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Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 09:15AM
“Set you free.” was all he said, rolling off the bed and getting to his feet. He gave her a lingering look. “Sorry about your jeans.” he added as he left the room. She felt a dim sort of satisfaction seeing the scratch marks on his back. And then she was alone.

She lay in the position he’d left her, staring up at the ceiling, her thoughts a million miles away.

She didn’t know what to do. As far as she knew, she was still wanted for the murders of both Donna and Louisa. She had no job. Her only friend was probably wondering about her and she couldn’t exactly pick up a phone and call Mary to let her know she was okay without being hunted down and arrested. She couldn’t even go back to her apartment, because it was probably being watched.

She knew they couldn’t pin Donna’s murder on her because there wouldn’t be anything to find. No cabin, no mine shaft, no land where the cabin even sat. When she had purchased the land the cabin sat upon, she had created a ward stone, built into the very foundation of the stone walls of the basement, that would hide the cabin, the mineshaft and the land around it within a 150 foot radius. No one of human blood could see it, or find it, and if they got anywhere near it, they would suddenly have the urge to be somewhere else. She had done this with every property she owned, all over the world.

Her job. Now that was another sticking point. Many had witnessed her blowup with Shane the last time she was there, and the consequences. They would never look at her the same way again. It wasn’t like she had their respect in the first place. She was hated around the office for her brass balls attitude. But with the suspension, and now branded a murder suspect, she wondered if she could command a different kind of fear.

Oh, who was she kidding? She’d never get her job back.

She rolled over onto her side, still feeling a pleasurable ache in her nether regions from his “tender” care.

And Shane. Now there was something she never expected. Bold, brash, handsome, successful. Had women crawling on their knees to be with him. She had wanted him the minute she set eyes on him. She thought she had hidden those feelings deep inside of her, never to see the light of day. And so she battled him on a different front, losing each and every time and she didn’t know if she wanted to hit him or kiss him. Their relationship, if that’s what it was called, was equivalent to the little boy yanking the little girl’s pigtails on the playground at recess.

And he had chased her everywhere in a supreme effort to have her, showing her delights she’d never known with any man before. And even after everything he’d put her through, she still wanted him. And somewhere, deep inside of her, she thought she might even begin to love him.

Stay or leave? He had given her freedom of choice. She could get up right now and walk away, she sensed that. But would he truly let her go? And did she really want to leave?

Dawn was approaching, and she could feel herself starting to tire. She would sleep on her questions and make a firm decision when she awoke. A heavy lethergy started to suffuse her body. Dragging herself to her feet, she shrugged off the ruined remains of her clothing and went in search of the bathroom to take a quick shower.


Padding naked back to her room, she closed the heavy drapes against the approaching dawn and crawled beneath the blankets of her bed, hiding her nude body in its silken softness. As the sun appeared over the horizon, the very breath froze in her body and she succumbed to the sleep of the vampire.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 08:59PM
The Den

Downstairs, Shane was walking towards his den, when there was a knock at the front door. A slight glance over his shoulder and he snapped his fingers, and the door opened by itself. The man on the other side, was none other than the Police commissioner. He was in his sixties, and ripe for retirement. Having eaten one too many donuts in his career and received no shortage of brown paper bags, kick backs and other perks of his station, he was probably the most corrupt man on the force. He had tie ins with the local mob and also was known to frequent certain sex clubs, since he had an insatiable appetite for sex with young women. Shane saw who it was, and then spun on his heel.

“House calls? I gotta say this is unusual for you to come down from that silver tower of yours. What…brings you here, Leonard?” Yes, he used his real name, since this was not the grounds for police business, or anything to do with the law.

Ambling in, and rasping heavily due to his considerable bulk, he said.

“Have you seen the news?”

“No…I am not really into social media. The corporations own them and often spin a web of bullshit for the dumb smucks of this earth to gobble up.”

At first the Commissioner was surprised that Shane didn’t know, and then uttered.

“Your lady…Louisa? They found the murderer, with a letter of regret attached to his body. Hung himself apparently. A fisherman from a local village, that used to haunt the resort. He confessed to Louisa’s murder. Looks like Carmen is not a suspect after all.”

Shane tried to hide his look of delight, and then had a serious tone.

“I feel just awful. I have to make it up to Carmen. The poor woman.” He said, with a real tone of sadness. Internally he was dancing. “Leonard…see to it when she comes back to active duty, she is given a promotion…NO..better…have her be made to chief of Internal affairs for central. I don’t just mean one station, I mean…the entire state.”

