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Re: [RP] Police Station
September 14, 2013 07:28PM
“That would be me, Lieutenant!” came the last person she wanted any contact with. Shane Williamson. She practically loathed the man. With his shiny suits and shiny teeth and womanizing ways. It set her teeth on edge the way he treated women, like the were toys to be played with and not to be respected. Not everyone knew, but she had a photo of him and his phony smile taped to a dartboard on the back of her office door.

She felt his smarmy gaze roaming over her body and knew the first thing she would do when she got home was take a scalding, hot shower. She hated dealing with this man. It made her feel dirty.

“Well well well…did you run out of case files in that dark hovel of an office of yours? Hmm? Oh wait..that’s right. You have lost how many assistants in the past month to harassment charges? Ha….and you are in charge of internal affairs? Sounds like a conflict of interest right there, hey Toots.”

She wanted to punch him. If there was one thing she hated more than being called “Louisa” it was being called “Toots”. Her fists clenched at her side and she began to count backwards from 100 in Spanish.

Shane went on smoothly, giving Amelia the ablibi she was so desperately needing, causing Carmen to roll her eyes. She didn’t want to believe a word he said, but since there was potential video evidence and witnesses involved, she would have to take him at his word. He then walked boldly up to Rodger and said. “You do…have the evidence, Lieutenant?”

Carmen stood up, arms crossed and glared so hotly at Shane, it was a wonder his clothes didn’t burn off.

“Be that as it may, whether she was with you or not…there is a definite conflict of interest since she happens to be the ex-girlfriend of the bar owner’s brother. That, in my book is definitely NOT kosher. So until this mess gets solved, I’m afraid I’m going to have to recommend she be removed from this case…or suspended pending the outcome. Your choice.” Carmen smirked. “Have a good day, gentleman. Lady.”

So saying, she turned on her heel and left the office, heading for the elevators at the end of the hall.

Re: [RP] Police Station
September 16, 2013 09:56AM
Roger’s Office

Roger removed his hand from Amelia’s shoulder to cross his arms and stare Carmen down as she listed off stupid statistics that supposedly made his team seem inadequate. He didn’t care that the weren’t always by the book, he just cared the cases were solved and the victims’ families could get a piece of mind. However, he was aware that the Queen of Darkness bitch probably didn’t have a heart and couldn’t understand such a sentimental quality. Rolling his eyes, he just began to laugh at Carmen. She really must not have a life to feel like she had to crush testicles constantly. He was quite relieved, nevertheless, when Shane decided to make an appearance. Roger looked to Amelia and spoke softly after Shane shared his own imput. “Vampira, I already had the boys remove your kit from your car when I drove you here. Though I was upset, I still want this case solved.”Looking up, he then watched the battle of wit between Carmen and Shane with great interest. Though Roger didn’t like that Amelia had Shane in her home, he had to admit that he liked the lawyer.

As the evidence was once again mentioned as Shane stood before him, he just nodded and spoke with a smirk “The evidence is being examined as we speak, and as we would not have had such great evidence that could very well put a murder behind bars without Reed’s help, I am afraid I will take her suggestion and put it in the trash can with my leftover Chinese food.” He looked towards Carmen with a triumphant grin since he had no desire to remove Amelia from the case, nor would he see her suspended. As much as it was a conflict of interest, it was not enough to get her removed from the case. There was no substantial evidence that her relationship with Galtem had anything to do with the murder. All they had on Galtem himself was a wallet…circumstantial evidence. No, he was going to fight this. As Carmen walked out of his office and the door closed, he made a silly face in her direction. “I really hate that woman…”

Re: [RP] Police Station
September 16, 2013 06:33PM
Rodger’s office

Shane loved watching Carmen take a hit below the belt, and leave the room with that tail of hers tightly thrust up between her legs. He actually wanted to do a fist pump in celebration as she gave her final thoughts on the matter and left empty handed. Pleased with Rodger’s response that they had the evidence that was in part provided by Amelia, he knew that for now, she was going to be kept from suspension and the case.

When Rodger commented after Carmen left; “I really hate that woman…” Shane quipped in exchange.“What’s even better is we just got to make her look like a prize bitch. Did you see the way her lips mimicked that of a cat’s asshole?” A loud laugh erupted from Shane as he patted Amelia on the shoulder. “Keep up the good work, hun. See you in court, for the witness statements on the Lawson case.”


