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September 05, 2013 05:24PM
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Galtem’s mind was still focused on Jennifer, he was still thinking about the two of them, but guilt was coming as well. He was feeling guilty because of what he done, he shouldn’t have done that to Jennifer, and now he just hurt William and probably Amelia in some way, he doesn’t know why, but something happen to Amelia or else she wouldn’t act so strange and leave the place.
While he was drowning his sorrows, he heard some familiar female voice, it was Jacque, the girl he hired to sing, she was indeed a wonderful singer, so it was worth of his money. They never become that close, since she tended to stay away from him, probably because of his reputation, having a womanizer reputation can bring you women or make them back off. She noticed how down and stressed he looked, well, he was always with a smirk or serious expression on, so it was normal if people quickly noticed if they saw some sadness on him.
“Women, that’s the problem.”
He told her, as he took another long sip from the whiskey in the bottle. Should he really tell her about Jennifer? Well its not like she knows his friends, nor William, so why not? Its normal tell to one of your workers, that you kissed some guys girlfriend, that was your ex and you done that because you missed her, and loved her. Not like she would really believe on the love part. He’s aware of how bad people think of him.
“I just come back from making out with some guy’s girlfriend. You know, the normal.”
He said with some sarcastic tone in his voice, as he took a look at her before look at his drink. 

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September 05, 2013 05:46PM
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Jacque smirked when he mentioned women and took a swig of her drink “Hey, it’s a good thing I’m technically not a woman then.” She figured since he was going to get wasted, he wouldn’t remember that odd comment his mermaid singer just told him. Tilting her head, she watched him take another sip and tried not to laugh. He had it bad. She wasn’t an idiot and actually was very good at deciphering men’s actions, and it was pretty clear her boss was hopelessly in love. As he mentioned what he was previously doing, she threw her head back and laughed…hard. When she was able to control herself, she held a hand to her chest and snickered “Oh my god, you’re a home wrecker too! Well cheers to that, boss.” Clinking her glass against his bottle, she leaned back over the couch to call over to the bar “Hey baby! We’re going to need some more vodka up here.” Facing her boss once more, she set her glass down on the table and leaned forward to whisper conspiratorially with him “So, how long have you been in love with her? Because any womanizing pig can make out with a man’s girl while thinking that’s normal and not think twice…but you, you’re taking this whole ‘unavailable thing’ pretty damn hard to be drinking hard core. Your poor liver is taking the price for your even worse taste in women, it seems.”Leaning back on the couch, she had a chesire-cat like grin as she stretched her arms behind her on the couch. Crossing her legs the other way, her head tilted once more as she expected to hear all about this unrequited love that seemed to plague her boss. Her agenda suddenly opened up as she grabbed the chance to get wasted and let loose with a guy who obviously needed to.

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September 05, 2013 09:35PM

Maha raised her glass slightly too him, grinning, before hiding her smile behind her bright-colored drink and took a sip. The only time Maha drank was to have fun. She never drank when she was sad because she felt like it just made whatever emotions she was feeling stronger instead of numbing them. If she was happy, the alcohol enhanced her fun, if she was sad, the alcohol took over and she was a complete mess. If she was angry…. Really bad things happened. But tonight she was excited to be drinking with Eric. Someone she’d had her eye on for ages. Even if he only saw her as a friend, it was much better of a relationship than she’d ever thought she’d have with him.
She nodded when he said school was good. That must have meant that nothing too terrible happened to him. This was confirmed when he said it was more calm than usual. Her smile grew even wider when he said it was the best day of his life. “Well, I’m honored to be spending it with you Mr. Manzenli,” she told him, not even bothering to hide her smile. She was feeling bold, so she looked at him curiously. “You know, you don’t have to be their human punching bag,” she said, unsure if she’d crossed the line. Before he could interrupt, she continued. “You don’t have to hit back to show them that you won’t take it.” She loved seeing Eric like this. She’d never seen him other than around the neighborhood and on his walks to school. She’d never seen him happy. Now she wanted more than anything to keep this smile on his face. But she didn’t know how that would happen if he wasn’t willing to stick up for himself.”


