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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
August 26, 2013 08:36AM
“I was not hurting Daddy. No, it is more likely your father would be hurting me.” At that, Tempest looked up, eyes wide. Before she could ask, her mother stared at her with a look Tempest had seen many times before when she thought her mother didn’t think she had noticed, a look many of the village children had given Tempest when she tried to play with them before they shunned her for being who she was. Oh yes, Tempest was very familiar with the emotions of hate and loathing and this is how her own mother stared at her now. She listened to her mother speak, her own anger and hate growing within her like a rabid dog. “Need I remind you that you are a princess of the house of Brax? Though I realize you are a mere child and cannot be held accountable for such silly whims and idiotic choice of words, you are my daughter. You will start acting like a princess or you will find all those pretty little treasures daddy gives you gone. You will be sent to live with your grandfather and grandmother where you can learn to discover that part of you which is supposed to be a little angel. I look at you now and only see a spawn.”

The anger was growing within her at each word her mother spoke. Her mother paused from her leaving before turning back toward her, leaning down to touch their foreheads together and placing a hand on her cheek. “You are my greatest joy, Tempest. I just want what is best for you.” Tempest held herself still as her mother kissed her cheek before she stood to leave the room. Tempest’s eyes were glowing gold in anger and before her mother reached the doorway, she said three words in the silence of the room.

“I hate you.”

Nanny gasped as Tempest jumped to her feet and ran from the room, so unbelievably angry that her hair started to smoulder.

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August 26, 2013 08:49AM
The Dining Hall

Some family dinners are just like wars, in a sense. Tempest let fly with her barrage of questions on penises, her mother retaliated with a very broad description of what they were, and also informed Tempest that she had a vagina, to which her daughter did a back hand serve of the fact she did in fact have a blue elephant. But when Selene let the child have it with both barrells, in front of the ladies and lords, and the staff, he noted that his daughter was not up to task on how to deal with her mother’s outbursts, even if they were said in anger. Joffrey wasn’t sure what he thought when Tempest was regarded as spawn, not an angel like her mummy. Tempest was a handful, but weren’t all seven year olds, like this? A brief moment, he saw his wife try to share a gentle moment with her daughter, forehead to forehead. You would think that this was the last of it, but Tempest let it be known that she hated her mother. As Tempest fled the room, and Selene’s doggy had already announced that Selene was taking a vacation alone to the Vaas plains to see her parents, the demon Prince knew where his place was, and that was with his daughter. Not bothering to dismiss the court, Joffrey rose from his chair, and gestured for Nanny:

“Help me find Tempest, before she gets herself into a pickle.”


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
August 26, 2013 09:05AM
Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

As Selene stood before her bed looking over her clothes to break, Magda was brushing her hair and trying to calm the princess down. “Surely she did not mean it, your grace…”

The princess said nothing as she stared at the bed, her rage replaced by despair and sadness that her child was not able to see past her darkness to the angel that was beneath her hard exterior. Time had changed Selene for the worst, it seemed, as well as her relationship with her daughter. She could remember a time when she had played with Tempest, chasing her about the castle and cooing to others about how proud she was of the child she had created with her demon prince out of love. Now it seemed that as she was unable to control the powers growing with herself, Selene was severing bonds between herself and her family. Selene felt that Joffrey would soon grow to loathe her and take Tempest away for her protection, and that Tempest would never meet the true angel that her mother was.

As the princess struggled with her internal conflicts, Desmond stepped into her room. Seeing that she was distraught pained him, regardless of the fact that he knew it was because she was afraid of losing her husband and child. Though he wished he could have Selene to himself, he knew she would never be truly happy unless she was with Joffrey. He was the light of her world, despite being a demon. There was nothing he could do to break them apart, but lord knew he tried. Stepping up to Selene, he pulled her away from the bed and into his arms. She fought him at first but then sank into the comfort of his arms. Her world felt like it was spinning out of control, and she knew nothing of Desmond’s true feelings. Desmond tilted his chin down on her head and began to stroke her hair. “There there…it will be all right. I can tell just by looking at you that there are tears threatening to fall.”
Selene pulled back to look up at him, smiling weakly but her chin lifted in defiance. “I don’t cry anymore.”

The warlock quirked an eyebrow and looked down at her. “Everyone cries. But do not fear, you will not have to fear losing control when you are finally away from your family.”

