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Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 29, 2013 11:42PM
He contemplated her question as he walked around, picking up things and setting them down again. She saw an odd expression come over his face. The last time she had seen it, he was poised above her, making love to her. Her face flamed as she thought of that moment.

“For as long as I have known you, you have been…a tapestry of emotions. All woven together, BUT no one could see behind it. You long for control, you look for corruption. You want respect, you want recognition. The people you want it from, don’t even give you the time of day..because a strong woman scares them to death. Their balls, actually shrivel.”

She agreed on that point. He was everything she’d hoped to be when she took the IA job. She’d heard some of the nicknames she’d been called. The Iron Bitch was a particular favorite of hers. She refocused her attention on Shane as he began speaking again.

“When I came along, you saw me…as what YOU wanted to be. Powerful, respected and admired. Believe it or not, you were envious of me.” Another truth, the smart ass. “So…you lashed out. Kinda found that sexy. Sure, I bit…I played along with your wit, your banter, all the while…secretly desiring you.” Well that was news to her. She always thought he was a slimy, womanizing piece of shit. “Why…to have a woman this strong at my side…the adrenalin rush alone to tame you, to make you up to be what you dreamt to be.”

He stopped, staring at her with an intensity that she could feel right down to her toes. Her pulse began to race.

“I…simply had to have you. I went as far as to enter your dreams at night.” Her eyebrows disappeared into her hairline.

“God. To see in your mind, to feel that passion. You wanted me just as bad, just…you would never admit it.”

“Do you know how many sleepless nights I endured because of those dreams? I was afraid to sleep at night! Mary thought I was drinking too much coffee. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep because of those dreams. You asshole!” she growled.

He stepped close to her, practically penning her in with his nearness.

“You…need me. I excite you beyond imagination, cause I do what ever I can to push your limits. Admit it. After you thought you beat me…..you probably creamed yourself.” His eyes locked on hers and didn’t move from them. “Am I right?”

Of course he was right! Hell and damnation, she was wet now just by listening to his deep timbre. It was causing havoc with her libido.

“You would just love for me to admit that, wouldn’t you?” she smirked, leaning back so she could look at the expression on his face. “Hmm. Fine. I admit it…trying to beat you was the highlight of my week. So smug. So annoying. And so sexy. All rolled into one tightly, spun package.” She eyed him from head to toe, the smirk remaining on her face. “And I hated you for it. I did my best to try and shake your self-control. But you were unshakeable.” She shook her head. “I was jealous.”

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 29, 2013 11:55PM
The look on his face. Victorious. He knew her better than she knew herself. And still, that inner bitch rose to the surface. It was a lot to swallow, that he had entered her dreams, stirred her fire and left her in a state she could barely function. It was such a good feeling, it would make your toes curl. Her admitting he was right, had him salivating. Then…he moved in for the kill.

“Tell me…how did it feel, when you tasted my blood, hmm? When…you dreamt of the shadow, but felt me force my cock into you. I want to know…Was it what you secretly desired? The sheer hunger, of sex and feeding. Covering your mouth…filling you till the brim. Then…rolling over and seeing that it was me, all along. I took away your security, I made you a prisoner in my cell…I fed from you, left you to rot. Then…I gave you the salvation you needed to live. Admit to me….how I turned you on, like no other man has dared?”

He stood over her, as she was not restrained. “It’s why I then offered you freedom. So you chose your path. Was it the right one?”


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 12:12AM
If he was like most other men, he would have done a victory dance around the room as if he’d scored the winning touchdown in the Superbowl. The look on his face was one of total victory.

“Tell me…how did it feel, when you tasted my blood, hmm? When…you dreamt of the shadow, but felt me force my cock into you. I want to know…Was it what you secretly desired? The sheer hunger, of sex and feeding. Covering your mouth…filling you till the brim. Then…rolling over and seeing that it was me, all along. I took away your security, I made you a prisoner in my cell…I fed from you, left you to rot. Then…I gave you the salvation you needed to live. Admit to me….how I turned you on, like no other man has dared?” 

