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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
August 25, 2013 05:52PM
Hall of AncestorsJoffrey rose from the bench after his daughter skipped away to fill her belly no doubt in the dining hall. Wiping off the bits of cookie that had landed on his own lap, he stood and stared at the portrait of Queen Metia and then poked his tongue out at it, clearly not in favour of the Queen of Casterly being seen as something of a role model for his daughter, Tempest. Just when he thought he was alone to his thoughts, and tempted to go to the dining hall himself, he heard that dreadful sneaky tone of the man known as Desmond. Oh, what a royal puppy that one was, always sniffing up behind his wife’s skirts. His shadowy and sneaky ways, that sideways glance that had you feel physically ill. No secret that Joffrey couldn’t stand the sight of the man, so it was equally creepy to hear his voice in the hallowed hall of the Ancestors.

“She’s just so…charming.” Joffrey blinked a moment and replied “If you mean Queen Metia, I’d have to give you a long lesson in how not to judge a book by their cover. BUT if you mean my daughter Tempest, then yes…she is charming…to a degree.” The Prince wasn’t stupid, he knew that Tempest had a bit of a reputation for being needy at times. But that was all the charm you get from a child that is part demon. Turning away from the paintings, he faced Desmond head on, and then listened to his enquiry about Selene. “Your majesty, the princess is waiting for you in the dining hall. I would say she has had a trying morning.” ~SHE’S HAD A TIRING MORNING?~ Joffrey thought to himself, his eyes practically rolling up into the back of his head. Joffrey had spent much of the morning tending to their daughter, so his wife could have a lie in. Finding his composure, the Prince slapped Desmond’s arm and then said with a voice rich in sarcasm. “What would my wife do without you seeking me out to go and entertain her, hmm?” It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Desmond would be in the silks with Selene in the blink of an eye, if Joffrey was not around. Course that damned man had a retort lined up. “I trust your morning has been going well for you and your princess, then?” Well that was a loaded question, which was said off the cuff, as he turned and walked away, leaving Joffrey to sing out in his wake;

“Oh yes…she learnt about the birds, the bees, and…bosoms. Simply bloody marvelous.” With sneaky pants out of sight, Joffrey marched on down to the dining hall, to see if there was anything left to eat, after his whirlwind of a daughter had had her share.

Dining hall

The first thing that Joffrey heard as he entered the dining hall was the sound of a lamb baaing. He raised an eyebrow, to see his beloved Selene handing over a lamb to one of her ladies in waiting, and her orders left him slightly dumbfounded. See to it this poor creature makes it to my chambers tonight. He is my new pet and I expect him to get the same royal treatment as his mummy.” Did he hear right? Did she just adopt a lamb and seek to have it live in her chambers? What…the hell was going on? Tilting his head slightly as the lady walked off with the lamb, Joffrey held up a finger and he had a stutter when he asked; “Since when were livestock considered children, dear? I have no intent on sleeping next to a cow, anytime soon.” Perhaps this is part of the post child syndrome or a new fashion trend that he was unaware of. “I thought lambs were for…dining on, not keeping in one’s bed chambers.” You had to admit, this was a strange situation.



Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
August 25, 2013 06:58PM
Dining HallSelene’s head slowly swiveled toward her husband, her face lighting up as she finally was able to be near him. She raised a hand and waved at him flirtatiously, her aura seeming to light up more and reach over to him like a warm caress. Ever since she married him and birthed his child, Selene seemed to have developed empathic abilities that allowed her emotions to be a bridge between her and Joffrey. Leaning back in her chair, she wrinkled her nose playfully and cooed “Since now, lovey. You dote on our precious little daughter, I figure I need a lamb of my own to slaughter. Er, love.” Shrugging innocently, she smiled around at everyone before the storm flickered in her eyes. Once more, her head swiveled dangerously slow to her husband as he mentioned that lambs were to be dined on. Standing up, the crowd of people stepped back as they waited for the fireworks. But just as quickly as the anger and doom flashed in her eyes, it disappeared. Crossing her arms, she stared her husband down and whispered quietly “If dining is what you desire, my love, then my body should suffice enough for a glorious feast, wouldn’t you say?” Smiling seductively, she sashayed up to him and placed a hand on his chin. Pulling him down to her lips, she planted a kiss on his lips. Purring familiarly, her eyes then popped open when she heard a familiar voice.