At this Leonard looked shocked. “I can’t do that. How would I get that past the board?” Shane shrugged and then smirked.“You will…or she can have your job.” The grin was nothing short of menacing, and the Commissioner suddenly felt very ill. He staggered about as he felt the oxygen leaving his lungs in a rush. Shane started to walk towards him, with a certain swagger. “There’s a good man. I always knew I could count on you. Now..I know a nice little place that has those sweet young things you like. The Dirty Cock.” He handed Leonard a card and placed it in his pocket. Patting it down, he then said. “You go fix up this mess for Carmen…full public statement. Erase all the files and charges…and you get untouched pussy.” The Commissioner swallowed and nodded silently, before staggering back out to his car.


Shane snapped his fingers as the door slammed, and his laughter was like that of a man that had just won the prize case of the century.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 09:49PM
Second Floor Bedroom – Dusk


Carmen breathed deeply, feeling the lethargy leave her as the sun began to set. She sat up, rubbing her eyes and yawning, feeling refreshed. It was quite possibly the best sleep she’d had in weeks. And there were no dreams to plague her. Throwing off the blankets, she got to her feet and went to the closet to pull out something to wear. Draping the clothing over the end of the bed, she went into the bathroom to shower, humming an ancient tune she’d heard when she was young and living at the missionary.

After toweling herself dry, she returned to her room to blow dry her hair, leaving it silky and smooth. Dabbing a little perfume, a light musky scent she’d found she liked, behind her ears and on her wrists, she slipped into her chosen outfit, feeling deliciously sexy in the ensemble. She put up her hair and slipped on her shoes before she went in search of Shane.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 10:02PM
The Den

~The Chess Game~


By now, Shane was truly relaxed. In his mind he had everything, and all the chess pieces on the board had been moved into place, just as he had planned. He was a true craftsman at taking people’s lives and twisting them to suit his own ends. No one else had received such a treatment as Carmen though. Oh, right from the start when he got a whiff of her scent, he knew he had to have her. Shane took her to hell and back, but always in his mind, when the end came, it would be so spectacular, that she would barely believe this mental game of chess had rewarded her beyond her wildest dreams. Those dreams he had been a part of, and would continue to be, till the end of his days.

Hearing her footfalls as she came down the stairs, he could only smile to himself, as he lounged on a long couch, reading. His glasses slid down the bridge of his nose, and he uttered.

“And at the setting of the sun, my Queen has awoken.”

Shane’s was about to move the Queen….and take over the entire game!



Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 10:19PM

As she wandered about the house in search of him, she had come to a few decisions while she’d been sleeping. She knew what she wanted. Now she just had to go and get it.

Carmen heard music playing and followed the tune until she came to the den. Stepping into the room, she looked around at the lavishness of it. There was a large, flat screen TV taking up one wall and a state-of-the-art stereo system taking up another. It was from the latter that she heard the classical music playing that had drawn her here.

“And at the setting of the sun, my Queen has awoken.”

At that she had to smile. She walked farther into the room and saw him stretched out in a lounge chair, reading.

“Is that what I am? Your Queen?” she asked, coming to stand behind him, her stomach brushing the back of his head. She ran her fingers through his blonde locks, admiring the silkiness. “Would that make you my King?”


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 10:39PM
The Den

The feeling of her fingers running through his hair was a treat to be sure, and he continued to smirk as she spoke “Is that what I am? Your Queen?”

“Oh…you’re so much more than that, my dear.” He said, with a nasally air, playing off this little banter like game. He could deal it out too.

“Would that make you my King?” Carmen purred. She was really getting right down to it, and he shrugged his shoulders at the suggestion. “I wouldn’t be so bold to make such a statement, Love.” Grinning to himself, he was reveling in what he knew and then he lazily reached for the remote and toyed with it.

“Fancy some TV? I know, you must think I am some boring old sod, reading books, listening to Pavarotti, and then wanting to catch the evening news.” Without waiting for her answer, he pressed the on button, and lo and behold, it was a press conference at the Police Commissioner’s office. The news station then posted up a picture of Louisa, and the morgue shot of her killer, Jim Ranos. The Police commissioner then made the announcement that would have Shane ease back and then glance up at Carmen.


“Wasn’t that the fisherman you threw out of your apartment?”

And the chess pieces started to move.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 11:01PM
“Fancy some TV? I know, you must think I am some boring old sod, reading books, listening to Pavarotti, and then wanting to catch the evening news.”

Chuckling, she kissed the top of his head before stepping around the chair to sit at his side.

