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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 18, 2013 09:05PM
Throne Room

“You honor me, your grace, by welcoming me into your home. I do hope my stay here will not intrude upon you or your lovely family.” This being said, Joffrey gave one of his rare smiles and then looked at Orion who was by now face
palming like there was no tomorrow. Joffrey knew many in the court were too stunned to speak, and then Selene addressed her children. “Your children are absolutely breath-taking.”

“Aren’t they just?” Joffrey lied, since one was not even his. ~”They’re yours…for fucks sake”~ he thought to himself, while showing none of his confusion before the innocent Selene. Oh this was what she was like when she first came to the castle Brax all those years before.

At this moment, Nanny entered and saw all that were gathered and then cocked her head seeing and hearing Joffrey and Selene. Talking civilly? Nanny stood with the face of someone that had just drunk cod liver oil. Was the world topsy turvey? She cranned her neck and listened some more and then her jaw dropped. She looked like she was about to go over and grab them both by the ear and shake them hard, when Orion stepped over and whispered in her ear.

“My niece…has amnesia and can’t recall who she really is.”


“Trust me, I’m a Throne. Not a word of a lie.”

“Then that means…….oh for fucks sake.”

“Nanny?! Cursing?”

“It’s not that…you weren’t here last time they courted. I bet she thinks she is a virgin too.”

“Ahaha…no way.”

Nanny looked at him sternly, then gestured to how the Princess looked set to jump the Prince at any moment. Orion raised an eyebrow and then whispered.

“You mean she has always been this….lusty?”

“Oh the times I had to shove a pillow over my head to block out her screams of delight.”


Orion tried to suppress a laugh and held his hand over his mouth, for this was now getting comical. What was Joffrey going to do? Could they fall in love again?

Orion left Nanny, who approached the Lady Tempest. She looked so radiant and beautiful and Nanny was polite to her brother, Lucan. “Why don’t the two of you come join me in the sitting room? I think that the Prince needs to speak with…the uhm…Casterly ambassador.” Nanny chose her words wisely, as Orion gave the thumbs up.


Orion stood with Magda and then said to her. “We should make ourselves scarce. Care for a stroll in the garden, Miss?


Joffrey had that….”Oh help…you’re not all leaving me with her?” look on his face, before settling his eyes back on the awe struck Selene.

“Love your dress…where’d you get it?”


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 18, 2013 09:20PM
“Why don’t the two of you come join me in the sitting room? I think that the Prince needs to speak with…the uhm…Casterly ambassador.” Nanny suggested.

Tempest looked at Nanny as if she were insane.

“Nanny, I know you mean well, but I am not leaving my father alone. He looks scared out of his mind already.” Tempest stated, pointing everyone to see the look on her father’s face. He did in fact look scared. “Everyone else has run away. I will not do the same. This is what I was talking about earlier. We stand together on this or we will fall. No questions.”

So saying, she went to stand next to her father in a show of solidarity.

“Lady Casterly, we would like to invite you to dine with us in the gardens. It is a lovely evening for it. Wouldn’t you say so, Father?” Tempest asked, linking her arm through his.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 18, 2013 09:27PM
Throne Room

As Tempest spoke, Selene turned to look upon the princess. She was absolutely divine and her wings were such an unusual color. Bowing her head in regards to her curtsy, she couldn’t help but smile more at her “My goodness, what a perfect curtsy you have executed. I imagine your mother must have taught you since you were but a small little thing.” Realizing that may have been a sore subject, she bit her lip nervously and turned her eyes to Lucan.

Her son just smiled weakly and nodded in her direction, as if he were silently comforting her. He wanted nothing more than to go over there and pull her into his arms, reassuring her that everything would be all right. But as no one else was rushing to her aid to inform her of what was going on, Lucan thought it would be more wise to just let nature take its course when it involved his mother. Turning to Tempest, he gripped her hand tighter and murmured “We ought to go with that..er..larger woman. I have a feeling our presence may unsettle mother.” But he saw that Tempest had other plans and he decided he was at a loss himself. Sighing, he stepped down the stairs and passed Selene without a second glance and walked up to Nanny. “Shall we, beautiful lady?”

