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Re: [RP] The Night Lands
August 25, 2013 11:00AM
The Night Land Castle: Ramsey & Jayne’s Chamber
Jayne finally woke up from her slumber. Her eyelashed batted a few times as she let out a soft yawn. Jayne then smiled when she saw her husband Ramsey still sleeping beside her. She had the urge to plant a kiss on his lips, but she was afraid that’ll wake him up. Jayne knew that Ramsey didn’t like to be woken up from his sleep, when done so he wasn’t the best person to talk to or mess with.
Quietly, Jayne had gotten out of bed without making a sound. She then walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Jayne then stood in-front of the mirror and let out a sigh as she ran a hand through her hair. Jayne was still having thoughts about when Ramsey went to war. It terrified Jayne so much the fact that he was most likely to die. But luckily he didn’t. Walking away from the mirror that hung over the sink, Jayne then went over to the walk-in shower. Quickly taking off her night clothes, she got in. It only lasted for at least 15-20 minutes. Once done, she got out and grabbed a towel off a shelf that stayed next to the shower. Wrapping the towel on wet her body, she walked back out to their bedroom, to the closet to find something decent to wear.

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August 25, 2013 05:21PM
The Night Land Castle: Ramsey & Jayne’s Chamber
Ramsey was still asleep whenever his wife woke up and went take a shower.
Things changed a lot for Ramsey, recently he has been more kind with his wife, the war probably made him realize that he was wasting his life, and that he was about to die and leave his wife alone in this world. He realized he was wasting his life on arguing and getting mad, not really spending the time he should with her, so that made him change. He starts to help her more with the house stuff, and gets more flirty with her time to time. Of course there’s times he snaps but he stopped punishing her, he only yells now, if it really pisses him off.
Soon he would wake up, slowly raising his eyelids, the light color of his eyes would be revealed. He turned his head to the side, and noticed his wife walking to the closet to find something decent to wear. He just watched her, and slowly turned around, laying on his tummy, he wrapped his arms around the pillow, and placed his chin over it, while his lips departed.
“You know, sometimes clothes bother me.”
He mumbled this words, as a small smile would be placed on his face. We could see that he was still sleepy, since his eyes were still slightly red. But he couldn’t spend the whole day sleeping, even if he wanted to. He was shirtless, only with simple trousers one. Over Ramsey’s body, he had scars, fight scars, from the war. Those scars never left his body, he tried to use his healing abilities, but they never disappeared. Well, he can’t complain about scars, it doesn’t bother him that much, so. He had short hair, with a light brown color, and his beard, that he probably didn’t done in couple days or so.

Re: [RP] The Night Lands
September 13, 2013 07:02AM
Mister Pickerworth’s Pub
“One…fat angel sitting on a wall. *hic*…one fat angel….sitting on the…waaaaaaaaaaaaall. And if one FAT angel, should accidentally..*farts*..FALL!…then….hehehehehe. Bartender. Another shot of uhm…stuff. No…ale me!” Yes, Joffrey was drowning his sorrows. Didn’t take much really. All the stress of being left by his beautiful wife, the head of Desmond on the spike, the fact he still can’t sleep in his own bed chambers since there are still lasting reminders of Desmond, like his left toe and right ear, still in the room, he just felt like he couldn’t go home. SO…he was getting shit faced
The Bartender was shaking his head and wiping down the bar top from the drool of the town drunk. “You Sire, cannot hold your liquor.” he said with some authority. Joffrey waved his hand dismissively, and actually nearly took out the bloke beside him. “I’ve only had….TWO. So..another. And one for my…invisible friend. Harold. Say hello…Haaarold.” Yes, he was seeing things, for there was no Harold, just some toothless apple seller, who had come in from a bad night’s trade. Joffrey looked at her, and saw her as being a ravishing beauty. Turns out, Beer made the ugly more attractive.“Hello…Miss November. Bake me a pie so I can stick my…thumb into your delicious…gurdnessssss.” Joffrey slurred, while the Bartender was hoping the Prince would snap out of it. This was starting to get embarrassing. The hag chuckled and started to bat her eyelashes. “You naughty boy…Tee hee.” This brought a burst of laughter from many a patron. At this rate by his third drink, he would probably proposition the Bartender’s horse.Right on cue, it seemed that a woman that was a bit more of a looker, entered the bar. It was Minerva, who was in the disguise of the farmer’s daughter. The smoke and laughter made for her entry to go unnoticed as the Bartender set down the Prince’s third beer. The Prince gave the bartender a wink and picked up the glass, and spun around to raise his glass.“Friends….nobles….country men….frogs…lend me your assholes. I wish to toast today…the day I discovered that I am now…SINGLE AGAIN!!.” the crowd all cheered and he gestured for his hand for them all to settle down. “Yes, I know that is a lot to take in…me being…well me.” He did a hair flick and then with a goofy grin, stared at the entering farmer’s daughter, and pointed to her. “Hey babe…wanna a Royal cock in your hen house?”Minerva thought all her Christmases had come at once. A drunken Prince propositioning her and in such an unorthodox manner. She giggled and tried to act all shy and cute. “Why, Sire…my hen house is rather small.” This brought another cheer from the crowd, and the Prince skulled back his beer, only to nearly fall off his stool. ‘You hear that Harold…my cock might be too big.”https://i1.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lx8txx2VpJ1r23tzz.gif