Lizzy walked back over to Nicole after she finished serving Giles and Lysander’s children. That’s how she knew them. She didn’t care much about the werewolf pack, but once you’d been around this long, you seemed to accidentally know everything about anyone. “Sorry ‘bout that, hon,” she told her friend, leaning back on the counter. When Nicole’s response got cut short she looked to why it had been. An attractive man came up to them. It was blatantly obvious that Nicole knew this man. And seemed to like him. A lot. The smile across her face was absolutely radiant and it made Lizzy look from her friend to the strange man and then back again, only breaking her gaze to blink.
The man looked back at Nicole and ran his fingers through his hair. He was definitely into her. Lizzy almost laughed at his response. He seemed funny. She was pleased her friend would probably have someone to take home tonight, but if she didn’t act fast Lizzy wondered if she wouldn’t. “Coming right up,” she said as she went to go get the man a beer. When she walked away, her eyes flashed with a knowing smile to her friend.

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September 06, 2013 07:09AM


Eric stared at Maha while he listen her saying she was honored to be spending his day with him, he chuckled when she called him Mr.Manzenli. He was glad she was enjoying it as much as he was, her expression could tell him that due the smile she had, at least he wasn’t messing up with anything.
“Well, I’m not a human.”
He teased her a bit, when she told him he didn’t have to be their punching bag. He knew she was right, but if he really wanted them to stop, he would have to scare them away, he would have to hit somebody to make them back off and let them known he isn’t going to be their punching bag for long, or he could just use his werewolf powers, and show a bit of his fangs and claws, maybe that would scare them away, and Eric didn’t had to hurt anybody, but then, that could bring him some problems, even tho there won’t be much humans who will believe supernatural creatures exist.
“I know that.”
He told her as he bite down onto his lower lip. He would have to change some stuff, maybe it was really time to put a stop in this all, and allow himself have a better life. But tonight, he didn’t wanted to think about personal problems, he just wanted to have fun, and let it last as long as possible, since this might be the first and last party he went, its all like a dream, and of course, he wants it to last long.
“Let’s go dance.”
Eric told Maha, so they could change subject. He took a sip from his drink, and took Maha’s wrist, pulling her along to the dance floor, so the both of them could start dancing. He was still holding his drink, having his hand covering it, so nobody would spice his drink. 

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September 06, 2013 10:29AM
Jennifer stayed strong as she left the VIP room. She did not cry. She did not feel the need to cry. The guilty feeling in her stomach was battling the strong feelings she had for Galtem. She kissed him. Both times it had been she who had kissed him. This had not been one of Galtem’s seduction plans. This had been her kissing him because she loved him. Twice. And he loved her. The words still echoed in her head. But it did not matter. It could not matter. They were done. They could not be together again. Did she even want them to be together again? All she had was trouble around Galtem. Well, maybe not while they were dating. While they were dating everything had been perfect. But everything was perfect now. With William. She got downstairs and saw William with his friends. He had surely drank enough by this point to be drunk, but the sight of him made her lose it. Because when she looked at him she knew she loved him more than anything as well. She turned before he saw her and went to the bathroom. It was crowded and there was a line, but she pushed pass people and went to the back with the biggest stall and stepped in, ignoring all thewomen yelling at her.

Plopping down on the dirty floor once again, she let it all out and began to cry. Everything was too much. Her guilt and her feeling for both William and Galtem made sure that there was room for no other emotion so all she could do was sit there and cry her eyes out. She knew that she could not survive without William. He was her rock. He fixed her when she was broken. He was the one thing, that when everything changed in her life and times got hard, he stayed the same. Galtem was a firecracker. He could go off at any minute. He could leave her at any minute and leave her broken again. And if she chose him, there wasn’t a guarantee that William would ever want to help her again. So, yes. It seemed that William was the logical choice. But that did not comfort her aching heart any. Because staying with William meant that she would have to keep a secret from him. She never kept secrets from him. And it also meant that she’d have to somehow suppress her feelings for Galtem. Something she’d done only once before, but that was when he was gone and she thought he hated her. Now he was very much present and loved her. There was no solution to her problems, so the only thing she could do was stand up and shake it off. So that’s what she did. She left the bathroom stall, with many glares from some women and went to the bathroom mirror to reapply makeup. There was no way she was going out there looking like she’d been crying.

After she looked just as beautiful as she had before, she went to try to find William again. She came up beside him and tried to smile. It worked for a moment, but it faltered. There was no use in pretending to be happy. “Hey, I’m not feeling too well,” she told him. It was not a lie. She felt absolutely awful. “Do you think we could go soon?” she asked him, not wanting to take him away from the guys and all the fun he was having after a long, stressful day at work, but she did not want to stay here a second longer. Especially when she could now even just feel the presence of Galtem, not too far away.


