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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 09, 2013 10:07AM

Galtem wiggled his eyebrows and smirked when he heard her sarcastic comment.
“And good fuckin'”
He had to say this, it was the truth. Good lovin’ and fuckin’, it was what happen with Jennifer, right? Well, not all, but close enough, only if Amelia didn’t had stepped in, it would literally go to the end, and then they would feel more guilty, but still good, because they know that’s what they desire for, they were craving for each other touch. Passion, is what they wanted. But now it was all gone.
After hitting his glass against Jacque’s, he brought the glass closer to his lips, and drank half of the glass. He got amused that Jacque decided to drink the whole glass, and he noticed her eyes getting wet, and people say men doesn’t know limits on drinking. All off sudden, she wasn’t with the funny expression anymore, she had a serious on, and he could know, something bad was coming out from her mouth. And it did..because on the right second, he was basically getting scolded by his own worker, telling him that drinking his sorrows away isn’t the solution. What he could do? Go after her for what? Yes, he does love her, but she’s with somebody else, somebody that is better than him, at least in being a good boy.
Then she just said her personal opinion, calling him a fool, something he was so used to hear, that it could turn out in his nickname. He just drank the rest of vodka in his glass, and poured another glass for himself, so he could keep on drinking while listening to Jacque, it seemed like he was ignoring her, but he was actually listening to her, and he listened even more whenever she grabbed his chin, having the both of them too closer.
He stared down at her hand, before look back up to her eyes. He really should do what she told him to, but don’t wait for him leave everything behind now, and go after Jennifer, no, he’d rather stay here and keep on drinking, then maybe next day, he would think about it.
“Thanks, Dr.Philina.”
He said with some sarcasm tone in his voice, before lean his back against the couch, and take a sip from his drink.
“You should follow your advices as well.”
As soon as he finished this words, he basically snatched the glass out of her hand. She seemed to be drowning her sorrows as well. So he would mess around with her too.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 09, 2013 10:19AM

Mills gave Bones a sympathetic look before wrapping an arm around Seph and looking to the twins. “I think you two have had enough excitement for one night. Full moon’s tomorrow, and I don’t need you idiots passing out in the middle of it.” Circe pouted slightly, but Seph just kind of laughed. She turned to Bones, raising her eyebrow again. “You okay to drive? I don’t think I’ve seen you so shocked by anything… ever, really.” Seph and Circe whispered something to each other and started giggling, though Seph’s giggles were less girly. Mills looked at them with narrowed eyes. “If you two whisper one more thing to each other tonight, I swear I’m going to-” “Finish writing your book?” Seph full on burst out laughing at Circe’s comment, and Mills’ eyes narrowed even more. Her plans of winding the night down seemed to have disappeared in her annoyance. It was always like this, with her and them. She was too much like them, too young-hearted to keep her authoritative role up and running around them.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 09, 2013 01:05PM
Dance Floor

Erica was nodding her head in agreement of what Haley was telling her. But once she brought up Dylan a soft grin would hang over her lips. Yeah, so you can say that Erica did have some sort of a crush on Dylan. She slightly shrugged her shoulders as she raised both of her eyebrows being silly.“Yeah. I guess you can say so.” She said chucking a bit as Haley nudged her shoulders at her. But instantly the smile had faded away as it was being replaced with a frown. Erica was frowning because Haley said she haven’t seen Dylan ever since this morning, and Erica knew how Dylan was. A troublesome child of course, and he always got himself into stuff that was difficult to get out of. All Erica hoped was that he was okay. But then Erica look over to the guys that were smiling and winking at the her and Haley. A weak smile would show as she waved her hand shyly towards them, but as soon as that happened Haley had already gotten hold of her other arm and dragged her over to the bar.


Once getting to the bar, Haley and Nicole would take a seat at the end, away from the others so they could talk privately about whatever. But once Erica got too comfortable to say anything, she felt the presence of someone familiar. Her light brown eyes quickly shifted to seeing Dylan at the other end of the bar. “Omg!! Look! Look!” She said quietly as she threw one of her hands repeated on Haley’s arm. “He’s here!!”