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September 13, 2013 11:21AM
One week later….The Night Lands
It had been a week since her mother and half-brother had left and she could see her father was slowly falling into depression. He refused to sleep in his own chambers (although that may have something to do with the fact that no one had been inside to clean up the remains of Desmond’s demise but she wasn’t sure on that), he wasn’t eating and had taken to drinking and flirting with whatever skirt walked past him. It hadn’t descended into outright bedding the wench, but she knew if something wasn’t done soon, it would only be a matter of time.She had spent those days wandering the gardens she so loved to play in and reflecting on the past. She came to the conclusion that she missed her mother. Now that she was a teenager, she needed her mother to talk about the other part of life; boys, sex and babies. She couldn’t talk with Nanny about these things, for the woman was nearly as old as Methusela and pretty set in her ways. And she definitely couldn’t discuss these things with her father. He’d lock her up in the tower and throw away the key, never to see the light of day again.She had often thought about writing her mother, to apologize, to beg for her return, she didn’t know. Every time she would start a letter, she would lose the words she wanted to say and would tear up the parchment.Coming to a decision, she went looking for her father, to which Nanny told her (and with a disapproving scowl upon her face as she did so) that he’d walked the long distance to the village pub to drown his sorrows…again. Tempest stated she would go and fetch him home (which received another disapproving scowl from Nanny).”A young maiden, and a Princess especially, need not be traveling alone.” Nanny scolded.”He’s my father, Nanny. I just can’t leave him there. Who knows what trouble he would get into if he’s left unsupervised for so long?” Tempest stated.”Too right, you are.” Nanny agreed. “Well at least take the guards with you. I will not be held responsible if something happens to you and you are unescorted. Not to mention what would happen to me.””Send the maids up to my parents’ quarters please. I want those rooms cleaned from top to bottom by the time I return with Father or there will be more than Hell to pay.”

“Language!” Nanny exclaimed. Tempest didn’t even look the least bit sorry.


Mister Pickerworth’s Pub

“Hold!” One of the knights exclaimed as their riding party stopped in front of the pub. He dismounted and walked back to the carriage. Tempest had her hood up and could see the townspeople gathering around, curious as to who from the royal family would be visiting their humble establishments.

“Are you sure you wish to do this, Your Highness?” he asked. Tempest, who was wearing a hooded cloak nodded.

“T’would not due for his subjects to see him fall so far from grace, would it not?” she asked.

“It may be too late for that, Princess.” the knight stated, looking toward the pub. They could both hear robust singing and Tempest had a feeling she knew what she would find when she went inside. The knight escorted her from the carriage and lead her in.

Music and laughter caught her attention and she could see a large group of people crowding around the bar, where the singing and lewd comments were coming from.

“Make way for Her Royal Highness, Princess Tempest of Brax!” the knight announced loudly over the din.

That got an immediate reaction from almost everyone and if it weren’t for the fact her father was three sheets to the wind and oblivious to his surroundings, it would have been so silent you could have heard a pin drop.


