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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 03, 2013 07:23AM


Eric noticed that the bartender that was going to make their drinks, got dismissed by a barmaid, he doesn’t know her, but by the smell she’s a vampire. He doesn’t have problems with them, hell, his father told him that when he was just a baby a vampire held him, Selene to be more exact, its like she was somewhat his aunt for short time. He got amazed that his uncle decided to go after a vampire, but he wouldn’t judge him, he just found it more interesting how in hell their bond works, but oh well. His mother wasn’t a werewolf either, she was a harpy, and Maha is a hybird, it seems the Manzenli doesn’t fancy their own race on that way.
He kept a smile upon his face, and watched Lizzy asking them what they wanted, he just left Maha pick her drink first, wondering what in hell she would get. Whenever she mentioned a strawberry daiquiri, he thought why not? He could drink the same, but not strawberry, tho. It’s not a flavor that he likes that much.
“Not judging you.”
He told her with a smile.
“For me it can be a classic daiquiri.”
The lime flavor was more of his liking than the strawberry one.


William stayed besides Jennifer, he didn’t interrupt her conversation with Seph, but he did gave her a greeting mile just letting her known that he wasn’t ignoring her. Since that wasn’t his intentions. His eyes was scanning around the dance floor, and he noticed even if he tried to smell somebody’s scent in here for see if he knew somebody, that would be impossible, so much smells mixed leaves any werewolf confused. However, he didn’t had to search for friends, it seems one of them had already found him. It was one of his friends from work, and before he could say or do anything, he was already being dragged away from Jennifer. All he could do was just give her an apologizing look, and followed his friend, it seems he wanted to do those challenges with drinks, who drank more, well, somebody was going to lose, William was a werewolf so it will take him longer to get drunk, and this guy was a human, so everything would be easier. Now that William was here, he decided to have some fun. He just joined this challenge, and it was only matter of time that he won this guy, and everybody began to get excited, they told him to do another challenge so they could gain more free drinks, and that’s what William did.

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September 03, 2013 09:11AM

Mills didn’t need anything other than the nod as an excuse to go straight to the bar. By the time she found an empty space, she was standing on the other side of a brunette in a gorgeous white dress who was facing the other way. She only just caught sight of Seph before she was gone again, though probably still sitting where she was. Circe, however, just stuck her tongue out at Bones before patting his arm and practically dashing for the dance floor, disappearing into it when she reached the edge. Mills sighed and ordered a double shot of whiskey, her anger simmering down to exasperation at the twins’ behavior. The girl next to her had the prettiest, girliest drink she’d ever seen, and she almost asked what it was, but decided against it because she hadn’t made eye contact with her yet. Rule numero uno of bars, never talk to anyone you don’t know unless you’ve made eye contact and decided they won’t punch you. Unless you really want to get punched.

Once her drink came, Mills shot a look at Bones, raising a wary eyebrow as she reached for the glass. “You know she’s not going to check in with us even once unless she needs money, right?”

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September 03, 2013 11:09AM

Rosalie was enjoying her time with her best friend when she felt someone watching her. Looking towards the other end of the bar, her eyes locked on Tess just in time to see her smiling flirtatiously in their direction. Glancing at Alec, she looked at him questioningly. “Uh, is she a friend of yours?” Her tone wasn’t exactly jealous, it was more put-out at the fact that he had another friend that he had never introduced her to. Frowning, she looked back at Tess and watched her wave with a smile. Smiling hesitantly, she waved back before staring at Alec again “Apparently she thinks she knows us or really just wants to talk to you. If I were you, I wouldn’t keep a girl who can look both dangerous and pretty like that waiting.”

Not waiting for a response from him, she grabbed her soda and walked towards the side of the bar that Caleb was sitting at, He seemed more interested in listening to his music and sneaking drinks than talking to anyone and that suited Rosalie just fine. She was getting uncomfortable with that the sexual tension that was floating around the disco and she just wanted to make it through the night unscathed. Sitting next to him, she smiled at him gently before turning her attention to her coke. Lifting it to her lips, she finished it and set the empty glass on the bar. Resting her elbow on the surface, she placed her chin in her hand and tapped her free hand distractedly.

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September 03, 2013 04:49PM

Alec watched the events unfold with the woman and her new suitor. His scent was that of a bloodsucker, and it made him laugh. How in the name of all that was logical could a Vampire not smell the wolf on her? He could from this distance as his nose toughened against the other random smells. Yet this blood sucker who was only a few inches from her could not. It made him feel dumbfounded. Her flirtatious smile brought one from him in reply, gentle and only slightly noticeable. His eyes held her, even though his mind had been focusing on Rosalie as she came to him. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world Tigress.” He set his glass down and his arms found her in a hug, his eyes meeting hers as he pulled away and took in her look. “And might your most FABULOUS of best friends say, you look simply rrrrAVISHIN Dahling. You simply MUST tell me who designed this for you!” his voice was simulating what he believed a more feminine homosexual man would sound like, his hand motions and facial expressions did the same, all recalling their previous conversation this morning.