“Your grace, I have heard the most absurd rumor.”
As Desmond’s voice filled the dining hall, Selene pulled from her husband to give the warlock a malicious grin and waved coyly.“Tell me, Lord Desmond, how it is that you can acquire information so quickly?”

The warlock strolled up to the royal couple and smiled slightly as he looked between the pair. “I have my ways…” Giving Joffrey a knowing look, he placed a hand at his chin while folding the other across his chest.

Selene watched the pair and frowned, leaning into her husband “What is it you two are thinking…” Before Desmond could try to answer with his witty retorts, the princess turned her back on him to focus on her darling prince. Standing on her toes, she snaked her arms around his neck and purred “Darling, don’t you think it’s about time Tempest met her grandparents. I am feeling terribly homesick…” Smiling innocently, she beamed up at him lovingly, all traces of the storm gone.

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August 25, 2013 08:02PM
Dining HallHer Royal Highness was seated at the top of the table, enjoying a sumptuous feast and of course was surrounded by members of the Court, who she was entertaining in kind with her display involving the lamb. Prince Joffrey was still very confused about the matter of the Lamb in their bed chambers, but with his wife adopting a spiritual glow, and being that coy little minx she could be, she assured him, or at least tried to that the lam was something for her to dote on, since she made it plain that she considered Joffrey’s relationship with their daughter to be…extra special. Could he help it if their daughter reminded him so much of his wife when they first met? That playful innocence? Joffrey never really had anything or anyone to truly call his own, so when Tempest was born, he was simply besotted, and tried to be the best father he could, considering his own parents lacked the ability. Maybe he thought in his own way that if he showered his daughter with love and attention, she might turn out differently. That was the sentiment, anyways. Selene’s words would send a shock wave through the room, one that had all eyes turn from her to Joffrey and back.

“Since now, lovey. You dote on our precious little daughter, I figure I need a lamb of my own to slaughter. Er, love.”

“Now now, my Love. You do know that I give our daughter the love she needs, there is nothing to say you can’t snaffle her away to love and cuddle at your leisure. Besides, she is less smelly and better toilet trained than a lamb.”

The crowd of the court parted as Selene made her cat like strides towards him, and put on her seductive charm, her body oozing with sexuality. Talk about fickle. One minute discussing lambs and love, the next she wanted to be the one with the apple in her mouth. Forcefully, she placed a hand on his chin, and brought him down for a kiss, which he didn’t mind at all, until he heard the voice of Sneaky pants Desmond.

“Your grace, I have heard the most absurd rumor.”

“And…right on cue..” Joffrey sighed, taking a step back and crossing his arms in front of him. This should be joyous. Wonder who the git has been spying on now. But by the looks of things, he had plans to tell some tale about Joffrey. Ah, lovely, sow the seeds of doubt in the Mrs.

“Really, Desmond. So listening to the staff gossip is now more than a passing fancy? How..exciting it must be for you. Let me guess, the cook is shagging the butcher for a better cut of rump?” Joffrey said dryly, before turning his attention back to his adoring wife. She…was now all over his neck, arms like snakes, and he was half thinking the term “afternoon delight” was going to have her on the menu.


“Darling, don’t you think it’s about time Tempest met her grandparents. I am feeling terribly homesick…”

“What? Oh…them. Well…I guess, but…I don’t think your parents like me very much, especially after the whole…Great war, cause we ran off and eloped. Pretty sure your father still has a bee in his bonnet about that.” Of this, Joffrey was certain. He had no desire to meet with her parents, point blank.



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August 25, 2013 08:32PM
Castle Courtyard – Knight GatheringSir Leon Petrelli had changed much since the war ended. He was no longer the honorable man he was, but instead had been replaced with what he truly was, a blood thirsty Demon of War. Not only had his power increased due to this, but so did his standing in the pits of hell. He was now considered an Arch Demon, which was one of the highest ranks one such as himself could receive. The battles he fought fed his demonic lust for war, bloodshed, and combat until it overpowered the will of the true Sir Leon.

