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Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
September 30, 2013 06:11AM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Sitting Room

They say that clothes make the man, and in this case they most certainly did. As August had gotten dressed and rather slowly, she held up her hand to shield her eyes, but every now and then she peeked, between two fingers. Curiosity killed the cat, and made the Kitten playful. Sitting in a comfortable settee, Fanny admired the finished look. “Anyone would think that they were created just for you.” Her tone was one of mirth, and she reached for the candy bowl to her right, and then offered the bowl to her guest.

“Sweety?” She asked, shaking the bowl slightly, if he would fancy a jellie or hard candy. Setting the bowl back down, she then said. “You know, this estate has over one hundred rooms, and there are so many without people sleeping in them, I can’t see why you can’t stay here, if its unsafe for you out there.” Fanny got the feeling that August was always on the run from something, and Fanny felt that she simply couldn’t escape. Perhaps this friendship might be of benefit to both of them.


Now Fanny felt she needed to be honest about what she was. “You’re probably wondering why I have not gotten all incredulous that you are a shifter. Truth is..I’m not human either. Some regard me as a demon…of sorts. I know I don’t look like one…but…I am.” Fanny then gestured with her fingers to make them like horns, and stuck out her tongue. Was she just playing? Who knew, but at least they would not be uncomfortable around each other.


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October 01, 2013 05:14PM
[Katarina Adelzhausen’s Sitting Room
August, was surprised by her candor but not surprised by what she was. The fact that she hadnt run off had already told him volumes. Almost everyone always did. He cleared out villages at times simply due to fear yet she sat here cracking jokes and offereing him a blanket?! She was hysterical! He liked her already and that was saying something. He rarely found anyone he could laugh with or even grin with most just wanted to use or abuse him. It was a definte and welcome change and he was glad of it. As he put the suit on he smiled even more to himself it did indeed fit like a glove. He felt like a new man!
She had said- “You know, this estate has over one hundred rooms, and there are so many without people sleeping in them, I can’t see why you can’t stay here, if its unsafe for you out there.” 
he then said with a smile “I would like that actually very much Kitten.”
She then revealed her actual nature which he had already known, what she could do with her tongue, he found beyond sexy, though he didnt want to make any undo moves as of yet the looks on his face probably gave much of it away as he looked at her.
If he had still been naked a few more things would have surely given it away, he thought devishly.


Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 01, 2013 10:11PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Sitting Room

“I would like that actually very much Kitten.”

It was settled. Fanny would find him a room to live in, right under her great grandmother’s nose. That in itself was going to be a challenge, but one she clearly found to be a lot more fun, than sitting and listening to her prattle on night after night. Fanny rose and picked up a candle holder, and gestured for August to follow her. “I have a great idea.” She said, and opened the door, looking both ways, before giggling and heading down the left passage. The house was simply massive, and she practically glided along, with the candle light illuminating her way. Door after door, till finally she reached the West wing. Here there was about ten rooms, and one of those rooms belonged to Fanny.

“No one comes down here, except my maids. My aging relative can’t bear to walk this far. Heh.” Finding a room opposite her own, she turned the handle and pushed the door open. The room itself was grand, with massive black drapes, and furnishings from a bygone era. An enormous king sized bed, with black satin cover and matching pillows, and a huge painting that hung over the fireplace of a dashing young Count. (hint hint)


“This should be perfect for you.” Fanny said, moving around the room to light candles, her skirts swishing against the tapestry rugs on the floors.

“Think you could sleep here?”


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October 03, 2013 08:22PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

“Think you could sleep here”
she had said, lighting candles and moving throughout the adjoining room.

August smiled in spite of himself. Here was a woman who truly made his mouth water. The animal in him was stirring. As she moved he watched her form the way the dress hung against her ample bosom, and flowed behind her, showing her tight buttocks in the candlelight. He truly wanted her in a way he could not begin to describe. As he made his way into the entryway he touched her lightly at first, their skin to skin contact almost an electrical storm as they exchanged just the briefest of touches.
Before she could turn to leave he turned her slowly toward him and wrapped her in a kiss.

He felt the moment as time seemed to standstill in the mansion. They began to move together touching and kissing ever more passionately.
For this Kitten, he was her ball of string…..


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October 03, 2013 08:38PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

One moment, Fanny was lighting candles,and was waving her hand to distinguish the flame, when unbeknownst to her, August was now stalking her like prey. A lion versus a lamb, an unsuspecting lamb. Her hand was taken and then turned around slowly. A look of surprise upon her soft features, and then…it happened. August brought her into him, his mouth covering hers, claiming her in a kiss, that was unlike anything she had felt before. At first she resisted a little, her inaudible protests turning into soft moans.

Her skin came alive where the tips of his fingers graced her. Fanny’s eyes were wide, but soon started to close, as August masterfully took hold of her, their bodies starting to move in a rhythm as old as time itself. The demoness’s mind was a whir of feelings and awakening desires she had not felt before. She could feel his fingers, and the tug as her bodice started to come loose. Her nipples now peaking over the top of her lace frill and her cheeks went scarlet in a blush.

