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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 01, 2013 11:30PM
Outside, Front

Mills stopped and leaned against the side of the building, right next to the door. She watched Bones and Circe with a small glare, not directed at them. The car ride with Circe blabbing about the hot new kid had not helped her anger at Seph. Circe, standing in front of Bones, pouted, tilting her head to the side, her curls bouncing in the same direction. “But parties are all about not thinking. And you and Aunt M are here anyway. How much trouble could I possibly get into, Bonesy?” Her pout became a little sassy. It was playful though, and not meant to be challenging him in any way. However, she was also sort of staling their entrance – Seph would be less than happy to see her, and she didn’t exactly want to continue their fight, but she didn’t want to have to be the one to apologize either.



Tess and Mark approached the vampire slowly. He wasn’t a very important member of the local coven, probably wouldn’t be missed. The two weren’t sure why Jace wanted him dead, but they weren’t ones to question orders. That was Jackson’s job. Mark ducked behind the dumpster quickly, having cast a spell on both of them to disguise their scents via his runes. Tess continued walking, her impassive expression becoming a seductive smile. “Hey there, sweetie.”

The vampire turned and regarded her, a smile lighting up his own face. “Don’t believe we’ve met before, babe.” He walked to meet her, coming a little too close for her comfort. The impatient asshole was already leaning down for his “prize” as her bracelet morphed into her whip, which he did not notice.


Just as his lips were about to touch hers, she pushed him away from her with all her strength and swung the whip over her head, catching the barbed end around his wrists, raised as if he were going to bring both clenched fists down on her. He began to struggle, a feral growl erupting from his throat. Mark ran forward from his hiding place and drove his sword through the bastard’s heart, and just as quickly pulling it out and kicking him away. Tess secured him behind the dumpster with a chain, ensuring that he would stay there and bleed out. Manzenli could deal with him later. Mark was staring at her as she returned her once again bracelet to her wrist and dusted her hands off. “What?”

“Don’t do anything stupid, don’t sleep with anyone and don’t kill anyone else unless they try to kill you.”

Tess rolled her eyes at her brother, giving him a kiss on the cheek as she made her way to the side door, which the idiot vampire had left unlocked. “I’ll try my best. I will see you later.” She made her way through the back hall into the main part of the club, standing just to the side of the dance floor, her face becoming impassive but observatory once more.


Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 02, 2013 06:53AM

Eric just keep on walking through the crowd, moving some people out of his way, this was the only problem from this places too many people. All off sudden he felt a grip on his arm, he turned his head and noticed it was Maha holding his arm, he couldn’t help but to smile and let a chuckle escape from his lips.
“No problem.”
He told her, since he didn’t minded on having her holding his arm, even tho she wouldn’t be able to hear his words, reading his lips would be enough for make her understand. They still didn’t had destination, and he began to wonder what should they do, he didn’t wanted to sound a boring guy, and he wasn’t here for be bored, he was here for have some fun, so of course, he would do what he wasn’t used to do. Drink and go to the floor dance. Of course Eric already tasted alcohol before, but only a small glass in special occasions, or a beer per week, nothing that would leave him drunk.
He tilted his head down and leaned in closer to her ear.
“Let’s go get some drinks first, then dance floor.”
He answered, and just started to walk, not yanking his arm away, since he figured out it was better having her holding his arm so she would always be on his sight. Reaching the bar, he began to wonder what would he get for himself, not a beer, that would be way too soft, but he didn’t wanted to start off too strong either, not yet. Well, the only thing that come in his mind was some cocktail, and the bartender was already making it, in front of them, waiting for Maha order her drink so he could prepare it as well.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 02, 2013 07:47AM
Caleb almost considered approaching the Girl, until she got up and left to the Dance Floor. He was going nowhere near dancing. He just sight and turned up his headphones, watching the crowd, as more and more beautiful Women poured in. Maybe this Town wasn’t going to be so bad after all. He noticed a leggy blonde staring a hole in the side of his face. It was more awkward than flattering, because she was staring at him like she was doing hard math in her head. He forced a smile and nodded, waving awkwardly, then spun facing away in his stool. Note to Self: Hot Chicks are weird in Derry.