She thought about how to best answer his questions, while trying not to let on how turned on she was right at that moment. But it was impossible. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her pulse was racing and she could practically taste her own arousal. “It felt…incredible.” she admitted. “It feels…incredible.” she amended, her voice going dark with sexual desire.

He stood over her, like an avenging angel and he never looked more magnificent. Never looked more sexy then he did right then.“It’s why I then offered you freedom. So you chose your path. Was it the right one?”

She reclined back on her elbows, her eyes dark with desire. She reached up and unbuttoned the top three buttons of her shirt, giving him a glimpse of her cleavage. “I have no desire to leave any time soon.” she purred. “You made me what I am…and I find it just a bit…liberating.” she breathed.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 12:27AM
“True..Liberation.” Shane said, as he crawled on top of her, then with one hand, ripped the remaining buttons from her shirt, and got up to kneeling, before gripping her blouse on either side and tearing it open. “Is being free to do as you wish.” The look now on his face, was hunger, no smiles, no sinister plots. “Taking away our inhibitions.” At this, he ripped off her bra, and watched as her breasts became exposed to the air. “You are a woman of great desire, and hunger. A lioness among a sea of sheep. A creature that should be held to all as an example.”

With speed, he dived onto her right bosom, and feverishly began to lick and then bite hard. Pulling on the pert nipple and growling with a nasally sound coming from his nostrils One of his hands had already moved down between her legs and slid into her pants. There was no gentleness in his movements. He was vicious. Feeling the wetness of her desire already coating his fingers, he immediately started to pump two digits in, curling one and hooking it, expanding her sex. Looking up from her breast, he searched her face, as his eye darkened with an intensity. “Feel it!” he roared, and then bit down on her neck, as he continued to work his fingers feverishly.

To him…she needed to experience the dark side of their love to truly be free.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 12:56AM
With hooded eyes, she watched him as he crawled over her, ripping the remaining buttons from her shirt before tearing her blouse open. She gasped, feeling a wicked grin smooth over her face. “True…liberation…is being free to do as you wish.” he breathed. She got a bit of a thrill at the look on his face. “Taking away our inhibitions.” Her bra was ripped away from her, her breasts springing free and open to his hot gaze. Her nipples hardened under his look. “You are a woman of great desire, and hunger. A lioness among a sea of sheep. A creature that should be held to all as an example”

Quick as lightning, he dived in, licking and biting hard. She cried out, arching her back as he pulled her nipple into his mouth. She felt his other hand slide into her pants. There was no softness, no gentleness in his actions. It was visceral and it was hot and it made her growl with lust.

He pushed two fingers into her without mercy and she moaned lustfully. His head came up and his eyes were blacker than the dark of night. “Feel it!” he roared and sank his fangs into her neck as his fingers worked her over with a quickness that surprised her.

The pleasure and pain of both acts had her crying out his name into the air. He gave and he took, making her body sing and her blood flow. Could he taste her arousal in her blood? Could he feel how much she wanted him at that moment.

Her hands came up to clutch his back, shredding his shirt with her nails, raking his skin until she drew blood of her own. Like a wanton whore, she spread her legs for him, the material of her jeans restricting her movements somewhat, but pressing his fingers deeper into her body. She cried out once more at a particularly hard thrust of his hand as she felt him pulling her life’s blood from her body.

“Shane!” she moaned, turning her head to allow him deeper access to her neck. “Don’t…stop! Oh…please…don’t…stop!” she groaned, riding his fingers and meeting each thrust with one of her own.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 01:13AM
Shane refused to stop. The piercing of his fangs into her neck brought about the spilling of blood, that flowed onto his tongue, and awakened his arousal with its aprhodesiac qualities. He pushed in a third finger now, and the very fabric of her jeans started to tear from his exertion. Lustfully he complied with her begging not to stop. Harder he drove his fingers in, curling and hooking, deeper as he explored her, dragging his fingers in and out with abandon. Her neck fully exposed, he was ravenous in his feeding The sound of her blood as he drank it down, like wine.

