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{RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
September 15, 2013 08:03PM

“Where is that confounded girl?” The aging monarch said, shuffling around her room in a black full length dress with matching hat. “She is late, and I wish to have tea and pudding.” Katarina said. The elderly member of the Adelzhausen family was in one of her fiery moods, passing beneath a large oil painting of herself as a young woman. A similar painting to one owned by a Bavarian Count. Her servant, Mildred bobbed a curtsey and wrang her hands. “She is at the funeral of Lord Amos Roxburg, your Highness. I thought she gave word.”


Katarina stopped and raised a curt eyebrow. Her face withered from the many years of her life. It was amazing she was actually out of bed, where she usually spent her days, but Fanny had been off seeing Bart so much, that Katarina got herself up, to see where her great granddaughter had run off to again.

“She promised me a game of croquet out by the garden. I want my great grand daughter here…now…today…THIS INSTANT!” She slammed her cane into the tapestry rug and then with a shake to her head, she muttered to herself shuffling off to the next room, while the maid rolled her eyes. Poor Fanny escaped any chance she got, and there was one reason why. Her great grandmother kept her on a very tight leash.



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September 22, 2013 09:38PM
Main Foyer

Having been let in by the butler, Serge, Fanny was standing in the main foyer and taking out the hat pins that held her ornate black hat in place. Fanny was exhausted. The day was so physically and mentally draining, not to mention the very edges of her gown were wet, and her good leather shoes sodden with mud. The grand hall was lined with staff and statues, paintings and tapestry’s that were from the orient and other far off places with long funny names. The Estate reminded her very much of a museum and its prize attraction was none other than her great grandmother, HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen.

As she set the hat on the hat rack, she heard the sound of her great grandmother’s voice, echoing down the hall from the sitting room.


Oh fabulous, she hadn’t had her pudding yet, and was probably belly aching about her great granddaughter’s lateness. Sighing to herself, she knew she would have to face the fire breathing dragon at some point, and knew to keep her waiting would only add to the tongue lashing she was going to receive.

Sitting room

Fanny crept up the stairs, and made her way along the corridor till reaching the doorway to the sitting room, where Mildred was setting the table for pudding. Hearing her footsteps, she turned her head and then mouthed “thank heavens” on seeing the young Fanny. Katarina was tapping her cane in time to a song on the phonogram and then she noticed Mildred’s reaction and raised her monocle.


“You’re late!

“Yes, and I do apologize. Frightful weather at the funeral and the carriages were all lined up, just terrible traffic.”

Fanny crossed the floor, leaving muddy foot prints on the rugs which had Katarina slam her cane into the floor.

“Dirty shoes!”

“Oh gosh…I am so sorry.”

She started to take her shoes off, and her great grandmother roared at her:

“I don’t want to smell your disgusting feet, leave them on!”

Fanny was beside herself, trying to please her great grandmother, and nodded as she put them back on.


The young girl sat and sighed as Katarina looked down her nose at her.

“Gossip. What happened at that funeral that will have the ladies in the bridge club talking for the next few weeks. I want scandals…tit bits…someone showing too much leg. Anything?”


Fanny fidgeted for a moment, as Mildred handed Katarina a bowl of pudding. Katarina was waiting for something juicy from Fanny, who was unsure of what to say.

“Well…the Queen of Fae showed up with two of her children making doe eyes at each other. I think they are all inbred but that’s just me.”


“Right…well, OH yes The Count Marulo carried the Lady Roxburg to his carriage and in broad daylight…made that buggy dance and bounce on its wheels like…hehehe..well, oh…hehe, they emerged all disheveled and he looked so goofy.”

At this..Katarina’s face went pale, and the bowl of pudding fell from her hands, smashing on the floor. Mildred ran to her side, and wondered what on earth was wrong. The elderly woman gasped and wheezed, placing her hand up to her chest.

“Mildred…..pills….I feel faint.”

Fanny didn’t know what was going on. She thought she was just telling the gossip from the funeral, and had no idea it would affect her this much.

“Was it something I said?”

Katarina’s eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she passed out cold.