When she took notice of the female he’d been watching, his eyes met her incredibly….sensual form once more. He watched her deal with the Vampire rather expertly, and smiled softly as the blood sucker moved on rather hastily. “Wonder what she did to scare him off.” The words were more so to himself than to Rosa, and when she spoke her final words before departing, he watched her walk to the other guy she had pointed out previously. “Don’t get drunk! Or raped! I’d have to sign sooooo much paperwork for killing the kid!” he smiled and chuckled as his sight returned to Tess. He wasted no time then in taking up his drink and gulping it down. The burn in his throat more settling than aggitating to him.

Reaching her side, he placed his glass on the bar, and spoke to the Bar Tender. The woman winking. “Another one baby girl. And a water for the lady here. Wouldn’t want her getting too dangerous.” The Bar Tender laughed as Alec winked and she set to his drink and her water. Alec turned, leaning on an elbow that was set on the bar, his front to Tess. “So, mind my asking the occasion? You only drink like that when your celebrating something or trying to forget something. Either or, should be an interesting story.” The drinks came and he took up his glass, raising it to his lips and tilting the fluid into his mouth. He took his cup from his lips and held it in the hand that rested on the bar, the smile from earlier returning to his lips.

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September 03, 2013 04:58PM

Jennifer smiled apologetically when Seph said they’d get over it, her head remained resting in her hand the whole time. She really didn’t have any family around to fight with, but she knew that whenever she and William weren’t getting along her life was a living hell. Of course it didn’t last very long because neither of them could stand being angry with each other so even when it was something serious they were forced to drop it. Jennifer looked back to where the kid was that she was talking about. She just couldn’t shake it. There was something about him. Seph didn’t seem to know who he was so he must have been knew since he must have been around her age. It was in the way he gestured. Or perhaps lack thereof. The look he was giving. It freaked her out. It gave her the feeling that she had had when she woke up that morning after a strange dream. Having strong emotions about it, but unsure why. “Weird,” she muttered out loud shaking it off and turning back to Seph. William was being dragged away at that point by one of his friends.
She dropped her hand off the table and looked up at him as he walked away. “You bring him back in one piece!” she called, but knew William could very much hold his own. She smiled after them and laughed, glad that William was going to have some fun tonight. She finished off her own drink and set it on the counter to be refilled. “Boys and parties,” Jennifer told Seph in exasperation with a roll of her eyes and shake of her head.

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September 03, 2013 06:44PM
VIP Lounge

Making her way back upstairs, Amelia had already felt like Miss Parent 2013 by trying to keep an eye out for Caleb, which he told her didn’t suit her at all. Dancing in the crush of bodies downstairs left her feeling claustrophobic, and really the only place that had the music muted to an extent was the VIP lounge, which she had already been in…a bit earlier.

When she got inside, she saw that Shane had already found his old business partner and ex colleague, and the two were deep in conversation. Amelia figured that Shane would have some tempting lass on his lap, but seemed he was happier to talk shop and the good old days. Course Galtem was explaining how he thought that buying into this business was going to curb his ways, but in her mind, that is like an alcoholic opening a bar. Come to think of it…he did drink an awful lot. Half of the time she wondered if he did this to forget. But who would want to live in a permanent state of haze? Getting a drink of juice from the bar, she sauntered over and overheard Galtem;

“I don’t think its the money. Well, maybe it plays its part as well, but yeah, I’m trying to change everything around me. Even let go of the party and womanizer life. So maybe that’s why I bought this place, I didn’t wanted to let go 100% of that life.”


“He’s kidding, right?” Amelia said, to a beaming Shane, who patted the seat beside him. “Let the man dream. Who knows, maybe this is just what Galtem needs. I sure as hell don’t mind. This place rocks.” He gave Amelia a knowing smile as she took a seat and then looked at her drink. “Juice?’ Amelia nodded. “I would like to remember this night…thanks.”Shane gave her a playful nudge. Why was it both these guys saw her as non threatening…a buddy almost, considering she was in fact a witch. Probably cause she never sent out signals, was full on about her career, and pretty much didn’t gossip or try to act like something she wasn’t. It must get lonely though. Amelia wanted to bring up the fact she checked up on Caleb, but after Galtem’s reaction earlier, she thought better of it.