Happy with the outcome, he gave Rodger the trigger finger and fired it off. “Laters.” And then headed out of the office, probably to go annoy the crap further out of Carmen. She had just painted a huge target on her ass, for trying to upstage him, and he never let anyone get away when they tried that on.

Now with just Rodger and Amelia left alone in the office, Amelia rose up from her chair. Tired from being up most of the night, and having the stress relieved somewhat that she was not going to lose her job or be suspended, she had to thank Rodger for this.

Not knowing what else to do, or why this came over her, she went to give Rodger a big hug. Totally out of character, and unprofessional, but she needed too.


“Thank you.”


Re: [RP] Police Station
September 16, 2013 09:43PM
Carmen’s Office


Those who saw the brunette beauty storming through the halls were wise to get out of her way. Things had gone so wrong down in Rodger’s office and she laid the blame at one person’s feet.

“Dirty, rotten, no good, son-of-a-” she growled.

“I wouldn’t finish that thought if I were you.” her long-time secretary, Mary stated, entering the office behind her and closing the door.

“You don’t have to deal with that ass!” Carmen growled.

“Why do you let him get under your skin? You must know he does it just to piss you off.” Mary grinned, placing her messages on her desk. Carmen picked up one of the darts she kept nearby and launched it at the door. It hit the picture she had there of Shane’s face from a photoshoot he had done for Vanity Fair dead center in the eye and she grinned. “Do you have to do that?” Mary sighed.

“Yes. It relieves tension.”

“So does sex. Try it some time.” Mary smirked.

“Ugh! Must you be so vulgar? You’re a grandmother.”

“I have to get my thrills somewhere.” Mary smirked, turning to leave. Carmen simply banged her head on her desk…repeatedly.

“I loathe that man.” she sighed, pulling out paperwork on another case she was working on, immersing herself in her work as she often did.


Mary and a few others always complained that she had no life. She never dated, she didn’t go out just for drinks with the other women in her office, she didn’t go out…period. And that was the way she liked it. Relationships just messed things up. And she didn’t want to be tied to any man for any reason.

Her life, in her eyes and mind, was perfect.

So saying, it was nearly 8 at night before she decided to head for home.

Re: [RP] Police Station
September 17, 2013 06:16AM
Police Carpark

Shane didn’t know what it was exactly, but he got as big a thrill of pissing off Carmen, as he did hunting prey for a little midnight snack. He wasn’t about to let her get away scott free for the way she berated him in Rodger’s office earlier, so…he made sure he got one last chance to say ‘Goodnight’. It was well past eight when she exited the police station and he heard the tell tale sound of her car alarm being deactivated as she strolled past the rows of squad cars to her own. Emerging out of the shadows, Shane came up behind her and whispered.

“You always did look more attractive from behind.”

Oh that was a cutting remark, making out her ass was more beautiful than her face. You could say that Shane had a way with words. He was also ready for her too, when she took the time to spin around. She might opt for a face slap, or maybe a good kick in the nuts, either way he was prepared to use what it took to evade her attempts to lash out physically.

“How does it feel to be…wrong about people, Carmen? You, the Internal Affairs officer fucking up so greatly. Heh, I would just love to read about that in the Police union gazette.”

Shane would be wearing that million dollar smile, and have his head tilted in a fashion that he appeared cocky. A right bastard.“And er…watch where you hit me, I’m a lawyer and I know all the rules on police brutality. Hell, I wrote a few of them.” He chuckled darkly.



Re: [RP] Police Station
September 17, 2013 08:19AM
“You always did look more attractive from behind.”

Carmen froze in her tracks as she heard that hateful, spiteful voice. And his words made her want to do something drastic…like rearrange his face…with her fists, currently clenched around both her keys in one hand, her briefcase in the other. She just knew he would retaliate by getting her fired or something more worse then that. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction.

“How does it feel to be…wrong about people, Carmen? You, the Internal Affairs officer fucking up so greatly. Heh, I would just love to read about that in the Police union gazette.”

Carmen remained silent, taking deep breaths and counting backward from 200 this time, in Spanish. She was not going to rise to the bait. She was going to be the better person here.

