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Quote : “Hello, My name is Fabulous.”

FC : Kim Catrell
Name: Marissa Tomeii
Age: 706 (Looks 45)
Sex: Female
Race: Vampire
Birthday: March 30

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 189 cms
Weight: 64kgs
Fashion Style: Smart office, suits, well dressed always
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: None

Personality: Bold, sassy, man eater, vivacious, witty, sarcastic, bold


Magical Abilities: invisibility, super-human strength, telekinesis, teleportation
Strengths: Teleportation, super-human strength, telekinesis
Weaknesses: Men and sex
Likes: Men and sex
Dislikes: Making coffee, and being domesticated
History: Marissa Tomeii, P.A to the stars of Haven and also Vampire, that has been eating her way through the men of the town, one way or another for years. Known for her fabulous business sense, and way around the social circuit, she is seen something of a panther, a blonde one, that when she sinks her claws into a male, she rarely lets go. Her closest friendship oddly enough is Shane Williamson whom she likes to emulate in her voracious sexual appetite. In fact, she is a female version of Shane..just looks a bit older. About to become his Assistant, as she will baulk at being his secretary, she is going to bring a whole new style to the D.A’s office.