Caleb hadn’t gone to school that afternoon, so he didn’t know any of these Girls names, but he could feel them watching him. He should have been flattered, but he got the feeling that any New Faces got plenty of attention in this Small Town. He felt the need to get drunk again. He slipped out the flask he had snatched from Galtem’s liquor cabinet before they left, and drank it as inconspicuously as he could. He was going to make the best of the night.


Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 02, 2013 08:18AM
Alec pulled up on his bike just outside the Club, parking in an empty Motorcycle spot. Fixing his hair a bit, Alec hopped off his bike with the widest grin on his face. Parties were his thing. He had the wordplay of a god and the looks to match, so he normally spent his time gathering names and potential victims of his next tyrade. And tonight, he was dressed to kill. He wore his normal Black Leather Jacket and a tight, fitted black t shirt under neath it. Black thin legged jeans covered his lower half and Black Nike air’s were worn on his feet. He wore a necklace his mother had given him as well. A small red rose made of smoothed ruby. The Rose was worth hundreds of dollars, possibly even thousands, yet it meant even more sympathetically. His hair was gelled and spiked, and before he even stepped from his bike he got a double take from a woman entering the club, giggling with her friends. Alec winked and smiled at her as he left his bike and followed them in.

Entering, he began to scan the club for Rosa, his tigress, yet could not find her. Even with his greatly enhanced vision and sense of smell, the sweat of others mixed with alcohol and food pulled her specific scent from his nostrils. Thus, he assumed she hadn’t made it yet. He had suggested her riding with him, but she insisted to go alone, and so, he let it be. and now she’s late. This thought made him grin as he made his way to the bar. He may be eighteen by law, but he could easily pass for 22 any day. Waving the bartender over, he spoke when the woman got to him. “Leme get a beer and a burger baby. Medium rare.” With a wink and the flash of his white smile, the woman winked back and nodded with a shy grin of her own. She handed him the beer and went in the kitchen to deliver the order. Alec popped it open easily with his thumb and turned in his seat to the dance floor, drinking the beer.

That’s when his eyes took hold of the woman entering from the side door. she was a sight to behold, and quickly became an interest to Alec. Though, she seemed the not so girly type, so he couldn’t just approach and flash his smile with cute words. no. those types were difficult, and so he waited, for the right moment, or for another man to walk up to her. He’d prefer that situation after all. So, as he stared on, as discretely as possible, he held a light grin over his lips.

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September 02, 2013 09:05AM
Rosalie had exerted herself quite a bit from dancing and found herself craving something to drink once more. Stepping away from the dance floor towards the bar, she was delighted to see that Alec finally arrived. Smiling warmly, she rushed over to him.“You may it!” She tried to follow his gaze but couldn’t figure out who he was looking at. Shrugging, she faced him once more and took a seat next to him. Looking at the bartender, she smiled sweetly “Another coke, please.” He just smirked and nodded, giving her virgin drink over quickly. Rosalie began to sip at her soda, her legs crossed as one of her feet bobbed to the music. She was silent for a while, just enjoying the vibe of the club. After a while, she finally spoke again “I’m really glad you talked me into coming. I’m having a ball!” Spinning around in her seat, her eyes fell on Caleb as he pulled a flask out. Her eyebrows knitted together as she leaned back to whisper “Isn’t that kid in our class…as in, too young to be drinking?” She bit her lip as she looked innocently confused, unsure as to where he even got the alcohol. Realizing she was staring, she whipped her face forward to stare at the dance floor.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 02, 2013 10:56AM

Tess looked up when she felt eyes on her, and bright blue met brown when she found who it was. She knew who he was through Jace. His name was Alec Thomsomething, and he was bad news. Pretty powerful, and very troubled in the past department. However, there was no way she could let him know she knew this, so she just returned his grin with a demure (and possibly flirtatious) smile. However, then another vampire came up to her, leaning down to whisper something in her ear, and her eyes turned to him. The tone of her laughter was soft but it carried, just barely mixing in with the rest of the noises in the club. She wasn’t necessarily laughing at his dumb, flirty joke, but at how stupid some of the vampires in Derry had turned out to be. Mostly the males.

