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{RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 04, 2013 06:59AM
A speakeasy quietly hidden behind a fresh meat market adjacent the local butcher shop, providing more select cuts… at night you can find exotic drinks and more exotic tastes, fresh meat of all kindsState where in the “meat shop” you are at the beginning of every post.Example: SpeakeasieWatcherThorodan


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Re: (RP) “Fred’s Fresh Meats.”
October 04, 2013 07:21AM
Front Foyer
Ferdinand was just closing up the meat shop for the day. The cover business had covered the profit margin so far fairly well since his arrival but he had some minor run ins so far with street toughs. They neglected to realize however when dealing with a demon that it usually didnt bode well for mortals to push one around. He always enjoyed toying with them when they got cocky. Ferdinand had let his staff run thing so far and the operation had run rather smoothly. Other than a few petty thefts it had gone like a well oiled machine. His supplier had arrived the night before with what he had been waiting for, rye whiskey and bourbon. He would have what they were craving. He now had a well stocked bar. The speakeasy was well hidden behind two iron walls which were hollowed out for easy escape from the other side should either himself or his clientele be threatened. It always paid to plan ahead he thought. His mother had not raised a fool. Fanny was very shrewd and August though he had his moments always had taught him the important of a well planned escape. He would be opening soon and had to get a couple more server’s and dancers before his opening. He hoped he might be able to find them before his start. He had asked about to a few different sources and was waiting to hear back. He needed talented people who wanted to make real money in his new establishment. The cover would pay the rent but he was used to spending fortunes and rent was not a fortune here in good ole New York City.
This was not the lifestyle he was used to.
As he sipped a warm mug of the new bourbon he thought to himself, this is going to be fun…

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 05, 2013 06:50AM
Street outside the Butcher shopSissy had walked at least six blocks, to fin Fred’s fresh meats, after she had already completed a long audition for another burlesque club. They seemed to be a dime in the dozen and Sissy was looking for something a little more risque. In her line of work, she offered far more than a simple strip act with feather fans. Sissy was able to tantalized and tempt the men of the city of NY with her incredibly lithe moves and sensual

Finally, she arrived outside the large butcher shop, known as Fred’s fresh meats. So this was it. Wearing a stylish hat and coat, she was well covered, and strolled in the door, looking for someone to point her to the secret entrance to the club in back. “I believe that someone is expecting me.” She said with a lusty growl. Her fiery green irish eyes set upon the butcher, who showed her through to the back, where the boss was enjoying a warm mug of bourbon.Left to give him a private audition, she slowly removed her hat pin, taking off her hat, as her red curls cascaded down her back, and then with the graceful movement of her hands, she unbuttoned her coat, and slid it off her shoulders, to reveal the sparkling diamond beneath.Tossing her coat over a chair, she then started to go into a series of moves, from the biting of her glove, that she drew off with her teeth, then dancing using a chair as a prop. Stroking her calf, over her stockings, and bending forward, to give the owner a peek of her luscious backside. Rounded and ripe to be smacked. She would make any sugar daddy proud to call her “Baby”. Sissy finished a small routine, and then handed the owner her card. Her name, Sissy Malone. Stripper and courtesan. A she devil in black satin.<3>

Re: (RP) “Fred’s Fresh Meats.”
October 05, 2013 07:14AM
The ClubFerdinand watched the courtesan enter the shop. His demonic senses knew her to be one of his kind almost immediately.
As she entered in his own senses were heightened and he knew a little better her power.“I believe that someone is expecting me.” she said..” Come for a job I suppose? “ he eyed her with the look of a hawk watching prey.She then did a series of moves, her flexibilty and repetoire was truly astounding he thought to himself. What she could do with a simple chair in black satin, well, damn!
She goaded him with not just words but gestures beckoning and more than that magic..
If not for the natural resistances of his kind he would have succumbed within an instant.
Even with them he wasnt sure he wanted to resist…She then handed him her card, it said simply Sissy Malone…before she could leave he said quickly,
” Your hired. Can you start tonight? A women with your fine talents belongs where only the finest cuts of meat can be obtained. I hope you like making money cause thats what we do here. “ he grinned wickedly at her.


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 05, 2013 07:28AM
The ClubSissy could hardly believe it. She was hired. The owner was clearly impressed with her small routine, and added that if she wanted to make money that this was the place. Grinning like a bird that just ate the canary, she reached for her coat, thinking its best to cover up before time. Approaching the Boss, she asked.“So, what do I call you? Boss? Big guy? Tall dark and mysterious Meat man?” she was one for having a sarcastic wit, that sometimes got her into trouble.