He and his companion, Regina, now lived as royalty, being that Leon had been promoted to General of the Armies of Brax. He was invited to diners, celebrations, events, anything the king showed himself at, so did Leon and Regina. In truth, this was not because of his new need to serve his king, but actually to enjoy himself with Regina. Though the two had their fun on a regular basis, fighting knights randomly, killing little squirrels, and challenging anything with a sword, including each other. He still enjoyed the times he saw a her that she did not often show, a softer, much more feminine side that showed exactly what she was: a strong, powerful woman, whom Leon had grown to appreciate and respect in many ways. One of which ways, Leon had comtemplated within his own mind hundreds of times. Love.
Currently, Leon was standing against a wall, covered in shadows within his normal war dress on. A simple leather harness over his shoulders, leather boots, and a leather and cloth garment covering his crotch and thighs with a red colored cloth hanging from his belt line. On the cloth, he wore the crest of the House of Brax. His combat style had changed greatly as well, preffering the use of two swords now over sword and shield. The swords hung off his back, both made intriquetly to capture his new personality and high ranking position. The steel of the blades had been made dark, to symbolize the new darkness within him. their hilts holding spikes at their bottom instead of the traditional circle.

His eyes were held on the knights that were training, smirking as he watched them fail time and time again, then cheer at the sign of the most simple of successes. For now he was alone, but he knew this would not last, and it didn’t, as one of the Harlets Leon had pelasured not a week ago had returned to him. Her body was one to behold, and her face was as well, and Leon’s eyes intinctively moved to her, a smile of cocky personality curled over his lips. “Morning Sir Leon.” “Yes…very good indeed.” Moving his body so his shoulder was against the wall and his legs were crossed, he made it so his front faced the woman, his muscular body tensing at the movement and rippling with it. “What have you sought ME out for, Jaina? Isn’t it I who should be doing that?” The woman chuckled, stepping to him, her dark hair flowing behind her with a gentle wind, as she placed her hand on his chest and ran it down his toned core, her eyes following the motion. “It appears, you’ve left ME wanting more this time.” She pressed against him, stepping on her toes to move her lips to his ear. “Free of charge.” Leon chuckled gently as she bounced back to her feet, her finger moving to a lock of hair and curling it. Her tight, revealed bosom enticing him further as she bit her lip and eyed him wantingly.

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August 25, 2013 09:18PM
Hall Outside Dining RoomAlthough Tempest had been on her way to the dining hall to join her family for dinner, her attention had been snagged by the new serving maids dragging one of the younger stableboys into a broom cubbard. Curious now, she tip-toed closer to the door to maybe hear what they might be up to. She pressed an ear to the door and heard the maid giggling as well as some wet, squishy sounds (kissing). Tempest made a face. It sounded gross, whatever the two were doing.

There were sounds of moaning and groaning next and she wondered if they were hurt.

“Oh Roderick! It’s so big! Will it fit?” she heard the maid exclaim a moment later.

“Of course it will, my darling. Just bend over that stack and we’ll give it a go.”

“I can’t, Roddy. I’m to be in the dining hall seving dinner to the family. I don’t want to be missed.”

“It won’t take long, Isabel. Please?”

“All right….*moan*…Oh Roddy…your penis…*moan*…is so huge! It feels like…*moan*…I’m splitting in twain!”

“My…*grunt*…darling…*moan*…feels so…*pant*…good! Your…*slap*…hole…so…*mmm*…tight!”

To a 7 year old child…this was something they do not see or hear in their every day lives. And an inquisitive 7 year old would do just about anything to learn something new…

She took a peek through a gap in the wood.

[25.media.tumblr.com] <—–(NSFW LINK – CLICK AT YOUR OWN PERIL!!!)

“Why are they naked? Why is he bumping her like that? What’s that thing between his legs? Why is it all wet? It looks like it hurts!” She thought to herself.

She turned away from the door and continued to the dining hall, a small frown on her little tiny face.