And yet he continued picking at her, like a scab, in the silence of the carport. “And er…watch where you hit me, I’m a lawyer and I know all the rules on police brutality. Hell, I wrote a few of them.” He chuckled darkly.

Now it was her turn to chuckle, a sound so sensuous it would make young boys cream their jeans to hear it. She turned to face him, keeping herself relaxed as she did so.

“You’d just love that wouldn’t you?” she smiled, walking toward him until she was just inches from him. She could smell his over-priced cologne and resisted the urge to cough. Instead, she paced around him slowly and deliberately, the click-clack of her heels echoing loud in the silence of the carport. “I wonder if your other lawyer pals know you have a secret fetish to be dominated by a woman, tied up…maybe a spanking with a paddle.” she smirked, standing in front of him once more. She leaned in close, her breath brushing across the sensative hairs on his ears. “Dirty boy.” she whispered huskily.

She stepped back and turned away from him, heading for her car once more.


Re: [RP] Police Station
September 17, 2013 08:34AM
Talk about passive aggressive. Oooo the IA officer did have a sultry side to her after all, or was this another defensive tactic on her part. Approaching Shane like she was a black cougar, the way she showed a knock em dead smile, and took on the role of a dominant, or at least that is the impression she was exhibiting.

“You’d just love that wouldn’t you?”

“Being beaten with your briefcase?…Not into that kind of leather, Lou.”


She started to pace around, him, with the sharp click clack rhythm of her heels, matching the swinging of her hips.

“I wonder if your other lawyer pals know you have a secret fetish to be dominated by a woman, tied up…maybe a spanking with a paddle.” Oh…so now we are at the Queen of the night talk. Those bitches charge a fortune to dress you up as a baby in a diaper, or a leather thong wearing sub with ball gag. He really couldn’t picture himself in that get up, no matter how much Carmen tried to make it sound like it suited him. She really tried to stick the claws in with the line “Dirty boy.”

“Not half as dirty as the one in your imagination, Toots. Had I known you were into the BDSM lifestyle, I would have directed you to the Police Commissioner. No secret that he gets off on being beaten with a police baton. Come to think of it…wasn’t it HE that gave you that promotion from your desk job? Heh…oh wow, wait till the guys down town find out about this.” He watched her strut towards her car, thinking she had won this round and he simply chuckled and headed the other way.

“She hates me.” His laughter was all that you could hear as he vanished into the mist.


Re: [RP] Police Station
September 17, 2013 08:58AM

Carmen’s fists clenched once more at that hated nickname. She did not turn around. She was tired, she was bitchy and she just wanted to go home and take a hot bath and relax with a glass of wine.

“I hate that man.” she muttered, getting into her car.

“Ahh, but is it hate? Or do you lust after Mr Sexy Lawyer?” her concious asked as she made her way home.

“Shut up. I do not lust after him. And he is definitely NOT sexy!” she stated out loud.

“Methinks the maiden dost protest too much.” her inner self smirked.

“And you have the sense God gave a mule. Now shut it.”

“He did call you ‘Lou’.

“Probably meant it as an insult, the bastard.”

Her inner self shut up at that and she was pleased.

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Re: [RP] Police Station
September 17, 2013 01:45PM
Police Station

Galtem spent the whole night in the damn police station, when he was clearly innocent. Fine, he had that mob look, but not enough to murder somebody. Just because they found his wallet closer to the body, and that in the past they thought he was a drug dealer, but everything went down hill, because they had no more proofs, this didn’t made him a criminal. He had lucky on the drug thing, because he was a drug dealer, and luckily for him no more proofs were found, but about this murder thing, he has no idea on how the hell his wallet went there. Maybe it fell when he gave Caleb some money.
“Galtem Manzenli?” A guard spoke.
Galtem rose up from his seat, and on his face we could see some bruises, he couldn’t heal himself because he was in a cell full of humans and the guards would notice the changes in his face, so he had to remain with this bruises for awhile.
Galtem finally spoke, and stepped closer to the bars from the cell.
The guard started to open the door, and told him that he was free. He couldn’t understand why, and he told him, that there was no more proofs against him, and there was no need for him to be here, plus his alibi was confirmed, so he didn’t fitted in this murder act. Finally a free man. Galtem just took a last look at those stupid humans in it, and if glares could kill, they all would be dead. He left the cell with the guard, and he just lead him to the right place, so he could get his stuff back. They gave him back his wallet, car keys, cellphone, and finally his leather jacket, wondering why they wanted that, but now it was back, and fine.
Putting on his leather jacket, he shoved his wallet and car keys, into his pockets ,making sure this time none would fall, and he kept his cellphone in his palm. He waited for them to open the doors, and he just stepped outside.