She laid a hand on his upper arm and tilted her head to the bar, her mouth opening slightly with her smile. He nodded and looked almost determined, and grabbed her hand a little harder than necessary to lead her to it. She rolled her eyes when he wasn’t looking at her, and the blue irises once again found Alec. Standing next to him was someone she didn’t recognize, which meant she was probably unimportant or human. Not that the two were all that different. She smiled at her a bit nicer than she had at anyone else other than Mark that night, her hand coming up in a small wave. Even if the girl thought it was nice, it was sort of a mocking gesture. A few other wolves looking at them noticed and sniggered as she turned to order a drink, but she was stopped by the vampire, who ordered her something along the lines of blood wine. She shot a confused glare at him, pressing her bracelet against his wrist. The barbed end of her whip extended, piercing him softly. He looked at her with wide eyes, then took both glasses and walked off to a vampire girl, who wasn’t half as attractive as Tess was. Her usual expression returned after that as she ordered one of those pretty cocktails that usually lasted far too long through the night. It was a bar, for heaven’s sake – she needed to drink something.

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September 02, 2013 02:32PM
Galtem perked up an eyebrow when Amelia quickly covered her mouth with her hands, he began to wonder what was her problem, was she going to throw up here? Better not, that would be disgusting, even tho he wouldn’t blame her or make her clean, he had his workers for that, so it wouldn’t be problem. When she rushed to the bathroom, he just nodded and watched her leave. She wasn’t used to alcohol, Galtem knew that, but he just wanted her to have some fun tonight and changer routine a little bit, its not everyday she is willing to leave her snake and work behind for a party, so why not enjoying it to the limits?
Now he was alone, there wasn’t anybody that he could talk to, and he couldn’t let the dancers to give him a lap dance, he said he would try change and stop throwing himself to any female he saw, so this was his first task, and he has to admit its being extremely hard, because now hes bored, and he just noticed how women can actually entertain him and a lot. He Amelia around to distract him from having those thoughts but now she’s gone.
He stared down at his glass of whiskey, and watched the liquid before take two gulps and swallow the all liquid that was in there. He stared up for a few seconds, before tilt his head down, and place the glass upon the table. He moved his finger like he was ordering the bartender to give him another glass of whiskey, and that’s what the worker did.
Leaning his back against the couch, Galtem placed his arms over it, and stared around, he saw somebody going upstairs on the VIP section, and luckily for him it was Shane, one of his ex partners on the law life.
“Shane! You finally showed up.”
Galtem told him with a grin, as he spread his arms like he was welcoming him, but he did not stood up from the couch, he was too comfortable for it.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 02, 2013 05:59PM
“Hey Man….never thought I would see you back in this town.” Shane said with a broad Hollywood grin. Flashing those pearly whites, as he gripped one of Galtem’s hands for a bro shake, before reefing his hand back and dragging his fingers through his golden hair.“Nice place you got here. There is a lot of talent. And I don’t just mean the bar staff.” Shane had already been feasting his eyes on the lap dancers and escorts that were roaming the VIP lounge like cougars in the jungle. Shane sat himself down, and raised a hand to one of the barmaids. “JD if you please.” Shane smirked seeing that Galtem was ordering more whiskey, and easing himself back into the leather couch, he faced his ex partner and showed a lop sided grin.