She passed the servant carrying the lamb just outside the door, not even acknowledging the cuteness.

Dining Hall

She was unusually quiet during dinner, picking at the roasted duck resting on her plate. She seemed to come to some kind of decision, for she looked up at her father just as he was taking a drink of his wine.

“Daddy? What’s a penis? And why would it split someone in two pieces? Does a penis hurt like bosoms do? Do I have a penis? I don’t think I want a penis. It’s wet all the time. That’s just yucky.” she stated without taking a breath.

Everyone in the room…froze.

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August 26, 2013 06:35AM
Castle Courtyard – Knight GatheringRegina was also at the training grounds with Leon. Ever since war ended Regina had slightly changed, in a good way. She became more friendly towards Leon and the other warriors that stayed at the Brax house. Also, she started doing more stuff with Leon such as going to events, gatherings, etc. You would think that that would never happen as she did hate Leon before, but once they went to war they realized much about each other. They had a lot of stuff in common, which Regina found to be shocking but then interesting.
Regina was wearing a wool like cropped tank that fitted tightly on her, revealing some cleavage and the lower part of her torso as if she cared. Also wearing a wool skirt that only stopped midpoint to her thighs, along with some high-knee boots.The weapons she kept along with her was a sword that she wore strapped across her back, with a few pair of daggers that she kept hidden inside the cloak she wore around her. Leon gave her that sword, repaying her back from when they first met and he broke her spear.
Her laughter filled the air as she was talking and joking with some of the other warriors that were down low in the pit.
“Oh look Regina, it looks like Leon have some company.”
One of the warriors said tauntingly as he pointed towards where Leon stayed. Regina laughter soon stopped as her eyebrows furrowed together. Quickly Regina turned around to see what the guy was talking about. Regina eyes narrowed as she stared at the girl that was caressing on Leon’s body. Clenching her jaw, she quickly left the group of warriors she was talking to, to go meet up with this girl and Leon. Once reaching up to Leon and the girl, Regina would stand along Leon’s side and flash the girl a sarcastic smile. Then quickly Regina placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder and pushed her just far enough that she had a good distance away from Leon.
Her blue eyes shift over to Leon then back at the girl.
“Go find someone else to sex on. Leon has too much time on his hands for someone like you.”
Regina said in a stern, yet harsh tone. The girl just looked at Regina in a disgusted look and then just walked away to the other group of warriors that stayed around the training arena.
Regina then looked back up to Leon as she crossed her arms over her chest and perk a brow. Can you say jealous?

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August 26, 2013 06:37AM
Dining Hallhttps://i0.wp.com/31.media.tumblr.com/d1281e6cb867d6c8283e919e402a5979/tumblr_mqbjszDYlb1sz380oo1_500.gif
Selene ignored Desmond for quite some time, instead focusing on her husband. Still purring, she nuzzled into his chest and pulled her arms down to wrap around his waist. God she missed him. Realizing she was probably coming off as a bit clingy, she withdrew from him but not before planting a kiss on his throat. Stepping back so there was now a foot between them, she gave him her soft smile she had reserved only for him. His presence alone seemed to stifle any signs of darkness within her, returning her to the innocent angel he had once fell in love with. Keeping her hands to herself, she finally turned to give Desmond a sigh.“What is it?”

Now that the warlock had her attention, he placed his hand gently on the princess’s arm and pulled her a good distance away from the demon prince so he could sit with the little princess who now sat at the table. When she placed her beautiful blue eyes upon his face, he exhaled softly as though he had been holding his breath for days. Smiling his charming grin, he held her hands as though they were close friends and murmured “There are some terrible rumors that your father is not the pleasant warm king he used to be. It seems he favors the church.”

Selene raised an eyebrow and frowned, not understanding. “How is embracing religion an urgent matter that you felt was necessary enough to pull me from my family to discuss?” As she stared at Desmond, the storm flashed behind her eyes and she had grown her deathly pale.

