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Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 20, 2013 03:46AM
(Eric, I believe that Amos and Az are cousins…since Lilith is Az’s aunt. but its all good :D)Front Hallway
Az then saw the very terrifying frame of his cousin, Amos, appear atop the stairs. He seemed to barely even notice his two guests, and flew off farther into the house. “Well, that does not look good at all.” Az did not fear much, and maybe fear wasn’t the right word, but he definitely did not want to be on the receiving end of that Amos. Az wondered if maybe he should just head to the ball alone, save himself the trouble of all this drama. But drama was like nicotine to him. He needed it. And so he began ascending the stairs. “Bess, dear, come say hello to your cousin.” He smiled as he said this, as it was very out of character and cheesy to say. “Are you still alive?”

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August 20, 2013 06:34AM


Seeing Amos storm past, Ezekiel’s brows lifted and he grinned. Whatever the man was angry about, he did not want to encounter him at the moment… though by the sounds of it, Juliette had done something. Though he’d never met the girl, Ezekiel knew that she wasn’t the… favored child. Wandering away from Az, the demon walked over to a bookshelf and began looking through the various materials there, content to wait until Amos calmed down a bit.

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August 20, 2013 07:54AM
Elvira’s RoomEach word that came from her mouth excited him as she agreed to his request, to take him as her companion to this ball. Excitement replaced nervousness and will, as he smiled giddily, like a happy boy who just got a new toy. Then came his name in his ear, and his body shivered at the sound, as her cheeck brushed agaisnt his own. He soft, smooth, silk skin enticing him even further. He leaned gently against her cheeck as she pulled away. He bowed his head. “Thank you, Mistress.” As she was handed her things, and she placed her mask over her face, it was the one thing that he realized he’d forgotten. He had been dressed and groomed, but his mask was no where in sight. Though he wouldn’t have to fret for long as he followed Elvira through the hallway.

Latecia climbed the stairs quickly, her large bust bouncing around as she did, and turned the corner to meet her sight with the petite and beautiful form of Elvira. A bright smile covered her face as she looked upon the girl’s attire, and saw Edward dressed and ready to go behind her. So her hunch was right, and in that case, it was a good thing she brought him a mask after all. “Elvira! Bambina you look simply ravishing mi amore!” She spoke in an excited tone. “I hate to be the men at this fiesta. They have no idea the surprise that awaits them should they find themselves in your arms.” As she reached her, she nudged her arm gently, feeling comfortable enough to do so given she adores the girl. As the girl continued on, Lahty came to Edward, and pinned him to the wall, her eyes full of a seriousness that could not be detoured as she lifted the mask in her hand as her other forearm held him by the chest. “You leave me, and I will kill you Sparky.” She then planted a kiss upon his lips full of passion, then placed the mask over his face, walking on as if nothing had happened.

Edward was confused, and slightly dazed at Lahty’s actions, but none the less, he was pleased to have a friend such as her. Not only for her body but her thoughtfullness. He quickly caught up with Elvira, and continued on.

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August 20, 2013 08:15AM
As Elvira headed down the stairs, she spotted Latecia coming up, with a mask in her hands. She smiled, for she so did enjoy the company of the Spanish woman. “Elvira! Bambina you look simply ravishing mi amore!” the woman exclaimed, looking Elvira over from head to toe. “I hate to be the men at this fiesta. They have no idea the surprise that awaits them should they find themselves in your arms.””Why thank you, my darling.” Elvira cooed in delight. “It was the effect I was going for.” She patted Latecia’s hand as it nudged her arm before continuing down the stairs. Seeing the Foyer was fully occupied, she decided that it would be more prudent and less hazardous to her overall health to avoid her father’s anger and take the back stairs to the carriages. Keeping to the shadows, she headed in her chosen direction through the kitchens, startling a few of the servants that were there.

“You may want to avoid Father until he leaves for the ball. He’s in a right temper and has already killed a few of you in his rage and it so hard to find good help these days.” she passed on the warning as she walked through. The servants looked at each other in fright.

She did not look back to see if Edward was following her, she continued through the gardens until she reached the front of the house where one of the family carriages awaited her. The footman opened the door and escorted her in while waiting for Edward to join her.

Elvira stared from the window, wondering if her mysterious benefactor would be in attendance, and what he or she wanted with her. She was deeply intrigued.

She had this strange feeling that tonight was going to go down in history as the most exciting night ever experienced.

