with him. “Sorry,” she said, but didn’t let go. She figured it was best she hold onto him until they got to their destination. This made her realize that she didn’t know what their destination was. They really had three options: a booth, the bar, or the dance floor. She hoped it was one of the last two, but she didn’t think he drank. Sure, he looked like he was about eighteen because so did she, but their were enough supernatural barmaids here that knew what she was and would let her order whatever she wanted. “Drink or dance?” she asked shortly since she had to shout at him anyway. Maha decided to not give him the third option unless he absolutely didn’t not want to do either of those things at all.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 01, 2013 10:21PM
Bones parked and got out of the car, leaning on the door until Mills and Circe got out. He did not know where Seph was, but he was assuming by how upset Mills was that she was either here already or wandering about somewhere else. “I’m sure everything’ll be just fine,” he told Mills in the calmest voice he could manage as the girls got out of the car. They walked up to the building together and he stayed close to both of them. He knew as soon as they walked in that Circe would go off to look for boys to flirt with. He really worried about her sometimes. After a while she and Seph had become a part of his weird little family like Mills had. Before they went inside the building he held up a finger to Mills telling her to wait a little and he pulled Circe out of earshot. “Hey, I know you probably don’t want to hear this from me,” he started, looking down at her. “But just be careful tonight ok?” He held up his hand to her as if anticipating her arguing. “I’m not saying don’t go out and have a good time cause God knows we all could use that, but just don’t be stupid about everything. Cause you don’t always think Cirs, you can’t deny that,” he said raising his eyebrows as if daring her to argue with that fact.