Desmond frowned and pulled her closer to whisper in her ear “Has a fervent devotion to the church ever done the people any good..? It is known to go to the leader’s head and wreak holy chaos on all in the kingdom. My suggestion is that you leave sooner than later, and bring me along.” Looking to where Joffrey and Tempest sat, he smirked “And for the sake of your family, I wouldn’t make them tag along for fear of their sanity.” Selene opened her mouth to protest but he placed his fingertips on her mouth. “Shush…you know how Joffrey feels about your parents. Do you really want to create a point of tension between you two?”

The princess studied his face for a moment before turning to look at her husband and child. Shaking her head slowly, she accepted his advice and turned to walk away from him. Joining her family, she took a seat just in time to hear her daughter ask about penises. Raising an eyebrow, she held her goblet out to a servant “I will be needing lots of alcohol this morning…”Staring at Joffrey to calm herself, her eyes went from her stormy dark blue to her peaceful ocean eyes before glancing to their daughter. With her around, it was very difficult not to snap into a rage and strangle the spoiled brat. Smiling gently, she leaned over to her “A penis is a sword attached to a man’s body. It does not split someone in two, but rather makes babies instead. It hurts for the first time and can feel like a bit much if the sword wielder is well-endowed.” Shaking her head, she fought back laughter. “No you don’t have a penis. You have a vagina, and it is the sword’s sheath, but only for the man that truly belongs to you.” Raising her now filled goblet to her lips, she blinked at everyone that was staring “Can we help you?” Smiling her dazzling smile again, she took another sip of wine and winked at her husband.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
August 26, 2013 07:11AM
Dining hallFor a joyous moment, Joffrey and Selene were getting a nice spot of time, just enjoying each other, even if Selene was being a bit flirtatious in front of the court. Not that he minded really, he did like this naughty side to her. But, it seemed that if it wasn’t Tempest that was causing a ruckus or saying the most ungodly things, it was that damned Warlock, Desmond. What was with this guy? He had to have Selene’s attention all the time. What Joffrey wouldn’t half want to do to this chap, if he got the chance.

Sadly, Selene seemed to pay attention to Desmond’s gossip, which annoyed Joffrey all the more. He stood with his arms folded, as Desmond led his wife away to discuss matters concerning the House of Casterly, and its King, Henry. Joffrey really didn’t have much to do with Henry, other than he imagined the Angelic king probably hated his guts for a load of reasons, like getting Selene pregnant, and then running off to elope. Joffrey instead went to sit with his beloved daughter, Tempest who had a rather odd look on her face. “What is it?” he asked, half afraid of what she was going to ask for. But it was not a request, it was a series of interesting biologically related questions concerning the male anatomy. Joffrey had been holding a chalice and just raised it to his lips to sip, when his daughter asked;

“Daddy? What’s a penis? And why would it split someone in two pieces? Does a penis hurt like bosoms do? Do I have a penis? I don’t think I want a penis. It’s wet all the time. That’s just yucky.”

Joffrey spat a full mouthful of his wine out in front of him, spraying the table, as he couldn’t believe that she went from asking about Bosoms, to penises and all in one day. Thankfully, Selene, came to the rescue.

“A penis is a sword attached to a man’s body. It does not split someone in two, but rather makes babies instead. It hurts for the first time and can feel like a bit much if the sword wielder is well-endowed.” Shaking her head, she fought back laughter. “No you don’t have a penis. You have a vagina, and it is the sword’s sheath, but only for the man that truly belongs to you.”


Joffrey actually found himself agreeing and pointing at his wife, then tapping the side of his head, meaning that Selene was very clever and knew a great deal about penises.

“Ahahahahaha…sword’s sheath….ahahahahaha.”