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September 06, 2013 11:08AM
Maha looked at him, unsure if she’d crossed a line by bringing it up. She was a little worried, but he teased her, making it known he at least wasn’t mad. She looked down at the bar counter a little sheepishly and grabbed her drink to do something with her hands. He made light of the situation, but Maha could tell he was at least thinking about what she had said. She just wanted to help him, but she didn’t want to poke her nose where it didn’t belong either. Maha looked up in time to see him bite his lip which she found absolutely adorable. Right then she decided it was ok for her to drop the subject. This was a discussion for another time. But she was still determined to make it so he wouldn’t have to worry about people at school. No one should have to worry about that kind of thing, especially not him. Eric certainly seemed to want to drop the subjects and she looked up at him in surprise when he said they should dance. “Oh!” she said as she set her drink back down on the table when he grabbed her wrist.

She laughed a moment later and gladly followed him to the dance floor. She didn’t even have to be the one to drag him onto the dance floor as she thought she would have to. He had done that. Literally. Her face lit up into an even bigger smile as they danced. “I’m really glad you were willing to come with me tonight,” she shouted over the music. “So, thank you!”

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September 06, 2013 01:44PM

“Well yeah, that would make sense.” She said as she placed both of her hands quickly in the air then back. Nicole then turned back around to face Olivia and Lizzy when Matt had sat on the stool next to her. By the look of Lizzy’s expression, Nicole already knew what she was thinking. A small smirk would hang over her lips as she she nodded her head slightly in agreement. For Nicole it was kind of awkward for her. She didn’t know what to say and she didn’t want to say anything silly that would embarrass her. While sitting there for those few seconds quietly, Nicole mind was racing, thinking of what would be the appropriate thing to bring up, but her eyes quickly shifted to Matt when he asked her if she came to the disco by herself.“Yeah…but now I have someone.” She said as she continued smiling. When she said someone she meant Matt. Nicole was just extremely happy to see him again.

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September 06, 2013 02:22PM
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Galtem was able to chuckle when Jacque said that she wasn’t a woman, well, she was a mermaid, but still female. Then she just began to call him home wrecker, well, he couldn’t call himself like that, even tho that was true, but still. He was actually tired of always flirting with other guys girlfriends or wives, but its not his fault that they come to him, and he simple gives them what they want. During those 100years, he never approached to a woman, he just waited for them to come to him, and all he did was giving them what they wanted. But this time with Jennifer, wasn’t because of lust, but love. He was literally hopelessly in love, and he hated it. Why the hell he had to let her go? Why he didn’t realized how strong his feelings for her were and keep up with her? But no, he decided to break up because he thought it would be the best thing. Dumbass.
Galtem just keep on drinking the bottle, and it wouldn’t take him that long to finish it, he was glad Jacque asked for vodka, because he needed something more stronger, he was already feeling slightly dizzy, but it wasn’t enough, he wanted to feel more wasted, enough to make forget the all thoughts he had about Jennifer that was running through his mind. He’d rather have a blank mind right now.
“What..I’m not a womanizing pig..and my liver is just fine, it heals with time.”
Galtem said with some slight frown upon his face, as he placed the empty bottle of whiskey over the table, and noticed the bartender bringing them glasses and the bottle of vodka, not sure if he should just bring a single glass, or just bring them empty and allow them to serve by themselves.
Galtem sighed out, and picked up the bottle, opening it, he poured some vodka on an empty glass, and slid it closer to Jacque, then he just poured vodka for himself.
“If we count the all years. Its over 110years, that I have been in love with her.”
There was the years he was together with her, then the others months he wasn’t with her and was with Amber, then that couple of years alone, the years with Selene, and now this 100years. Yeah, it has been pretty much time, and he never thought he would find himself so attached to someone, while he always tried to move on by dating other women.
He picked up his glass of vodka and took a sip from it. 

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September 06, 2013 05:40PM
The Bar

Nicole’s awkward smile was infectious, as Matt found himself nodding and a light shrug. It was reminiscent of how teenagers act when they try to hook up over the cafeteria line. Matt was way passed that stage of his life, but he sensed that Nicole was not brazen like a lot of women these days. Matt noticed that Lizzy had caught onto the interaction between him and Nicole, and didn’t fancy the idea of putting on a real show for her. So, Matt turned to face Nicole, edging closer to her on his bar stool.

“I guess introductions are in order, since last time we met was more in the line of duty for both of us.” Matt cleared his throat, and then extended his hand towards her.“Hey..I’m Matt, Matt Reed.” He hoped she’d take it, and then they could get to know each other…a whole lot better.