As Desmond spoke of her leaving, she looked towards her bed at the clothes laid out. Sighing softly, she didn’t look at Desmond as she murmured “I plan on bringing Tempest with me, and Joffrey, if he can stand it. I can’t bear to be away from Joffrey, not when my heart feels split like this. I need him, Desmond.” Allowing her eyes to meet Desmond, she shrugged with a weak smile “And I love Tempest. There is such a rift between us that I fear it will have to be me to make things right. Though things are strained between us, she is my daughter, and I love her. Simple as that.”

Selene then walked towards the bed and began to pack her clothes, Desmond standing near the door looking like he was ready to explode. He was so close! She was almost alone with him, and he wanted to prove to her parents that it was Desmond she should be with. Only Desmond could hone her dark magic in for the purpose of good, to show Selene what true power looked like. And she still spoke of Joffrey after he constantly abandoned her to be with that brat! Wiping his scowl off of his face, he crossed his arms and stared the princess down as she packed “I will be there for you every step of the way…” Selene only nodded distractedly, focusing more on how she would try to convince her family to go with her.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
August 26, 2013 10:10AM
Castle Courtyard – Knight Gathering

Just as Leon was about to speak, he felt a familiar presence, one all too familiar, and looked to his sight when she reached him. He watched her flash that sarcastic smile of hers, and shove the harlot away. When she looked to him, he caught her blue eyes deeply within hers. He smiled softly, and chuckled when the woman simply walked away at her words. Placing his back to the wall, so his front was now facing Regina, he sighed, sizing her with a cocky grin. “Well that was most uncalled for Pup.” He chuckled at the pet name. “If you’d have rather it be you in her place…” He leaned in close to her, taunting her with the sensual sound of his voice and look in his eyes. “..all you have to do is ask.”
Leaning against the wall again, he laughed. though his words were anything BUT a joke in truth, he played them off as such. After all, they were warriors, not lovers. romancing women for anything but crazy sex was not a strong point for Leon, despite the silver tongue he’d gained not long after the war. His words never seemed to work on Regina. If they did, she hid it pretty damned well. He looked to the woman as she tauntingly stared at him while caressing another man. “You know, a man has needs Regina. You can’t go pushing ever harlot away because you’re jealous.” His eyes fell on hers, and he spoke again.”I know it’s hard to see me getting all the attention these days.” He chuckled and shrugged. “You may just have to get used to it.” He pushed himself off the wall, and turned toward his tent site, walking powerfully towards it. He assumed Regina would follow, if only to get some sarcastic remarks of her own in, and he’d gladly offer his own puns to keep the conversation going, if only just for that.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
August 26, 2013 10:59AM
Castle Courtyard – Knight Gathering
Regina rolled her eyes when Leon called her Pup. Leon knew how Regina felt about pet names, but it didn’t really bother her as much because it was said from him. If from anyone else, it would be their head. Her eyes then went back to the girl that had left to go see the other warriors. Of course doing what she did to Leon, but on the other men that linger around he training arena. Regina eyes soon flickered back to Leon’s when he brought up that all she had to do was ask if she wanted sex from him. She just stared at him, she didn’t know what to say. Regina had a few urges here and there, but she didn’t except it to be from Leon. Yes Leon knew his way with words and sometimes it was hard for Regina to resist such excitement, but she was strong enough to do so.
Regina then rolled her eyes once more when Leon told her that men have their needs. But she quickly flashed him a “excuse me?!” stare when he said that she was jealous of the harlot that was caressing him.
“What?! Jealous?! I was not!”
She said loudly as her arms flew up in the air. Honestly, Regina was jealous. She didn’t like when random women approach him in a sexual manner. Regina knew how great of a guy Leon was, and she felt that he could do way better then these skanks that roamed around the village and training grounds. She then heard Leon ramble about getting all the attention and how she might have to get use to it. But before Regina could say anything back to him, Leon was already walking towards the tent site. Of course Regina followed him behind him as she continued to nag about him saying that she was jealous and then about him getting all the attention.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
August 26, 2013 11:27AM
Castle Courtyard – Leon’s Tent

