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David Razor aka Ghost


FC – Kiefer Sutherland

Quote : “Only the good die young, the bad live forever.”

Name : David Razor
Sex : Male
Creed : Vampire
Age : 157
Apparent age: 21
Hair : White blonde
Eyes : Silver blue
Height : 180 cms
Weight : 82kgs
Likes : Women, motorcycles, 80’s rock, blood, twisted games, detective work, bringing down the vain, destroying people.
Dislikes : Authority, pop music, skittles, kittens, werewolves.
Strengths: Ability to blend into the crowd, stalking, transparency, levitation, hand to hand combat.
– blood sucking
– sun
– blood

History : David was your typical knockabout gang leader in the 80’s, when he was involved in a beach orgy, where he and other were set upon by a group of vampires, lead by none other than Shane Williamson, who was on a bloodlust bender. Sensing something in David worth keeping, he sired David, and helped him get a decent education, to help him get into a line of work that would benefit Shane’s long term plans. He went on to become a prize undercover detective with the Haven police department, but was also known to do the big cases in the nearby super city. With an exceptional record, he is often left to his own devices, but little do people know that he is the eyes and ears for Shane across the city, and in the very police department.