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August 20, 2013 09:15AM
Where ever the pot Julliette left from isAmos’ eyes took in the pot, and as the name was uttered from Lurch, his mind went blank. He was no longer consumed by rage, but now, by confusion. He could not believe that Jules, his second youngest would ever betray him. He refused to believe, more likely. “Agares….” The dirt shifted at first, at the call of the Demon Dog’s name. Though surely, it would stop before reaching out to take in the person that had called for him. The moment his image was ever present, Agares would be able to feel the essence of the second most powerful demon, aside from Lucifer, to have ever lived, and it was a power fully palpable in his current form as it seemed to seep off him. The dirt calmed almost immediately, and Amos knew Agares was to blame, though he knew the beast never did a thing without the interest of his…what should he call her….slut master.

Amos lifted his sight to Lurch, and slowly crept to him, as his form returned to that of a more human look. He placed a hand on the Zombies shoulder, and nodded. “You have done well, Lurch. This family is more than proud to have you…I am more than proud.” His eyes fell to the door and the wearyness of his mind could be seen on his face, as much as the worry. “I feel as though tonight may not end particularly…well….for me.” He allowed his hand to fall from the large man, and his eyes came to meet his. “If so, I ask that you keep an eye on them. Should I not return. Ensure their protection should I fail.” With that, he was gone in a flash of flame and appeared in his room, where LAtecia was already waiting with her master’s clothing set out, along with his mask all to match his wife and represent his house. She could see the worry on his face.

He undressed himself, and sunk into the stone bath that had been awaiting him. With an exasperated sigh, he allowed himself to relax, if only for a few moments, and relieve his mind of the stress of his family. Latecia came to him, and placed her hands on his shoulders, rubbing them gently as she awaited Bess to take her place, as was normal for the married couple. “You seem distracted Amos. come, Tell Latecia what it is that bothers you so.” she spoke. With that, Amos began, and the two would speak on matters at hand, including Amos’ worry, until the person Amos desired to see most graced him with her presence.

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August 20, 2013 09:22AM

After a few minutes of browsing through the books, Ezekiel caught a servent as she was walking past him. “Darling, could you pass a message along for me?” The girl gave a slow nod, her eyes holding a bit of fright. “When Amos is done tearing people’s heads off, if you could pass along the message that I shall see him at the ball, that would be wonderful. Just tell him ‘Ezekiel has chosen to go to the ball, so he will see you there.’, simple enough, yes?” As the servant nodded, the demon grinned and leaned down to kiss her cheek. “Thank you, darling. Now, off to the ball I go!” With that, he made his way out of the manor and to the ballroom quickly, a grin forming on his lips.

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August 20, 2013 10:12AM
Bess bristled as he began to shout. whilst is scared her she simply smirked and iced herself. “Lower your voice you fool!” she snapped. Bess met him in the hall, although in his demon form he towered above her she went toe to toe with her husband “You know who he is…what he has done to be, the scars he left me with!” Bess retorted, her eyes flashed crimson and yet she managed to remain calm enough “If it will make you feel better, snap my neck and send me back to my father…if not…i leave for the ball in 1 hour. Have your vengence there.” Bess tilted her head up, her gaze arrogant. “She is your child as much as she is mine. Next time, you get rid of him” with that Bess shoved at his chest, although he did not budge she managed to scratch his chest. Her nails made blood ooze out and lay on the dark purple of his skin. Bess turned and shoved past him “A team Amos!” she shouted, striding of toward her bed chamber “Snap at me, yell and shout but do not forget what i am to you!” with that, Bess turned the corner and headed up the stairs, keeping her composure as best she could.
Bess entered the bed chamber and slammed the door behind her….only to be over come with something close to anxiety. She inhaled sharply and pressed a hand to her chest. She felt stupid and silly for being so worked up about what had happened…she was a demon and she could be strong…yet Bess was shaking. Linking her hands together and squeezing she turned to the door of the built in wardrobe she owned “Mag!” she snapped “My gown!”. The old woman came hurrying, holding the great crimson gown. Bess stripped and stood naked as the old woman began to lace her into corsets and bustles, it took a while but she was soon laced into the gown. Sighing gently she closed her eyes and ran her hands over the red fabric. With that she slipped her feet into a pair of dark red heels before heading to her vanity and sitting. Mag then started on her hair, a half up do with rubies and such beaded into the curls. Mag then draped a large ruby necklace around her neck along with earrings to match.
Bess then stood and inhaled sharply before leaving the room and heading down the hall “Mistress Roxburg” a young red haired girl came running and bowed “Master Roxburg wish-” Bess waved her hand in the air and turned around the corner and up a small set of stairs to the bathroom she knew he was in. Taking a deep breath and opened the door and stood in the doorway…a vision in crimson. “You aren’t ready” her tone was clipped, yet her eyes roamed across his bare chest with desire.