When her son stepped passed her, Selene drew in a sharp breath. That hair…those eyes. She recognized them, but she had no idea how. Frowning in concentration, she reached out to them instinctively as if she wished to embrace Lucan. Seeing him leave pulled on her heartstrings and she had no idea why she had this sudden urge to sweep him into her arms and never let go. Getting a grip on herself, the princess then turned to face Joffrey. With a weak smile, she tried to stare passed him so she wouldn’t get lost in those dark eyes.
Magda watched the way the prince seemed to be at a loss for what to do, and she was silently wondering what she could possibly do to help. However, it seemed Orion and Nanny had their own idea for a course of action and were trying to clear the room out. But as the handmaiden saw the way Selene had looked at Joffrey, she wondered if the demon’s manhood would be safe with her around. Sighing irritably, she looked at Orion and forced a smile “Of course, m’lord. But I am no lady.” Turning away from him, she swiftly glided away from the room and headed towards the garden. Let’s hope Orion can keep up.

Now that Selene was alone with Joffrey, she could sense his helplessness. Being married to a man had a way of allowing one to notice signs. Not understanding why he seemed spook, she offered a force smile and shrugged “I haven’t the faintest idea, your grace.” Taking a step back, her eyes softened with concern and she spoke in a soft melodic voice she hoped would soothe him “I can see that you are a bit overwhelmed by my arrival. Allow me to leave you to your respite, you must wish to grieve for your losses alone.” Picking up her skirts, she dropped into an elegant curtsy and turned to take a few steps toward the door. Tempest’s words stopped her in her tracks and she sighed heavily. Spinning around, she folded her hands in front of her and tried to appear diplomatic…though on the inside, she was crumbling. Selene was having such a strong reaction to Joffrey that she just wanted to sit in the privacy of her room to figure it out. However, she was supposed to be acting on behalf of the Casterlys and had to be polite. Nodding her head, she murmured “That would be lovely…”

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 19, 2013 02:59AM

~Brandon maniacally laughed as he returned with the platoon of soldiers. they tramped at full gallop through into the castle. he had been away far too long. the soldiers were battle weary as they had campaigned for quite some time. they were in need of some much needed r and r. Brandon laughed as they took their hefty purses with them into the local whorehouse. The men always spent their coin well. His demonic form was well muscled and he was glad to be home. his sword glued to his body stuck to his side. Soulstealer was polished obsidian colored steel but ringed darkness as he moved. Brandon looked out toward the gathered crowd and called for his son.

Joffrey!!! Joffrey!!!

looking quickly side to side he called for his squire and had him lead his horse to the stables.
he couldnt seem to find the family anywhere as of yet and Brandon was not a man to be kept waiting…


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September 19, 2013 03:29AM

From the very turrets the horns sounded the return of the King. The flags flew proudly as rows of Knights welcomed back the King and his honoured Knight’s guard to a joyous procession, that brought out the very people from their homes, to line the streets. King Brandon was as much admired as he was feared. Many waved from windows and balconys, while the cat houses did an outrageous trade to the Knights who had longed to bed the women of the Night lands.

In the Throne Room, Joffrey and Nanny were about to join Selene, and the Children to the gardens for a dinner, when all in the court stopped on hearing the trumpeting of the horns. The bells in the tower started to chime and Joffrey and Nanny both looked at each other.


“Father?” Joffrey muttered, almost shocked by his timing. The last thing his father would want, was to enter the Throne room to a mad situation with a Princess suffering amnesia and a befuddled Prince. Nanny gripped her skirts and ran to the Prince’s side, seeing him looking shocked. “The King would never understand all this. He was against your marriage to Selene in the first place.” She whispered to Joffrey, who looked stricken. “Hell!


At this Orion stepped over to Joffrey and leaned forward. “Want to fill me in?” Joffrey and Nanny both brought him closer and this is when they had to figure out a plan. “Get…Selene outside with the children. Tell her that…I have to see to the arrival of my Father, and…I will join them later.” By the look on his face, you could see he had never been any more serious in his life. “He’s that bad?” Orion asked, curious and actually wanting to meet the King himself. Nanny slapped her hands to her cheeks. “Only Satan is worse…you have no idea. Please, do as the Prince asks. For all concerned.” Orion nodded, and bowed, then moved quickly to Selene, while gesturing to the children. “The Prince needs to see his Father. Please, this way.”

