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Desdemona “Mona” + FC: Alyssa Milano + RESERVED {CharlotteCarrendar}

Age: 359
Sex: Female
Race: Witch

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: None

Personality: Cold, manipulative, cunning, seductive, and self-serving, Mona has no friends and many enemies. She knows how to get what she wants, whether it be by her pretty words or even more attractive body. Wronged by a werewolf pack, she has a lot of spite and rage towards all werewolves.

Magical Abilities: scrying, runes, spells, potions, creating her own incantations, the use of a crystal and wand
Strengths: creating incantations, spells, potions, getting what she wants
Weaknesses: her insatiable sexual appetite, werewolves, red wine
Likes: red wine, sex, manipulating people, studying ancient warlock and witches

History: Desdemona was once in love with a werewolf a long time ago. He promised her the world if she only give her love and magic to him. Agreeing to offer her magic to his pack, Mona helped a major pack in Europe gain power. However, the wolf was just using her for her abilities alone and soon left her the minute he was able to claim himself as alpha. Heartbroken and enraged, it is Mona’s sole desire to destroy all werewolves so she can rule herself as a supreme power. In order to fight a battle against all werewolves in Europe, she must seek the help of the Warlock King, Cypher, and give him a mate in exchange for him to open The Veil so she can have the army of demons waiting behind it.

Re: Main Character/Requests
September 07, 2013 02:55PM
Name of Pic and chara : Desdemona “Mona”

Why do I want this chara? Simple, I have had a love for her since she played Phoebe in Charmed, watched all the shows, and adore her style. She is excellent at being the good and bad witch, and I think I can pull her off.

What are you big plans for this char’s development: Oh my. The plots and twists I could do with Mona. Using beauty and a veil of glamour to entice and trick those to fall into her clutches, but at the same time, show how she came to be as ruthless as she is. Testing the boundaries of how far she will go, to destroy all werewolves. And the idea of double crossing the Warlock King, comes with the chance to rule on her own.

An audition post so we can see your char in action:

Lounging on her love seat, and being fed morsels by one of her scantily clad muscle bound male servants, she grins mercilessly, as a crate is carried into the expansive castle auditorium. The helpless cries of baby wolves and the vicious growl of their mother is but music to her ears. Pursing her lips with her eyes narrowing to slits, she waves away her well oiled slave, and then slinks off her love seat, the fine silks that adorn her form shimmering as the fall into place, just covering her more exotic regions. ”Tsk tsk tsk….I have rules about animals being brought before me.” Mona lamented, though secretly she was well pleased. The lead guard bowed low and then gestured with his hands. ”The specimens are here for your amusement, Oh great one.”

Walking around the cage, she then reaches in between the bars, snatching up a pup, that cannot even see. It’s mother growls and tries to slash through the bars, in a wild attempt to get back its young from the cruel Witch. Mona hisses at the mother wolf, then starts to coo at the pup, as she holds it precariously by the scruff of the neck. ”Now now now…who is a pretty little pup. Hmm? Yes you are…yes you are…yes…” there is a sudden squelching sound, followed by the cracking of bones, as the witch starts to crush the pup within her bare hands. The poor thing didn’t stand a chance, and the witch simply tosses the dead pup into the nearest fire pit, while the other pups all cry and whimper. ”Oh…don’t worry, my pets. The next ones to die are much much bigger than you all.”