Tempest stepped forward and removed her hood, hearing the gasps of surprise from the people around her. She ignored this, only having eyes for her father and the blonde tart that was currently draped all over him. Her gaze went icy with anger and she stepped toward them on slippered feet.

“If I were you, madame, and I use that term loosely, much like yourself I would imagine,” her beginning words drew a collective gasp from the surrounding crowd, “I would remove myself from my father’s side this instant.” Tempest scowled, the fires of anger burning in her eyes. If one were to look closer, they would also see that her hand was starting to smoulder. She kept her eyes on the blonde woman, waiting.

Re: [RP] The Night Lands
September 13, 2013 08:04PM
Mister Pickerworth’s Pub
“Make way for Her Royal Highness, Princess Tempest of Brax!”Oh shit. The crowd of revelers in the pub parted like the red sea did for Moses. At the bar, Joffrey was snorting with laughter, with two long thin bread sticks sticking out of his nostrils.“I’m a bread breathing dwagon…wraaaawrrrr….oh crud.” He instantly saw his daughter and the bread sticks fell out of his nostrils. “Hello sweety….what are you doing here?’ Joffrey was suddenly embarrassed and could see how bad this looked. Minerva, who was in the guise of the farmer’s daughter HAD been trying to get cosy with the Prince, and she glared at Tempest as the young Princess said directly;“If I were you, madame, and I use that term loosely, much like yourself I would imagine…… “I would remove myself from my father’s side this instant.
Minerva was not about to release her talons from the Prince that easily and mocked a pout before whispering in Joff’s ear. “Does the Prince wish me to leave?’ she said, batting her eyelashes and then blowing behind his ear. This made him giggle furiously like he was a girl. “Where did you learn to do that? Hehehehe, I thought only guys tried that to blow a woman’s bloomers off.” The witch shrugged and then glanced back at Tempest saying. “I think the Prince should decide what and who he wants close.” by this point, the Prince had face planted into a bowl of nuts, and was now snoring loudly.<3>

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September 13, 2013 08:27PM
Watching her father’s antics, and feeling sorry for the man, Tempest turned to her escort. “Remove him to the carriage, please.””Yes, Your Highness.” the man nodded, calling forth his companions to remove her father from the bowl of nuts his face had fallen into. There were some clinging to his face as he snored between the two knights who collected him. As comical as this was, no one dared to laugh with the Prince’s daughter standing there.Tempest watched as her father was taken outside before turning to the blonde woman. Her hand was now glowing red hot and small tendrils of smoke were pouring from within. She stepped closer, speaking directly into the woman’s ear so that no one else could make out what she was saying.”I know who you are, and I know what you tried to do. Come near my father again, and I will teach you what it means to be a Demon of Brax.” she hissed. She stepped back and turned to leave…until one brave soul decided to speak out.”You are no Daughter of the Brax! We all know she is naught but 7 years of age!”Freezing in her tracks, she turned slowly, the glare on her face causing a few to take a step back in fear.”Who dares? Let him or her step forward and face me.” she demanded.A middle aged man shoved his way through the other patrons, standing proudly and smugly before her. “Your name, sir?”


“And you do not believe I am who I say?”

“I do.”

“Why?” she demanded.

“Because I have seen the Daughter of Brax and she is simply an annoying 7 year old abomination foisted upon us by that whore of a mother. You’re just a servant in their household, having delusions above your station, probably warming the Prince’s bed.”

Oh this was bad…

The knight who was her escort directed everyone who was standing around to back away as Tempest exploded in a red hot rage. Her hand flashed out, directing a fireball of immense proportions toward the man who dared to malign her family and her character. The man’s screams filled the air as he burned to death, echoing out into the streets of the village. Young children cowered behind their mothers in fear as they listened to it.

His screams tapered off and at the end of it all, until nothing but ash remained.

“If anyone else wishes to speak of my family…don’t.” she warned. There was no doubt that this young woman was definitely who she claimed to be. Giving Minerva a final glance, she turned on her heel and left the pub, her escort right behind her.

Stepping into the carriage, her gaze softened upon seeing her father, slouched in the corner, his head at an uncomfortable angle. She hated seeing him in such a state and she moved to place his head in her lap, removing the still clinging peanuts from his cheeks and forehead.