Her nails clawed and ripped his shirt open, with long scratches embedded deep into his skin. The pain was excruciating, but he didn’t stop from his purpose. Withdrawing his fangs, with trails of blood on her neck, he licked at it and then brought his lips to her ears.“Carmen.” His voice was husky and rich, with his tongue lacquered with her blood. Coming astride of her, he was breathing out of his mouth, with the blood visible upon his lips and fangs. Shane wanted her to share in the taste, and then brought his lips upon her own, pressing down so hard, in a dominant show of force, as his fingers were as far up inside as he could possibly go. The build up was so intense, that she could not contain her release much longer, what with her own blood being lapped against her tongue. He was almost unforgiving in his onslaught. He was every bit the man she craved. Drving her higher and higher to Ecstasy. The last few pumps were so hard, that she would be in a state of shock, as her hips powered to match him stroke for stroke.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 01:23AM

The sweet sound of her name upon his lips, his voice husky, his breath hot upon her skin. Her eyes snapped open, pupils fully dialated until they looked almost black. Her blood glistened upon his lips. She panted hard as his lips covered her own. She suckled his tongue into her mouth, tasting her own blood, inflaming her passions. Her orgasm, when it finally came, blasted through her body so fast, she screamed, the sound lost in his mouth as he continued to kiss her roughly. Her body bucked and twisted, like a bucking bronco at a rodeo.

The feeling was so intense, so hot, with a final orgasmic cry of pleasure, she blacked out, folding beneath him like a deflated balloon, aftershocks making her whole body tremble with remembered pleasure.

“Well, that’s never happened before.” she thought.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 01:31AM
To feel her reaction, the intensity of her orgasm, he slowly removed his fingers, and rolled off of her, watching as her body, practically deflated from the exertion. Licking his own fingers, he mused to himself that she was out like a light. Well that had never happened before. Some men might be offended by this, but not Shane. He knew he pushed her right to the edge…as he always did. It was all part of the game.

He then reverted to being soft, just teasing her hair with his fingers, as he propped up on his elbow. Feeling content from having fed from her then experiencing her joy of this moment, it was enough to sate his own desires. Carmen’s body continued to tremor and quake as her body acted out the reflexes of multiple orgasms, and he watched on fascinated, not wanting to speak again till she could at least hear him and comprehend. In his eyes, there was nothing more beautiful than her at this very moment.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 01:42AM
She wasn’t out of it for very long and when she opened her eyes, she felt as if she’d just run a marathon. She ached pleasureably, her body still humming and throbbing.

Her body was slick with sweat, but her mind was clear.

She felt his fingers teasing her hair and turned her head to look at him. The expression on his face was soft and tender, directed at her. How could one man have so many ranges of emotions to go through?

She was was captivated by him. She found him sexy. Adorable even. And she found herself liking him, surprising herself by that admission.

“What have you done to me?” she whispered, voice tinged with awe.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 05:35AM
“Set you free.” His words were simple, but the meaning behind it was powerful. She had released her inhibitions, just as he had hoped she would. Experienced the joy of her womanhood, and been pleasured by a man that both took from her as he gave. Rolling off the bed, he took a lasting look at her, and said. “Sorry about your jeans.” In his direct assault on her nether regions he had managed to tear them. As he walked out, she would be able to see the tears in his shirt, along with the blood stains from her wild scratching.


Shane had left her to her thoughts. She had much to consider now. Carmen was as much a part of him, as he was of her. Question was, how was he going to get the police off her for the murder of Louisa? And how was she going to handle going back to work where many would be suspicious of her? The war was far from over. But with Shane working behind the scenes to correct the damage, odds were that she was going to be in for the shock of her life.