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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 06, 2013 08:53AM
The Den

Esmeralda watched with great interest as the two interacted, finding it very humorous that the woman seemed nervous. She could tell by Elvira’s scent that she was a succubus, and though it disgusted her greatly that she must throw herself at men, she was also impressed by the fact that she fed off of them. They were most likely just play things to her. This sent off a warning flag in her own mind and she gave the Count an assessing look to try and gauge what he wanted from this woman. Stepping closer, she began to circle the pair without caring how strange this look. Felix lifted his head to lean in towards Elvira, but Esme pulled him back “Tut tut tut…that is no way to treat a guest.” Esme knew by Marulo’s looks that he expected her to treat Elvira with respect so she had a slight smile on her face at all times. Pausing to stand in front of the pair, she tilted her head “A pleasure indeed.” Sensing the flare in her pheromones again, she lifted a hand and tried to fight back laughter “You sem a little tense.”
Allowing her smile to grow more with humor, she turned away to walk towards a chair. Taking a seat slowly, she crossed her legs and watched them speak more as Felix laid across her shoulders. Elvira mentioned something about a locket and that had her attention. She very much wanted to see it herself to assess if there were any magical elements to it but she knew it was not her place. Biting her lip, pondered silently how the count seemed to praise Elvira as though she were the most precious thing in the world. Such a thought was quite funny to her but she dared not upset the count. Though he was often patient with her, it only went so far. Looking away from the pair, she was trying her best not to vomit at the atrociousness of their conversation.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 06, 2013 09:18AM
Esme was enjoying this encounter more than the Count could have realized. Probably because he himself was besotted with Elvira on a level, that everything else in the world no longer mattered. Politely he introduced Elvira to his Cousin, Esme. Her snake was intent on getting friendly, and that brought something of a narrowed gaze from the Count. The very idea of that scaled reptilian coming anywhere near the Count’s fancy, had him thinking that snake might be on the evening’s menu. He heard they were considered a delicacy in some parts of the world, with the right spices of course.

Esme commented that Elvira appeared to be tense. A critical observation on her part, and one that was justified. This only made the Count reach around further to Elvira’s waist, and taking a more…commanding hold of her to draw her closer to him. He was by no means backwards in being forward. To those that viewed this sight, they would think he was just being the perfect host, but in fact it was like he was making his claim. In the world of the Wolf, he would marked her body with his scent, so no other could touch her. But this was Victorian England, and such things simply didn’t happen, out in the open.

What suddenly became amusing to the Count however, was when Esme went to take a seat, still draped in her many coils of her snake, and then acted in a way like a voyeur. Had she been a man, it was akin to having taken out his trouser snake, and started to stroke it, titillated by watching the couple who were giving off not only signs of sexual tension, but their pheromones were charging the room in a delicious swirl of male and female scents.

Back to Elvria, the Count saw she wished to return the locket that he had dropped at her secluded place within the park’s grounds. Taking the chain from her hand, he rubbed the metal links between his thumb and forefinger, before making up his mind what he wanted to do with it. The Count turned to face her, standing over her once again, his head bent down, as he undid the clasp, and then reached out with both hands to place the necklace around her neck, his fingers just scraping her bare skin. This was done on purpose, as he wanted so badly to feel the luxury of her supple skin. “This chain once sat on the neck of a woman I loved with all my heart. It seems only fitting that it rests upon the neck of a woman, deserving of such a gift, rather than being kept in a box and forgotten.” As the locket fell between the rise of her bosom, he let out something of a satisfied guttural growl. He enjoyed the closeness of her to him.

In a remark that was designed for Esme to understand, the Count added;

“One does not keep prized possessions locked away from the rays of light, do they, Cousin?’ The Count was stating his claim…he intended to have Elvira, one way or another.



Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 06, 2013 09:36AM
Out of the corner of her eye, Elvira watched the woman, Esme, drape herself and her snake in plain view of the two of them, stroking the reptilian head as if she were in a brothel advertising her wares.

Her attention was drawn back to The Count as he picked up the locket, running the metal links between his fingers. She couldn’t help but admire his hands. Large and strong, but they held her as if she were delicate china. He kept an arm about her waist, and it was all she could do not to tremble. He seemed to come to a decision for he turned to her, getting to his feet as he did so. He unhooked the clasp of the necklace and placed it around her throat, his fingers brushing over the skin of her neck. She wanted to bolt for the door right then and there and held herself still by sheer force of will.