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August 20, 2013 10:41AM
Amos and Latecia looked to Bess as she forced the door open. the Hispanic maid heard the clip in her tone, but knew the look in her eye well as she stared at her husband. The maid stood, and bowed her head to the woman she respected so much. “Lady Roxburg, greetings. MAster is ready for you.” Latecia’s accent was thick, but by now, the family would’ve become mroe than accustomed to it. Amos’ own eyes looked over his wife’s form, her very image a thing of beauty, and his eyes fell upon her wantingly. He rose a hand to Lahty, keeping his eyes over his wife. “Leave us.” The Maid bowed her head and did as was told as Bess stepped in and she clossed the door behind her.Amos sighed, and looked at the cut that had formed over his chest from her nail. He ran his thumb along it, and sighed. “It’s going to scar, you know.” After a few moments of silence, he stood, and stepped from the tub. Dripping wet, he made his way to a large cloth that had been set aside by Latecia for him, and he used it to dry the liquid from his form. He dropped it when he was finished, and made his way to Bess, placing a hand upon her cheek, his eyes staring into hers. “I feel I must appologize…for my words earlier. They were spoken of nothing but rage. I should have been more considerate, my love.” He placed his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him in a loving embrace. This was definately odd behaviour from him. They shared many moments together, but this hug…it was deeper, as though he never wanted to release her from him. “You are my wife, my love, and I know that. I was blinded by a rage held for another, but took advantage of the person before me.”

He pulled away just enough for his eyes to meet hers, and the wearyness, the worry fell over him again. He could not shake the feeling in his gut. “I feel as though something is going to go terribly wrong tonight. I need you with me, Bess.”

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August 20, 2013 12:17PM
https://i2.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbwan7wAB91rxzuceo3_250.gifAs Bess stood at the base of the tub, she watched him with through narrowed eyes. Although she wasn’t as much angry as she was afraid…she would draw it out. Bess linked her hands before her stomach, the very image of stillness. “It would not have been the first i have given you…yet i wish it would have been on friendlier terms” she drawled, nodding in the direction of his chest. As he rose Bess let her gaze flicker across his body, down his hard chest, broad shoulders and down his leg. Bess then sighed gently before glancing back toward his face. Bess continued to watch as he ambled toward her, his face was breaking her…regret and sadness was something she didn’r see in Amos very often…but now that she did she hated him. With a heavy sigh the demon rested her free hand upon the one he had at her cheek. Her fingers intertwined with his and she closed her eyes, listening to him speak. “You did what you thought was best my love” she murmured before opening her eyes. She smiled at him, it was one full of kindness and love. She brought her owns hands up to cup his cheeks gently, their eyes locked.
As he dragged her against him Bess sighed happily and wrapped her arms around his neck. She rested her head on the crook of his shoulder and closed her eyes. It was lovely…the way he held her like nothing else mattered…and nothing did. They stood there for a while until he pulled away from her. She kissed his cheek quickly before he spoke. Bess frowned slightly…and yet she found truth in his words “I know how you feel…I will not leave your side” she vowed, reaching across and cupping his cheek gently. “We will fix this…like he have done so many times before…my mother and our children will not ruin this…i promised” she wished, her voice was steady and her eyes were burning bright with resolve.

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August 20, 2013 01:01PM
As she spoke, Amos stared deeply into Bess’ eyes. Her words brought a soft and gentle smile to his lips, replacing the worry as she reassured him successfully. “I know, my dearest Bess. I know…” Pulling her close to him again, he embraced her lips with his own in a passionate, lustful, and sensual motion, one that almost made him buckle at the knees, and undoubtedly fed the same reaction to her. If they were not already late for their entrance at the ball, he’d have bedded her then and there. However, he also knew that if Agares was around, then his bitch was too. Which means he’d have the chance to question the dog on his daughters position, his reason for entering his home uninvited, and then he could kill him.https://i1.wp.com/i1240.photobucket.com/albums/gg497/LaissezFaireAll/gifs/my%20gifs/charles-margaret-kiss-tongue_17-frames_500.gif

He gently pulled away from the kiss, his eyes embracing hers as he pulled himself, and his member, away from her. He chuckled as he turned to dress himself in the clothing Lahty had set out for him. “Were we not limited in time, my love…if only were we not limited in time…” He winked at her, and chuckled softly, sliding his trousers over his lower half and pulling on a pair of black, knee high socks. Grabbing the fluffed shirt and greatly designed vest, he slid them both on, and grabbed his matching pants and boots, pulling those on as well. Fixing his hair, in as quick a matter as possible, he grabbed his mask, slid it on, and moved to his wife, kissing her gently once more. He held out his elbow. “Shall we go then, my wife?”


When she took his arm, he’d lead her through the house, and to the maids who would escort them through the rain to their carriage, which then took them to the ballroom, of the Count’s event.