Leon pushed his way through the large, black, draping cloth that was the entrance to his tent. as was custom to high ranking people, the tent was larger than the others. as well as much more intriquetly designed. At it’s top point flew the banner of the House of Brax, with honor and loyalty. The inside was incredible. Tables bountyfull with food and drink. Trophies, medals, even trophy weapons from the many fights Leon has had over the years were held on shelves around the place. It was a thing to behold in truth.
As Regina followed close, the two were bickering, or what seemed to be bickering, about her jealousy and such. “Dear, the fact that you have to argue the matter proves it.” He moved to the tables of food and drink, taking a whole jug of wine and bringing it to his lips greedily. He turned to face her once he removed the pot from his lips. “You’re jealous of the attention I get. It’s OKAY. Envy is common for those of our kind.” Moving his way to the shelf with his trophy weapons, he stopped mid way and looked to her. “Well, not me, but that’s because I have and can get…almost…anything I want.” Sizing her up and down, he winked as he swigged from his pot again.

Reaching the Shelf, he set his eyes on a blade he most admired, and one that was his most favored in all his collection. It was large, much too large to be held in one hand. He set down his jug of Wine, and lifted the sword into his hands as his mind was flooded with memories. raising a brow, he turned fully around and face Regina, the blade in his hands. “Regina, have I ever told you the story of this sword?”

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August 26, 2013 12:08PM
Castle Courtyard – Leon’s Tent
Regina entered into the tent along with Leon. Inside held a lot of stuff. Food, Leon’s trophy weapons, and etc. When Leon began to speak again about her jealousy of the attention he was getting she would say nothing but shake her head in disagreement. Regina knew if she wanted the attention from every man or women in the kingdom she could, she had no doubt about that. She then followed Leon to the trophy weapon shelf that stayed far back in the tent. Her blue eyes scanning all of the trophy weapons that stayed peacefully on the shelf. Instantly she looked over to Leon as she started to speak again, about how he didn’t envy because he could get anything and everything he wanted. But that wasn’t true because many times as he tried to have a sexual relation with Regina it ended up never working. Her cheeks would quickly flush pink when Leon winked at her, then a soft smirk would slowly appear on her face as she remained looking at him. Her eyes then followed Leon’s movement from when he pick up one of the trophy weapons, it was a sword. When he turned back around to face her she would look back at him, then back at the sword. Leon then questioned her about if her ever told her about the story of the sword. Her lips parted as she started to respond back to Leon.
“No, you haven’t Leon. But, I would love to hear about it.”
she said softly. 

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
August 26, 2013 04:32PM
The Halls

Joffrey was searching in nearly every room for his young daughter, Tempest who had run off after another altercation with her Mother. This seemed to be a weekly occurrence, and it did bother Joffrey somewhat that the pair just simply couldn’t get on. Selene was hot and cold to her daughter, fluctuating between her angelic self and that of her darker side. Course, he might well be to blame for this, for he was the one that got her pregnant with his demon spawn in the first place. But that didn’t matter now, what mattered was finding his daughter and consoling her.

Nanny’s heels clattered along the stone floors of the halls, peeking in rooms, and even checking cupboards, behind tapestries, even sticking her head into a suit of armor. Tempest was an excellent player of hide and seek. For her size meant she was able to burrow her way into any opening. One thing that worried her, the child’s hair was aflame when she ran from the dining hall, so there was a strong possibility that she might set some drapes alight.

“Tempest? Tempest dear…where are you?” Nanny sung out, becoming frantic with worry.


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August 26, 2013 09:36PM
Castle Grounds near the Gardens

Although a few of the servants had tried to stop her on her run through the halls, Tempest was angry and very upset and didn’t want to have anything to do with anybody. Those who tried to stop her, soon found themselves writhing around on the ground in pain from their singed or burnt hands. It was a warning to the rest who saw her to back off. Soon she was in a part of the castle that rarely had servants so her passing went unnoticed.

While her father and Nanny searched for her inside the castle walls, Tempest was running out the doors of the castle and onto the grounds. The tears were blinding her as she ran and a few times she nearly tripped and fell, her need to get as far away from the woman who birthed her overriding her child’s common sense. She knew where she needed to go, she just had to get there before anyone noticed her.


She was as quick as a rabbit and had ways of not being found unless she wanted to be. This wasn’t the first time her mother treated her as if she should have been older and more wise to the ways of royalty. She was just a little girl trying to find her way in a very big world. Why lay the blame on her shoulders for being who she was? It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair and despite her age, she knew the way her mother treated her was wrong.