Fanny was like a flower bud that was just starting to open for the first time. Her petals so soft and smooth, and her feminine scent was one to make a man light headed and lustful. Outside, the crack of a lightning bolt, raced across the sky as the wind picked up, and a storm approached, whilst in the room, a storm of a different nature was occurring. Did August wish to claim Fanny for his own? And could she possibly resist him? His animal awoken, had now stirred the demon into life.



Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
October 03, 2013 09:15PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

As her bodice fell, August’s body responded even more eagerly. Their lust and passion became even more potent as they each gripped each other. He slowly bent down as he stepped down taking her folds into his mouth hungrily tasting her feminine scent for himself as she opened for the first time. August felt she was new to this and was in no hurry to rush it as he artfully ran his tongue first down the inside of her thighs and then slowly along her clit, lightly sucking her towards climax as she writhed underneath him. He left her body trembling before he finally took the rest of his suit coat off to take her fully.

He wanted her like no-one else he thought as he finally entered her. Their bodies moved in a piercing agony that was at once sweet and agonizing. They moved in a long deep grind as their bodies began an even tempo together. He pulled her fast into him as she met his hips, looking into her eyes and seeing the passion as she groaned against him.
He groaned her name…“Fanny” as he finally climaxed inside her staring deep into her eyes….


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October 03, 2013 09:37PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

Fanny couldn’t believe what was happening. The young virgin was gasping, and staring at August like she had never really seen him before. She could feel the chill of the air, tease and prick her nipples into life, and as he started to lower, he dug through her skirts, which had her lean back on the bed. Oh my god…he was going to take her. Blinking, she tried to speak, to say something, anything, but it was like she was in a trance. Then she felt his hands travel up the insides of her legs, parting them for better access. What was he going to do? Her mind was racing, till she felt the teasing licks of his tongue. Fanny quaked and shuddered violently, her inner thighs trembling. Her nether regions started to feel wet like she might be leaking, but it was her own womanly fluid, so warm and slick.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” The shock, as he started to lick her clitoris, parting her sweet lips, and teasing her nub. Fanny swallowed, and then out of instinct, her hands reached for his head, and she worked her fingers through his hair, as his tongue danced and flicked between her folds, teasing, nibbling, tugging her to the ultimate sensation. Fanny cried out as the orgasmic bliss swallowed her, like a wave crashing down. Her eyes rolled back and she went into like a spasm, as he pulled back, and started to disrobe. He was so well built…and his slick member was now erect and proud. Fanny tried to turn her head, almost shy of him, but he would have none of that. Having tasted her, and brought her to cum, he wanted to claim her fully.

He disrobed her, ripping apart her bodice, and then discarding her skirt on the floor, before taking her onto the bed, and pulling her ontop of him. The tearing pain as he entered her, caused her to cry out, but his lips sealed hers, so she could no longer speak, as he took her hard, pulling her down and mashing their bodies together. His fingers gripped her hard, and Fanny melted upon him, riding him harder and harder, as he panted in her ear. The sweet Kitten was lapping up his attentions. ”

The tempo picked up, and they were both staring at each other, his eyes matching hers in hunger, and he said her name ;“Fanny.” The last three thrusts, she said his back..“August…” When he grunted and pumped her full of his seed, she kissed his neck, winding her arms around him, holding tight to him so she couldn’t let go, as he claimed her. Her womb now full of his seed, that had never had a man before, was destined to bare him a son.

Fate had dealt its hand. Fanny now belonged to August.

As they held each other through the aftershocks, Fanny started to kiss his chin, her fingers strumming his back, such tenderness, from his kitten.



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October 03, 2013 10:59PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

Feeling her body against his he languished in their ardor as they lay together. Her body pressed close against his, the two of them spent. She had called his name as she climaxed and he knew he had taken her for her first as her hymen had burst. He now wanted no other he thought. He looked into her eyes gently stroking his kitten as she purred beneath his touch.


kissing her again and again he felt her touch over and over through the night.
their passion filling the room for what seemed like an eternity. the candles burned low as they both made each other feel ecstasies. he wanted nothing more than to please her.
he held her close as the sun rose and they kept a blanket draped around the two of them, watching the sun as it rose against the sky. he ran his fingers through her hair and said,

” Is this a dream? Can I actually keep you Fanny? “

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October 03, 2013 11:17PM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Spare Room

A simple kiss, their names said to each other at the peak of Ecstasy. Though spent from what was their first union, Fanny was so new to this, that she wanted to feel that again and again. The night then turned into hours of kissing, touching, exploring, trying every conceivable positions. It was like she wanted to know him inside out. At times, it was slow, steady, then others they went at it so hard that the paintings on the walls shook. August filled her till she was leaking on the sheets Their bodies warm and red from exertion, and yet, she continued to whisper his name. Pawing and touching him, pressing her body into his, the perfect fit.

Fanny had fallen madly in love, and all it took was a stolen kiss. August claimed her again and again, their fate sealed, as she was held in his arms and he begged the question’

” Is this a dream? Can I actually keep you Fanny? “

That asked, Fanny kissed him, so soft, as her nipples pressed to his chest and she toyed with his hair.

“This is real. Not a dream/” Fanny whispered.“August, I’m yours.” Her eyes locked on his, never more certain of anything in her life. “I’ve fallen for you, and you have made me into a woman.” Fanny’s lips brushed against his and she said. “Mark me…Own me….please?”