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August 20, 2013 02:26PM
Front Lawnhttps://i0.wp.com/31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcd15uBx6l1r03t3lo1_500.gif

The carriage pulled up slowly, a weary old man sitting on the driver’s bench. It was loaded with trunks and bags of all sizes and colors, though mostly dark (and not at all drab). It was from this carriage that Alice Roxburg emerged, still in the same blood soaked school uniform. She had used it to scare several people into her free trip home, which she was grateful for. She hadn’t thought to send a letter, but it was too late now. She stood in the rain for a moment, allowing it to properly wash over her. She only began to make her way into the house (leaving the poor man to her bags) once she was sure that she was thoroughly soaked to the bone.



A small smile appeared on her lips as she entered the foyer, marveling at how nothing at all had changed in a year. Some maids eyed her, but they weren’t any she knew, so she brushed them off. A strange smell was around, a stranger. They were gone now, but their powerful scent lingered. She didn’t know if anyone was home, but she could hear the maids whispering about her mother being picky about a dress for something.


It dawned on her that her family was still just as awesome and glorious as ever – meaning they didn’t think that her little stint in France was too big of a deal. Half of her was happy – her father’s temper really was a bitch. The other half was a little disappointed – not being that big of a deal meant he wasn’t proud of her for it. It may have been wrong to want to be proud for merciless killings in a human’s point of view, but she was a demon – she didn’t play by God’s silly little rules. She traipsed her way through the house, losing clothing as she did. She was left in only her undergarments by the time she reached her desired destination; the kitchen.

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August 20, 2013 03:06PM
Bess kissed him, softly at first but as he deepened the kiss Bess chuckled and snaked her arms around his neck “I love you” she murmured against his lips. “So much…”. When he broke away from her to dress himself Bess stood and smiled, watching him through half lidded eyes as per usual, their previous fight forgotten. “There is always later tonight my love” she drawled before laughing gently and walking forward. She adjusted the mask he had chosen to wear before sliding her hands don’t he lapels of his jacket and smiling. When he kissed her again she smiled and cupped his cheeks “Yes…and try not to let my bitch mother ruin everything as per usual” she added with a chuckle.
With that Bess took his arm and they left the bathroom together. They headed down the stone steps toward the entrance of their home. Bess had her arm still linked in his at the door. When it opened the fresh smell of rain and pine hit her and bess closed her eyes. As a servant came running with an umbrella Bess still did not let go of Amos. It was only when he went to help her into the carriage did she finally give up his hand and climb up into the carriage for the ball.
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August 21, 2013 12:23AM
The Kitchenhttps://i1.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc2hh2fUnv1r426i4o1_500.gif

She stopped to look at her wiry form in the window, her reflection rather clear because of the rain. She sighed quietly, turning to face the opposite direction and take in the sight of the kitchen.


She noticed two little boys, not human but not demon, playing by another door into the room. She smiled at them, her eyes showing nothing but kindness. Some of the maids lived in the manor full time, and thus had to have their children there with them. Alice walked over to the little boys, who had stopped playing, and seemed a little afraid of the girl in her bloomers. She crouched down in front of them, twirling a piece of hair thoughtfully. She looked at one boy, and then the other, then took the piece of hair and held it on her upper lip, as if it were a mustache.


The boys giggled, forgetting their antics at the stranger. She smiled again, but her smile turned less and less friendly and a more and more sadistic by the second. The boys’ laughter started to die out, though as children it was only an instinct, and they didn’t know that she was planning anything. And then, not a second later, she briefly let her true demon show, a growl erupting from her throat.


The boys screamed and ran from the kitchen as she returned her appearance to the normal façade, her own laughter ringing like deadly chimes through the house. A maid came in, an angry look upon her face. They must have been her sons. “Miss Alice, as if it were not enough that you gave absolutely no notice of your return, now you go around causing a ruckus in my kitchen!” Alice’s face became a mask of innocence with a slight smile as she spoke. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


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August 31, 2013 03:44PM
Just outside the Manor, a pillar of flame appeared and the entire Roxburg family was left in it’s wake wrapped in their father’s/husband’s arms. The heavy rain had drenched them the moment they reached the area, and Amos fell back on his behind, coughing up blood and gripping his side tightly as the purple liquid seeped from the hundreds of wounds he’d gathered. Most were small, though there were a few that leaked heavily. He grinned a sharp toothed grin as he sensed the next presence.”Agares” he spoke softly just as the Pitbull began to slowly rise from the ground. Amos gathered all his strength and stood weakly, then turned to face him as Agares slowly walked forward, his armies not yet appearing. “Amos. you look a little worse for wear. Are you feeling well?” Amos furrowed his brow, and stood defiantly. “Hold your tongue wretch. I hope you do not forget who it is you have offended.” His aura burst out again, though this one was much weaker, it still showed enough power to end Agares easily. He looked over his shoulder to his family, whether they’d stepped beside him to continue the fight or not. “Go inside. All of you. Do not think I will take no for an answer either. I will handle this.” He muttered a few words under his breath in an unrecognizeable language and suddenly a barrier was erected, invisible to any eye, it was a perfect defense. One that Amos had written the runes for into the foundation of the house, just in case, and right now hew as glad he had.

