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FC : Sandra Bullock
Name: Minerva
Age: It’s a secret
Sex: Female
Race: Witch
Birthday: Mar 12

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 165cms
Weight: 59kgs
Fashion Style: Floor length gowns, black preffered, satins and crushed velvet a favourite.
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: None

Personality: Sinister, tempered, cunning, engaging, smooth talking, nasty, a bit crazy.


Magical Abilities: Levitation, spells, incantations, shape shifting, altering appearance, mind manipulating (suggestive)
Strengths: Able to talk her way out of almost anything, illusion of beauty eternal
Weaknesses: Desire to be Queen
Likes: Pie
Dislikes: Selene and Tempest
History: Minerva had always been at the bottom rung as far as her standing in the court of the house of Brax. Seen as a nuisance by many, she has a habit of hiding in the shadows, listening to the gossip of the household, and planning her greatest feat, to secure the hand of Prince joffrey and become his new wife. All she needs to do is get rid of the Princess and her snot nosed daughter, Tempest. Working with Desmond currently, her plans and schemes are now coming to fruition.