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
August 26, 2013 08:08AM
As she looked at her father for answers to her questions, it was actually her mother who answered her. “A penis is a sword attached to a man’s body. It does not split someone in two, but rather makes babies instead. It hurts for the first time and can feel like a bit much if the sword wielder is well-endowed.” Tempest stared at her mother as if had grown a second head. Her mother simply continued on with her explanation. “No you don’t have a penis. You have a vagina, and it is the sword’s sheath, but only for the man that truly belongs to you.”What? Tempest blinked at her mother, confusion written all over her little face. “Mummy, I’m confused.” Tempest frowned. “What’s well-en…en…endownered?” she stumbled over such a large word. She was only 7. She had no understanding of swords and sheaths and other such things. “Do you make babies like Cook does? Can you eat babies? I don’t understand.” she was rapidly becoming upset as all the words her mother tossed at her crowded into her brain. “I don’t have a vagina. I have a blue elephant. Daddy made him for me.” she smiled, placing her elephant on the table. “And boys are yucky. ‘Cept daddy cause he’s my daddy and daddy isn’t yucky.”

Tempest kept her eyes on her mother as she said this. Then she said something else that made the whole room stop in absolute silence. “I heard you hurting in pain last night, mummy. You were yelling at daddy about going faster. You sounded like that maid I saw in the cubbard. Was daddy bumping you? I bet it hurt. You shouldn’t hurt mummy like that, daddy. It’s not nice.”

“Tempest! Shame on you, young lady!” Nanny scolded, finally finding her tongue. “You should not ask such things, it is very rude.” Tears pooled in the young girl’s eyes as Nanny scolded her. Tempest stared at her, surprised and a little bit hurt. Nanny had never been upset with her before. She looked down at her lap in subdued silence, refusing to speak to anyone or look at anyone.

“How am I to learn if no one let’s me ask?” she thought to herself as she remained rooted to her chair.

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August 26, 2013 08:22AM
Dining HallSelene tried not to look exasperated as her child continued the onslaught of questions. She was young, after all, and child could always be counted on to be brutally honest. As a plate of food was placed before her, she smiled slightly and picked up her fork. After taking a bite and swallowing, she patted at her lips daintily and looked to Tempest with a smirk“Endowed is when you have been gifted with something amazing. You are endowed with beautiful looks and a…charming personality. And no, if eating babies were tolerated, you would not be here.” Leaning over to peck a kiss on her cheek, she turned to take another sip of her wine. She nodded distractedly as Tempest spoke of her elephant, looking over her glass so her eyes could meet her daughter’s. Placing the glass down, she raised her fork and murmured “Is there anything Daddy wouldn’t give you?” As she went to take another bite, Tempest’s next words stopped her in her tracks. Placing the fork down, her eyes began to flicker as the wind picked up around them. The storm was back and she was trying not to swat the kid.
Forcing a smile, Selene attempted to alleviate her daughter’s fears. “I was not hurting Daddy. No, it is more likely your father would be hurting me.” Agitated with how clingy her daughter was becoming to husband, she quickly grew tired of her questions. Looking ahead, she took another bite and chewed slowly in an attempt to focus on something other than her daughter. Her crowd of handmaidens stood around her, doting on the princess as they themselves tried to calm the anger that was brewing inside of Selene. After a few moments, she turned to give her daughter a hard look. “Need I remind you that you are a princess of the house of Brax? Though I realize you are a mere child and cannot be held accountable for such silly whims and idiotic choice of words, you are my daughter. You will start acting like a princess or you will find all those pretty little treasures daddy gives you gone. You will be sent to live with your grandfather and grandmother where you can learn to discover that part of you which is supposed to be a little angel. I look at you now and only see a spawn.” Her eyes flashed as she stood up.

The handmaidens stepped back and made room for her to leave the table. As she walked a few steps, guilt began to nag at her. She was too harsh. Turning around once more, she frowned sadly and walked over to Tempest. Crouching down in front of her, she looked at her daughter with the rare signs of love in her eyes. Touching there foreheads together, she exhaled softly and placed a hand on her cheek. “You are my greatest joy, Tempest. I just want what is best for you.” Kissing her on the cheek, she then pulled herself away from her daughter and strode out of the dining hall without another look back at her family.
Desmond, who had taken a seat near the royal family, watched with silent glee at how Selene chastised the little princess. Such nasty things, children were. As the princess left the room, his eyes flicked to Joffrey “She will be taking a little vacation and will be traveling alone to the Vaas Plains. Perhaps some distance would be good for her.” With that, he stood up and gave the demon prince a cocky wink before turning to follow Selene.