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 05, 2013 07:59AM
The ClubFerdinand grinned as she turned back around, she would make the perfect lead he thought. Watching her as she moved and covered her form he grinned like an imp at her commentary.“So, what do I call you? Boss? Big guy? Tall dark and mysterious Meat man? I’m really good at handling small meats. Sausages just roll right off my tongue. But I am always after the choice cuts.” she asked.https://i2.wp.com/i391.photobucket.com/albums/oo358/felixdelgato/Eric-Northman-Screen-Test-S4-true-blood-22322451-476-268_zpscc036a90.gif
he thought to himself the meat jokes were endless. but they were really about the exclusive clientele.
“Well my dear you can me Ferdinand in private or Fred for short. Whatever suits you. This place is truly about choice cuts. We will serve only exclusive clientele. The rich and powerful. Those who have want of real talent. I feel it in you as I am a similar creature and have similar talents. I needed a good female lead. You will do nicely. “How long till showtime,and…will I share a dressing room with the others?” 
“I did have a small dressing room for my lead prepared, but did not expect such a talent. Perhaps you would like an adjoining chamber upstairs, We shall see how that arrangement works for now in my apartments if you like.” 

he then handed her a glass of bourbon as well. “Cheers” 


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 05, 2013 08:10AM
The ClubSo, the owner’s name was Ferdinand. Sissy had to admit, that she liked that more than Fred. Those names were to be said in private, and so in the times she was to be out working, she needed to be more formal or discrete. Sitting just opposite him at the bar, she accepted the glass of bourbon, which he was going to have a small toast. She got the job. Internally, she was ecstatic, since she had no where else to go, and this was really the end of the line for her. Toying with the glass, she quickly looked around the club, imagining the high paying clientele that would be clamoring for her services and those special dances.Sissy had secured the lead female role, and this had her exhale and smile brightly. Did he say that he had a room ready for her, but could make an adjoining chamber upstairs.“I don’t want to be too much trouble, but would be grateful if you did.” She said with some enthusiasm. Leaning forward slightly, she then said. “I can make those tycoons swoon and fill your pockets with money, Ferdinand. I’m…very good at what I do.” Sissy said with a wink, tapping his glass with hers, before sipping the bourbon.https://i1.wp.com/static.tumblr.com/e362ce2876b4e549886a76077be7efbc/ihjyqyc/Cbwmtbq7a/tumblr_static_tumblr_static_tumblr_ly2oe1traz1qzkueso1_500.gif<3>

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 05, 2013 08:47AM


Two people, a man and a woman, walked towards the doors into the speakeasy in the back of the shop. They had both been in the club multiple times, and after quite a bit of talking, had decided to apply for positions there. The woman, Brigitte, would be applying to be a server. Her brother, Azrael, would be applying as a stripper. Once they were allowed in, the two walked side-by-side as they were guided to where the boss was enjoying some bourbon. Seeing that a woman was there already, Brigitte lifted a brow slightly but said nothing as a grin spread across her lips. She could already tell – it would be interesting to work here. Beside her, Azrael smirked a bit and then waited patiently for the boss to call them forward. He would be expecting them, so their arrival wouldn’t be a surprise.


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 05, 2013 09:36PM
The ClubFred, watched two who had been in the meat shop a few times over the week. He had suspected they might be applying for a position. However he hadnt approached either as that wasnt his way.
He watched as the pair came forward. Eyeing them both with candor, he motioned for them to come into the back to the club where both him and Sissy were seated enjoying their bourbon.Ferdinand quickly introduced himself to the pair as Fred the Meat Man.
” Well look at you two, I was wondering when you would come and see me. You seemed quite interested in the place. What can we do for you tonight? I’m Fred and this here is Sissy. ” https://i1.wp.com/i391.photobucket.com/albums/oo358/felixdelgato/fred1_zpse05a36b8.jpgHe then waited for the pair to finish their approach to the table and respond, he wasnt in a hurry yet. The other dancers would arrive soon and they would be working on some routines. He had but to wait for the place to fill.
Fred smiled laviciously thinking about his good luck.

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 06, 2013 12:44AM
The ClubSissy eased back on her bar stool enjoying the bourbon her new boss, Fred had supplied. This was going to be the perfect arrangement. Room and board, plus work. The minutes passed and the warmth of the liquor was starting to spread through her. Making a soft giggle of delight, she then noticed two new folk enter the club. Were they current staff? She wondered. But by the look on Fred’s face, they were unknowns to him. She placed her glass of bourbon on the bar top, then swiveled round to get a better look at the pair. The girl appeared fresh faced, and Sissy was unsure if she had the look or swagger of a stripper. The guy on the other hand, he was scrummy. A lady pleaser, if ever she saw one. Sissy awaited the boss’s welcome, to see how this would go.” Well look at you two, I was wondering when you would come and see me. You seemed quite interested in the place. What can we do for you tonight? I’m Fred and this here is Sissy. ” “Nice to meet you both.” Sissy said, slowly crossing her right leg over her left, and smiling brightly, before flicking back her red hair.https://i1.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7mlfg5FwN1rpwd9j.gif<3>