“You should pick your fights better, Dog.” With that, Amos roared and launched forward, the pain of his body simply forcing him to continue as it fed his anger, which in turn, made his will indomitable. There was no giving up in the face of the death of his family, even if Juliette was no where to be seen. Agares rushed as well, and the two met in combat. amos and his dual glaives, Agares and his swords. Clashes of metal ringed through the air as the rain painted their bodies clear. However, before long, Amos had gotten in his first strike against the Dog, which was a sideways swipe across the gut. though it didn’t hit deep, it still forced Agares back. As Amos charged, Agares sunk into the Earth, and appeared behind Amos, driving his sword into his back, to the left of his spine. though the sword didn’t go in far, it still pierced flash and skin. Amos roared in rage and pain as he spun, slapping his wing into Agares which sent him flying, the sword remaining in Amos’ back. The mighty head of the Roxburg family fell to a knee then. His eyes held on the home he was willingly about to give up to buy his spell time to come into full effect.

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August 31, 2013 07:45PM

The light was blinding, even for Bess. The fire seared through her skin, though it didn’t burn her. The sudden shift in temperature made her wince however. As the fire was replaced by rain Bess was forced to return to her human skin. The red of her demon form seemed to run away with the water, she shrunk and contorted until Bess stood in her vessel once more. Turning she watched with wide eyed horror as Amos sunk to the floor, she dropped with him “My love get up, we must get you inside” she said, tugging at his thick arm and hoping it would make some sort of impact. When nothing happened, Bess removed her hands from his body…but they were coated in his thick purple blood. Gasping her eyes flickered to his face “Amos…” she begged, her eyes brimming over…but it was hard to tell what was rain and what was tears. Bess was soaked through but she didn’t care…hell, she didn’t care about anything right now except the state that her husband was in.
As that dreaded dogs name was uttered, Bess glanced up and sure enough…there he stood, grinning and half mad as per usual. Bess stood with a snarl, she drew a hand back and with a half crazed charge of fury, she lunged at him, reading to tear his eyes out…but he smartly side stepped the assault and delivered a bone crunching back hand to the side of Bess’ face. She saw stars as she was propelled through the sky. Her back met the thick concrete of a stone pillar and with a grunt she dropped to the floor, moaning in pain. “Amos…” she mumbled, her vision blurring as she tried to stand and reach her husband again…it didn’t work and as Bess tried to pick herself up for a second time she felt the world shift below her “Mother…” she breathed, Bess tried to get up again. She tried to crawl toward her husband even though she knew she would be more of a hindrance than a help. Suddenly she felt stiff, stiffer than before. Like her arms and legs were made of stone.
A cruel laugh echoed through the courtyard as Bess was forced to lay on the dirt and scream for her mother to let her go…get Lilith was not listening.


Out of no where she appeared, there was no gapping hole nor pillars of fire…it was simply…out of nothing. Lillian crossed the stone cobbles of the courtyard, grinning and fur clad, although she to was soaked through. “Amos….” she said, as if she were a mother scolding her child “I expected you to know better…you were always smarter than your brothers”. Her voice seemed to be coming from everywhere, every corner and cranny, every stone and every pane of glass in the house. Lillian strode forward, ignoring the screams of her daughter, whom she had bound to a stone pillar so she could not interfere. “I had such high hopes for Bess….and for you….but then you found each other and…well…i had to let those plans go.” Lillian suddenly appeared beside where Amos had flung Agares too, the dog lay groaning on the cobbles but grinned as soon as he saw Lillian. She kept walking however, smirking like a cat who had just gotten the cream “That is not why i’m here though….i’m here for an entirely new reason…one that i didn’t think even you, would try to go through with” Lillian said, stopping behind Amos’ heaved form. She ran a cold hand across the taunt leather of his wings, although they were cold her fingers singed the skin slightly. She began to circle him then, like a shark would its prey. Lillian then stopped in front of him and knelt, cupping his chin in her hand. Whilst her mouth was set in a grim line of what looked like sorrow…those horrible ice coloured eyes burned with Malice and smugness. “What a shame…to loose such a powerful being…” Lillian said with a tisk, her hand gripping his chin tighter as the blood from the wound in his back oozed and mingled with the rain.