Once the hand shake broke Nicole did noticed the confused expression that quickly appeared on Matt’s face. At this moment everything was running through Nicole’s mind, as she was wondering herself what had caught his attention. Maybe it was the coldness behind the hand shake that they had. She didn’t know, but she was too scared to ask. Nicole just hoped whatever it was it wasn’t anything too crazy. Nicole then noticed his expression on his face instantly change from confused to calm when Nicole asked him how he’s been. Once he responded she would nod her head softly with a smile.“Well that’s good Matt. I’m happy that everything is working out for you.” She said as she pushed back the fly away strands of hair that hanging down on her face. Everyone knows that a vampire’s hearing is extremely good when it comes to things being secretive or quiet. Nicole could hear everything that was said from Matt when he turned his head slightly away and then back. She couldn’t help but smile as both of her cheeks quickly flushed red. Nicole didn’t know what to say. She was just flattered by what Matt had said.

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September 09, 2013 02:46PM


Yes, Melinda, the witch, crazy, single, grandmother come to this party, and she was going to have her fun. We couldn’t tell she was already a grandmother and that old, witches always age slowly, and tend to remain beautiful, if some are lucky, tho. Plus, she had makeup on, so she could easily make people think she was in her young 30s, or something. She looked beautiful with her mature face and makeup. As clothing, she was wearing some loose grey thin tank top, dark jeans, matching with the color of her high-heel shoes, and a small purse that she was holding with her hand, it was more like rectangle. Her hair was long, wavy and brown. We could say Melinda looked stunning for her age.
She walked up to the bar, and ordered some vodka, whenever she had the glass, she walked up to an empty booth, and sat down, drinking it, knowing already some male would get closer to her, due the looks she got from somebody while walking. Like she thought, it would be only a matter of time, till the male finally sat down besides Melinda.
“Hey there, beauty. Alone?” He asked with a charming smile.
“Not anymore.”
Melinda wasn’t making herself look that slutty on the beginning, so she just acted hard to get, even tho she didn’t moved away from the booth. Her eyes scanned around the area, and she noticed her grandson, Eric, being social and in a date with a girl? Well that was something new, since she took care of that kid like her own, she thought Eric could never be that social, no matter how many times Melinda tried to make him go with some girl. But now that he was here, it was his time to be a man. She waited for him to notice her, and whenever he did, she just pointed at him, and at Maha, telling him to kiss her, by doing some weird moves with her hands, and moving her lips slow motion so he could know what she was saying.
Eric was dancing gladly with Maha, and just chuckled at her words, he was going to answer her, till he noticed his grandmother. Oh god, what was that woman doing here?! Shouldn’t she be at home and watch some novel, or something? Wasn’t she getting too old for parties like that? Then he noticed the guy besides her, who was trying his best to get Melinda’s attention. Melinda noticed Eric, and just done some weird moves with her hands telling Eric to kiss Maha? What, no way. He wasn’t going to do that, he was too shy and insecure for such thing. Eric just pulled Maha more closer to him, making her head lean against his chest, so she wouldn’t be able to see such “show” from his grandmother. Eric moved his lips as he was saying “No”, he wasn’t going to kiss Maha.

Melinda rolled her eyes, when she noticed that Eric wasn’t doing what she told him to, was that hard to kiss somebody? She keep insisting wanting him to kiss her, but Eric just keep saying no. Melinda got enough, and moved her lips like she was saying “Like this!”. Then she turned around, pressed her palms against the cheeks of the random guy that was flirting with her, and she rushed her lips against his, already making out with a man who was clearly years and years more younger than her, he was a human after all. After few seconds of kissing the man, Melinda let him go.
“Oh wow, that was amazing..” He mumbled.
“Yeah, this grandmother is taking you home tonight.” Melinda whispered against his lips with a grin.
Then she just looked back at Eric, and made an expression like “See it was easy, now do it.” Having a grandmother like this its a hard task..


A cop undercover was told that a party was going on in Derry, so as a cop, he would do his work. He got undercover, so he could make sure everything was alright, but before he could even step inside the disco, he saw something horrible on the back, it was a dead body, he ran towards the body, and pressed his fingers against the neck, and didn’t felt any pulse. He had to call out the others. He grabbed his phone and just warned them about the dead body at the back of the Disco in Derry. Then it was just wait for them all come.
After few minutes, few cars from the police come over, with their lights working and making a horrible noise, that would alert everyone police was coming, anybody that was outside, would run inside and warn everybody cops are coming, so they all could run away, of course the only ones who would mostly run away were underage ones, ones that done something, or those that just doesn’t want to deal with the police.