Nanny rushed to the children and gripped their arms.

“Quickly…to the garden…oh my heart.”

If they all left, the Prince then announced to the Court. “All prepare for the arrival of the King. None are to speak of the events here. We are to make his return…*he gulps*…a pleasant one.” All bowed and nodded, though to be honest this was the most exciting event in years.

Joffrey ran down the hall, his massive taloned feet clawing the floor, his wings folded in behind him till he skidded to a stop, right before the main entrance. Taking a deep breath, he opened the doors, and strode out, looking delighted to see his father.


“FATHER…Welcome home!” He enthused, hoping to hell that the rest of his dysfunctional family were now outside and out of sight. Joffrey bowed before his father, rising to meet his gaze.


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September 19, 2013 06:58AM
Tempest was pleased Selene decided to join them for dinner and was about to say so when the bells in the tower began to chime and the sound of trumpeting horns flowed over the castle walls.

Her father went the color of cottage cheese upon hearing it.

“Father? What-?” she started to ask.

But he ignored her in favor of whispering something to both Nanny and Orion. It was a few moments later that Orion nodded and he and Nanny stepped toward Selene, Lucan and herself.

“What is going on? What’s happening?” she asked. Nanny gripped her arms in a tight grip.

“The Prince needs to see his Father. Please, this way.” Orion stated, turning to head for the gardens.

Nanny looked downright panicked.

“Quickly…to the garden…oh my heart.” Nanny mumbled, clearly distraught.

Tempest was, if nothing, a smart girl and she detected faint notes of anxiety from everyone in the room. She’d never met her Father’s father but she’d heard stories of the man when no one thought she was listening. It was hard to see an invisible child in a large castle and the vast halls carried the echo of voices when one thought there was no one around to hear.

From what she could gather, her Grandfather…was not a nice person.

Nodding, not wanting to cause her Father any more stress, she turned and followed Orion to the gardens. She assumed they would be called upon if they were to meet the enigmatic man.

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September 19, 2013 08:12AM
Throne Room

Selene thought she was going to have to deal with an awkward dinner, but alas, she was saved. The arrival of King Brandon brought a fresh wave of anxiety over the royal family, but lucky for her, she didn’t have enough sense yet to be worried. As she watched Nanny and Orion rush forward to usher them to the gardens, she turned to Tempest and spoke softly “Forgive me dearest, but I will just meet you and your lovely family in the gardens later when things settle down. I am in need of some rest and my head hurts me terribly.” Dropping into a curtsy, she then spun around and hurried out of the throne room. Instead of heading to the gardens, she instead decided to turn down a corridor she did not recognize. On the walls were…pictures of her. Stopping in her tracks, she saw a painting of her holding a small baby while Joffrey stood behind them with his hand on her shoulder. Gasping, she leaned forward with fear in her eyes as she reached up to touch the painted baby.What the…. Stepping back suddenly, she picked up her skirts and ran down the corridor. She passed numerous paintings of just her, or her with her family. It was frightening, to say the least.

She found a door that seemed familiar to her so she ripped it open and stormed inside. Slamming it shut, she leaned her back against the door and she tried to compose herself. Had she been here before..? Was she old friends with the prince? Why did they look more amiable than that? Shaking her head, she stepped further into the room, not realizing she was in the room she shared with her husband…

Castle Gardens

Magda was waiting for Orion in the gardens when she turned around to see Lucan rush towards her. Blinking in surprise, she then just stared at him. Why was everyone following him? She went to question him but he had scooped her up in his arms. Letting out an embarrassed squeak, she asked with a blush “M’lord, what are you doing!?”

Lucan just smiled and spun her around once before setting her down. “What? I’m just in a good mood.”

The handmaiden scowled and began to fix her poor excuse for a dress before looking up at him “That’s a bit peculiar since your mother has no idea who you are and this family is going to hell in a hand basket all too quickly.”

The hybrid warlock just smirked at her smugly “You can be such a downer, Magda.” His eyes fell on her fresh bruises and cuts, and he frowned slightly. Magda was like a sister to him, and he didn’t like people abusing his family. However, he knew Magda was too proud to let anyone take care of her and that she was watching him now. Turning away from her, he murmured“King Brandon is here.”