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August 31, 2013 08:58PM
Elvira held on to her father for all she was worth until in flash of flame, they returned to earth, landing in the mud in front of their home. Her father stumbled away, various wounds seeping sluggishly, coughing up blood that was nearly black in the darkness of the night. Rain soaked them to the bone, but she felt none of it, intent on reaching her father. She fell to her knees at his side, pressing a hand to one of the wounds that didn’t seem to want to stop bleeding. “Father!” she murmured, tears in her eyes.But her father was grinning, almost maniacally as Agares appeared before them. Elvira wanted to stay with her father as he stumbled to his feet, prepared to battle once again but she knew he would be against it. His next words confirmed this thought. “Go inside. All of you. Do not think I will take no for an answer either. I will handle this.” Elvira really wanted to argue that he could not be strong enough for this, but his word was law. She grabbed up her skirts and ran for the front door, seeing it thrown open and the staff waving her inside.

Clashes of metal rang out behind her as she crossed the threshhold and she stood in the open doorway to watch her father battle for his life and the lives of his family. And though his was mortally wounded, her father put up one hell of a fight and she never felt more proud than to be a Roxburg at that moment…until Agares slipped a sword into her father’s undefended back. “NO!” Elvira screamed, reading herself to run out to help. It was not to be as Lurch appeared from nowhere and effortlessly held her in his strong grip. She struggled, crying out for her father, begging to be let go, but Lurch knew he was to protect the eldest daughter with everything in him.

Things only got worse when her grandmother arrived. Elvira watched her mother tossed away and pinned to a pillar of stone before moving to her father. She couldn’t hear the words spoken between mother and son, but the look on Lillian’s face spoke volumes.

“Father, no! Please!” Elvira begged, wishing with all her might for her father to fight back, to yell, scream, stab the evil witch, anything to push her away. “Daddy!” she breathed, falling to her knees as she felt the familial bond she had with her father slowly start to fade away…

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August 31, 2013 09:39PM
Bartholomew and Fanny landed heavily on the front lawn, the mud spraying up on touch down. Both were smouldering, and drenched from the torrential downpour. They made it out of that horror fest, and though both demon, it was more than either of them could stomach. Fanny gripped Bartholomew’s face, her own a look of relief. So glad to have been whisked back to the safety of the Roxburg manor. She could hardly wait to go inside, and kissed a startled looking Bart’s lips.“As soon as I get inside, I’m having a bath.” Fanny chortled, wiggling her nose up to Bart’s playfully. The rain was still falling though, even though she wanted to get wet inside. Their joy was to be cut short, when Bart turned back to see if his father was okay, only to see Agares appear. His father and Elvira were on the ground, and his father was already bleeding profusely.https://i0.wp.com/replygif.net/thumbnail/1114.gif

“STAY AWAY FROM HIM!” Bart cried out, his demon side coming to the fore, as his voice took on a strange double sound. LIke the hell demon within was craving to be released. Fanny gasped, recognizing Agares from the ball. “Why can’t you leave us alone?” Fanny yelled, ready to use her purse to whack him with. Both Fanny and Bart were side by side, when Amos screamed at them all to get inside. Bart shook his head fiercely. “Dad…I’m not leaving you!” He was getting ready to withdraw his sword, when Fanny saw Lurch throw open the door to the Manor.


Fanny could see that this was not a fight for her Bart, and she yanked on his arm. “At the very least, take me inside!” Bart rounded on his Kitten, and looked at her like she was mad. “I have to protect my father.” Fanny groaned, and picked up her muddy skirts, trying to run as Amos had said, only to trip and fall as she made her way to the door. Torn between helping his Father and rescuing his Kitten, he did what a man in love does, and ran to her side, helping her to her feet. Together, they tried to run, but Fanny must have twisted her ankle, so the going was slower.

On reaching the door, Lurch was holding back Elvira who was screaming ; “No!” Bart more or less pushed Fanny inside only to turn and see his Father with a sword stuck in his back. “DAD!” The roar of the younger Roxburg could be heard far across the ground, as Lurch placed a free hand on Bart’s shoulder, trying to hold him back as well. Bart’s eyes were filled with the horror of seeing his Father being murdered right before his eyes. Fanny had collapsed in a chair in the foyer, and started to weep, that in her effort to get inside, she prevented Bart from saving his Father….the guilt was overwhelming.