Eric was shocked yet kind of disgusted with what his grandmother did, its no easy see your grandmother kissing somebody way more younger than her, while you know her real age, it just made his stomach turn. But something else happen, some guys were telling around, that the cops was coming, and everybody was just leaving the disco as fast as they could, Eric did not known what happen, but he was considered underage, even tho he was way more older than that, but he couldn’t tell the cops he was a supernatural creature. Eric told his grandmother to leave as well, by doing moves with his head. He didn’t knew why he was telling her to go, but his grandmother could always be a troublesome woman in this situations.
“I think its better we take our leave now.”
Eric told Maha, as he grabbed her hand, and just began to walk away with the rest of young crowd to leave the disco, it didn’t matter if you ran from the back, or the front, some would get caught. Luckily for Eric, he used his supernatural speed to get out of there with Maha.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 09, 2013 03:34PM
The Bar

Lizzy shook her head at Shane as he knocked the poor woman to the ground. Just when she thought she was seeing his soft side. That was stupid. Vampire like she and Shane didn’t have a soft side. Or at least they were very rarely willing to show it. She rolled her eyes as he winked at her and gave him no response. “Can I help you?” she asked the woman on the floor with a bored voice. She was interrupted by a co-worker when he came over to her and leaned close to her ear. “Cops are here. Get everyone that you can to go home. We’ll have to stay.” Of course she’d have to stay. What the hell were the cops doing here? Galtem would get some publicity for this that was for sure. “Party’s over. Get out. Don’t care where you go, just get out of here,” she told everyone she could at the bar. “Well this is torture,” she told the guy who told her about the cops who nodded, rolling his eyes. Whether it was underage drinking or drugs, the club would probably end up taking the blame for whatever stupid shit people got themselves into. And not by choice.

Bones barely hear the girls’ conversation behind him. He continued to stare at the counter in shock. It took him a moment to realize Mills was even talking to him. “Hm? Oh, yeah. I’ll drive.” But he went back to not understanding what the girls were saying. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. And it seemed even less real because she wasn’t there now. Half of him just expected to wake up at any second. But, no. He couldn’t just sit around like this. He tried to focus on something else. That’s when he heard the male bartender whisper to the female vampire. The cops were here. That was odd. A moment later the woman was shooing them to get out. “We better go.” He stated the obvious as he stood up quickly, motioning for Mills to follow and grabbing Circe’s arm since she was the closer of the two girls and the least likely to do what Bones said. It was a mess in there as soon as people heard about the cops. Some idiots were arguing with workers refusing to go home, but as soon as people understood that there were police, they instantly made their way to the door. He hoped Mills had Seph because he was shoving past people to get out quickly before even more people realized what was going on. Once the two of them got to the parking lot he stopped to make sure Mills and Seph were close behind.

Dance Floor

When Eric didn’t respond to her question other than laugh, she noticed that his gaze had gone elsewhere. She was going to ask what he saw, but he pulled her closer so she gladly rested her head on his chest again, pleased with this action. Maha was enjoying herself enough to not notice the conversation Eric was having with Melinda from across the room. But then the night had to go and get ruined by the stupid cops. She wondered what happened since this was just another normal party at the club. But when you were forever eighteen, you did not ask questions when a party was getting busted. She nodded quickly when he said they should go and followed him out.


When they got outside she frowned. They had taken two separate cars here which meant that she would have to take her own car to get it home. But she did not want to go home. Not with her father there expecting her to be a good little daddy’s girl and come straight home after the party. Well she was a good little daddy’s girl, but not anymore. Maha turned to Eric as they walked through the parking lot. “That was too short. We should go do something else,” she told him, not daring to voice the words: “I don’t want to go home because of my father.”