“Father, what am I to do with you.” she sighed. A long drawn out snore was her only answer as the royal party headed back to the castle. Tempest stared out the window with sad eyes. Mother, we need you now more than ever. Please come back to us.

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September 13, 2013 08:43PM
Outside the Pub
As the carriage pulled away with the Prince and Tempest safely inside, the farmer’s daughter look a like; Minerva was standing with hands on hips, glaring as the carriage disappeared from view. “He will be mine….Oh yes…he will be mine.” She then stepped over a drunk on the road, and sauntered towards the witch’s coven for a meeting of the local witch council. Her goal, get enough help to make the Prince unable to resist her.In the Carriage Feeling the sensation of the nuts being plucked off his face, the Prince snorted and a few nuts flew out his nostrils. “Ack! -cough splutter- PING!- Nuts…in my nose.” he whined, before seeing where he was, and the fact his daughter was looking out the window, obviously upset to have to fetch him from his new hang out. Yes, he had been attempting to drown out his sorrows. He was a pitiful excuse for a man. Behind the silly songs, and the drunken antics, lay a broken man. He felt he failed his wife, his daughter…everyone.“Please don’t hate me, I don’t know what else to do.” The Prince said tearfully, the drink still in his blood. “I just want her back…” he cried, sobbing loudly as more peanuts rained down from his nose.

Re: [RP] The Night Lands
September 13, 2013 09:30PM
“Please don’t hate me, I don’t know what else to do.” her father stated, tears in his eyes. Tempest turned from the window to stare at him, her gaze gentle and full of love. “I just want her back…” he sobbed. She ignored the peanuts falling from his nostrils as she placed her hands on his cheeks. She leaned down and pressed a loving kiss to his forehead.”I don’t hate you, Father. I hate this situation we find ourselves in. None of this was Mother’s fault, but the fault of two people who had desires above their stations. We should have at least let her explain her actions before we tossed her away. And…” Here she paused, gulping back her own tears as she recalled her own actions toward her mother. “…I miss her, too.” she murmured, gently wiping away his tears with the handkerchief she had in her sleeve.

Re: [RP] The Night Lands
September 14, 2013 11:41PM
The Crow’s Nest Witches
Minerva had walked a good half a mile before coming across the thatched roof of the ramshackle cottage known to many as the “Crow’s nest”. Few were game to enter the gates, as there was all manner of sacrifices that had been hung on the hedges and trees. The front garden was littered with all manner of signs advising all to stay well clear. Minerva went to place her hand on the gate and the voice of a wailing ghoul warned her of trespass.“Woooooo…none shall pass.”“Oh shut up…I’m here on family business.”“Hey…just doing my job.”“Well do it to someone else….ugh.”Minerva pushed the gate open and strode in, still in the guise of the farmer’s daughter. She kicked over one of the little ornamental garden gnomes, then rapped on the door twice, before holding her arms indignantly. From within she head the cackle of her elder sister, Portia. “EHEHEHEHEHEHE! Visitors. If its a child…I get first bite!” Delilah was too busy stirring the cauldron to bother with the door. “Save me a leg!” she snorted, turning the large paddle round and round. Ethel, the eldest sniffed the air and then sighed loudly. “Don’t get your hopes up, Sisters.”Portia reefed open the door then saw the pretty face of the farmer’s daughter.“Eww…no thank you, we already have some.” And slammed the door in the Witch’s face.

Minerva growled and then there was a massive bright red glow of light, before the door was blustered off its hinges and landed with a dull thud.

“Don’t you know your own sister when you see her, Portia?” Minerva huffed angrily, barging in, as Portia twirled her blonde hair around her finger acting innocent. “You’re the one that looks like a virgin milkmaid after some well hung stable boy. Psh. What do you want?”

Minerva grinned slyly and then uttered. “So…who here is hungry for a tasty young girly, named…Tempest?”

The three witches all looked at each other and then crept towards Minerva.


“The demon child? Ethel asked, her mind racing with how good that child’s soul would taste.

“The one and only.” All the witches started to cackle, as a raven sat in the window ledge listening in to the diabolical schemes.