Now that he was finally outside, his car wasn’t here, he had to go back to the disco and grab it. That wouldn’t be a problem, due his werewolf speed. But he had other thing in his mind, he was thinking about Jennifer, he spent the whole night thinking about what they done, about what she said and what he said, and that last kiss, it was clearly a goodbye one, but he didn’t wanted it to end like that, no matter how much he told him to stop going after her, his hand was already moving on his hand, and began to type down Jennifer’s number, he still remembered about it.
Taking a deep breathe, he placed the phone closer to his ear, and waited for someone to pick up, but, whenever he heard the second beep, he just hung up. He couldn’t do this, he wanted to call her, talk to her, but he shouldn’t do this, it wasn’t his job be with her anymore, he should let her be happy with William. It was like half of his body was fighting for go talk to Jennifer while the other one was fighting for stop being a love sick fool, and just do this life.
Pushing those thoughts away, he just began to walk on his way towards the disco so he could get his car.

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Re: [RP] Police Station
September 23, 2013 10:16AM
Carmen’s Office


Monday, 8 AM…

Mary was busy transcribing notes for a court case when Carmen stumbled into the office. Mary was surprised by her appearance. Her hair looked disheveled, her clothes were rumpled and there were bags under her eyes.

“What the hell happened to you?” she asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Carmen sighed, going into her office. Mary followed her and poured her a cup of coffee which she took with a very happy thanks. Mary sat in the chair across from the desk.

“What happened?”

“Just some bad dreams. I didn’t sleep too well.” was all she would admit to.

“Well you have a mid-afternoon break, two hours I believe. Take a nap on the couch. You know how comfortable it is.” Mary suggested, getting to her feet.

“I might do that. Thanks, Mary.”

“Someone’s gotta keep an eye on you. May as well be me.” Mary grinned, leaving the office and closing the door behind her.

The picture of Shane on the back of the door caught her eye and with a thought it appeared in her hand. Growling, she turned and shoved it face down into the paper shredder.

With a sigh, she tried to concentrate on work, but the dreams she had the night before kept haunting her.

Dream Flashback…

It was two in the morning and she was deeply asleep. The night had been sweltering and even with the fan on there was no air to be had. She had left the doors to the balcony in her bedroom wide open to at least get some air circulating and had forgone clothing, choosing to sleep in the nude.

Something moved in the room, moving closer to where she slept. The sheet covering her naked form was slowly removed from her body. She moaned a little in her sleep. A hand touched her thigh, sliding slowly upward. With a murmur she rolled to her back, tossing an arm across her eyes to block out the moonlight shining through the window. The hand had disappeared when she moved, but now was back, gently teasing across her skin, massaging her breasts.

“Mmm.” she verbalized. Lips began teasing her nipples and with a moan, her back arched up.

“Yessss.” she heard a voice whisper against her skin. Hands parted her thighs and she felt another body press against her, pressing into her as lips nuzzled her neck. She turned her head for better access and felt a sharp pain. She cried out in shock for a moment before the pain disappeared and an aching pleasure filled her. She felt a pull against her neck and wrapped her arms around the person she was with, moaning in ecstacy as he made love to her.

Her orgasm was quick and pleasurable as the man drew back. She had to force her eyes open to see whom she was with and she gaped in shock when she saw Shane above her, licking her blood from his lips.

“No!” she whispered.

“Oh yes. You are mine!” he grinned, fangs glistening in the moonlight…

She had woken up with a shout, hand around her throat, her body drenched in sweat. She had ran to the bathroom, flipping the light on so she could examine her neck. There were no signs of being bitten and she sat down on the toilet lid with a sigh of relief. She hadn’t been able to return to sleep after that.

She jerked herself back to reality, realizing she had been dozing off over her work. She stood and poured herself a second cup of coffee, leaving it black and strong and downing it in one go.

She could not be distracted by such thoughts again. He would not win.