“Caught sight of Amelia, Galtem. Some guy must have been buying her drinks. Poor gal had been redecorating the bathroom stall by the sound of it. She’s still looking good though. Shocked to even see her out, ya know.” Shane undid the button on his jacket and got comfortable, as a bar attendant placed down his glass of JD on the table nearest him. Reaching out for the glass, he took it up and toyed with it a second, before asking. “Ever thought of getting back into law? I know the old office could use some of your expertise. Kinda wondering why you doing this gig? Is the money THAT good?” Shane had been the D.A now for a few years, and always liked someone worthy to face him on the big cases, and there was no one better that he knew than Galtem.


Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 02, 2013 08:14PM

Galtem stretched out his hand for Shane shake it, and whenever they finished their handshake, he just placed his palms over his lap again, turning his head so his eyes could follow Shane sitting besides him.
“I only go for the talented ones.”
Galtem said with grin when Shane commented about the dancers he had in here that are going to give lap dances, and some give even more, it always depends on how much they are offering their body. Most of the times that part he has nothing to do with it, that’s only the extra they will get, if they want more money than Galtem pays them, they shall offer more of their body, so then they will get their own money. Not all in here does this, but most does.
Galtem picked up his glass, and took a sip from his whiskey, he listen to his friend talking about Amelia, he almost choked on his drink when he told him that some guy must have been buying her drinks and she threw up everything. Oh god, now he felt sorry for her, he thought she could handle it, but he was glad that she was still looking good, that left him more relieved, it would be weird deal with a sick drunk Amelia, that had never happen before, so he really couldn’t picture it in his mind.
Now the subject was about him getting back into law. He knew Galtem was one of the bests lawyers out there, and he was always on competition with Shane to see who will get a better case.
“I don’t think its the money. Well, maybe it plays its part as well, but yeah, I’m trying to change everything around me. Even let go of the party and womanizer life. So maybe that’s why I bought this place, I didn’t wanted to let go 100% of that life.”
Galtem explained with a shrug. He just said what came in his mind at the moment. But he thought that might be the reason, even though later on, he will have to change everything again. Because for some odd reason, he has a bad feeling about this try on starting a new life.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 02, 2013 11:15PM
Outside, Front

“Not for you, they’re not. Keep your brain on,” Bones said gruffly. He looked down at her sassy look and shook his head at her. Circe drove him crazy sometimes but he cared a lot about her and didn’t want her getting into too much trouble. Not only for her sake but if she did then he’d never here the end of it from Mills. “Good, if you’re using the excuse that Mills and I are here then you can check in with us every so often.” He folded his arms across his chest and looked down at her, knowing she would not enjoy that. “And don’t call my Bonesy,” he added as he took her by the shoulders and steered her back to Mills. “Let’s go,” he said to Mills and led the ladies into the club. It was a loud environment but Bones was good at blocking it all out so that’s what he did. He watched Circe carefully as they walked in, but turned to Mills and nodded to the bar since it was pointless saying anything out loud.


Maha nodded eagerly when he said they should get drinks first and then go to the dance floor. This night was going to be absolutely perfect. He started walking to the bar and she held on tighter to his arm, but let one of her arms fall to the side so that she was just holding it with one of her hands now. It seemed very elegant to her and she smiled softly to herself as she felt like he was escorting her. But they were at a disco not a ball, so they made their way to the bar and sat down.
Lizzy noticed younger people at the bar and recognized Maha. Someone was about to take their orders, but she stopped them saying she’d get this one. She didn’t want them to decide these two were too young on not take them since in reality they could be hundreds of years old. The boy was a werewolf, which she had no problem with and she knew that Maha was a hybrid. Something that intrigued her but wasn’t enough to make her want to talk to the girl. But she didn’t want to deny either kid their fun for the night so she asked, “What can I get you two?”
“Can I get a strawberry daiquiri, please?” Maha asked Lizzy who she recognized from being here for parties before. She turned to look at Eric. “Don’t judge me, I like my drinks girly,” she said with a laugh.