“If there is one thing you are not, Mr Williamson, it’s ‘boring’.” she grinned, as he flipped on the TV. It was a special news report and looked as if it was right there in town. A photo of Louisa, as well as a photo of a familiar man flashed on the screen and Carmen’s eyes went wide. “What the hell?” she gaped.

“Wasn’t that the fisherman you threw out of your apartment?” she distantly heard Shane ask.

“…and in a shocking twist, Police Commissioner Leonard Peterson announced today the shocking capture and murder of the Hawaiian Hotel Killer, Jim Ramos. Commissioner Peterson spoke at a press conference just this afternoon about the incident…”

“…it had long been thought that prominent Internal Affairs Representative, Carmen Marquez, was the prime suspect in the murder of Louisa Greene, who as we know was the secretary of DA Shane Williamson. Ms Greene had been vacationing in Hawaii along with Ms Marquez when Mr Ramos had attempted to target Ms Marquez as his next victim, not knowing that she was aptly able to defend herself from his advances. He sensed weaker prey in Ms Greene and hunted her down and killed her. In cooperation with Hawaiian law enforcement, we were able to track down and attempted to arrest Mr Ramos, where he began to fight the officers in an attempt to escape. He managed to subdue one of the officers, taking his weapon and we were forced to return fire, killing Mr Ramos in the process. Searching his home and boat, we found evidence that he had been stalking a number of women over the past 8 years, adding Ms Green and Ms Marquez to his list upon their arrival in Hawaii and began a premeditated plot to kidnap and or hurt one or both women.”

“Commissioner Peterson? Is it true that DA Williamson was the one who came forward and announced that it was in fact Ms Marquez who murdered Ms Greene?”

“While it is true Mr Williamson said such a thing, he was a man speaking through great sadness and grief and lashed out at the first person he could think of. It is well known that Mr Williamson and Ms Marquez have a somewhat volatile working relationship, but in actuality, they are both good friends who sometimes let bad judgement get in the way.” The Police Commissioner stated. Carmen’s jaw dropped open in shock.

“I would personally like to thank Ms Marquez for coming forward with this information. We were able to stop this man from harming another woman ever again. For her bravery, she will be awarded the Medal of Bravery and will be granted a promotion to Chief Commanding Officer of Internal Affairs, effective immediately. Thank you, Ladies and Gentleman.”

Carmen continued to stare in shock at the television as the news report continued on. She slowly turned to look at Shane, speechless, pointing at the TV as if what she just saw was some huge cosmic joke.

“What. The. Hell?” she finally exploded.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 11:25PM
The Den

“How bout that?” Shane said, turning off the TV with the remote, then tossing the remote across onto the coffee table. “Normally news is always horror stories, and what do you know? They actually show something nice for a change.”

Shane got up from the couch, and adjusted his jacket, not showing exactly HOW pleased his plan had worked. The Commissioner pulled out all the stops, and even went as far to organize a medal for her too. That was the part that had Shane want to burst out laughing. He turned to look at Carmen and said quietly;

“Congratulations on your promotion. Does that mean you get a new big office? Mary will be pleased.” Shane said, standing next to a chess table and moving a piece on the board.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 11:31PM
“Screw the office! What the hell was that bullshit?” she demanded, getting to her feet. Oh she was fired up and itching for a fight. He was the one who had killed Louisa, she’d seen that with her own two eyes. But to pin it on an innocent man, who then ended up dead as well? It was mind-boggling.

“Explain! Now!” she scowled, hands on her hips.

There had to be some kind of explanation. Did he set this up for her? To what purpose? Was her life just a game to him?

Talk about keeping her off-balance!

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 30, 2013 11:43PM
The Den

Carmen’s reaction was not that of a grateful woman. Nope, this was the reaction of a woman that knew the sickening truth. Shane held still with his fingers on the chess piece and glanced up at her, as she stood there, hands on hips, screaming at him. Oh this was fascinating to watch, and in fact he enjoyed it immensely.

“Alright. You want to know how this…all happened. It’s simple really.” He let go of the chess piece and walked over to her. Leaning toward her right ear, he whispered.“I..set…you…free.” And he meant every single word. Backing up, he shrugged. “If you ever had a fantasy, that the world is a perfect place, that people aren’t corrupt, that society is without fault…then you my dear, are delusional.” He leaned against his desk, and then folded his arms.

“Everyone…has a price. The question is, how high is it for someone like Leonard…or David…or even Louisa?”

He stared at her, and waited for her reaction.