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Johan Belzer

FC: Garrett Hedlund
Name: Johan Belzer
Age: Looks 22 years
Sex: Male
Race: Incubus
Birthday: April 4

Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 172 cms
Weight: 71 kgs.
Fashion Style: Victorian suits, undervests, suspenders, baggy trousers.
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: None


Personality: Reserved, broody, sly, cunning, a thinker.

Magical Abilities: Well, seduction is a female thing, really. The male doesn’t waste time like that. Either you have sex right away, or he forces you to have sex, or rape. You see, the male (human) needs a little help to have sex, so the female demon plays with him. The female human, however, can be taken by the male, no matter what, so it doesn’t play nice. The only exception has been in stories of the medieval witches, who went to meetings and had sex with them freely, though most think this is made up and not reality, like the witches flying on brooms and such.

One Church Father suggested that the Incubus/Succubus was the same demon, switching sexes in order to steal semen from the male to impregnate the female. Now, remember, these men were celibate, so…

There was a 1980s movie, “The Incubus,” about this subject. Not 100% accurate, but enough to give you a fast lesson in demonology.

The “kiss” is just an expression, like the bite of a vampire, for how they drain you of energy. You see, they do not have physical bodies, so they have to make one somehow. This takes energy, and it has to come from somewhere. The most likely place, during sex, is you. The more excited (male) or terrified (female), the more powerful you radiate energy and the more it can feed. Over time, as most males like this ‘free sex,’ it can drain you and, finally, kill you. Women, well, may or may not survive the first encounter. Contrary to what some say (who like being r*ped), it is not a very pleasant experience.

Basically, these are low level demons. They are not ‘pretty’ or anything, except by the illusions they create to get what they need. For the female, succubus, she can become taller, thinner, heavier, shorter, or of any race, to seduce the male. The male, incubus, doesn’t really care. He may appear to someone else, or even his victim to get her alone, as a handsome man, but he rarely cares what he looks like during the r*pe. Again, the pain and horror increase his feeding and pleasure (yes, they feel pleasure, on multiple levels).
Strengths: Glamour illusion to entice victims
Weaknesses: Beautiful women
Likes: Women, and their souls
Dislikes: Sweaty hairy women.
History: Johan, an incubus, came to be discovered after attending a Fox and hounds ball. Making a living as something of a Victorian age gigolo, he had exceptional dancing skills, which found him a place within the circus troupe of the Bizarre Circus Troupe club. He has other hidden talents as well, that a woman will discover, when he charms his way into her bedroom.