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Matt Reed


FC : Jake Abel.

Quote : “Live and Let die.”
Status : Undead
D.O.B: Sept 4th
Name : Matt Reed
Sex : Male
Race : Vampire
Homeland : Germany
Family : None in NH
Allies : Members of the Coven
Age : Looks 25 years
Height : 180cms
Weight ; 70kgs
Hair : Dirty blonde
Eyes : Blue
Scars or tattoos : None
Marital status ; Single (Nicole Moore has a crush on him)
Occupation : Police Officer
Lives : NH
Enemies : Werewolves.
Likes: Hard cases, Late night feasting
Dislikes: Cellphones.
Weapons: Standard stock issue police revolver and taser.

Bio : The son of German migrants who had settled in Georgia in 1899, Matt Reed was the delight of his parents eye and while the family prospered in the new found freedom of America, fate was to deal a swift blow, when a vampire took upon the family one fateful evening and Matt was to become one, being 25, for eternity. Finally settling years later in NH and getting a job as a Police officer in the county, he was working on a case, when he got shot, and needed treatment at the hospital. This was when he met Nicole Moore, a nurse based there. While he found himself quite taken with the girl, there was something about her that he couldn’t put his finger on. He kept his distance, for fear of what he could do to her, but then he got an invite to Galtem’s club night opening bash…..Would she be there?