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August 31, 2013 10:00PM
OusideAlice’s eyes were yellow with anger and concern as she came sprinting into the foyer. She’d seen the whole thing from the kitchen window, and she was beyond fearful for her father – she was going to save him, or she was going to die trying. She ran past Bart, Elvira and Lurch, right outside, never breaking her speed. Once she was outside, she let out a scream of rage, a shrill noise that could probably burst a simple human’s eardrums. The skin of her vessel was bubbling and shifting. She didn’t want to let out her demon, because it was a horrible mess for her to return to the form of her vessel at her age. She froze at what she saw though. In her time away from the scene (a mere few seconds, but seconds were long enough), her grandmother had arrived, and it was apparent that she was not on their side. She managed to begin walking again, quickly, but only made it to her mother’s side before falling to her knees. The weight of the loss of adrenaline, and shock replacing the anger, brought all her fatigue from her journey crushing down on her. She began to silently cry with her face turned down (and even in her sorrow, she hoped maybe Lillith had some sympathy or pity for her grandchildren) as she reached for her mother’s hand, wishing there was something either of them could do. Her mother was fighting some hold Lillith had on her, so Alice gripped her hand tightly, silently looking up at Lillith with a pleading expression behind the tears, trying not to look at her father for fear of breaking.


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September 01, 2013 02:55PM
Where everyone is >.>Juliette walked down the road towards her home in the pouring rain, her eyes staring at her feet as she wondered how she would manage to kill such a prized guest in the Bianchi home. Phoebe had the protection of the angels, and it seemed as though she had some angelic powers of her own. Still, there was a blood lust for carnage her demon wanted appeased, and Phoebe would die at her hands if she died trying herself. Besides, now that she was in the hands of her grandmother, she felt a new sense of power that she had never embraced or was even offered from her own parents. Shunned as the black sheep of the family, they never understood or even cared about the special abilities and gifts Juliette was blessed with. Why should she remain loyal to those who insisted of pushing and shoving her around? It was thanks to them she and Edward had a rift between them, her inability to love him completely causing a feeling of such deep loss that Juliette wondered if she would ever love again.

As she stood on the path before her home, she knew she this would be the last time. Juliette had full intentions of telling her family she was leaving them for good, though she had a feeling they would hardly give two shits. They were their own family unit and would remain to be so, whether or not Juliette was even around. With those thoughts in mind, she stepped past the gate and was immediately hit with the smell of blood. Her eyes dilated until they were completely black, the darkness within her taking over as she soon recognized the scent of the blood. The loving Juliette that was present around Edward was now shoved to the side. The monster her parents wanted her to be was now present. Her eyes locked on the pitiful scene displayed in the front of her home. Slinking towards her grandmother like a large cat surveying her prey, she saw her grandmother crouching over her dying father. Her cat-like eyes then looked around to the front door to see that her siblings were mourning. A slow cruel smile spread over her lips as she then faced her father once more. The rain drenched her hair to her bare arms and low-cut back, her hands gripping her damp dress as she spoke cruelly.“Ah…so the mighty hath fallen. My my, what a long fall that must be off your pedestal, father.” Snickering, she walked towards her father and stood beside her grandmother. Licking her lips, her hunger soon took over “Mmmmh…that really looks painful, Daddy. Perhaps just a little taste before we send you on your way?” She then laughed coldly before turning to wink towards Elvira in the doorway.

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September 01, 2013 08:37PM
The sound of the woman’s voice phased hi not. He knew this all boiled down to her, and possibly even his brother, so to have her here, at this moment, was no surprise at all. Lillith. The succubus wife of Lucifer, one of them at least, had now entered the fray, taking advantage of his weakened state. That’s when the hate rose up within him, and empowered his will even further, which everyone knows, is what keeps dead men going, the will for…something. In this case, a man protecting all that he held so dear to his heart…his family.A smirk fell upon his lips as she spoke, his wing twitching at the gentle heat, that Amos’ tough body had become quite durable to since his fall. He held his eyes down as she bent before him, grabbing his chin and forcing his face up, though he refused to have his eyes meet such curr. It would not be long before she even went so far as to take over Brother’s rule, and Amos would be damned if he wasn’t there when Lucifer did something about it.

The way she spoke to him, like a mother scorning a disobedient child, made him feel disgusted. This woman has yet to change in so many years, thinking she was above him ever since they first met. His eyes held to the floor, even as he spoke. “Lillith….you come…and betray the brother of your husband, husband to your daughter, as if it was something that would not be expected. You come, and you now speak as if you have won, as if you are truly above me for the first time we met thousands of years ago….well I’ll let you in on a secret…wretched whore of a woman.” Amos’ right hand reached up and weakly took to her wrist, holding it to his face as if he was on his last breath. “Do you so easily forget WHO I am…Lillith?” His eyes fell to his downed wife, and then to her right, his youngest of children. His beautiful Alice. She’d finally returned, and at the WORST possible time. His eyes swelled with tears as they held her in their embrace, though his face was strong as ever. He stretched his mind to hers, and once finished, played images of the months she’s missed, and his emotions, on how happy he was to see her home, to know she was alive. His eyes then rise to Lillith and the grip on her wrist tightens as suddenly as his brow furrowed.