She avoided the tents she could see in the castle’s courtyard and the many knights and warriors milling about, ducking around rocks and barrels as she continued her journey. Once she was past, she headed to a section of wall she had discovered quite by accident.

She had been playing one day and Nanny had fallen asleep. Tempest decided to explore the castle grounds a little more, appeasing her child curiosity.


She had been walking along this section of wall when she had leaned against it to let a herd of horses and their minders go by so she wouldn’t be trampled underfoot. It seemed the wall wasn’t really a wall, but a hidden doorway to a secret area still within the castle walls. It was in this secret area that she met her first and only friend, her best friend.

She had made her way back to Nanny shortly before she awoke, playing with her dolls while harboring her own little secret. She had thought about telling her parents, but something inside of her told her that this was something she should keep for herself: her own private happy spot.


She made it to the ruined section of wall and after glancing about to make sure she wasn’t spotted, she stepped through the invisible barrier, secure in the knowledge that the magic hiding her happy place could not be detected by any means. She breathed a sigh of relief before walking at a more sedate pace through the flowers in search of her friend. She wiped the tears from her face, not wanting to be questioned about why she was crying. She wasn’t ready to face such things just yet.

Reaching the clearing, she spotted her best friend laying in a patch of sunlight. He appeared to be sleeping but he had been known to fool her into a false sense of security before. Cautiously approaching, she waited until the last possible moment before she pounced. As before, he was aware of her presence as always, and with a laugh, rolled onto his back to catch her in his arms. She laughed in childish delight as he hugged her close.

Philippe and an teenage Tempest

“Bon jour, ma petite.” he greeted her warmly, staring into her eyes.

“Bon jour, Philippe.” Tempest giggled, slowly feeling her anger and pain drain away. He noticed anyway.

“Why so sad? And do not lie to me little one. You know I can always tell.” Tempest rested her forehead on his chest with a small sigh.

“Mummy hates me. She said mean things to me today. She called me ‘spawn’. Why would she do that? I don’t understand.” Her lower lip trembled and her eyes filled up with tears. She was hugged closer, comforting without being crushed beneath his strength.

“I don’t know why mummies do such things, my darling child. There, there now. Dry those tears.” He set her on the ground and rolled onto his stomach, patting his side. “Rest child. I will watch over you until you awake.” Tempest did as requested with a small, tired yawn. Once she was settled, Philippe carefully wrapped one of his wings around her like a blanket and kept watch over his friend.

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August 27, 2013 05:55PM
Castle grounds

The Prince was now frantic. He had much of the staff now hunting the grounds for his precious daughter, Tempest. Nanny could be heard, her voice booming as she was looking in cupboards, the kitchen, the cellars, even the dungeons, where some of the imprisoned were even shrugging their shoulders, while shackled up and the executioner made a clueless expression, just before chopping off a thief’s hands.

“Not…seen ‘er, Nanny.” The executioner stuttered as the thief was letting out a blood curdling scream. “Oh shut up, you. Tis a scratch.”



Joffrey had a bright idea that Tempest might be hiding in the stables. She did have a thing about ponies, even if she did prefer the blue elephant to the white pony he had organised. Running into the stables, he started searching in every lot, the sound of the gates being opened and closed, with large handfuls of hay being tossed in the air, as Joffrey tried to find his missing daughter. Seated outside the stall that had the white pony waiting, was none other than Minerva. She had been waiting hours for this, and was a bit surprised to see the Prince look so frazzled.

“If you be looking for the white pony, he is just in here, M’lord.” Minerva purred, rising to her feet, and smoothing out her gown with her slender digits.

“What? What are you on about, woman?” The Prince said, poking his head out of a stall, hay now caught up in his disheveled locks.

“The…white pony you ordered. It’s right in here.” The witch said with a sing song voice and a sweeping gesture like you would get from a game show model. Minerva obviously didn’t get what was going on.

“I haven’t go time for that now! My daughter is missing! Screw the pony.” The Prince said, running past and taking a quick look at it. “Hells bells, it is white. Ugh. Get rid of it. and with that, the Prince ran out of the stables, and headed out to the courtyard, screaming for Nanny.

The witch froze, her face strained as she couldn’t believe what she just heard. “But…I…” The horse whined, and then raised its tail and dropped some dung upon the floor. The Witch snapped her fingers and the horse changed back to black. With curled fists, she stomped out of the stable, and went to chase after the Prince.