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September 06, 2013 07:33PM


“Drink, drink, drink!”
Behind William, his friends was telling him to keep drinking, so they could win against this guy, and gain free drinks, they was even betting some money and other stuff, William was only there for drink and beat them. They was amazed at the fact that William wasn’t still drunk, that’s the good part at being a supernatural creature, you never get drunk that easily. The minutes passed, and he was clearly having a wonderful time, he was having tons of fun, and it has been awhile since he had so much fun. He didn’t only needed a party, he needed a guys night as well, which was what was happening right now, he thought Jennifer would be good with Seph, its not like bad would happen when she was with her, plus, the both of them were girls, despite the difference of the ages, maybe they would want some girl time.
After beating up four guys, William was already starting to feel drunk, he could feel his head dizzy, and whenever he spoke, he wasn’t making much sense, but he was still aware of what was wrong and what was right, it just would take him awhile to process the information in his brain.
“Ok, guys. Give me a break before I pass out”
William told them with a chuckle, as he slid away into another booth so his friend could replace him.
Jennifer finally showed up, she sat down besides him, but he didn’t looked at her in the first moment, he was watching his friend drinking, and he clearly had an excited expression on, he clenched his fist and moved his arm while moving it and telling him to keep going. Totally waiting for his friend to win. When he finally did, William just began to clap, forgetting that Jennifer was still there, however, her last words caught his attention, and he noticed she looked rather down for somebody in a disco that should be having fun.
That’s all he said as he stared at her for awhile, before realize she wanted to go now.
“Oh you mean going now? Sure, ok.”
He told her shaking his head before push himself up. He walked up to his friends and just gave them a handshake and a quick hug.
“Jennifer wants to go now, it was fun, thanks for the time. See you some day, guys.”
After this, William just walked back to Jennifer while the both of them left the disco. He looked around, trying to find his car, and whenever he finally spotted it, he just walked up to it, and quickly got inside. Leaning his back against the seat, and rubbing his face. Oh god, his head was already hurting, but he was always more careful driving drunk, because that’s where he payed more attention, and made sure everything went right, and he never went too fast.
“Are you ok? You don’t look that well. Did something happen?”
William asked her, perking up an eyebrow as he stared at her.

Dance floor


Eric was glad that Maha allowed him to tug her along with him to the dance floor. The only reason why he was doing this was because he wanted to change subject, and also because he didn’t wanted her to think he was a boring person. Since she gave them two options, which was drinks or dance, they already got their drinks, so it was time for dance. He never thought he could have so much fun, now he noticed how much he was missing during his teenager life, that’s the dumb phase where everybody does new stupid stuff, but Eric isn’t that reckless. He would never go too far, since it was always needed somebody with a good mind to make sure nobody would hurt themselves.
While the both of them danced, Eric would take a sip from his drink, as his eyes stared around, he could see some guys staring at Maha in a dirty way, and it was bothering him a lot. He tried to distract his mind by paying attention to only Maha. He heard her thanking him because he was willing to come with her tonight, it was better her than any other person, that’s for sure.
“Its my pleasure! I’m enjoying spending this night with you.”
He replayed her with a smile, while the both of them danced.
After awhile, he noticed he finished his drink and so was hers, so he decided to bring them more drinks.
“I will get more drinks for us, stay here!”
He told her loud enough so she could hear him. Carefully, he removed the glass from her hand and just walked up to the bar. He wasn’t sure what she wanted, so he just ordered the same drinks again. This took him probably five minutes or something, but it would be enough to make some guy approach Maha, and that’s what happen.
When Eric was back with the drinks on his hands, he noticed some guy talking to Maha, he could see that she was uncomfortable with him having closer, and he also knew she could make him disappear anytime she wanted, but he couldn’t help but to interfere. Maybe it could be his possessive werewolf playing, or just his willing to help people out.
Taking a deep breathe, Eric relaxed his shoulders, and stepped closer to Maha, getting between her and the guy, Eric didn’t said anything, all he did was just show off his werewolf fangs and eyes. The guy wasn’t drunk at all, he was pretty much sober, that’s why he freaked out and just walked away. This was the only way Eric had to make people back off without hurting them. His eyes and fangs went back to normal, as he turned around and smiled down at Maha giving her the new drink.
“Here you go. I didn’t knew what you wanted, so I just asked for the same one, if you don’t mind.”