Magda nodded slowly and stood beside him as she watched everyone else enter the garden. “I heard…this will be interesting.” She let that comment hang between them as she folded her hands in front of her. Yes, very interesting.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 19, 2013 07:18PM
~KIng Brandon, the Demon of Wrath surveyed the Throne room as he strode inwards to meet and look for his son Joffrey. He finally found him and was pleasantly surprised to see him decorating the halls of the place with the usual finery. He always did prefer the opulence and let that dreadful whore selene do the decorating he thought to himself.


“Ah, Joffrey” he said as he ran his claws down his sons back and held him for what seemed like a warm embrace to some.

“what have you been doing while i was away?” he grinned in a devious fashion

“we have much to do and by we, I mean I. I need a small council meeting called immediately. We need to find out who gathers at our borders and how to increase ourt lands. We also need to marry off that miserable wench of a daughter of your Tempest. She is near time to be of use to the Brax. It is time we make an alliance worthy and use it to our advantage.”

~watching the prince stammer and argue was nothing he was new to so he simply walked away after a few moments, saying “and Joffrey send up a whore or two, i may get bored later.”


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 19, 2013 08:13PM
Throne Room

Oh…joy. Having the King back in residence, everything was going to go back to normal. Well, as normal as it could be for the Brax household. His father seemed oddly delighted to see Joffrey, and gave him a hug that left long scratches down his back.

“What have you been doing while i was away?” King Brandon said, giving Joffrey just enough time to make a small answer.

“Oh..you know, seducing women, drinking, fighting…pillaging. Redecorating the Throne room to your tastes, Father.” He said with a dramatic hand gesture like he was a game show prize model. He looked back hopefully at his Father, with a cheerful grin.

“We have much to do and by we, I mean I. I need a small council meeting called immediately. We need to find out who gathers at our borders and how to increase our lands. We also need to marry off that miserable wench of a daughter of your Tempest. She is near time to be of use to the Brax. It is time we make an alliance worthy and use it to our advantage.”

The Prince snapped his fingers and a scribe hurried over as the Prince said quickly. “Copy down the list of what Father wants.” The Prince then had his face crumple when the King ordered that Tempest be married off in an arrangement that would increase the chance of extending their borders.

“But..but..but.” The Prince found himself stuttering on the matter of his daughter Tempest, as he felt physically sick by the idea. The King was deaf to the Prince’s words, and continued on happily.

“And Joffrey send up a whore or two, I may get bored later.”

“A whore or two…right. Rodger that. If you will excuse me.” The Prince bowed and then fled the chambers, running out to a balcony and screaming. “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

As luck would have it, Minerva in her guise as the farmer’s daughter was walking the passage with a bowl of fruit for the Prince, with her eyes glowing alive filled with wicked schemes. The Prince almost bumped into her and upset her fruit bowl. He gave her a quick look up and down and then declared.

“By order of the King he requires a few whores. You look like a good sort. Soooooo off you go and fuck my Father.”He then nodded to himself, and went to search for Magda.

Minerva stood there stunned, like a murray bass cod. Mouth agape, shocked by what she was just ordered to do.

“The hell I will.”

“I heard that. Now do your royal duty, or I will feed you to the dragon, and he is a tad hungry this month.”

Out in the gardens, he came across Lucan and Magda as well as Orion and then coughed as he smiled at Magda with the best intent.

“Throne room…off you go. My Father has a special…ailment that only your lips can heal. It requires good tongue work and and the ability to deep throat. Be a pet and go up there please? There’s a good girl.” He smacked her ass, then looked at Orion.

“So…where’s that wife of mine? Eh?”


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 20, 2013 06:58AM
Tempest sat at the garden table, hands resting on the the surface, palms up. If anyone were to be watching, they would see small balls of fire form several inches above her hands swirling about in a Figure 8. Her control over her fires was extraordinary.

Her father rushed into the gardens, glancing around and she closed her fists, ending her little exercise.

She was sort of disappointed that Selene wouldn’t join them for dinner but she understood where the woman was coming from. Losing one’s memory, never an easy thing.

“Father, you look harried? What’s wrong?” she asked, remaining in her seat. She was suddenly getting a very bad feeling. Sensing her mood, Francois alighted from the tree he was resting in and landed on her shoulder. He still had yet to tell her about the wicked plot against Tempest.