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September 25, 2013 03:08AM
Sitting Room – Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate

Mildred was in a mad panic to get Katarina her pills, while other staff rushed past Fanny, to help with smelling salts, and even going as far to slap her face to get her to regain consciousness. Fanny felt that it was somehow her fault, that the elderly royal had taken such a bad turn. Seeing the futility of just standing there, not knowing what else to do, she stepped back, then made her way out to the balcony, where she could be out of the way, and out of mind.

It was always like this. Screaming matches, arguments, over such trivial things. Half the time she had to wonder why Katarina had turned into such a bitter and twisted old woman. Over the years, she had heard various whispers, rumours about about a handsome Count, who she had run away from, and faked her own death. The reasons however, were unclear, but she truly started to age when she came to England. Like a spell had been broken. A seal cracked.

Stepping out onto the balcony, Fanny drew her shawl around herself, her hair teased by the light breeze. The air had a cold nip to it, and she bowed her head in reflection. Some days, this estate was like a prison, more so than a family home. She never really could say that she had happy memories, she truly didn’t. Her parents had died tragically just a few years after she was born, and she was shipped to the manor, to be raised by her distant relation. Sometimes, she had to wonder, if she truly was blood. Heir to the fortune, her time would come, where she was Lady of the Manor. Till that day, she did as she was told.



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September 25, 2013 04:04AM
Sitting Room – Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate

A large black raven flew into the estate and landed on the balcony. His feathers were ruffled from the long and arduous flight.
The woman looked aghast at the large bird who then subsequently transformed into a naked man!
Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk ? he asked


Because A Crazy Plague Carrying Bitch Tried to Kill me At The Count’s Estate, That’s Why!!!

Looking up he spotted another beautiful woman. But August had learned as of late how dangerous these beautiful woman were…Now don’t come any closer Im only resting here a moment and don’t want any trouble. Ive had enough people try to kill me for one night.

The polytherian shifter looked at the young woman cautiously…


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September 25, 2013 06:47AM
Balcony – Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate

The last thing that Fanny was expecting when standing alone on the balcony of her Great grandmother’s estate, was to see a raven land. Well, maybe that is not so unusual, but was unusual, was when he changed into a naked man, and begged the question’

Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk ?

“Well…I have no idea, cause you have the biggest…”

Before she could finish, the man/raven cried out his own answer Because A Crazy Plague Carrying Bitch Tried to Kill me At The Count’s Estate, That’s Why!!! Well that was a trick answer, that Fanny would never have gotten on her own. Katarina had just been roused by her staff with some smelling salts, when she saw the naked man and her great granddaughter through the window. Shrieking, she again passed out cold, much to the staff’s shock.

“Great.” Fanny sighed, and then looked back at the naked man, who was warning her to stay back. Fanny held up her hands in surrender and then said. “Just..wait here, while I go fetch you a coat…or a blanket to…cover your dangly bits. You must be freezing.” With that said, she hurried down the landing and ducked into one of the many rooms, then came back out with a large blanket. Running back, she hurled it at the naked raven man. “Here…put this on. And don’t worry, I have had one shit of a day myself.”



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September 27, 2013 03:26PM
Balcony – Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate

August, looked to the young woman at first expecting some other manuevering as as of yet thats all he had seen.
From the Circus Troupe to the Count’s Estate, he was constantly having some kind of problem. He seemed to run into nothing but problems. Running seemed about the only thing he had been ever good at it. Perhaps thats what the Baron had truly taught him, never to set roots in any one place. to never trust anyone. He didnt know where he was now, it was another estate and his appearance had already caused an elderly woman to faint. Luckily this woman who had some relation with her had been kind enough to give him a blanket. Though he cared not whether he was seen. He had little shame, he was a bit cold in this form and the blanket did warm him. He accepted the gift gratefully. Eyeing her with some caution he said simply and with some caution…
” Thank you m’lady. My dangly bits thank you.”
he thought to himself how he might like to thank her more personally but knew how those bits had gotten him in trouble constantly. It was always trouble. He was glad to simply be warm at the moment.


Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
September 29, 2013 03:57AM
Balcony – Katarina’s Estate

Oh how hard it was to contain the giggles of mirth, when the young man wrapped in a blanket said that his dangly bits thanked her. The smile she had was infectious, and she made a squeal noise, then gestured for him to follow her down the balcony to her sitting room. “There is a fire place, and lots more…blankets.” she said with some knowledge.“In fact, might even have a suit. One of my grandmother’s gentleman callers tended to leave spares here. They are a bit dated, but stylish in my view.:


Coming to her doors, she looked back at the young man, and said. “You’ll freeze your balls off outside. It really is nicer in here.” She wasn’t trying to trap him or anything, but the longer he was out there, the likelihood of her great grandmother waking up and screaming like a banshee, was a definite.

The sitting room was cosy, with dark red tapestries and curtains, a large sofa set and gilded pictures on the walls. A massive fireplace was the main feature, and it was already well alight.


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September 29, 2013 08:11PM
Balcony – Katarina Adelzhausen’s Sitting Room

August Followed the young woman inside, she seemed alright. At this point he really didnt think it could get much worse and he think she shared a similiar attitude just ddint care less and wanted to have a good time for the most part. He would wing it as it were, a poor oun he thought for one who could turn into a raven but hey, it is what it is. “we wouldnt want that he laughed” he replied as she mentioned his balls freezing outside/ he quickly followed her indoors.


As he followed her he said simply to her,
“I didnt catch your name by the way m’lady? and what is this place it is quite elaborate?” 
looking about he noted the surrounding and hoped the suit wasnt too old fashioned and he would look ok. He could usually make almost anything look good he was told, but then again he was constantly naked. One of the special disadvantages of being a shifter. His dangly bits were exposed quite often he thought.


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September 30, 2013 03:38AM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Sitting Room

“Lady Fanny Prescott, but my nickname is actually Kitten. Fanny said, as she watched August enter the warmth of the sitting room. Once he was in, she closed the doors, and then let out a sigh. Turning around, she had to get something off her chest. “Just want to point out, I don’t normally entertain near naked men in the parlour.” It was like she was drawing an invisible line, so that he didn’t think she was some floosy that was trying to lure the unsuspecting August into her bed. “The old lady who passed out in the other room, is my great Grandmother; Katarina Adelzhausen. A real old duck with a nasty quack.”


Picking up a fire poker, she stoked the fire gently, while asking. “Now maybe you can tell me a bit about you. It’s rare to see a raven turn into a naked man. And while I think that is a horribly clever trick, I do wonder, what do you normally do for clothes?” Fanny asked, placing the fire poker back in its keep and then going to the closet and fetching the young man a suit to wear.

Do you prefer grey or black?” She asked, holding out two suits for his discretion.


Re: {RP} HRH Princess Katarina Adelzhausen’s Estate
September 30, 2013 05:44AM
Katarina Adelzhausen’s Sitting Room

August tried to do his best to answer her questions. She said her name was Fanny, but her nickname was Kitten. He thought to himself he must be doing ok somewhat if she was allowing him to know her on such terms. Perhaps it was because of how much she had seen of him already he thought. When she told him she didnt normally take naked men in the parlor he responded in kind. “Well i would hope not, might make for some crazy stories.”


As she turned towards the fire and asked about him he wasn’t sure what to tell her. Could he trust her enough to tell her of the troupe? the baron? he had already kinda told her about the plague women from the counts, maybe he should start there he thought. Trust has to be given to be earned, he thought to himself. “I am a shifter and this happens more often then you think when one travels among my kind. However usually its planned and clothes await. For different reasons I am sought. I am still not sure why, but I cant seem to find any place to either call home or even rest my head for any length of time.”

pacing and shaking his head he finally took a seat where she had directed trying his best to be a good guest. When she asked the color of the suit he said simply with a grin, “Black.” he then took the suit from her and stripped slowly so as to allow her to get a good view of him as he did so. Finally dressed fully he felt much better.
“Thank you Kitten. I would have you purr for this. It fits me like a glove.” he smirked