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September 03, 2013 07:25PM

After a bit of dancing, Circe made her way off the floor, ignoring the people she’d just been dancing pretty provocatively with. She came to rest when she reached Jennifer and her sister, a kind of smug smile on her face that slipped away when she met her sister’s eyes. For a moment, the two looked like they would start yelling at each other after which a fist fight would ensue. The moment seemed to last for ages, until Seph leaned down and kissed Circe’s temple, and then everything was okay. A public display of affection like that was as close as either of them came to an apology, and that was okay. At least, for them it was. Circe smiled at Jennifer and Seph scooted over on her stool to accommodate her twin. She tilted her head to the side as she spoke to the woman. “Sup?”



“We were just talking about that guy over there. The one that thinks he’s being so sneaky with that flask.” She turned to look at who she had yet to find out was Caleb then looked back to her sister and jerked her head towards him. Circe’s gaze lingered and a small smirk appeared on her lips. “That, I believe, is Caleb Manzenli. He was supposed to be in our chemistry class, but he didn’t show. Neither did the teach, for that matter. He’s hot.” Seph didn’t yet know the name Manzenli, so she just shrugged and reached for the glass of water the bartender had been nice enough to place down for her.


Oh, she had been somewhat excited when he had begun to approach her. Then he ordered her a water and the excitement fizzled out. She looked at him in a similar way she had looked at the vampire, but at least he hadn’t ordered her fucking BLOOD. “Actually, I just wanted something pretty. Nothing to celebrate or forget.” Well, there was, but she wasn’t going to use alcohol to do it. She was nursing the beautiful drink, taking small sips every now and then. “Then again, I’m a free girl now, and I don’t have many mortal friends, so there’s not much to anything at all.” At a friendly nudge from the woman beside her, she quieted her voice a little more. They had smelled wolf on each other and decided to be polite. Normally if anyone touched her, Tess would have them pinned or bleeding in seconds, but the woman gave off a trustworthy vibe, and Tess hadn’t even seen her face. “But maybe that’ll change soon.” She smiled once more, raising her glass slightly as one would for a toast before taking another sip. And even through the conversation, she knew he would notice she hadn’t touched the water.

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September 03, 2013 09:10PM

Caleb was stuffing his face with bar peanuts and listening to his music when someone sat next to him. His Wolf sense of smell picked up her scent and caused his eyes to involuntarily roll back in his head, then he quickly shook that off. He spun around to look at her with a mouthful of peanuts and gave the goofiest smile. He screamed inside his head, but didn’t budge outside. Mghgmmm….(swallows)…um…hi…sorry. He swallowed his mouthful and turned back embarrassed, then returned to look at her again. Why not? She was here with the Roid Rager, but he seemed to be occupied with some other Hot Girl. I’m Caleb….not that you….asked. He shut his mouth and stared at the bar. Great first impression. Cool Guy, that he always planned on when he was new somewhere, sort of decided to go out the window when he wasn’t looking apparently. After he mustered his second wind confidence, he finally looked at her again. Sorry, I know you didn’t come over here to get hit on….that’s not what this is.. He was trying to talk loud over the music. I mean not that I wouldn’t; I mean you’re gorgeous….I mean, that sounded like a line….um can we start again? He pantomimed a rewind hand gesture, then stuck his out to shake hers. Caleb….Manzenli. The slightly goofy smirky smile returned to the corner of his mouth.

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September 03, 2013 09:49PM
Jennifer’s attention turned to Circe as she came up next to her twin. There was an intense moment when Jennifer wondered if they were going to fight it out right then and there. But after a moment the tension passed and it seems the sisters were fine again. She was relieved and her face broke into a smile. “Hey, Circe,” she greeted the more extroverted of the two. Jen just nodded as Seph told her sister what they were talking about and went to take another drink of her refill, but slammed the cup down hard when Circe said the boy’s name, vodka spilling onto the counter. “Caleb…?” she trailed off, staring at Circe for a moment before directing her attention over to the kid. His dark hair and bright blue eyes stood out now more than ever. That look on his face and the way he carried himself. It didn’t make sense to her for a moment. Her brain was going crazy. Finding reasons on why it couldn’t be true. That kid was around Lysander’s kids’ age and Galtem hadn’t had kids around that time. She mentally slapped herself. How long had it been and she still looked twenty-six. It still didn’t seem possible. But then it did. The loud noise in the club became nothing more than background music and she excused herself, her hands shaking uncontrollably. She didn’t know where she was going; just that she had to get out. Jennifer stumbled her way up to the VIP room knowing it would be slightly quieter and less crowded. Plus the bathrooms were better and she felt the strong need to throw up at the moment, though she had only had one drink. Her tiny red dress that was now riding up her legs, since she was not very focused on fixing it, was her ticket into the room and she immediately started for the ladies room. The entire situation dropped on her. Galtem had a son. Galtem Manzenli had a son. She thought she was going to pass out right then and there.


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September 03, 2013 09:55PM

The twins looked at each other as Jennifer walked away, then back to Jennifer, then back to each other. After a few seconds, their tone matched each others as they spoke. “That was your fault.”