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 09, 2013 03:49PM

Mills had been right behind Bones, Seph in tow. As soon as all three had head cops, they were ready to be out of there. Even Circe. Circe didn’t mind Bones grabbing her arm though, it was easier to get through the crowd that way. She had reached back to grab Mills’ hand as they had made their way out to the car. Once there, the three looked fairly calm. “I wonder what happened.” Circe was the first to speak, but Mills followed suit soon after, her eyes trained on Bones. “There weren’t any fights going on. Manzenli doesn’t do gambling. We all would have smelt it if there were drugs. That leaves only one other option for law enforcement.” The twins looked at her with confused expressions that almost matched, and probably would have if they were identical. “Body.” Circe’s eyes widened and she brought a hand up to her mouth. Seph’s jaw dropped slightly and her brow furrowed. Mills looked down at her pockets, taking out her phone. “I’m going to text Giles, I think we should all meet there. He’ll want to know about this.” Seph looked at Circe, who turned to the car almost in fright, opening the door to the backseat once it was unlocked. The younger twin looked at Bones, then followed her sister, shutting the door after them. Mills was typing something furiously into her phone, her calmness cracking slightly with the action.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 09, 2013 03:57PM

Bones looked only to Mills even as Circe spoke, but he knew what she was going to say before she said it. A body would have been impossible to smell in a room full of that many supernatural creatures so it wasn’t surprising that they had not smelled it. Circe and Seph were clearly surprised by this new piece of information and it only made him want to get out of their more. That meant a killer was on the loose at this very moment and he wanted to get the twins out of there as soon as possible. Mills took out her phone to text Giles. This was a good idea, but he didn’t think it was enough. He watched Circe get into the car and exchanged a look with Seph, nodding to her to go get in the car like her sister. She did and shut the door. He went directly to Mills and spoke to her in a harsh whisper. “Take the girls home unless Giles tells you otherwise. I’m going to stay to find out what’s going on.” He was pressing the car keys into her hand as he said this. Before she could argue he just gave her a quick hug and turned on his heels to go back into the bar that was now flooding with people trying to leave so he quickly disappeared.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 09, 2013 03:58PM

When Matt heard Lizzy sing out that the cops were here, and that everyone had to leave and fast, he face palmed. He had just finished a twelve hour shift, and the last thing he wanted to be doing right now, while he had just found Nicole again, was have to do overtime. Matt quickly took Nicole’s hand and he locked eyes on her. “We are getting out of here…now.” His tone was suddenly authoritative, not wanting to take no for an answer. Whatever brought the cops round, must mean that everyone would be lined up as witnesses and neither needed that. “My bike is just outside. I’ll get you home safely.” If she agreed to go with him, Matt would lead her out to the car park, to avoid the cops and their investigation, while giving Nicole a spare helmet he kept in his kit. He straddled the bike and flipped back the kick stand.


“Come on…”

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September 09, 2013 04:07PM

Mills watched as Bones disappeared into the crowd, her mouth still open with her very argumentative response to his statement on the tip of her tongue. She made a small angry noise, then walked quickly around to the driver’s side of the car, climbing in and starting it hastily. “Click it or ticket.” Mills’ eyes snapped at Circe, who sank back in her seat sheepishly. “That’s what I thought.” And with that, she hit the gas pedal ten fold harder than necessary. The car shot out of the parking space and down the road, just below the speed limit. She may have been a little pissed off, but she wasn’t stupid – don’t break any primary violation traffic laws when you’re fleeing a crime scene.

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September 09, 2013 04:39PM

The moment of them both staring into each others eyes instantly stopped when Lizzy was telling everyone to leave the bar, and that the cops were here. Her hazel colored eyes then quickly looked back at Matt when his hand swiftly went to his face. A weak frown slowly stretched across her face as now this wasn’t the best time to have this happen. Nicole was extremely excited to see Matt and she wasn’t wishing for it to end this quick. But when he removed his hands from his face to look at her she notice something different in his eyes. But she couldn’t tell what. Next thing she knew, Matt had told her that they both had to leave, now. Nicole heard the jurassic change in his voice. She just guessed it was the police/authority side coming out of him. Nicole wanted to know why Matt was so eager to leave this instant, but she knew this wasn’t the right time to ask. All she did was nod her head quickly in agreement and followed Matt out the bar/disco.
Once they bot got outside to his bike, Nicole would put on the helmet that Matt had handed her, then got on the back of his bike. Placing both of her hands tightly around him, they would both go off to the Bayview Apartments.

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