“I am Amos. One of the Original Arch Angels of God’s army. King of Hell and General to all it’s armies. I am death, I am life, I am power. You are a decent fuck when Lucifer get’s bored.” He slowly began to rise as he spoke, squeezing even tighter on her wrist as he slowly brought it from his face, and keeping it in his grip no matter how she may struggle. “You are, and always have been, below me. You are an accident. I am perfect. You are weakness, I am strength. You are honorless, and I am honorbound. You are loveless, and I have a family who loves me to the fullest as I them. You are NOTHING at my heel, and it is THERE where you belong!” He was now towering above her, as Agares rose and rushed the scene. Amos simply lifted his arm to the side, and caught Agares’ neck within it, squeezing tightly and lifting him off the ground. His eyes never left Lillith, however.

“Beneath my HEEL.” Amos lifted his large hooved foot, and was about to bring it down flat onto Lillith, when Juliette entered his vision. His heart softened, his eyes hardened and his lips tightened. He threw Agares away and with one leap left Lillith and took his daughter into his arms. Holding her tightly to him, his partially healed wounds still bleeding, loosed their purple liquid upon her. “I was worried for your safety Juliette. After seeing Edward attacked…I feared….no matter, you are home, and that is what matters.” He didn’t ehar her words, notice the look in her eyes. He was simply overjoyed to have her home and okay.

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September 01, 2013 09:10PM
Doorway of Roxburg Manorhttps://i0.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/5a2cadbaf8f62a27dd843bcfc1e17ebd/tumblr_inline_mgajtsmtlT1rt2432.gif

As if things weren’t bleak enough, Juliette finally decided to show her wretched self. Elvira watched on as her sister taunted their father while he was down in the mud, bleeding to death, their grandmother standing over him triumphantly. “Ah…so the mighty hath fallen. My my, what a long fall that must be off your pedestal, father.” Juliette could be heard snickering.“Mmmmh…that really looks painful, Daddy. Perhaps just a little taste before we send you on your way?” She had the nerve to throw Elvira a wink where she stood in the manor door.

Elvira literally saw red.

The demon within came forth, igniting her clothing in a ball of flame. Her wings ripped from her back in a splatter of blood and gore as she ripped herself from Lurch’s tight grasp and out into the rain, the cold water sizzling upon her overheated skin.


She took no notice of Amos rising to his feet and taking on both Agares and Lillith. She saw nothing as he once again tossed Agares away as if he were yesterday’s garbage. She did not hear his words as he took Juliette into his arms.

Her rage was all-encompassing. Talons extended she made straight for her sister, whom after this day was done, would no longer hold such a title with Elvira ever again…if she did at all. Seeing her in their father’s arms, completly snapped her mind.

“YOU SELFISH, WRETCHED, EVIL, LITTLE, TWAT-FACED BITCH!!” Elvira screeched as she used her wings to propel herself at inhuman speeds toward Juliette, determined to rip the woman from the arms of her father. She did not deserve to be there!

Elvira had waited years for this moment. She was finally going to get a chance to lay hand and talon on “Little Miss Perfect”.

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September 01, 2013 10:04PM
Bart was beyond the ability to put into words how he felt. To each of those that were on the scene, they were all supposed to be family. His father had done his best to save his Son, his wife and daughter, and look at what that bitch of a Grandmother, and whore like skank of a sister were doing to his body as he lay dying. Lurch kept a firm hand upon Bart’s shoulder, and managed to hold him back, even though he was trapped in the house by the wards that were placed. In behind him, Fanny was curled up on the velvet love seat, her legs drawn up into her skirts, and her face buried in a soft cushion, to muffle out her pitiful sobs. Bart looked like a bull at a gate, and then jerked his shoulder free from Lurch’s grip.“I may not be able to bitch slap that foul piece of pig excrement…but I have something that will give her a good pounding!” Bart stormed over to Fanny and held out his hand. “GIVE ME YOUR PURSE! He bellowed, not about to take no for an answer. Fanny looked up from her cushion, which was now stained with her running mascara and makeup “Daaaahling…it has my precious things in it.” Bart seized tufts of his own hair, and pulled on them frantically. “I don’t care if the Queen’s jewels are in there…HAND IT OVER! Reluctantly, Fanny gave Bart her purse up to him, which he snatched from her hand. Marching towards the door, he then started to do a shot put like manouvre, and pegged it far out the door aimed for Lillian’s head.


If it hit her in the face, he would whistle innocently and point back to Lurch.