“This chain once sat on the neck of a woman I loved with all my heart. It seems only fitting that it rests upon the neck of a woman, deserving of such a gift, rather than being kept in a box and forgotten.” he spoke as he adjusted the locket between her breasts. Damnation!! her mind screamed. And did he justGROWL?

She needed to get out of here.

“Thank you…for the gift…but I cannot accept.” she stated, getting to her feet with all the dignity she could muster under the circumstances. She stepped away from him, intent on removing the necklace that seeped with his scent from her skin but she was not paying attention to where she was. Her foot became entangled with that of the table’s leg and she went sprawling backwards. It was an unexpected accident and there was no time to act. Her head hit the floor…hard…and she blacked out…

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 06, 2013 10:21AM
The Den

Esme listened to the count’s words carefully, a knowing smile turning her pleasant smile into something more mysterious. Her head tilted the other way as she watched the count growl possessively, something that would have turned herself on if she ever got past her hatred towards men. Felix wrapped tighter around his mistress as he felt her desire, reigning her sexual emotions in and focusing her more on the count’s guest. Raising her eyebrow at her cousin’s question, she began to laugh “Indeed…such a treasure ought to be more pronounced…more defined for its beauty and ability to entice the world.” With her own vague comment, she stood up and began to walk towards the pair. She could sense Elvira’s heightened desire to flee and Esme would do what she could to keep her around, if only for the count’s sake. But as she went to go speak calmly to Elvira, the woman already spoke and thanked the count. She turned to leave but ended up tripping instead, landing with a hard sound against the floor. Closing her eyes slowly, Esme exhaled before turning to fix her gaze upon Marulo. Raising her hands exasperatedly, she asked “I don’t want anything to do with this situation.”
Though she wanted nothing more than to just leave the count to the now unconscious woman, she did not want Elvira left alone to the devices of the other women. Growling herself, she stomped her foot like an agitated child and whirled around to look at Elvira. Stepping over to her, she crouched down and laid a hand on her forehead. Her eyes closed once more and she used her abilities to feel out a wound. After a few moments, she turned around and frowned “She could have a severe concussion…I do not know how long she will be out but I suggest you move her to a bed and hope she wakes up.” Straightening up, she brushed her hair back and looked at Marulo intently “Would you like her moved to her own room or perhaps…your own?” Her smile was innocent but schemes were whirling behind her dark eyes.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 06, 2013 04:35PM
The Count was not happy about this..not at all. His frustration at the situation only marred and made more so, when Esme sais she had severe concussion. Not only did Elvira not want his gift, she tried to flee him, causing her to trip upon her own legs. This just would not do. He simply strode past the two women, and summoned his twin guards, by a loud whistle sound, then stood with arms folded, as the twins appeared.

“The young lady has taken a fall, and is injured. Bring my carriage, and have her taken back to the Roxburg family manor, where she is to be seen to by the physician, Doctor Johnathon Bianchi, at my request. Ensure that a messenger is sent to the Doctor of her condition at once.” Virgo then stepped aside, so the twins could enter and pick up the unconscious Elvira and remove her from the estate.

Once Elvira had been taken out carefully by the Twins, the Count would return to his place by the fireplace, and stare into the blazing fire, lost in his own thoughts. Elvira came to him….she gave off signals, of want and desire, dressed to please him, and yet when he showed care and tried to treat her as the lady she was, Elvira tried to flee, like a jack rabbit from a wolf. Yes, a wolf. She clearly was not ready for him….and he did not want to have to bed one that was unwilling. His face looked dark, like the onset of a storm.

Glancing over at Esme, he said:

“There….now she is safe from harm.”


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 07, 2013 04:26PM
Count’s Den


A look of intrigue was what showed on the Count’s face, when the messenger delivered the invitation to the Count, that he attend a dinner at his earliest convenience with the Lady Roxburg. Handling the paper that had been written in her own hand, he brought the edge of the parchment to his lips and thought for a moment. At every turn, she shied away from him, even though he had shown his most gentlemanly side. He managed to keep his beast under control, and he did so out of love and respect for her. The Count had to wonder, what exactly brought on this sudden change, where she wished to apologize for her behavior towards him. Women were such fickle creatures, he concluded. The Count was not upset at her antics, more so worried that she had come to harm in her care.


Snapping his fingers, he had one of his servants leave their station, and bow low before him.

“Travel to Roxburg manor, and inform Lady Elvira, I shall dine with her at six o’clock this evening.”

“Very good, Sir.” The servant dashed outside, to take the Count’s carriage to the Roxburg hall, while the Count strode upstairs, to find something suitable to wear.

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