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For the last six weeks or so, I think I have really gotten stuck into forum role play, which I had tried before, but truly fell in love with when I started to write with such amazing people.


My thanks to the following, who are my role play family.


Lady Belz   ❤  My rp partner extraordinaire  Belz is my rp pirate love on “A Pirate’s Life.” , Sexy demoness mate on Rosas Spinis, Daughter on Blood of Kings; the fiesty Tempest, as well as best friend to Dixie on Death Club as Mia.

iShatteredSanity  ❤  What can I say about this guy?  The amazing work as GM of Death Club, as well as rp partner to Dixie, and nemesis to my wicked Ayalah.  A real legend, and fantastic guy.

KingFalthosHellbore ❤  An incredible writer, we work together on “OWE” the Carrendar series which is getting really exciting after over a year waiting for the dramatic conclusion.  ❤

LuxusCarrendar  ❤ My rock.  The White spider and cyborg Mrk2….so many good stories to come from our collaborations.

TheGorya  ❤ ❤  The man who helped end the series “Trek to the Summit” which was my pet project and ran for well over a year.  Now working on a new arc, with the Carrendar kids ❤

xOEsmeOx  ❤  My sweet love blossom and player of Selene, who is the eternal love of Joffrey, my wayward demon Prince.  This girl is truly gifted, and stuns me daily with her posts.  ❤

PrimoVon  ❤  -squeals like a fan girl-  Lord, has your chara gotten my poor Amelia in a pickle.   I love waking up to your posts every day.  Mwah!

izatox  ❤  Hehe my evil rp wifey on Blood of Kings.  Oh how your Metia drives poor Henry to distraction and back.  I have plans for that arc.  Bahahaha.